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But Hitler, who was encouraged by Lieutenant Ernst, had a radiance in his eyes.Yes, sooner or later, I will be able to obtain this great honor like Lieutenant Ernst.At this time, because the third company had to guard against the two positions, Wang Weiyi had to make a decision to divide the troops.Compared with the newly captured G position, B position is much safer.There must be a brave person in cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg the front.Of course, this task must be completed by Wang Weiyi himself.There are still fifty eight people left in the third company.Wang Weiyi left thirty people under the command of Sergeant Hall to defend position B, and he took away the rest, including Guo Yunfeng.Although Sergeant tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids Hall had some opinions on the lieutenant when he met Wang Weiyi for the first time, he is a German military officer with a strong sense of honor and responsibility.Kitchener s army resented their blue uniforms because it marked them as rookies, and the regular army regarded them as militiamen.The 19th Welsh Infantry Regiment was Kitchener s first 100,000 Army , which is the militia in the popular sense.Their soldiers have only undergone short training, and their weapons are mainly LEMkI style, and they even use a mixture of old fashioned 1882 and 1888 yellow leather armed belts on their bodies.At the same time, they are seriously lacking in weapons such as heavy machine guns.Most of them have never experienced a real war, and their main task is to consolidate existing positions.And this also gave Wang Weiyi another chance to create a miracle Three No.1 B tanks appeared A cruel smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth, his hand was only holding the machine gun.About twelve o clock at the latest, the spider can wake up.Look at the spider For the sake of hard work, you will be satisfied if there are clicks and recommended spiders.Forty one.German pride Lieutenant Ernst, Lieutenant Ernst Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, are you there When he heard such a voice, Wang Weiyi put his finger off the trigger, but cbd hemp direct gummi review he still didn t dare to Not the slightest slack.God knows who is coming from the other side Lieutenant Ernst Brehm, we are from the 1st Company of the W rttemberg Mountain Battalion Lieutenant Ernst Brehm, on the orders of Lieutenant Erwin Rommel, gummy cbd for kids we are here to look for you Erwin Rommel Wang Weiyi s heart was somewhat relieved.Looking forward carefully from here, although the sky is already dim, you can still see clearly, yes, those are a group of German soldiers Reinforcements The reinforcements have finally arrived Cover me, four swords, if you find anything wrong, shoot immediately Even under such circumstances, Wang Weiyi did not dare to relax in the slightest.But what is strange is that the award for Wang Weiyi has never been issued.Has the miracle performed by Lieutenant Ernst Brahm been forgotten in such a short time Even if the praise of the Germans is not very important, it is not always a pleasant thing to be Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids forgotten.The small scale attack launched by the British before the position was repelled again, and the peaceful life made people feel bored.When Wang Weiyi was looking ahead, Xiaoling s voice rang in his ears Wanderer, I gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon just showed here that the task of sticking to position B is completed.Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, the task of sticking to position B was completed Ah, yes, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg it is true that the B position was lost, but it was quickly recaptured.Perhaps the mission given to him by the base is to keep the B position firmly in his hands before the deadline, instead of caring about the method used Xiaoling s words are not over yet The completion rate of self reform and upgrade of the base is 2 The first phase of the Soaring Man Mission is completed, and you will get new reinforcementsbut what are the reinforcements , I don t seem to be showing up here Wang Weiyi s mentality was very calm at this time.Glory be with you.Glory be with Germany.Wang Weiyi responded loudly.But not only him, but all the Germans around him were somewhat disappointed.Was it just another Iron Cross, First Class, and a promotion to captain The miracle created by Ernst Brahm, the whole of Germany, no, no one in the whole world can do it, and no one will be dissatisfied with his promotion to major.It was obviously unfair to Ernst Brahm to do so.Captain Ernst, do you have any complaints William II asked at this time.No, Your Majesty, no.Wang Weiyi s answer was still so calm I said that fighting for Germany is not for rewards, but for honor.William II nodded General Galwitz, Feng General Bello proposed to promote you to major, and Field Marshal cbd gummies thunder bay Hindenburg and First Class General Ludendorff also thought so, but after a long time of thinking, I personally interfered and only awarded you the rank of captain.Should we ask Colonel King Klock for instructions Second Lieutenant Hall, please note that now I am the highest military officer here.Wang Weiyi s expression was serious, and his dissatisfaction with Hall was not a day or two, although he admitted that Hall was a dedicated officer, but willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha Once one s opinions are repeatedly opposed by subordinates, no one will feel happy.Hall shut his mouth knowingly.His class is not as good as Ernst cbd gummies good for ed s, his status is not as good as Ernst s, and the degree of attention from above is even worse than Ernst s.Throughout the supplementary battalion, all officers and soldiers followed Ernst s lead.Seeing Hall shut up, Wang Weiyi didn t pursue it too much.Such a trench assault team will appear sooner or later, and I just let it appear on the battlefield at an accelerated rate.Kierlock smiled reluctantly But until I reach Paris, I am not safe.Limon felt that Kilok was too thoughtful General, don t you think There was a boom .Before Limon finished speaking, there was an explosion, and Limon All I felt was darkness Then, a burst of gunshots rang out.Qishuwang The truck that was paralyzed by the bomb was motionless, and the French soldiers on the car raised their guns in panic, but the enemy occupying a high place rained another bullet, killing four French soldiers on the spot.Soldier.Second gummy cbd for kids Lieutenant Limon, whose face was covered in blood, was dragged down by Kilok.It took him a long time to wake up What happened As I said, we are not safe until we arrive in Paris.Kilok s face sank like water We encountered an ambush. No, no Limon yelled out in disbelief The enemy is in Lance, Lance The explosion of the slice knew he was wrong the enemy is here waiting for them The French soldiers suffered heavy casualties.Under deliberate arrangements, the German army began to withdraw in a planned way.And the French are obviously more reluctant to continue fighting.Maintaining the balance of the front line in Reims is undoubtedly the most important The sound of guns and artillery gradually stopped, and large scale offensive battles have disappeared.Of course, sporadic The fighting never stopped.The German side kept tight lipped about the Baron Kierock, and a high level traitor appeared within itself, which Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids is not a glorious thing.It is also because of this that Wang Weiyi only received an undisclosed award from the military.The only substantive award was to allow cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg Major Ernst Brahm s troops to use their own military flag the skull battle flag Now, the banner is a legend on the battlefield The review of Lord Kierok is underway.Akashi Osamu is actually a Japanese a relationship.Akashi found that Riley had no feelings for the Russian mainland, gummy cbd for kids and was cunning by nature.Possessing superhuman lying ability and superb adaptability, he was born to be a spy and intelligence material, so he considered using it.Akashi suggested that Riley go to China Travel Service Shunkou to do business, and offered to provide him with necessary help.Riley also wanted to take advantage of Akashi, so he accepted Akashi s suggestion and moved to Lushunkou with his wife, where he opened a timber company.Riley gave full play to his ingenuity and used his identity as a Russian businessman to communicate with local Russian garrison officials in order to obtain information and sell it to the British Xiao Ling continued At this moment, Riley s behavior Attracted the attention of the Russians, and he himself was unaware of it.For this reason, Riley changed his name and surname, got into the Krupp Arsenal in Essen and became a welder.At that time, Britain already knew that this German factory produced a new type of weapon, but it did not know what kind of new type of weapon it was.Here Riley found out that the new weapons produced were gas bombs.The news shocked the British side.British intelligence asked Reilly to make a production plan for the factory so that corresponding gummy cbd for kids precautions could be taken.After a period of observation, Riley found that the factory s secret plan was kept in the hands of the factory secretary.One night, he sneaked into the secret room and stole the plan, but was discovered by the guards when he escaped from the secret room.He killed two security guards without hesitation, and left the factory with the secret plan.He breathed a sigh of relief.There was a 0 probability that he could win this hand.There was a 3 in front of Wang Weiyi.This card was too unfavorable Everyone held their breath and waited for the next card to appear One 12 o clock Even the countess was a little disappointed effects of cbd gummy bears this time, this is not a point to win.I really can t believe that your luck is so good, can you still win one Kugla lifted his glass with ease.There are many things in the world that are uncertain Please deal the cards Before Xiaoling s analysis appeared, Wang Weiyi had already said such words in advance.The card was lifted out Kugla froze there, he couldn t believe what he saw.The countess was stunned, and all the onlookers were stunned The card in front of Wang Weiyi turned out to be another card Baron Alexon Blackjack, win When the voice sounded, there was some applause around the gaming table.Ernst must be found out But Tomorrow is a big event in Paris We will cause dissatisfaction if we do this Major De Sade remembered, damn it, it is now gummy cbd for kids During the war, my damn compatriots hadn t defeated the Germans yet, and France had suffered such a big loss in the battle of Reims Soissons.Could it be