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This is not what a German military officer should say.Wang Weiyi interrupted him with a serious expression Sergeant, Your words like this will shake the morale of the army before the battle.Yes, lieutenant, but I must report the current bad situation to you.Sergeant Hall is a stubborn person, and he still insists on his own opinion I think we must ask Major Deng Xiwei for reinforcements, at least we must make up for the people we lost.Sergeant, there is no reinforcements.Wang Weiyi s expression was still so serious Only ourselves, the cowardly, can leave my company.Sergeant Hall seemed to have been greatly insulted, and his face flushed You can t insult me like this, Lieutenant, I am willing to dedicate myself to my country, but cbd organic vegan gummies not blindly.If I I made a mistake, and I will apologize to you.She came to Auriel s side with tears in her eyes.Hey, Sean.Hey, Auriel.I m dying, Sean, tell my mother not to be sad, I died for German pride.I know, Auriel.Sean burst into tears.They are German soldiers, but they are also human beings, flesh and are smilz cbd gummies legit blood, who can shed tears.They will be sad, and they will also cry A blush appeared on his pale and bloodless face, and Auriel suddenly stretched out his hand tremblingly natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit Lieutenant, help me, I don t can i have cbd gummies after surgery are smilz cbd gummies legit want to die, I don t want to die.Die Wang Weiyi held his hand, but he was powerless, he couldn t defeat death.Suddenly, the hand in his hand became limp and weak.As soon as Wang Weiyi let go, the hand fell down.Young Auriel is dead.Their home is in the depths of the sun, following the rainbow to the waters infested by humans, are smilz cbd gummies legit and usually hiding are smilz cbd gummies legit in sea tornadoes Sean s singing came again.I will definitely do it one day Major Dunxiwei didn t notice what Hitler was thinking in his heart.While he was not sad for the lieutenant, he also felt lucky, what a group of brave soldiers he had.When the counterattack begins, these people will be invincible, cbd king gummies and the anger in their hearts will inevitably gather into the most terrifying force.This burning anger will completely burn the enemy to ashes, Major Deng Xiwei firmly believes so.But no matter what, no one in the third company are smilz cbd gummies legit at this time thought that Lieutenant Ernst would come back alive.Twenty seven.Attacking the Chris Infantry Regiment Wang Weiyi felt for the first time that he had the potential to be a madman.Although there are three powerful tanks to help out, the enemy is a group of enemies after all.Unless a lunatic can think of launching an attack with only two people.I am in Germany I have been lurking there for such a long time, and pieces of information about the Germans have flowed out from me continuously, but let alone my identity as a German, even the British intelligence agencies have no A few people know about it.The purpose of this adventure is to send out this top secret information.I don t .

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have much time.I took advantage of the time of the are smilz cbd gummies legit German counterattack and sneaked out.I have to go back within an hour, otherwise There is a possibility of exposure.Why hasn t the person who joined the joint come yet The officer took out a match and lit it, and then put it on the cigarette beside his mouth At this moment, a figure flew out, before the officer Before he had time to react, a strong arm was tightly wrapped around his neck.The officer struggled desperately, but he couldn t get rid of it no matter what Gradually, the officer s body softened, Still motionless, a cigarette that was not yet lit fell to the ground Wang Weiyi finally let go after making sure that the victim was dead.What the hell is the Flying Man Mission The miracle of the Somme was achieved only with the reinforcements of those three tanks.It would be quite good if there were more explosive reinforcements this time.Lieutenant Ernst Brahm.Major Deng Xiwei, who suddenly appeared in the position, interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought.He stood up quickly, and at this moment he found a major are smilz cbd gummies legit general standing beside Major Deng Xiwei.A general appeared here, why General von Eltz.General, hello.General Erz nodded solemnly Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, on behalf of His Majesty the Holy German Emperor, I extend an invitation are smilz cbd gummies legit to you.Please join us for a feast for His Royal Highness Prince Joachim next month at the Emperor of Prussia s Palace of Prussia in Berlin.What A feast held by His Majesty the Emperor Invite yourself Wang Weiyi s head was a little dazed.Thank you, Minister of Foreign Affairs.Wang Weiyi said politely.Germany still has to rely on you, boys.Pilov, who had made diplomatic progress in Austria, was in a good mood Germany s victory will come soon, boys, work hard.Manstein and Richter There was excitement in Hoffen s eyes.Wang Weiyi has nothing to be happy about.What Germany ushers in will not be victory, but defeat.But I can t say that myself here.The foreign minister was very interested in talking, and Leoni gave Wang Weiyi a wink, and Wang Weiyi nodded knowingly.She quietly moved back a few steps, and followed Leoni to a corner.Have you finished your work Baron Alexon Leoni asked suddenly.Wang Weiyi said calmly Madam, I don t know what you are talking about.Everyone has their own secret.Leonie smiled slightly To a certain extent, now I am on the same side as you.Guderian smiled It doesn t matter, when we throw the grenade, we will immediately lie down on the ground, and the rest of the time must be up to you.It s done.Wang Weiyi smiled Then let s start Seventy eight.Late Night Raid Please recommend The night fell, and the moonlight spread lazily on the ground.The sentries of the French army walked back and forth there bored.It was heard that the Germans launched a powerful attack during the day.Several positions have been breached.Those damned Germans are always so self righteous that they regard war as a kind of fanaticism.When will this damn war end It seems that someone is coming A sentinel pointed not far away.The heavy machine gunner should have entered the fighting state immediately, but when he heard the sentry s words, he just glanced there lazily.And have you forgotten This cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit Chinese is a German sergeant appointed by His Majesty the Emperor himself, and the recipient of the Iron Cross 2nd Class Marklin was speechless, indeed, he had really forgotten this.Schlaf said suddenly I still have many witnesses to prove Baron Alexon s bravery in the miracle of the Somme, such as the second army Commander in Chief General von Galwitz Crazy, this little lawyer is really crazy, he actually wants General Galwitz to be a witness But what is even more unexpected is that General Galwitz said I am willing to stand on the witness stand and stand for me His subordinates testified.General Galwitz, you can refuse.reminded Felix.I agree.General Galwitz smiled and said If a general s subordinates have been unfairly accused, but I care about my identity and are unwilling to testify, then what is the difference between me and Second Lieutenant Hall Applause broke out in the auditorium General Galwitz sat on the witness stand, and then said slowly That was a day I will never forgetThe British attack was very fierce, We were forced to back off At this point, I heard a voice on the phone, he asked me loudly Damn, where are you I told him I am Galwitz General, that very disrespectful voice said loudly again, Gain What to add Hell, state your rank The brash guy freaked out when I told him I was Lieutenant General Carlos Eltripe von Galwitz, 2nd Army up A burst cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth of laughter sounded in the auditorium, and the tense atmosphere was also diluted natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit a lot.