that they held a city wide banquet at this time Is it an honorable thing But he has no way to change all this.It is said that the mayor and senior government officials will participate in this big celebration.In order to please the Americans and strengthen the determination of the United States to send troops to Europe.Major De Sade endured Unhappy in my heart, I thought about it carefully Send all the secret police to investigate bit by bit, focusing on monitoring the places where those annoying Russians live.Of course he would not check me seriously.He told me that the police and intelligence personnel in Paris are all I have received a special order to arrest the man in the portrait, and the order was issued by Major De Sade himself.I am safe here for the time being But, Major, I am very worried that something will happen sooner or laterMajor, it s not that I don t want to keep you as a guest, but in view of the current situation, you should leave Paris as soon as possible I want to leave.But I promised Heinrich Miss, I will take her to the grand celebration in Paris.Wang Weiyi glanced at Elena A promise to a lady cannot be broken.At this moment, Elena s heart was sweet, happy, worriedAll kinds of emotions rushed into her heart Ernst, don t play anymore, we will come back to Paris in the future, but now we have gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon to leave here as soon as possible.Wang Weiyi s words interrupted his train of thought Once the tension unfolds, your 33rd Infantry Regiment will cover my left flank, and we will complete the zh ngy ng breakthrough.In addition to covering our left flank, You will also be responsible for consolidating the acquired positions and clearing out the remnants.Colonel Stodler was a little surprised Colonel Ernst, are you going to use the skeleton commando force to directly attack the enemy s front That s right.Wang Weiyi nodded.Colonel Ernst, you have to understand that this is not easy.Colonel Stodler decided to persuade Ernst There is an entire division of the enemy on the opposite side of you, and they have strong artillery support.I think You should still think about it.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I know tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids all these situations, but you didn t find out, Colonel Stodler.Nossa was safe all the way.Mr.Officer.A local asked timidly Are you German Yes, we are German.Wang Weiyi answered the question with a smile My name is Ernst.Bram, I hope our arrival didn t frighten you.What a polite officer, thought the Italians with a sigh.Two hundred and eighteen.These Italians, the polite German officer and his team, had seen Bonosa.The Italians seemed unprepared.They believed that the Swallow brigade led by Brigadier General Soqualia was fighting ahead, and there was no need to worry about the appearance of the Germans here.The mentality of the Italians is like this, and they will never show their energy unless the danger really appears.In fact, even if danger does arise, what attitude will they gummy cbd for kids adopt When the first unit led by Wang Weiyi arrived in Bonosa, he will never forget the panicked expressions of the Italian soldiers in the telescope.And the exploits of the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who has an impressive record, are constantly accumulating.Come June, he was promoted to major.Wang Weiyi knew that he had successfully changed a period of history the Red Baron was not shot down, but continued to win on the battlefield.The Red Baron, the Skeleton Baron, has become the two most important symbols in the German army The Skeleton Commandos who occupied Fanowei did not willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha wait for the reinforcements that should have arrived.But the counterattack of the British and French allied forces began.The Skeleton Commando endured the fierce artillery fire from the enemy and steadfastly defended Fanowei.During the three days of 9th, 0th, and riday, they repelled more than 20 enemy charges one after another.Fanoway is red with blood Reinforcement Where are the reinforcements going On the 2nd, the British and French allied forces concentrated the strength of three infantry regiments.Similarly, he did not tell them that there was gold on the train, but only told them that the White Guards Failure was inevitable, and I had already contacted the Bolsheviks, ready to surrender to them.And the best meeting gift for surrender is undoubtedly to capture or kill General Kerber alive.None of his confidantes objected to living with the White Guards all day long.This kind of dreadful life really made them feel scared.Now, everything has been arranged properly., just waiting for the train to arrive in Samara, the train was rumbling, getting closer and closer to Samara, and General Kerber suddenly made a decision that the train would not stop in Samara, but go directly to Hubei.Musk It was Sergey who was in Samara.He didn t have any trust in the general who had surrendered to the Germans.Commander Wang Weiyi salivated and leaned over I didn t fight well in Songjiang, and the commander said I acted without authorization, and I deserve to die.After the battle is completed, the commander has a bright face.When the time comes, I will say that this is the commander s strategizing and decisive victory.Under the commander s command, the little devil is nothing, and the commander s one guard battalion can defeat ten times the enemy Stop flattering me.Xue Yue laughed out loud at the shameless words of his subordinates You are not a battalion Do you want me to add soldiers to you Yes, yes Originally, Xue Yue just wanted to tease him, but who would have thought that Wang Weiyi would go up the ladder when he saw it Thank you, Commander, thank you Commander.The commander really knows the hearts of his subordinates.There are still a few days left, what are you thinking Save Gao Zhihang once like saving Richthofen But you can t do it, you can t There are no dark fighters.Little Ling, help me Wang Weiyi s voice sounded like he was pleading The National Air Force doesn t have much strength.It s a good idea to keep one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter planes have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended again Enemy plane, enemy plane Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.This made Xiao Ling also feel strange.Or is Randerer gradually getting rid of the base s control over him God knows but no matter what, Wang Weiyi has a feeling in his heart that is getting stronger and stronger this time, he doesn t have to wait until the end of the gummy cbd for kids War of Resistance, and he can leave with peace of mind.Sure, Wang Weiyi is very sure of his own thoughts, Sergeant, Sergeant Guo.Guo Yunfeng, who was busy there, suddenly heard someone calling his name behind him.Looking back, he willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha was startled, and it turned out to be the female student Fu Yu he had recognized before.Why are you here Guo Yunfeng asked with a slight stutter.Killing devils is his forte, but communicating with women is Guo Yunfeng s weakness.Sergeant Guo, is recruiting female soldiers there.I signed gummy cbd for kids up and was admitted.Besides, what you gave me is enough for me to live a prosperous life.Yes, that s why I say you are a good boy.Hermione smiled slightly, and then put His eyes fell on Wang Weiyi Please don t hesitate any longer, Mr.Ernst.Wang Weiyi hesitated, and then finally put his power house cbd gummies name on the contract.Okay.I will let the lawyer handle it tomorrow.Hehe Min accepted the contract with satisfaction I don t have to worry about the Wittgenstein Empire falling into the hands of people I gummy cbd for kids don t trust.Of course, I will continue to manage this huge business empire for you temporarily.I hope you will send it as soon as possible, it will give the Wittgenstein Empire a terrifying leap forward.I will.Wang Weiyi nodded.Hermione suddenly remembered something Ah, Elliott, let s go out, so many guests are still waiting for us.The rise and fall of the country, everyone has a share.I wanted to serve, but I have passed my age.Fortunately, I have a son, so I volunteered consciously.Give the flag and carry it with you at all times.Wipe the blood when you are injured, and wrap it after death.Go forward bravely, and never forget your duty.That is the flag of the Chinese nation facing death Yes, the Anti Japanese War will be won in another way.The plane began taxiing.Wang Weiyi came to the cockpit.The pilot turned around and said, Walker, are you ready That s Guo Yunfeng Go back to the base, we still have one last task to complete.Wang Weiyi said lightly.The plane took off and quickly disappeared into the sky What The Political Department of the Military Commission asked Wang Weiyi to go to ch ngq ng Damn, where did such a thing happen Why didn t I know Xue Yue roared into the phone There is no such order, no Go to ch ngq ng What Where did that plane come from Where s the passenger seat The passenger seat is in danger Don t mess up The passenger seat will be fine, no I order, all departments stick to their positions , ready to launch an attack on the 3rd Division Zhang Lingfu, damn it is our brigade seat Ouyang Yu, have you forgotten what the brigade seat told you when you left Everyone fell silent instantly In the 27th year of the Republic of China, on April 6th, 93 AD, Wang Weiyi, Major General of the Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army, disappeared mysteriously.This will be the first battle under the official command of the Skeleton Baron after his glorious return the glorious battle When the skeleton battle flag began to fly again, every German officer and soldier of the skeleton division already knew that although they encountered setbacks in the Russian battlefield, from this moment on, their most glorious era was about to begin Ernst.General Brahm will never allow failure he hates it Follow the steps of the general and destroy every enemy on the way At this time, Wang Weiyi has received Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids instructions from Xiaoling The Glorious Man Mission has started, the first stage goal restore the glorious weapon support of the Skeleton Commando None The self reform and upgrade of the Ziguang Military Base has started for the third time.Weapon support, no This is something that Wang Weiyi has never encountered since he started time travel.The 3rd Panzer Army I am even less interested, the 3rd Panzer Army will be defeated by me soon.What else You are of no use to me, it is nothing more than a bright color that is not too conspicuous to increase my military exploits.Magfedlov was completely dumbfounded.He never thought that anyone would talk to him like this in cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg his life.He is a general of the Soviet army Is the commander of the ace unit of the Soviet Army But in the eyes of the other party, he is no different from a grass mustard.Is it arrogance Still confident General Magfriedlov has heard about the battles on the front line.It is said that the Germans have become extremely fanatical because of gummy cbd for kids the appearance of this skeleton baron.He doesn t believe it, but now he has to believe it.What kind of commander there is what kind of subordinates Skeleton Baron, can you take a message to my chief of staff for me Before Magfriedlov finished speaking, he was interrupted by Wang Weiyi No , the situation on the battlefield is so tense, I don t have time to bring any message to your chief of staff.Forcibly suppressing the thought of crying, I can t cry, I can t cry, he s back, he s really back No matter what, don t lose your composure in front of the general Commandos are not allowed to cry, but the disappointing tears still flowed down their cheeks.Adolf Hitler couldn t help but trembled.Manstein said with a trembling voice, Adolf, please pay attention.Speaking, Manstein s tears also fell.He back The Skull Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm Wang Weiyi rode on the horse and stopped in front of the team members.At this moment, he also felt like crying don t cry Barons don t cry Soldiers do not cry Germany does not shed tears The Baron Returns in Glory General Ernst Brehm Rommel stepped forward, controlled his emotions with the most tenacious perseverance, and said in the loudest voice The skeleton commando team is assembled Welcome back the general Then, Gobel also came over.Joe Cole continued, Besides, I want to show you some trophies.Curiosity was heightened gummy cbd for kids again A large group of security guards from the security company appeared, There are also some police officers among them.All of them were armed.His expression was tense and solemn.Joe Cole got out of his way, and behind him, a door slowly opened In an instant, everyone s eyes were stabbed They saw Gold A neat pile of gold God, everyone here swears they ve never seen so much gold in their entire lives Gentlemen, 300 pounds of nature one cbd gummies gold Mr.Joe Cole said with a confident smile on his face This is our first batch of mining results.The gold mine is named Jocole Gold Mine by us.The gold reserves are so high.We are amazed And this document in my hand is the report of Mr.Milley, the National Mining Association of the United States, after the on site inspection, which confirms the existence and reserves of our gold minesI don t think anyone here will doubt the authority of gummy cbd for kids Mr.Holding hands Marshal Ernst of the Marshal Scepter remembered Captain Klingenberg with a high evaluation From now on, you are promoted to major, and I allow you to lead an assault squadron alone, and this assault squadron , I will personally command it.That is my greatest honor, Marshal.Klingenberg s heart was filled with happiness.To be able to fight under the personal command of Marshal Ernst is the dream of countless German soldiers Give power to Berlin.Wang Weiyi pondered for a moment Twilight of the Gods has begun, and I am standing in Chobulu, and I will attack Silivri and Kyrgyzkoy in two directions, aiming directly at IstanbulOrders, the Bulgarian and Yugoslav armies must capture BandirmaErnst Brehm before the 12th.There was no turning point in his order He must use the fastest speed to attack Istanbul.His eye sockets and cheeks were bruised, and he looked very embarrassed Mr.Commander.Name Wang Weiyi felt very strange.Did this commander also participate in the hand to hand fight with the Turks Report to Marshal, Sergeant Roman.Sergeant, well done.Wang Weiyi nodded You were the first to discover the enemy s headquarters and bravely launched an attack on it.For this, you will get A medal Yes, Marshal.This will be my greatest honor Roman regained his spirit immediately.When Marshal Ernst was about to leave, he finally couldn t help asking Sergeant Roman, did the battle go on so fiercely Did all the tankers participate in the fight Ah, this Sergeant Roman really didn t know how to answer, did he tell the marshal that he was beaten by guys like Klingenberg Wang Weiyi seemed to see something, and shook his head with a smile Klingenberg, come with me.There may be a gummies cbd 1000mg chance in the future, and the British and Russians will never allow the Germans to gain such a strategically important place in Turkey.They will do whatever it takes to get the Germans out.The fighting will never stop here The Allies began to re examine the battlefield situation and redeployed their troops.And Wang Weiyi also achieved the strategic goal he had envisioned before launch a war unexpectedly in places where the enemy gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon did not expect, fully mobilize the enemy, and firmly hold the initiative on the battlefield in his own hands.Especially in Turkey.At a time when the Turkish government is vacillating and trying to have both sides, Germany and the Allies are trying their best to win over the country.No one thought of using war to get this country before.But Marshal Ernst Brahm not only thought of it, but gummy cbd for kids he did it.No one can question his orders, no one can raise any objections.In this meeting, Wang Weiyi did not invite Italians to participate at all.For the Italians, and Adolf Hitler continued to choose the German Italian alliance, Wang Weiyi was extremely annoyed, which meant that all his efforts on Italy during the First World War were in vain.But since this is the case, it is necessary to let cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg the Italians play some role in the war to take advantage of their incompetence, their arrogance, and even their collapse on the battlefield.A conspiracy cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg is quietly going on In Wang Weiyi s heart, all the German officials have received their tasks, and the new strategic decisive battle has begun from this moment.The first thing Wang Weiyi did after the meeting was to let kushly premium cbd gummies review the Germans use any method to tell Their enemy, Marshal reviews on assure cbd oil and gummies Ernst Brahm, has come to the African battlefield and will personally gummy cbd for kids command the German army here.Then, finally, comes the hottest part Kalmen Armageddon It was the battlefield ensemble commanded by Baron Alexon himself, and thousands of German troops joined the ensemble.Tanks, machine guns, and submachine guns gummy cbd for kids are the instruments in their hands.And those audiences English, French, Greek.But never want them to have heard such a movement Now that the curtain has been drawn, there is no possibility of it being closed before the music is played The soldiers from the two sides who were strangled together now have a completely different situation.The Allies were completely cut into three parts.Forced to fight on their own.The well prepared German army began to completely show their ferocious fangs.The French officers and soldiers of the 2nd Free French Brigade have the most profound experience of this.The sudden surrender of the returning 2nd Free French Brigade brought a major turning point in the battlefield.Now, the Germans are targeting the 133rd Infantry Brigade of the British Army.The situation of the 133rd Infantry Brigade is also not optimistic.In previous battles, the 133rd Infantry Brigade has been used as a firefighter.Wherever there is a crisis, this unit will appear there.But it is also because of this that this force has never maintained a complete sequence from the battle to the present, and the soldiers have already become exhausted from constant mobilization.One of their regiments was attacked by the Germans on the way to aid the Greeks, and one of their battalions was attacked by the Germans on the way to aid the French.The surrender of the French made this battalion a target for the Germans.Wang Weiyi smiled again But I can t tell What is the matter with you.Yamaguchi, when my plan is successful, I think you can leave the army.A good life in Switzerland is waiting for you.I will arrange for you to leave safely.As for your wife and daughter, you Don t worry at all, my friends in Japan will buy cbd gummies hemp bomb also help them leave safely Hiroshi Yamaguchi downed the wine in his glass Can I really make it to Switzerland alive Why not , my friend Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Not only can you go to Switzerland, but you can also spend the rest of your life happily with your wife and children.Now Hiroshi Yamaguchi must link his entire destiny with this willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha terrible person in front of him General Wang, please wait cbd gummies and breastfeeding gummy cbd for kids for me in Shanghai first, and I will upstate elevator supply cbd gummies meet you when I arrive.However, I hope you can keep your promise.The military commander s senior intelligence personnel Black Star and Black Crow have all been captured, and the mysterious radio station has also been seized.This is the black Crow just received information Hiromoto Sawataro put a telegram in front of Hiroshi Yamaguchi in high spirits.Quickly find out all the deployment and strength of the Kwantung Army.After detonating the cherry , a large scale armed riot will be set off in Manchuria What are cherries Hiroshi Yamaguchi frowned.We don t know Hiroshi Yamaguchi said Yes , and then turned his gaze to another person in the office Keiko, what about you Matsuzawa Keiko Matsuzawa Keiko said cbd gummy and yummy just cbd gummies lawsuit coldly That idiot Mo Guangzhi always thought that I was helping him and even had a crush on him.He told me their secret gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon contact address in Harbin.There, we captured a Chinese man named Hou Dalei, and seized a large number of confidential documents Chief of the agency, the word cherry appeared many times in their documents, and it was mentioned many times The Americans A perfect victory.The most advanced latent organization of military control They would never have imagined in their dreams that all this was planned in advance It was carefully planned by General Wang Weiyi Zheng Xiaolong and Hou Dalei did not know this time They acted secretly, so they were the innocents and victims of this operation.The real secret documents at No.20 Dagazi Road were transferred by Yuan Wang long ago.The radio station and the telegram Yuan Wang received, Yuan Wang arrived It is not yet known how General Wang sent it to him.Maybe the military commander is also fully assisting General Wang Maybe victim Yuan Wang thought of these three words, and thought of Zheng Xiaolong and Hou Dalei I really felt sorry for them and made them victims, but in order to cooperate with