The legendary Major Ernst Brahm, Second Lieutenant Mark blushed with excitement Mark of the Second German Hunting Squadron Major, it is my greatest honor to provide you with air support.Thank you for your support, Second lieutenant.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.He has a crush on this man.Being able to stay by Richthofen s side, it seems that he has a pretty good relationship with the Red Baron.Schlaf, who came with them, waved his arm I have to tell you, I m writing a new novel, and I m sure it will be a great novel that will be handed down for many years.Ah, the title of the book I ve already read Take one temporarily, The Baron of the Skeleton , yes, it is the story of Baron Alexon.This book can be seen as a sequel to The Third Reich.In the book The Third Reich , the Empire Encountered a severe crisis, and in the new novel, the appearance of the skeleton baron will save the Third Reich Wang Weiyi s heart moved.Twenty four hours later, the second hunting squadron was dispatched At the same time, I will order all cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit the troops on the front line of Lance to attack Yes, General Richthofen didn t say anything more, he saluted the general, and then walked out.Mark was waiting for him outside, and when he came out, he hurried up to greet him What s the matter, Captain I m sure danger awaits Ernst cbd gummy bears legal Richthofen s face was stern From now on, the Second Hunting Squadron will all be on standby, let them carry more aerial bombs and bomb Reims Do our best to cooperate with Ernst Ernst, you can t have an accident, you must not If you really have an accident, I swear, you will definitely kill all the Frenchmen in Lance Lance, the post office.Second Lieutenant Bimonai was bored looking at a book in his hand, but his mind was not on the book at all.Guo Yunfeng looked up at the major, a smile appeared on Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit the corner of his mouth, and then he lowered his head.You, Sergeant Solo, keep a tight watch on this place, and no one is allowed to escape Yes, Major.Sergeant Solo s back was completely soaked in sweat.He watched the major leave his sight, and then murmured Poor Malov, poor Sakovich, what s wrong with you 10 45.Major Ernst, the Chinese have been rescued.Wang Weiyi got up from the bed and picked up the submachine gun Let s start.Yes, Major, it is our honor to fight side by side with you.For victory For victory 10 50, Luftwaffe base.Richthofen got on his bright red fighter plane.He saluted Mark on the other plane, and then said silently Ernst, I m coming, hold on The plane began to taxi , and then rushed into the blue sky.Baron Alexon, here we come Second Lieutenant Mark muttered, and followed the Red Baron closely on the unknown journey 11 o clock.Wang Weiyi s bullets were swept out, are smilz cbd gummies legit and the French soldiers who rushed to the front had to lie cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit down on the ground Although the French like to enjoy themselves, they are not stupid.No one checked our papers, no one asked us what was going on at the front, it was abnormal, it was abnormal.But I couldn t prove such an idea, until I met this damn Kylock He glanced at the dead body of Kierok on the ground That day at Raffarin s house, he handed me a glass of wine.Hell, it definitely wasn t the hand of a general Do you remember intelligence Kilok has lived in an aristocratic family since he was a child, and he has never participated in front line battles.He has lived a pampered life.But what kind of hands do I see Burnt yellow, blackened in some places.Black that can t be scrubbed And there are many old wounds, but not gunshot wounds.Please don t worry too much, that is your private vacation time, and you are targeting the enemy, which has nothing to do with us.Besides, I am the foreign minister, and I can t control what you do.Pilov s words made Wang Weiyi I feel relieved a lot.It s just a little strange, how does a foreign secretary know these things The intelligence department doesn t know what you did in Danzig.I think you must be very surprised, why did I know in advance Pilov s words made Wang Weiyi nod.Because the people you saved were all Bolsheviks Pilov immediately solved Wang Weiyi s doubts And we have always had contacts with the Bolsheviks Germany and Russia The Bolsheviks have always maintained the closest contacts.There is a saying that couldn t be better The enemy of my enemy is my friend.The German Reich conspired with the Bolshevik leaders against Tsar Nicholas II, Entente France, and England.And I will take a cbd gummies for sex at walmart good stroll in Berlin I will ask Countess Leonie to accompany you.Pilov s face was are smilz cbd gummies legit relaxed Oh my God, Countess Leonie is with you, even I feel jealous, you will not forget this pleasant trip to Berlin.The countess accompanied him to buy cbd gummies for sleep online visit Berlin Although it was happiness, but I don t know why Wang Weiyi always felt that there was something dangerous in it.God knows what kind of trap the countess would dig for himself and wait for him to jump into.Women Especially It s better for these powerful women to be less annoying.But the door was pushed open immediately, and Countess Leonie walked in gracefully Baron Alexon, are you ready to go to see Berlin with me To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.For the sake of the water We need strong allies, but strangely, Germany are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies s allies were never like thisAustro Hungary or Bulgaria, never had a good performance, did it Do you really want Germany to deal with the whole world Manstein pondered Where are the powerful allies you mentioned I don t know, maybe there are.Wang Weiyi seemed to be in a daze But not now , no, maybe in the future Manstein had no idea who Ernst was talking about.Where is that powerful ally he speaks of One hundred and eighty eight.His Majesty s Banquet Berlin, January 27, 1917.On this day, Berlin fell into a frenzied and festive atmosphere.Happy birthday cbd gummies bulk to His Majesty Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Albert von Hohenzollern In the palace, the well dressed guests filed in, and everyone had a smile on their faces.The good news from the front line and the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor, this is really a day worth remembering.