General Wang s action, sacrifices must be endured Huge pain.In fact German military officials regard the military profession as extremely mysterious and noble, not only unanimously regard special warfare as a blasphemy to the military profession, but also an insult to their personal honor and even the honor of the country.The enemy s uniform was a desecration of one s own.The consequence of this attitude was that, generally speaking, the German Army did not produce men who were good at unconventional warfare.There was one exception, one of whom was Paul von.Letowobeck, he was the commander of a colonial unit in German East Africa during World War I.Compared with the number of Entente troops, his small army was obviously outnumbered.In this case, Letowo Baker s successful use of guerrilla tactics to trap large numbers of British troops that could have been deployed in Europe had a profound effect on one of his junior officers, the It s Theodore Von.In the British version, General Rosen is the only great general in the world who was able to escape from the Skeleton Baron twice Note, it is worldwide The undefeated myth of the Skeleton Baron is unknown to anyone in any country in Europe, and it is simply impossible to defeat him on the battlefield.But against him twice, he was able to successfully defeat twice and escape from the skeleton baron twice, which made General Rosen a British myth.Therefore, not only should General Rosen not resent Baron Alexon, but he should also be grateful to him It was in such a situation that Wang Weiyi, Monlington and Rosen met.I still remember the battle on the Somme.Sir Monlington seemed to be a nostalgic person, and he said with some emotion That day, Rosen came back and told me that he and the wounded were released.The bombing planes of the Germans had been far away from London for a long time, and the biscuits they brought sent a very clear message to the British the war may be over soon The course of suffering has gone through such a long time, and now, it is finally coming to an end.On this day, what makes the British even more happy is that the annual rowing competition is finally coming.This makes London, which lacks entertainment activities Added some bright spots.Early in the morning, Londoners began to gather at the place where the rowing competition was held.They discussed happily and looked into the distance impatiently.Then, many well dressed, upper class British people from the society also came one gummy cbd for kids after cbd gummies dental another.This made the scene even more lively.Then, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who also appeared in the company of a large number of government officials, was soon greeted with cheers.U.K.Cabinet conducts emergency consultations.Decided to mediate as best as possible.In the end, Miselier had to give in, and de Gaulle included him in the newly formed Committee of Nine, because he is undoubtedly an outstanding naval officer and can still serve the Free France in his post General de Gaulle successfully resolved this crisis with my intelligence, but he soon ushered in the third Miselier crisis Naris continued with a sneer This Regarding does cbd gummies show up on drug tests army the severity of an incident, if I hadn t willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha reported it to General de Gaulle, perhaps General gummy cbd for kids de Gaulle would have resigned by now Menzies nodded silently.Yes, the third incident gummy cbd for kids brought the Anglo French alliance almost to the point of a complete break.Even, this also involved the United States, completely and completely disrupting the overall plan of the British government There are two small French islands off the coast of Newfoundland in North America St.On that high ground, the Russians had two machine guns and even a t34 tank as their defensive force.Myristel, who was not well prepared, lost two of his men in the first attack.This annoyed him a little.In his view, the life of every German soldier is extremely precious, and it is impossible to see the Russians shouting Ulla and carrying out a suicide charge in the German army.But the lethality of two machine Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids guns and a tank is too great, and the commandos who lack heavy weapons obviously cannot find a good way for the time being.Hey, do you need help where to buy kana cbd gummies Just as Myristel was about to find reinforcements, a Tiger tank appeared.Weidmann s head got out of the tank, and the ace tank player with outstanding military exploits looked at Myristel with a smile and asked.Hey, damn it, why did you come here Myristel said angrily, I only lost two soldiers.Even myself, I led the tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids skeleton commando deep into the enemy s rear, and sent a carload of munitions to the enemy.Boxes of money were sent to thembut they were the first to betray Germany after the Bolsheviks took power Betrayal, naked and shameless betrayal Now tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids is the time to make them pay back double The officers and soldiers were silent, there was no sound at all, each of them was listening to the baron s speech On the opposite side, there are 1.6 million enemies, my soldiers They also have 200,000 cannons and mortars, thousands of tanks, and tens of thousands of aircraft.Their strength far exceeds ours.But what I want to tell you is that it is not terrible, we have an army of 600,000, we are enough to destroy any enemy stronger than us 600,000 to 1.6 million, my generals, my soldiers, tell me, can we win Ernst Ernst Ernst The German officers and soldiers once again told Marshal Ernst the answer that Marshal Ernst wanted with this answer We will surely win, because you and I cannot bear failure Wang Weiyi s voice was extremely firm From this minute on, I will fight side by side with you, and together with you, I will assault the enemy, the Don River, and Stalingrad assault Towards Stalingrad Assault Forward, my generals Go ahead, my soldiers For the glorious future of Germany To Stalingrad Assault For the glorious future of Germany To Stalingrad Assault The craziest cheers have already sounded, this will be a glorious battle for Germany, and it will be a battle that will determine the fate of the world And its leader has a name that everyone fears the skeleton baron Ernst.Don t let me down, General De Sade, don t let all of us down here Six hundred and seventy nine.Traitor The German counterattack came so quickly and suddenly that the Soviet 56th Army and 81st Panzer Army, which had just recovered from the failure of the attack, had no time to adjust.The assault force set their sights on the 81st Panzer Army, and now the 81st Panzer Army has long since become a remnant.They have pitifully few tanks and ammunition.Under the ferocious assault of the German army, these soldiers who were exhausted in the previous attack The Russians lacked effective resistance.As willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha Liaokov judged, after the 81st Panzer Army was attacked, it was the 56th Army under the command of Dawamirsky who was the first to send reinforcements willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha to them.However, this hit the organic cbd gummies pharma canna Germans.In my arms Guo Yunfeng s battle group showed its ferocious minions on the battlefield The powerful armor force was quickly put into the battlefield, and launched the most ferocious assault on the 56th Army whose flanks were completely exposed.At this time, he saw Liaokov picked up the phone gummy cbd for kids on the table Comrade Yaxinlev who picked up the Workers BrigadeComrade Yaxinlev I am Ryokov.Hello, we have a new reinforcement coming soon, please take care of them coming in Yes, Comrade General Katanovsky is with me Okay , The final victory must belong to us After speaking, he put vegan cbd gummies recipe down the phone and looked at Katanovsky coldly.Comrade Liaokov, there is gummy cbd for kids still a batch of supplies arriving at night, and you are still in charge.Comrade Yashinlev, the brigade commander of the Workers Brigade, will follow your command and be careful to ensure the safety of this batch of supplies Katanovsky remembered what he had said.It was he who guessed that Liaokov was given such power Yaxinlev, who was simple minded and impulsive, would never have thought that his general had After being kidnapped, he never thought that Liaokov would be a cbd gummies and breastfeeding gummy cbd for kids traitor.Everyone is trying, everyone is bleeding.They forgot life and cbd gummies southern pines nc death, they forgot that this is a battlefield.They seem to know only one thing now, this is where they will be buried During most of the night s attacks, the Soviet army themselves forgot how many times they had attacked.They only remembered that countless companions had fallen before their eyes.They only knew that this place had already become a place of death.If the Terek River is a place of life for the German army, then there is no doubt that it is a place of death.The blood of the Russians is flowing here, and the blood of the Germans is also flowing The wreckage of tanks is everywhere, and the corpses of soldiers are strewn around these wreckages.Desperate charge brings desperate death.Every effort seems so futile.The enemy standing there is not the SS, but the German Wehrmacht, but the soldiers of these Wehrmacht are also extremely elite armed.They, like you, never knew to be afraid, but they all failed.Without exception.They were defeated by the Skeleton Baron, do you know why Because they are eager to prove their courage.They want to prove that they can defeat the Skeleton Baron and all enemies.They charge desperately, desperately Want to use crowd tactics to overwhelm the enemy s defenses.That s what we did on the Terek River.But what they didn t expect was that the Skeleton Baron was never afraid of such a charge, never afraid of encirclement, never even afraid In a desperate situation During the battle of Montforkon, he was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of allied troops, and he escaped miraculously.There is nothing in front of it that works Having said this, he paused for a moment The reason why I say this is to tell you, don t waste unnecessary courage, unnecessary courage means wasting unnecessary life.Wang Weiyi laughed, what a cute hired spy Don t worry, Mr.Sidney, your money is waiting for you in the bank, and I will give you a large sum of money as a reward for your loyalty.I don t have any loyalty at all.Money can buy my loyalty.Riley gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon said blankly, I believe that if the Russians offer me a extra strength cbd gummies higher price than you, then I will not hesitate.Sell you.Wang Weiyi laughed even louder Yes, I believe, but the problem is that no one can offer a higher price than me.So, this is what I like to cooperate with you Riley finally showed some smiles on his face.Where are you going, America Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Riley shook his head No, I don t think I ll go back to America, or I ll go to Switzerland, I like the climate there, I like everything there What about you, Baron.When the war is over you Where will it go Leave Wang Weiyi replied very simply Sidney, this may be the last time we meet.This is exactly what Soviet generals like Maslennikov want to see In a situation where the army is already unreliable.The civilian armed forces tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids are the most trustworthy.The German army killed batch after batch of enemies, but new enemies rushed up one after another.The closer to the final stage of the battle, the crazier the enemy will be.Maslennikov saw it all, Vasilevsky saw it all, and Wang Weiyi also saw it Do you think it s worth it Marshal Vasilevsky Put it down Taking out the telescope in his hand, Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Vasilevsky smiled wryly, not knowing how to answer.Such a scene made him feel distressed, extremely distressed.Those lost one by one are all living human lives.I don t think it s Zhukov who is directing the opposite side now.Wang Weiyi sighed I believe Zhukov will not do such a thing.Now you can talk, Ernst.Nelia said very curiously.Wang Weiyi touched his nose subconsciously Yes, in the places conquered and ruled by the Roman Republic, all people are proud of everything in the Roman Republic.Surname, accent, way of life, but not every place is like thisOr to be more precise, the Roman Republic is definitely not the center of the worldit does not have the most land, it is not the largest country, and it does not have the largest population These words sounded unbelievable to Nelia.In the eyes of all Romans, even their enemies firmly believe that no country can have more gummy cbd for kids land, more population, and no city state can be more powerful than the Roman Republic.Wherever the Roman legions went, they were able to destroy all forces that resisted them.Even the Germans, who are resisting the invasion from Rome, never think that they can really defeat the Republic.The main body of the Roman army is ordinary citizens, and the government does not have to provide weapons.Now mercenaries are also being popularized in the Roman army, so that the Republic can have a lot of regular Troops, in the early days, the cost can be compensated by the defeated country, but in the middle and late stages, it becomes a great burden for the countrybut it is worth the money, so the combat capability of the army is much stronger than that of ordinary citizensIf the Roman army and the Han army meet and fight, the scene will be The two armies confront each other, facing the crossbows of the Han army, the Romans will approach and fight the Han army step by step The heavy shields of the Romans will resist the crossbow arrows of the Han army, and the formation of the Han army will be frustrated However, the decisive force on the battlefield, the duel between the cavalry will end with the victory of the Han army, as long as the Han army s If the infantry can resist until the moment the cavalry wins, the Han army will win the war Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart, but he didn t say it out of his mouth.The Japanese Germanians were also dying, but more corpses of their enemies fell beside them.Enough, as long as you kill more enemies than yourself, even death is worth it.Time passed there.The casualties are constantly increasing, but there are too many Romans, and it seems that they can t be killed no matter how they are killed.Guo tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids Yunfeng looked at the sun, it was almost time. They ve done the job perfectly.Moreover, the mission has been overfulfilled, there is no need to continue to increase casualties here.R Germania, retreat Guo Yunfeng issued such an order loudly.The executive power was a bit lacking, and the Germanians were red eyed.Not many people heard his orders.R Germania, retreat Guo Yunfeng raised his voice again and roared loudly.This time it finally caught the attention of the Germanians.How much wealth does he still have At first, maybe Wang Weiyi would be surrounded by women now, but fortunately, the opening of the naval battle relieved him of such possible embarrassment in time.One ship after another appeared on the water, and each ship brought a lot of people.A full ship of food was used as an willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha admission ticket for tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids the naval battle.Pompey also appeared, which ushered in waves of cheers for him and when a white ship appeared, the cheers changed.It became even bigger Jaculius Jaculius The young man standing on the boat was exactly Jaculius who was cultivated by Pompey.His face also It is full of self confidence and pride.Pompey has injected strong self confidence into him.He firmly believes that the final victory must belong to himself.When he saw this ship, Wang Weiyi shook his head White horses or white ships.The purpose of the Romans is to make us Surround us, and then destroy us Hellman s guess was correct, but he realized it too late The Roman army surrounded the place completely Hellman s hope Completely devastated, the initiative is now in the hands of the Romans, who may at any time and place launch the most ferocious and final assault on the Germans Heilmann called his companions to his side, He told them all about the situation here without any concealment.Then he said with a heavy tone I must be responsible for this situation.Although the Romans have completed the siege of us, we still have a chance to break through.The west will be our last hope.To make up for my fault.I will lead the Saxons to fight at the forefront and tear a gap for you.And you, my friends, please lead your people to rush out from there After rushing out What should we do Where are you going Edler asked helplessly There are Romans everywhere, Caesar will definitely not let us go, the crazy strangulation has just begun.Wang Weiyi answered him with a smile When I want to save someone No one can stop me when I am here.Sdeers, I know you have lost a respected person, and I don t want you to continue to lose your wife.Sdeers looked at the other party in a daze, and then slowly did it Kneeling to the top My lord consul, I can t repay your gummy cbd for kids kindness to me.From now on, Styles life is yours, and you can take my willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha life anytime, anywhere.We lost Yes, you have to bring it back sooner or later Wang Weiyi didn t let him get up immediately.Instead, he said to all the refugees The Romans have deprived you of your land and your freedom, and now they have taken the lives of countless relatives of you.A true German cannot bear such a disgrace.I , the consul of the Germanic League, willing to avenge you, willing to take all of you to claim from the Romans what you lost Speaking of this, he let Styles stand up But.No need for any order from Tusca, a whole face of Italian soldiers has surrendered Four knives, take them to gather the captives together.Wang Weiyi put away his weapons and walked over, sat down in the seat that originally belonged to Captain Tuska, and drank the wine that should have been enjoyed by Captain Tuska He took a sip Captain Tuska, is that right Ah.It s me.The frightened Captain Tuska replied subconsciously.I m Major Moyol.Ah, hello, Major.Sit down.Don t be afraid.Captain Tuska sat down carefully.Wang Weiyi put down the wine glass in his hand Are there any other troops around here People resisted very tenaciously, and my troops suffered heavy casualties.Upon hearing this, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing.From what he had seen with his own eyes, the Italian company was intact.There were no casualties at all.Those machine guns and heavy weapons that have been set up.It was put away in a hurry, which made the battlefield look chaotic.At this time, the German army had already attacked the front of the position.Several Leopard 7 tanks fired shells to their heart s content, and strafed desperately with machine gun bullets.The depression of so many days was finally swept away this night.This way, the Canadians are even cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha more confused They lack a commander, they have received an order to retreat, and they don t have to entangle the Germans here.All in all, they had a million reasons not to be blamed by Allied Command.This also allows them to confidently and boldly hand over their positions to the Germans.It s just that Germany is obviously not satisfied with seizing positions.Their bullets constantly followed the fleeing enemies, gummy cbd for kids constantly taking the lives of the enemies.Wang Weiyi smiled.He hoped Lieutenant Celtic was right.He asked Stephen to bring the bazooka Stephen, can you make sure you hit the target Of course, Lieutenant Colonel, do you cbd gummy for stress think that an excellent German soldier can t even hit such a big target Stephen said as he picked up the target.After firing the rocket launcher, aiming for a while, the rocket will make a sharp whistling and rush towards the enemy s position.After a violent explosion with a boom , Wang Weiyi was the first to stand up, and all the bullets in the submachine gun were fired at the opposite side.Then, the submachine guns in the hands of the commandos fired heavily.A storm of bullets completely enveloped the opponent.When the second rocket flew out, there was no movement on the other side.Wang Weiyi and his team members appeared on the battlefield.Saint Ernst Just as only one person in Germany deserves to wear that golden skull badge and use that dark black field marshal s scepter, so there is only one person worthy of this title St.Ernst Jonar ignored the surprise of his subordinates at all, and continued to say with the loudest voice When danger befalls Germany, you will come back When the Skeleton Master is in desperate situation, you will come back Welcome cbd gummies study home, Richter Marshal Hofen Welcome home Marshal Ernst Marshal Ernst Marshal Ernst When the name came out of Jonar s mouth, all German officers and soldiers fell into shock.There is gummy cbd for kids only one Field Marshal Richthofen, and only one Field Marshal Ernst When danger befalls Germany, I will come back When the Skeleton Master is in a desperate situation, I will come back Ernst Alexson Von.Is there going to be civil unrest in Berlin ahead of time That would make blood flow in Berlin Wolf, we have no way out.Kroller probably saw what his subordinates were thinking You have participated in