Wang Weiyi coped with it.Looking over there.There, Countess Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit Leonie was discussing something with Foreign Minister Pilov, and the Countess looked here intentionally or unintentionally, cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth and happened to meet Wang Weiyi s eyes.The countess smiled slightly, as if nothing had happened between the two of them Even for Elena who was beside Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi did not see the slightest cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth jealousy in the countess eyes It seems that the countess is fulfilling her promise she will never interfere with Wang Weiyi s normal life Look, look, our brave boys are here.Xing Marshal Tenburg appeared in front of Wang Weiyi with a are smilz cbd gummies legit smile on his face Well done, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst.Thank you, Marshal.First rank general Ludendorff also appeared.He and Marshal Hindenburg are two completely different people, and there is no trace of a smile on his majestic face Ernst.205.Romantic vacation from Paris to Russia, and then from Russia to Paris, this trip is really amazing Unknowingly, Elena, accompanied by Pipondu and Will Tinland, enjoyed a whole day in are smilz cbd gummies legit Paris, and they would never have guessed that Wang Weiyi would do such a thing on this day.A lot of things.Now that everything that needs to be done has been done, Wang Weiyi feels that it is time for him to accompany Elena to visit the scenery of Paris.Next time I come to Paris, God knows when it will be.Elena is very excited He told cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth Wang Weiyi that in the center of Paris tomorrow, there will be a grand banquet to celebrate the United States declaring war on Germany.What kind of celebration is this Wang Weiyi can t think of it.The French would actually come up with such a reason to hold it Banquet.If they can put more energy on the battlefield, maybe there won t be a situation where they lose again and again Major are smilz cbd gummies legit De Sade, Loban and Oginensky are here.In his eyes, that dark plane danced deftly in the sky, and its tongue of fire was like a golden snake flying in the air.One after another British plane became a delicious meal in the mouth of the golden snake.God, this is the king of the air When the eighth British fighter plane was shot down, there was no suspense in the air battle.Captain Douglas Cornell and John.Captain Dundee fled this terrible sky as if cbd gummies for slee he had encountered a devil.Two hundred and twelve.Confinement Two planes hover in the sky, one is fiery red and the other is dark.This represents the supremacy of the Luftwaffe in the skies, this represents two men, two invincible German heroes Richthofen and Ernst If you don t count the downed Buck s fighter plane, the Red Baron and the Skeleton Baron joined forces for the first time in the sky and achieved a shocking result 8 o green valley organics cbd gummy bears Until now, even Richthofen couldn t believe that he and Ernst actually defeated the British Air Force.Officer, I forgot to tell you, my name is not Juyi De.Moyol, my name is Wang Weiyi.Pushable.Si Dao, still obsessed with the hatred of the gambling contract, suddenly tore off a piece of the Japanese military cao s skirt, and wrote a few large characters crookedly on the wall with blood Killer, Wang Weiyi Well, the meaning is good, but the handwriting is too poor.Wang Weiyi admired it solemnly.Suddenly, Wang Weiyi stopped talking.He pulled Elena, gave Guo Yunfeng a wink, pouted at the pile of wood, and the three of them walked over there quietly.Guo Yunfeng suddenly Kicked the board away, revealing a hole behind.Come out Guo Yunfeng shouted in a deep voice.Wait, my own people Following this voice, a Chinese soldier in his twenties came out of his hiding place.Wang Weiyi was startled Are you the Chinese soldier that the Japanese hunted down The soldier didn t expect that the person in front of him could speak Chinese, so he nodded, Yes, when you killed the devil just now, I saw everything through the gap.He was always there too.Hannah sighed softly Father never showed his feelings in front of others, but there were a few times, I remember when I was a child, I slept at night No, when I get up, the light in the living room is always on.I secretly look at my father and find him crying quietly Do you know, general, in my impression, my father is so strong, I natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit heard that even though we were defeated, my father firmly told everyone that one day Germany will rise again I asked him why he was crying, and he hugged me are smilz cbd gummies legit and said that he lost a best brotherand when I grew up, I realized that his best brother was General Ernst Everyone misses him Stark also began to be emotional.But Kroller said loudly General, I think we should shift our thoughts on the Baron to the great cause of revenge for him Every German misses the Skeleton Baron, every German respects the Skeleton Baron, but we will not be sad, we will only use the most furious iron fist to complete the unfinished glory of General Ernst Conquer all of Europe Stark smiled slightly.In the past, I carried out the tasks assigned to me by the base meticulously, and you Unchanged and resolutely carrying out the orders of the base, the support that should not be provided to me is useless even if I wear out my lips But now You will take the initiative to provide me without my request Support, have you thought about why you didn t I am a little confused Xiao cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit Ling seemed a little at a loss.Confusion is also one of the emotions that human beings should have.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly You have your own intelligence and start to have your own emotions.This is a very good development.In fact, from the very beginning, I did not put You treat me like a machine Xiaoling was surprised You don t treat me like a machine Yes Wang Weiyi replied very positively You will let me go, you will send a mechanical arm to take me Throwing out of the base, these are the behaviors that humans should have.More are smilz cbd gummies legit than a hundred German soldiers were ready.Wang Weiyi glanced at Werner and William.His eyes slowly swept across the soldiers, and then fell on the battle flag Skeleton battle flag This battle flag has been flown in Shanghai before, but this is the first time it has been flown on the national battlefield That long lost sense of familiarity suddenly came to Wang Weiyi s heart again.Werner stared blankly at Wang Weiyi, not knowing why, at this moment he suddenly felt that the general of the country had turned into a skeleton baron.He has only seen the portrait of the Skeleton Baron, which is different from the general of the country, iherb cbd gummies but for some reason, his feeling is so strong.Hallucinations, hallucinations, maybe I am too nervous.How could the general of the country be the skeleton baron I will lead you to fight myself Wang Weiyi s voice sounded in the ears of the skeleton team members I are smilz cbd gummies legit know you are here to find the skeleton are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies baron, but I think the baron doesn t want to see you now, but I can guarantee , He is paying attention to you, he knows all your actions on the battlefield, I promise The team members became excited.