everything.If I fall, I believe you will die before me.I just I got the information, maybe you, the person in charge of the intelligence bureau, don t know it.The Skeleton Division has successfully captured Ibor and rescued the Nordland battle group, and they escaped smoothly under the siege and attack of the Allied forces Tell me, where will they go next Berlin Wolff blurted out without hesitation.Yes, Berlin Claire s eyes were gloomy Judging from all gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon the things that happened, a problem that we have to face, although we don t want to admit it, has happened.If you guessed correctly, The Skeleton Baron is really back The Skeleton Baron is really back When he heard these words, Wolf couldn t help but shiver The Skeleton Baron really came back, and the Skeleton Baron didn t die God, is there anything more terrifying than this Once he appears in Berlin, the conspiracy of all of them will be disintegrated No one can stand against the Baron.But, the French thought, those Germans probably wouldn t care, would they Heisenberg and his commandos were ready.They waited quietly, showing no sign of best cbd gummies for pain with thc rush.During the day, Captain Ince had already figured out everything about the situation here, including the exact location of the artillery positions.Suitable blast sites, and those defended by the few defenders.Now.Just waiting for the attack of the armed guerrillas of the underground resistance organization.Heisenberg looked at the time, and there were still a few minutes before the agreed time.He closed his eyes and seized the last few minutes to rest.Suddenly, gunshots pierced the night sky, and then dense gunfire rang out.Let s get started Heisenberg stood up and said coldly.All the commandos stood up and walked out silently.Attack, attack Those damned guerrillas are coming again There was cbd gummies and breastfeeding gummy cbd for kids some confusion outside, but none of the artillerymen came out.But on this battlefield, they can show their strength to their heart s content They fought back against the enemy s attacks with the artillery fire from tanks and assault guns, and steadfastly used bullets and grenades to kill and wound everyone.Enemies attempting to charge up.Time and time again, no matter how violent the enemy s attack was, no matter how many times the enemy launched an attack, the officers and soldiers of the Dutch Homeland Storm Division were always firmly nailed to their positions.No army is an ace army when it is first established.Any so called ace army needs to be forged with blood and life.Such as the 3rd Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS.When the force was formed, it simply inherited the name Skull Commandos.But with the start of the Battle of Demyansk in World War II, the Skeleton Division became famous all over the world.In their limited lives, they will always enjoy their lives to the fullest.You have realized some, but not fully.Basang said with a cbd gummies dosage anxiety smile It s not that they don t want gummy cbd for kids to pay attention to it, but they don t have the capital to fight, and they don t even want to fight.This is completely different from human beings.Many people are also doomed in their lives, but some of them are not reconciled.They fight against fate and use their own efforts to change their doomed fate.I think you know many such people.Yes, I know some of them, sir.Atedler was in a daze Some people are born in poverty, but they have been working hard.Their fate is completely changed by themselves.They can even control the life and death of hundreds science cbd gummies sex of millions of people.Maybe their parents didn t think about it when they gave birth to them His Chinese is really weird.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.Wang Weiyi is the real leader of Germany.But this does not seem to be a barrier that affects each other s conversations.Wang Weiyi asked, Dian Thank you for welcoming me personally, Your Excellency the Baron.Michael said, controlling his excitement, You don t need to call me Your Highness anymore.Most of the forward positions have fallen into the hands of the Allies, but the main core positions are still firmly controlled by the Germans.In the hands of the British Allied Forces, the enemies on the opposite side are like a small boat in the wind and waves.It looks extremely dangerous, but they are stubborn and refuse to sink.Allied forces have used all means.From the sky to the ground, they have used all available weapons to the fullest, but there is always one step short.It s just that the last step green galaxy cbd gummies can t be taken probably no one has a deeper feeling than Kerrett.The troops under his command attacked the enemy positions on the opposite side again and again, tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids but were repulsed again and again.The idea of defeating the Skeleton Baron was so strong in his mind, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha exotic fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg victory was clearly in sight, but why But always can t touch it The Skeleton Baron seems to have a magical power, which can always stabilize the situation in the most difficult moments, making all the previous efforts of the enemy completely in vain.What s cbd oil gummy frogs more rare is that Michael and his wife are useless as a housekeeper and servant.After they arrived in Berlin and their identities were confirmed, Wang Weiyi took special care of them.All the living expenses of the crown prince s family are borne by the government.Of course, despite being away from the center of power for a long time, the Hohenzollern family still has strong financial resources, and they don t need to worry about maintaining a luxurious life at all.It s probably seen Baron Alexon s doubts, Michael said with a smile Your Excellency the Baron, don t worry about us, we are living in Berlin now, and we are already very satisfied.To be honest, I don t care about hiring more people who can serve us.I can fully afford such expenses, but after careful consideration, my wife and I chose to give up.The American soldiers kicked him to the ground.But he was shot through by Thomas rifle.Beast Gattle, who was lying on the ground, grabbed the m16 on the corpse, and shot at the American soldiers behind him.But at this moment, four soldiers with m16s rushed in from the side door.Seeing that he couldn t stand it, Thomas grabbed Gattle Just ran to the third floor.The stairs behind him were smashed to pieces by the m16.Gattle took away the weapon and a few magazines from the corpse while running.Sergeant Starob also rushed to the third floor.Meeted Sergeant Shostka.Gatter rushed to the third floor and killed the American soldiers who came up with a submachine gun.Sergeant Shostka picked up his rifle to fight the Americans desperately.Starob will He stopped and shouted Let s quickly go down the stairs on the other side, and see the people in the houses next to us, they all evacuated Otherwise, you will be beaten to death by the Americans Let s evacuate too, staying here will surely kill us Shostka was persuaded.But now Masha has left him The surrounding area has been searched, and the attackers have long since disappeared without a trace.How cbd gummies tye many teams are there near us There are three teams that can arrive immediately.Let them arrive immediately.Colonel Nesko said sullenly I m sure the Germans are still looking for a third chance, They must not be allowed to succeed this time.Yes, Colonel.Colonel Nesko found that the fear in his heart was becoming more and more intense He suddenly remembered that what he was facing was not An ordinary enemy, but a fearsome Skeleton Baron Perhaps, only when the bullet pierces his heart, will he truly understand the true horror of the Skeleton Baron In fact, Wang Weiyi still did not go far at this time.A good hunter will never stand too far from his prey.No matter how cautious the prey is, it hazel hills cbd gummies near me will always find a way out.We have long been prisoners of the Germans Luo Shen pondered there.He thought that the chief of staff s words were not unreasonable.There is not only the United States fighting in the Middle East, there are French and Arabs.They often argue for a long time over a small issue, and often because of By doing so, he lost the initiative in the battle.If he continues to persist here as General Karofi said, maybe he will really become a prisoner Henry, go and prepare for a retreat before the Germans completely surround us.Roshen made up his mind Let all the troops try to block the enemy as much as possible, and tell them that reinforcements are coming soon.We re here Roshin has made up his mind to leave this terrible place All the members of the US 9th Armored Division, who are still fighting hard, don t know that they have been abandoned by their commanders.Three lights that can cover the square The searchlights are ready.24 anti tank rockets are assigned.All 4 mg62s are set up.If Ruben and Paul bring tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids their machine guns alive, we ll have 7 that will be a steel Defensive lines.Soldiers are determined to fight the Russians in our cemetery and never back down.Flamethrowers are ready.Ammunition supplies are ready.Only there is one more problem The priest s report satisfied Heisenberg.Nine hundred and twenty.Heisenberg was very satisfied with Father Levto s report on the fierce battle, and Heisenberg did not regret handing over the most important part of the defense line to him.He and his grenadiers are good fighters, and tanks are their forte.The defense line built by them gave Heisenberg reason to believe that it was impenetrable Oh, priest, what s the problem What should we do with the corpses, bones and coffins dug out of the tomb Just throw them in the Are you on the ground It was almost 5 o clock.The crosshairs aimed at the belly of his uniform, which was the spleen.The crosshairs slowly followed the slow moving Russian army, Boom The bullet hit the soldier s abdomen directly, and when he tilted, gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon the officer on his body fell from his back like a sack of potatoes.At this point the target becomes two.At this time, the Russian army gave up and sent them back to the rear.A few minutes later, an unarmed medic entered Hewitt s sight.He was the third, and medics are prohibited targets under the international laws of war.But in the cruel war, the health soldiers of the German army are often the priority of the Russian army, so they don t care about the law of war.Boom This time the bullet cannativarx cbd gummies hit the head directly, and the health soldier fell in front of the two wounded.And Hewitt s location was discovered by the Russian army.Oh no, I can t betray my Husband.Solkina