This letter, take it to your mother when you go back.Wang Weiyi took out a letter and handed it to William You must hand it to her, and you have to help me take the two of them back to the United States, and help me take good care of them William Reluctant, but nodded helplessly Wang Weiyi stared deeply at William Leave today, go to Nanjing first, find Claire and Hannah, they will help you leave.william.Remember, I will go to America to find you.William suddenly became excited General, you will come to the United States to find me Yes, I promise Wang Weiyi replied so firmly What I want to tell you is that we will meet often in the future, you and me William nodded vigorously When Lu Daxiong and Guo Yunxia heard that the officer was really going to send them to the United States, they were both stunned.In fact, Hitler s order was due to his military and political considerations, and it could not be attributed to his own responsibility.In June 1940, the war burned to the Mediterranean and Africa.The German army launched a general attack on France., June 22, France surrendered.After France surrendered, a bigger plan formed in Hitler s mind launch the largest attack on the Soviet Union Whether to launch an attack on the Soviet Union is extremely inconsistent within the German army.At the German Supreme Military Council, after Adolf Hitler clarified the necessity of fighting the Soviet Union, he said When I was a corporal, I With Baron Alexson in an audience with Kaiser Wilhelm II I heard Baron Alexson tell Field Marshal Hindenburg and First cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth General Ludendorff that Russia is bigger than Germany once they are fully armed The power accumulated by mobilization will be lifestream labs cbd gummies reviews very terrifying.The major died, but before he died.We all clearly heard the Major say, Thank you, Lord Baron before we were sent to the official prison camps, he came to see us off in person and wished us good luck God, I swear I ll never see him again in this life An enemy more worthy of the respect of the opponent.Some people have fought against the Baron.And be proud to have survived.A retired British major are smilz cbd gummies legit general named Merrick told reporters The battle was very fierce.The Baron s skeleton commando launched a violent attack on the Germans with machine guns dr charles stanley cbd gummies and flamethrowers that no soldier could imagine.It seemed crazy.I rushed up and lost a position, and another position was lost.I was forced to take the last soldiers to defend a position less than two kilometers away.We were completely desperate and said it bluntly.This song is not only very familiar to German soldiers, but also to Wang Weiyi up.It was during the First World War, Wang Weiyi heard this piece of music for the first time, and then learned it.He blew it over and over again, and the soldiers sang it over and over again.Finally, Wang Weiyi put down the harmonica in his hand, and his eyes fixed on the wounded who were still sleeping Sergeant Esk, I ask you one thing, Please play this tune several times a day and he will listen to it.Okay, Marshal.Although Sergeant Esk didn t know what the Marshal wanted to do, he agreed immediately.Wang Weiyi stood up The sooner a comatose person is exposed to music, the more his brain will react, and this may wake him up.Marshal, you are really a kind person.The nurse Thankfully.Marshal, you are really a kind person.Moyol Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit Yes, this is the card Mr.Moyol gave me.Garcia actually stood up, took the name, looked at it carefully, and smiled on his face Aha, look, it was really introduced by are smilz cbd gummies legit better delights cbd gummies Mr.Moyol, my friend, please sit down..would you like something to drink casual.Williams sat down carefully.I really didn t expect that a business card of Mr.Moyol could play such a big role.Garcia asked his secretary to bring two cups of coffee and sat down again Williams Mr.Si, since you were introduced by Mr.Moyol, there is no problem.Let me think about it and see if I have a position for you aha look what a coincidence I need a stockbroker right now are you interested Stockbroker Williams was a little embarrassed Mr.Manager, I have never been exposed to this.What does it matter Garcia was very indifferent Many people have never done it before, but they are doing very well now.In the thick fog, there was only a Jinlunga gap, and the north of the gap was Niflheim, the Land of Mist , has a spring called Hwagmeer, the source of all the rivers, and it is said that the water in one of them is very poisonous.South of the chasm is Muspelheim, the Land of Fire.In the interlacing of heat and ice, Ymir, the ancestor of the frost giant, and a huge cow named Odumbra were born.Ymir survived by eating the milk secreted by Odumbra, while Odumbra licked the salt grains on the ice.Afterwards, Ymir transformed into Mimir, a giant of wisdom, and Bestra, a giantess, who belonged to the family of frost giants.In addition, under the licking of the cow, the ancestor of the gods appeared in the ice.Bully gave birth to Bol, and Bol and the giantess Bestra gave birth to Odin, Willy, and Fei. Wang Weiyi frowned.Yes.Herbert nodded Inonu was not particularly reassuring about his agents, so he secretly hired Second Lieutenant Ernie, a very capable British military officer.He was also full of praise during the conversation.Lieutenant Erne was in the hotel almost every minute.He lived next to cbd gummy vitamin Mr.Kahn s room and was protected by two former British soldiers.He was detained every thirty minutes.Mr.Kahn s inspection on the third floor.So the Turks are not difficult to deal with, and the first one to deal with is Second Lieutenant Erne.Wang Weiyi nodded, the information is too valuable.Elena smiled I have already reserved a room at the Turkish Hotel, which is on the second floor.What s even more ingenious is that your room is just below Mr.Kahn s room.Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up What about the weapons The weapons are all ready, but for your safety, I do not recommend you shoot in Ankara.

But now the baron s words dispelled their worries.But did the Baron come only for the riches Baron Alexon accepts the invitation of the US government.The news of a secret visit to the United States in a private capacity cannot be hidden from them Their talks lasted for a full three hours.The specific content and certain agreements reached have never been made public.Although their cooperation is Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit not limited to economics, it will undoubtedly start from economic interests.The highlight is the New York stock market and the upcoming financial crisis.The financial crisis will not only allow the large consortia headed by Morgan and Rockefeller to obtain huge wealth, but also deal a heavy blow to the Jewish consortium, so that the American government, which is increasingly dependent on Jews, can Seeing the serious shortage of this kind of dependence, Hermione has been listening patiently all the time, and only expresses her opinion occasionally.Wang Weiyi went on to say Look, I am about to ask Marshal Rommel to invite you here.We are going to redeploy the defense line, and the Italian army will stick to the 21st and 22nd heights, which are very important positions.You and .

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your soldiers can Help me hold on No problem at all.General Rota waved his arm vigorously How long do you need me to hold on Two months Or half a year When the war really broke out, you didn t even have a week or three days.Unable to persist, Rommel knew these Italians too well, and thought contemptuously in his heart.It s great.Wang Weiyi expressed his confidence in the Italian s words One month, I only need you to persist for one month.God, I appreciate you so much, General Rota, you will become Heroic.General Rota was extremely excited, and are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies lo and behold, even the famous Baron Skeleton said so about himself.He had carefully analyzed the escort route, and penguin cbd gummies for ed he didn t think there would be any problems.The Germans didn t have the guts to come to Cairo to rob people.Even if they really eagle hemp cbd gummies customer reviews dare to come, as long as a cbd gummies with low thc platoon of soldiers can hold out for fifteen minutes, reinforcements from Cairo Airport and the city will arrive soon.A platoon of British troops is enough to hold out for fifteen minutes Lieutenant Colonel Lewis does not think that the Germans will mobilize most of them into Cairo The speed of the cars is not very fast.Two trucks mounted with machine guns closely guarded the car in the middle.However, the British soldiers looked a little undisciplined.They, like Lieutenant Colonel Lewis, never thought that there would be German troops in Cairoand Colonel Fels sitting next to Lewis.His face was livid, and he never thought that his identity would be exposed because of a small and unexpected negligence of the German army.Kraken Captain Klingenberg, that is your mission.Back to Ernst at the headquarters.Marshal Brahm officially held his first military meeting This is a very important person who carries a large number of British military confidential documents.You must bring him back here.Yes, Marshal Klingenberg stood up and said loudly I promise to bring him back safely.Very well, get ready to go, and set off secretly tonight.Wang Weiyi nodded The British s big attack is about to come.At first, our task is to stop the enemy s attack here.Gentlemen, the second battle of Alamein is about to begin.For the glory of Germany, are smilz cbd gummies legit work hard.For the glory of Germany All the officers participating in the meeting stood together up.Another piece of history, the upcoming Second Battle of Alamein, finally determined that the German army was powerless in Africa.In an instant, the Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit weapon in the Egyptian s hand burst out with a more violent roar.The tank rushed in, and the Egyptians goal had been achieved, and they quickly covered the car and retreated towards the barracks.At this time, the Devil Tank once again acted as the patron saint of the Egyptians.Devil Tank from this day on, both the British and the Egyptians began to call this tank that miraculously appeared in Cairo When the Egyptian soldiers retreated to the barracks, are smilz cbd gummies legit the Devil Tank Tank patrolled the battlefield as if showing off, and then slowly drove towards the are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies barracks.The British who had been frightened for a long time, no one dared to Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit chase The huge skull battle flag on the tank, this is a blood red flag, a huge white skull, in the middle of the flag, It stares at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye are smilz cbd gummies legit sockets However, there is another layer of meaning in the empty and cold eyes ridicule A mockery of the British, a mockery of the Allies.The sudden and severe situation in Egypt caused everyone to look at natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit each other in blank dismay, not knowing exactly how such a situation could have occurred.Chaos, now the whole of Cairo, the whole of Egypt is completely chaotic What s more serious is that the Germans also seized this once in a lifetime opportunity and launched a full scale attack on Egypt.In Cairo, after General Canlemu s statement calling on the whole of Egypt to rebel was published, the whole of Cairo fell into a riot.The British army was are smilz cbd gummies legit attacked are smilz cbd gummies legit everywhere.The Egyptians gave the uprising soldiers the strongest support in their own way.Suppression, it must be suppressed Montgomery resolutely spit out the words he has repeated countless times The source of all turmoil comes from the Cairo mutiny.As long as the mutiny soldiers are suppressed, the rioters who lack leadership It will be suppressed soon Although he maintained the same opinion as General Montgomery, the British ambassador to Cairo, Storley, couldn t help but asked worriedly What about the front line The enemy s attack is said to be very fierce.We can pass the news of Baron Alexon s secret visit to London through different channels, so that more The British know that the baron appeared as a peace envoy, and he came to seek peace.The baron he came here for peace.Although this may sound unpleasant to the British.626.The special forces in Wang Weiyi s are smilz cbd gummies legit eyes Britain has agreed to my visit to them.Looking at the secret telegram sent by President Roosevelt, Wang Weiyi said relaxedly.Adolf Hitler and Richthofen were a little surprised.They had no idea how the baron did it.Request, and the news was actually delivered by the President of the United States.It is really incredible The baron can always bring special surprises to the cbd gummy bears 25mg Germans on special occasions.In fact, Adolf.Hitler had a good impression of Britain are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies from the very beginning, and even described the relationship between Germany and Britain as cousins.