murmured.The car stopped.The Grand Duchess was a little overwhelmed.If you don t like it, you can get out of the car anytime, anywhere.Wang Weiyi said and lit the third cigarette of the day Solkina didn t know what to do.When the third cigarette burned slowly, Wang Weiyi threw the Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids cigarette butt out of the window, and then restarted the car It was good when the car was at the door of the small hotel.Wang Weiyi got out of the car first, and then opened the door on the other side.Stretched out his hand.The Grand Duchess hesitated for a moment, but still handed over to Mr.Petergoff.All the way into the room, the Grand Duchess could still hear her heart beating continuously because of nervousness Mr.Petergoff, I haven t known you for a long time said the Grand Duchess in a low voice.This is Fu Yu s child, and in a sense it is also his own child Fighting until the afternoon.The battlefield has shown a white hot situation.Many positions were breached by the French, but Guo Yunfeng and Jekat still tried hemp cbd oil gummies their best to organize a counterattack.Some positions were retaken.But often before they had time to take a breather, the French s new attack came again.Corpses can be seen everywhere on every position, and there is almost no one to take care of the wounded.Those medical soldiers were sometimes rescuing a wounded companion, but he would suddenly be hit by a bullet, and cbd gummy bears from just cbd deals then he would fall headlong beside the companion who was supposed to be treated by himself.No one will shed a single tear for them, and everyone knows it.Maybe they will do the same soon, just die on this fiery battlefield.Seeing this, the officers rushed up and drove the boys back to their posts , and then went up to talk to them.Some soldiers climbed out of the fortification regardless of the danger, and ran to the pile of American corpses to look for trophies.Tanks Attention, tanks Chuck shouted, at this time nearly 20 m1 tanks lined up and drove towards the German army.Everyone is in place, the infantry is on standby, and the artillery fires.The armored forces are at full strength to distract the US troops who are attacking from the front Hansheimer s command vehicle issued such an order.Let go Three Model assault guns opened fire at the same time, and three M1 vehicles 1,200 meters away were destroyed on the spot.The distant flames cbd gummies and breastfeeding gummy cbd for kids drew cheers from the German positions.Seeing this situation, the rest of the m1s immediately turned on their horsepower, regardless of the infantry rushing over first.If there were reservations before, then this time Berlin showed its full strength the strength from the Constant base The noisy artillery fire shook the entire earth, and the shells fell one after another, interweaving the cruelest but also the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.War since we have chosen war let the war be more violent A smile blooms at the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth It s March 21, 1966in Berlin, on the eastern and western fronts of the German capital, the German army launched a full scale counterattack.The Luftwaffe, which had temporarily disappeared on the battlefield for a long time, soared in the sky again under the command of Marshal Manfred Richthofen.To the dismay of the Allied Forces, in the previous bombings, they have never been able to find the secret air force base in Berlin, and this, all the credit should be attributed to the Ziguang military base.After a few minutes, Avanor s voice sounded again Colonel, I thank you and all the soldiers Thanks to your efforts, now, I grant cbd gummies sour watermelon 500mg you special powers, and if you cannot persist, I allow you to lead soldiers to surrender.Thank you, General, this will save the lives of most soldiers.I think I ll order a surrender soon and hope those Germans treat us well.I would like to offer you my personal suggestion, the battle can no longer be sustained, please evacuate here as soon as possible.Colonel, I also appreciate your advice, but out of military honor, I will not abandon my soldiers.I thought maybe in the POW camp we would be able to discuss the battle better.Good luck, Colonel.Good luck, General The phone was hung up just like that.Colonel Qi Rang sighed deeply.There was no way.I thought, if it ended like this, it would be a good ending.The entire Allied forces have completely shifted from the previous offensive to the defensive.What s more serious is that after the start of the second Berlin offensive and defensive battle, under the orders of Baron Alexson and Adolf, almost all occupied areas of Berlin broke out in large scale armed uprisings.Westmoreland was forced to fight fires everywhere, and a large number of troops were sent to these cities.He could not send more troops to the front until new reinforcements arrived from home.Not only is there only one 2nd Armored Division, but all the Allied forces that are under German attack must fight alone for a long time.This is a very serious, but also quite helpless situation. Relying on Corrett cannot solve it at all. The German offensive wave after wave, calls for help from various positions continued to hit Kerrett s headquarters, but what good solution could he have The only order he can give is to order all ministries to hold their positions tightly and strive for the arrival of reinforcements.But Bodilla stood up and leaned against the car body.He looked around.Nochell could see it.He wasn t looking at the soldiers.Rather, looking for something.Bodilla didn t seem to hear clearly tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids What do you mean by what you just said right Nuoqier raised his head and stared at him with puzzled eyes.Did he really understand Still pretend not to understand Nochier had to say honestly It s always a headache to fight against the Russians for the first time Bodilla suddenly realized Well, you just get used to it The Russians are like lunatics.That s pretty sweet Nocher loves his sense of humor But at this time, Nuoqier couldn t laugh.Nuoqier sighed I have a hunch Maybe our war will not be as smooth as before Bodilla shrugged towards Nuoqier Maybe We do our own gummy cbd for kids green otter cbd gummies 500mg thing, so we don t need to worry about other things.I really lost my temper at that time, you did the right thing.If you have a gun, you can just bring it to me.Sweet smiled shyly, looking at the sunset a little lonely.actually Trowman was about to say something when Sweet interrupted him.Maybe it s called Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids talent.Everyone has a different path.There are thousands of faces.I have what you don t have, and what you have I don t have one, maybe there really is a God, and God makes everyone have strengths in various aspects, and God also makes everyone have defects of one kind or another.Bears have strength, wolves have agility, and foxes have brains.Maybe I look more like a fox than a bear.Troman lowered his head and continued to listen to Sweet s emotion.Actually, I am really afraid of death.On the battlefield, I saw the faces and scattered limbs of the dead.Petergoff, these Did you do it all Yes, I did it all.Wang Weiyi did not deny cbd gummies military anything Do you know the messenger of revenge Do you gummy cbd for kids know the story of the Count of Monte Cristo I can tell you frankly, I It is the Count of Monte Cristo who came here to take revenge.However, the object of my revenge is not your father, he is not worth my effort But, my father has already been implicated Tatyana s voice rose suddenly He will be killed by the Grand Duke, killed Our family will also suffer a terrible fate, and you have brought us all this I and yours Father has successfully handled these matters.Wang Weiyi s answer was willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha very calm And your father s gummy cbd for kids wisdom and judgment are not as incompetent as you imagined, Tatyana, what you have to do is not to interfere, but to quietly Waiting for the situation to change.It s all over, everything.Wang Weiyi smiled and replied Gregory, revenge is a thing of the past for me.And Grand Duke Bierstoka is a thing of the past for you Several Russians couldn t help but let out a cheer what they ve been thinking about day and night is the arrival of this gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon day except tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids for Ronanova, this kind woman, even at this time She didn t give up on her father either.She couldn t help but looked into the room.She was still worried about her father.If possible, she would even beg the baron to spare his father s life I didn t kill him.Wang Weiyi seemed to see what she was thinking I gave him the right to choose, or die with dignity.Or live in disgrace, but, I think he prefers to choose the latter path, he has already lost all dignity Then he looked at all the Russians Let s go back to Moscow Go They left.The stone in my heart finally fell to the ground, and I finally survived.For a while, everyone was exhausted and slowly relaxed their vigilance.It was like a relief from having thrown off a terrible monster.Halfway through the car, Pozik suddenly remembered something, and reached out to untie his leggings.Get out that letter and postcard from home.The letter home from his girlfriend and the postcard from his best friend.The letter was gummy cbd for kids completely soaked and limp.Pozik had to gently pull the envelope open with his fingers to avoid tearing the letter.When he took out the letter paper that was as soft as a rag, he found that the writing on it was almost washed away.Pozik squinted his eyes, carefully reading the handwriting on the letter.Looking at the letter from his hometown, Pozik s nose suddenly turned sour, and tears began to hit his eyelids.Eric felt the bullet hurt him, it almost passed his ear., It s a pity that the person who shot was off by a few tenths of a millimeter, otherwise Eric s gummy cbd for kids life would be reimbursed.Damn gummy cbd for kids it Phantom sniper Eric couldn t help cursing secretly, and his fear and nervousness also rose.He quickly hid behind the wide spruce tree, holding the sniper rifle and dared not move again.He had to calm his brain first, and deal with this life gummy cbd for kids and death sniper battle with a peaceful mind and great patience.The shooter was U.S.Second Lieutenant Ryan.He was a fanatical supporter of the war.Just the day before yesterday, he killed two German soldiers with his own hands.Ryan wears a camouflage and hides in the ground, holding up a sniper rifle, his whole body is integrated with nature, his camouflage skills are very good.These assaults have just advanced a short distance The team was exposed The French machine guns