He wasn t sure yet More light came in.Now, De Sade can see clearly Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton Hello, General De Sade.Such a calm voice was heard.De Sade regained his composure Hello, Baron.I probably didn t expect that we would meet in such a situation.Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at each other I don t think you have eaten yet, right General Sade, I have arranged a delicious meal for you.De Sade didn t know what the other party was going to do, but he decided to accept all the arrangements of fate, cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth he stood up and followed Wang Weiyi and walked out My Marshal Manstein hired a very good kenai farms cbd gummies cbd gummy vitamin Georgian chef.In front of a table of delicacies, Wang Weiyi calmly said Georgia s pork and mutton are very famous, I taste Yes.This chef is doing a good job.General De Sade, you can enjoy it as much as you want.He thanked Stalav for his kindness, and he knew what would happen if he continued to argue with Voroshilov.Voroshilov, who had completely controlled the situation, said with satisfaction Tomorrow will be the day to decide the outcome.Tomorrow, I will completely defeat the German fascists.Comrade Davamirsky, Comrade Streff Davamirski and Straff stood up at once.You have suffered defeat at the hands of the Germans, and I will give you a chance to wash away your shame.Voroshilov expressed his earnestness You know, shame can only be washed away on the battlefield.Therefore, the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps will serve as the leading units of the entire army Davamirsky and Straff were not afraid of the battle, but Streff said Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, I am very glad that you can give We have such an opportunity.Liaokov immediately replied In 1912, my grandfather visited Germany, and it was from that time, He are smilz cbd gummies legit became very interested in Germany, and learning is cbd gummies good for ed German became a tradition of the Chikachev family The Chikachev family Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Yes, my grandfather was the Marquis of Chikachev.A Russian nobleman Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled.How did the descendants of Russian nobles become majors in the Soviet Army This is a bit curious.Probably seeing the marshal s doubts, Liaokov briefly talked about what happened It seems that this person spared no effort to achieve his goal Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart.He looked at Major Liaokov Listen to General De Sade.Are you willing to serve us Yes, Marshal.I feel that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to gain their trust in the Soviet Army, and I It is impossible to restore the glory of the Chikachev family under the rule of Moscow So I am determined to serve you loyally from now on The answer was very frank.Once the enemy captures them, they will be able to control the entire city and the Volga River.At dawn on April 20, Chuikov ordered two Two regiments the 42nd Regiment of the 13th Guards Division and the 46th Regiment of the 112th Division commanded by Colonel Sologub charged Mamayev Post, demanding that they hold on to this vital position at all costs After 10 minutes of artillery preparation, the 42nd and 46th regiments launched attacks to the north and northeast of the highland respectively.Despite heavy casualties, the Soviet army bravely advanced towards the high ground, but was immediately counterattacked by the Luftwaffe and ground German troops.During the battle for Stalingrad, the German army continued to launch a fierce attack on the Mamayev Hill Heights, but it has not yet achieved decisive results.And this officer, when he meets a senior officer, the senior officer will also tell them the same thing.But what is the real situation like The Soviet Army is about to fail The time has come to test a senior general like Shumilov.In the early morning of April 30, 1943, Shumilov issued such an order All officers and soldiers of the 64th Army.Leave your trenches and launch the most heroic charge against German fascism It looks very irrational.But in fact, this is Shumilov s last resort Hang out with your enemies especially when you re out of ammo and food Or, this is the only way out for the Russians The Russians cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit are desperate After hearing the news on the battlefield, Wang kenai farms cbd gummies cbd gummy vitamin Weiyi quickly made his own judgment Their ammunition has been exhausted.Exhausted, they must endure our tragic artillery attack, they are not stupid to charge Then what should we do now Model asked aside.He also watched the heroic resistance of the guerrillas who were not regular soldiers.He is very pleased, at least until now, there are still troops loyal to him certainly.Failure is doomed.At first, the German commandos didn t know that this was the cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit headquarters of the 62nd Army of the Soviet Army.Judging from the firepower and combat quality of the personnel on the joint restore gummies boswellia and cbd opposite side, they thought they encountered some Russian workers or women s troops.However, the intelligence agencies of the German army noticed from the telegrams exchanged by the Soviet army and the unusual movements of the Soviet army on what do you feel from cbd gummies the battlefield that they had cbd gummies blessed caught a big fish.On the two wings, cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit those Soviet troops who can still fight are approaching here desperately, trying to tear apart the German blockade.The Germans who noticed this anomaly.If you use a submachine gun to put a shuttle, it will be destroyed within a few miles Xiao Ling sighed This is also the place I traveled through before.You have successfully avoided the defeat of Germany and the demise of the Soviet Union.I am afraid that something terrible will happen in the future This is not what Wang Weiyi has to worry about at the moment What about us Are we really holding What is the weapon of the Russian Grand Duke and the King of Sweden to fight those soldiers outside Faintly, Wang Weiyi had already stood on the side of the Germans.After all, he did his best to help Germany twice.You can rest assured about this Xiaoling replied very quickly I can build new tanks and cannons in the base, and there is no problem in making a few extremely sharp swords for you.Maybe The swords I made will become legendary swords and swords in are smilz cbd gummies legit this era.

These bold merchants, cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth are smilz cbd gummies legit no matter how fierce the battlefield is.You can always see them.Ernst Brahm continued Unfortunately, our adventure was not successful this time.We were attacked by barbarians on the road.We lost almost all of our goods and property, and our companions were all killed.The barbarians were killed, and only Manfred and I ran outMy lord, although we have no way to prove our identities for the time being, when we return to the province of Dalmatia, the local The Governor will be willing to prove it for wyld cbd cbn gummies us Actually, no proof needed.Gaius had completely trusted them.Such an accent and such a style of conversation are not something that enemies can impersonate.Damn barbarians.Crucify them all Gaius obviously sympathized with their experience Don t worry about me, I will send a team of soldiers to help you regain your property.Here are the Romans on guard.No one survived the attack of Wang Weiyi, Richthofen, Thebius and those Germanians.Si Knife, we ve settled it here, move closer immediately.Wang Weiyi whispered while the battle was over.Master Ernst, kill them all.Where is Anluges You said there is a way to let him know.Till now, Tibius still doesn t believe that Ernst has a way to contact Anluges Come on, they re almost here.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.After he and Richthofen changed into their armor, a large crowd appeared in the night.Yes.Thebius was sure that he was not mistaken, that it was really Anrugus and his warriors.Look from behind them.The entire Germanian tribe was mobilized.This is Germania, and in the event of war, all men, women, and children are warriors Wang Weiyi even saw Leoni, Butler Depusey, and Butler Videlio Hey, why are you here Wang Weiyi asked curiously.What kind of life did we live before the Romans came Under Ariovistus we even nearly destroyed Gaul.But now when the Romans came, everything changed, and we became a group of enslaved people However, although our strength is weak, we have never surrendered to Caesar, we have always been fighting, although we know that we will never be able to defeat the Romans with our own strength, but now an opportunity is in front of us , Baron Alexon and his German Empire, will be our greatest aid At this time, Llorbis asked My lord baron, how many brave soldiers did you bring to help us this time I brought a total of seven people, but there are only four people who can really fight, plus me.Wang Weiyi s answer not only disappointed the leaders, some even showed sarcasm on their faces.I don t doubt your bravery.He was indeed no match for Marris.A well trained and violent gladiator is completely different from a person who has never had any formal fighting training.The cruelty of a gladiator s training and the bloodshed when he stepped into the arena are completely unimaginable to outsiders.However, Marris never dreamed that such a situation would appear.It seems that my own weapon can cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit t cause any substantial damage to the opponent s armor.This is what frustrates him the most. He also knew that he couldn t put it off any longer. The two of them unanimously launched a new attack again Guo Yunfeng dodged nimbly under the fierce giant sword attacks of Marris.Fight back from time to time.And just as he expected, Maurice s movements became more and more sluggish, and a large amount of blood spurted out, rapidly depleting his physical and mental strength.Or to be more precise, the manufacturing process of these trebuchets has surpassed the skills that the Romans could master The Germanians even couldn t wait to try the power of these new weapons.Something strange happened to the Romans.The barbarians stopped harassing the are smilz cbd gummies legit Romans, and the work progress of the auxiliary soldiers was greatly improved.Although I don t understand what the barbarian is thinking, at least this is pretty good news.Obstacles were quickly cleared away, and now, the Roman Legion can attack unscrupulously, but probably they would never have imagined that the barbarians who have no culture in their eyes have prepared a state of the art Weapons are quietly waiting for their arrival Caesar still handed over the command of the front line to Kaleini, whom he trusted so much, and Kaleini is also ready to express it with a hearty victory.Under the impact from both sides, the Germans retreated one after another, allowing the Hessians and Romans to complete the confluence When he saw the Roman general, Charlemagne half kneeled on the first floor My lord Rome, your humble servant Charlemagne, is willing to submit to the Roman Republic, and is willing to submit to the honorable Lord Caesar.Now, I and My subordinates are at your command.Selms despised these barbarians from the bottom of his heart, and if possible, he even thought of cutting off the head of the barbarian in front of him, but he still remembered Caesar personally My own instructions winning the battlefield is the first priority, and the key to victory is the help of these barbarians So, he controlled the contempt in are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies his heart Get up, barbarians.You can help the Roman Republic win, and you will gain our respect.Wang Weiyi replied casually.But, they can also be bribed by others So.It depends on who offers a higher price, so high that your competitors can t afford the same price kenai farms cbd gummies cbd gummy vitamin are smilz cbd gummies legit as you.Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi made up his mind Manfred, I think I should visit the winners and losers now.Every point of his investment cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth needs to be rewarded, whether it is for the winner or the loser.This is true for Pompey and Servius.From the first time they accepted their sponsorship They have to take this into consideration from the very beginning.When their alliance with Wang Weiyi begins, they will never be able to get rid of this person for the rest of their lives Servius home It was already full of congratulatory guests, and those poets and dramatists probably would never realize how much trouble Servius had actually caused.