began to roar horribly Two commandos fell in a pool of blood Pisnoche knew that tinnitus relief cbd gummies gummy cbd for kids the attack was over Impossible, when the supporting artillery fire from the tanks behind him sounded, taking advantage of the moment when the French army was suppressed, Pisnoche stood up fiercely For the revolution, advance For the revolution, go forward These extremely brave insurgents, like their commanders, stood up from the ground one after another, and with gummy cbd for kids the support of tank fire, they bravely rushed forward The temporarily suppressed firepower soon re emerged, Those commandos who charged bravely fell to the ground one after another, but none of them was afraid, they still rushed forward bravely like a lion.One after another, the team members fellBlood covered their feet The ground is dyed red must praise these brave commandos, as long as they hesitate a little.Hiram Horror burst out in Seiler s eyes.He saw the helicopter abandoning them and flying straight towards Second Lieutenant Hiram who hadn t entered the forest.Second Lieutenant Hiram, who was evading tactically backwards, was not so lucky.Although the shock wave did not hurt him, he was too close to the explosion point, so that the periosteum was traumatized by the sound , which directly affected the cerebellum, lowered his sense of balance, and made him feel like he didn t know where he was after gummy cbd for kids he stood up.Hiram, hurry up Pound yelled at Second Lieutenant Hiram, and he saw the helicopter flying overhead, attacking the single Second Lieutenant Hiram.Pounce on Second Lieutenant Hiram, trying to tear his body apart.No one s body can withstand a 30mm caliber bullet, no matter where it lands, it will be torn apart instantly.Major Barack took the cigarette But there is still a If there is such a possibility, you will not give me the money, but will kill me after your purpose is achieved, what other options do I have at that time Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I don t think there is such a possibility Yes, you have achieved your goal, and you can save a lot of money.Wang Weiyi laughed out loud, and he took out his lighter to light a cigarette for the major Look, what you said is absolutely correct, isn t it biolife cbd gummies This may happen, but there is a saying among businessmen that the more dangerous things are, the more people can get huge wealth.Why not choose to take risks, Major Of course, I can also tell you something you don t know.A million may be a huge sum in your willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha eyes, but it is nothing to me.I will not lose a friend for a million pounds.This is completely irresponsible Performance.My client, Shukako, was arrested under completely unfair circumstances Bart knew that his bad side was starting to emergein the experience of Carter and Randolph They can make a big fuss by grasping the difference between a wooden stick and a baseball bat He asked the judge for a temporary adjournment.This was granted by the judge.Later, in the judge s office, Bart made a request for reconciliation.They promised that they would not ask for the death penalty, but would only propose a life sentence for Shukako, who could be released on bail after 25 years in exchange for Shukako s plea.However, this reconciliation proposal was quickly rejected by Carter and Randolph.Settlement talks failed.When the trial resumed, Randolph, who replaced Carter, quickly became aggressive.The hardest job on earth, when you make a choice, your only possibility is to complete it.There is gummy cbd for kids no other way to go.I started the war on Germany, and I almost succeeded, although At that time, there were all kinds of opposing voices in the country.But my personal reputation has reached a peak.However, now not only the United States is facing failure, Wisłoujście Festival gummy cbd for kids but I am also facing failure.Do you know what failure means I There will be nothing and everyone will blame me for bringing America into this predicament.So.Even though I know the road ahead is difficult.I just have to bear it.Elliott, you won t understand Yes.Elliott understood, he understood everything.After William decided to go to war with Germany, the Wittgenstein family also entered a period of trough, but Eliot did not give up and persisted until the turning point came and the Wittgenstein family completely emerged from the trough.Please convey my gratitude to the Baron and Germany for me.Adams said respectfully When Ireland is unified.I will let everyone know how helpful the Baron is to us.No.I don t think I can convey this sentence for you.Will s answer was somewhat unexpected It would be better if you told him face to face, because Your Excellency the Baron will arrive in Ireland soon.Adams has forgotten the surprise, but gummy cbd for kids at the same time there is also a kind of excitement rising in his heart the baron will arrive in Ireland The IRA is about to face the regular army, which has been under guerrilla warfare for a long time.The government s national army has experience in a head to head confrontation, and if the Baron is in command, then everything will be different.Do you think the Baron will reach Ireland himself Adams still decided to confirm the news.The Internal Guard is a special force produced during gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon the Irish Civil War.The civil war was short and bloody.Many upper level figures died, including Michael, who is honored as the father of Ireland.Collins.Atrocities were committed on both sides anti treaty militants murdered parliamentarians and burned many monuments the government formally or secretly executed prisoners who opposed the treaty.The Nationalist Army who supported the treaty suffered more than 800 casualties, for a total of 4,000 deaths.Another 1,200 Republicans were interned until the end of the Civil War, most not released until 1924.In October November 1923, as many as 8,000 Republican prisoners went on a hunger strike to protest their continued incarceration.However, whether the casualties of the Irish Civil War could have been much greater is debatable.Colonel Tarrant was taken aback, he thought that his old friend had a physical problem.But Will s subsequent words let him know that he was wrong Tarrant, I must warn you in advance that this place is about to become a battlefield A battlefield Colonel Tarrant was taken aback.Immediately, I realized You are talking about the upcoming landing operation of the gummy cbd for kids Axis Army Ah, to be honest, I am not particularly worried.Their target is mainly for London.Not Ireland.It will not be Mo Il.Will sighed softly Yes, their target will not be Ireland or Moyle, but what about the IRA Colonel Tarrant stood up with a huh , Then he sat down slowly again Will, do you have any information He knew very gummy cbd for kids well that this old friend of his was not just a simple businessman.Well connected and rumored to be close to Germany.And it is very unfortunate that Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed are such scapegoats One thousand one hundred and thirteen.God Save the Queen October 8, 1966.This is a day that will be remembered forever in history, and it is a day that will never be forgotten in the memory of most people.The war finally came to the land of England on gummy cbd for kids this day.7 00, the long planned New Sea Lion Project finally kicked off.Countless planes appeared in the sky in black, and countless missiles roared out from the gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon ships.But the goal of all the power is not Plymouth as the Allies imagined before, but Easton This was a shocking and unimaginable scene.When the missiles and bombs fell on the land of Easton, the Allied Command completely reacted and fell into complete chaos.God, they were duped, every single one of them was duped by the Germans The Germans never regarded Plymouth as their real attack target, but the Allied forces were played around by the Germans like a fool.The entire Canadian 52nd Infantry Division was involved in Southampton.Don Tanner was a little panicked, he never thought that things would develop to this point.But now there is no room for redemption.The pattering rain has never stopped, and even so, it cannot stop the pace of the Axis Revolutionary War.Romeo, who suffered setbacks in the previous day s battle, received new reinforcements the Skeleton Lancers of the SS Skeleton Division The unit commanded by Major Stroop has shown amazing combat effectiveness in previous battles, and it is entirely possible that they will become an important chess piece that determines the outcome of the war.And, better intelligence is starting to come in, Southampton has undergone major changes and civil unrest is taking place in the city.The energy of the Allied forces has been greatly involved, and the only force they can use on the front line is an American armored division.Quick battle at Oldford On October 12, 1966, the leading troops of the Axis Revolution advanced to Oldford, only one step away from London The desperate willie nelson cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety omaha General Gandra arranged two infantry brigades and an armored regiment of the British government army on the front line of Oldford, under the unified command of General Denardo, and at the same time ordered the troops on both wings to quickly get rid of the entanglement of the guerrillas , advancing in the direction of Alderford, in an attempt to slow down the advance of the Axis Revolution here.General De Nardo gummy cbd for kids uly cbd gummies amazon was a cousin of Premier Wilkins, and there was no question of his loyalty.Although he does not have any outstanding strengths in command, under the current circumstances, General Gandra would rather use a not very good general, and must first ensure his loyalty.Besides, I can promise you one more thing.Wang Weiyi paused for a moment, and then continued Our army will appear in London soon, And you and I are very clear that this city can no longer hold on for a long time.When the real failure comes, I will let you go.Do you think you can leave easily with your own strength No, You are wrong, there are my people everywhere, and your every move is under my surveillance.As long as I don t want to, no one can come here immediately, even if Fenton boarded that plane.Gander General La, this is the biggest favor I can give you.General Gandra knew he wasn t being intimidated, yes, this horrible guy was fully capable of all this all incredible things Everything happened in his hands.This caused General Gandela to not even trust anyone around him for a time He put all the cards in front of him, and now it s up to him what choice he should make Wang Weiyi did not hurry to urge him, but picked up the tea and tasted it carefully.