Anluges, you cbd gummy pouches empty will take my place and continue to lead the alliance soldiers to fight.Wang Weiyi smiled and said My friends, why are you sad You Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit already know how to fight.Know how to make yourself stronger, the Romans cannot defeat you.Even more unable to conquer you, you must hold your destiny in your own hands.One day, you will become a force that the Romans fear so much When he said this, he paused slightly Remember, you are Germans, you are unyielding fighters, and behind you stands the even more powerful German Empire You may not be able to see the German Empire, but I guarantee that your descendants will certainly be able to see it All the Germanic people were listening silently there, and some even couldn t hold back their tears Although they didn t want to get along with the consul for a long time, they knew very well that without the consul, there would be no Germania.Kars himself felt a little ashamed.To deal with more than kenai farms cbd gummies cbd gummy vitamin 30 enemies, he actually used artillery to run away and armed helicopters, and now he still has to wait for the support of tanks.Don t laugh at the Italians, the American soldiers under him are not much better than the Italians The current situation leaves him with no better choice, so he can only nod helplessly.He faces the opposite position.He raised the binoculars again, and suddenly thought in his heart How wonderful it would be if all those Germans became his subordinates Have you found Max and the Skeleton Commando After recovering the communication with Xiao Ling, Wang Weiyi came to a deserted place and asked.After getting an affirmative answer and the situation of Max and the Skeleton Commando, Wang Weiyi frowned.He pondered there for a long time before returning to his companions There is news of the commandos, they are surrounded.Prior to this, Major Abraham s only task was to ensure that the enemy would not flee.Major Abraham confidently assured the brigadier general that he would not disappoint the brigadier general s trust The German army retreated under the does cbd gummy bears help with pain strong firepower of the US military, but Wang Weiyi was relieved Laughed It s almost the same time, the US military has completely entered its trap, now, it s time to tell these Americans what a real war is Order Manfred, attack in full force When Wang Weiyi issued this order, the sad day for Major Abraham and his rapid assault battalion has begun The sound of the guns was torn apart Major Abraham s self confidence.Major, enemy, there are a large number of enemies in our rear The exclamation yelled that Major Abraham was taken aback, and he hurriedly looked to the rear.S.military across the board on February 6, but after the attack began, something surprising happened.The U.S.military seems to know everything about us.On the day the attack was launched, the U.S.military carried out effective defense and counterattack.In his telegram at 8 a.m.on February 6, Field Marshal Manstein said, The enemy has completely mastered our deployment, and our information about the enemy is completely wrong.I will stop attacking 8 10.So said Marshal Model s telegram.What the hell is the intelligence service doing A large number of enemies suddenly appeared on our offensive line, and it was impossible to win Then Fels said the war process was exactly the same as what Italy told Wang Weiyi.Germany s allies such as France and Russia betrayed, Britain was raided, and the Allied forces aggressively attacked the German mainland.Besides, even if the Skeleton Baron is really alive, I don t think he will What threat do we pose After cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth all, he has been away from the battlefield for so long, and he is completely unable to adapt to the current war.Also, in the current situation in Germany, what ability does he have to turn things around The voices of the subordinates kept ringing, making Weiss Temoran felt a little more relaxed.Skull Baron Is that damned skeleton baron still alive Is Fels relaying the real Baron Skull s speech Assuming the Skeleton Baron is really alive, it would be a natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit very scary thing.Not to mention the strategic sense, the confidence just brought to the Germans is are smilz cbd gummies legit huge.Those German soldiers who were already extremely tenacious will continue to resist frantically, and thatThe Germans in these occupied areas will inevitably break out one after another uprising.The Italians were the first to attack.General Catavasso, the commander of the Italian army, arrived in Germany almost at the same time as General Garden.He went to war with as much arrogance as any Italian general.He believes that no matter what the enemy is, in the face of the majesty of the Italian general, he will surrender without a fight.Especially after the powerful artillery fire of the Allied forces spoke.Catavaso s confidence is stronger He didn t even wait for General Garden to give the order to attack, so he put the Trasu Infantry Division and Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade into the attack in advance.Under the cover of artillery fire and armored vehicles, the Italians rushed towards the opposite German position aimlessly.Until this time, they did not know that they were only facing some irregular armed forces.All the soldiers of the national army were silently watching their old general there.Mario stood up slowly, and facing are smilz cbd gummies legit General Opperman s body, raised his right arm straightly All for Germany Eight hundred and fifty two.The process of the Heisenberg commando war is cruel, and as the commander of every army, they don t care about this cruel process, all Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit they want is the final result.No matter how many people died or how many casualties occurred, it has nothing to do with them.As are smilz cbd gummies legit long as they can achieve the goal before the war, they can bear any loss.This is the cruelty of real war.General Opperman was killed in his own position, and the news had reached Wang Weiyi s ears.He was saddened by the old general s departure, but he had to bear it, and he couldn t even show any regretful expression on his face.

Putting on the uniform of the US military, divided into several trucks, and walked swaggeringly within the range of the enemy s control.This is a commander who has got the essence of the baron, and he is perfectly able to judge when it is safe and when it is dangerous.They passed every checkpoint smoothly, and their goal was to destroy the positions of the French 91st Artillery Brigade It was an extraordinarily daring move, and the poor Frenchmen were hunted down exactly as they were by the 33rd Infantry Division.This is an artillery brigade quite close to the front line, posing a great threat to the German positions.Heisenberg had set his sights on this goal very early on, but never found a suitable opportunity to do so.After the Blizzard operation started, as the battle situation was not smooth, the Allied forces began to frequently mobilize their troops, making the battlefield look a little chaotic, which gave Heisenberg an excellent opportunity.The skeleton division and the US Second Armored Cavalry Division fought against cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit each other at the beginning of the Battle of Berlin, and the two sides shed too much blood outside Berlin , Too many people died.Kerrett knew the Germans on the opposite side very well, and knew that they would never give up even at the last moment.Only by rushing into their capital and killing every soldier who captured them can they completely End this damn war.So, when Kreit showed up on the battlefield with his troops, he launched a ferocious attack without much adjustment.The German army s hard time has come Airplanes, cannons, and machine guns constitute the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.Blood was flying everywhere, and corpses were everywhere.Relying on superior firepower, the Allied forces launched charges again and again.Then someone served Xie Lisa a drink Ma am, I just saw that you bought a house contract worth 26,000 US dollars Call me Xie Lisa.Speaking of this, Xie Lisa suddenly became excited again The location It s not very good, but it will increase in value several times.Alice and I have money.From the brief conversation just now, Wang Weiyi knew that Xie Lisha was a stripper in an underground nightclub and a single mother.Just broke up with her.The life of mother and daughter has always been very poor.This made him a little curious Do you have 26,000 Ah.It s not easy to get the money.Xie Lisa s voice was a little proud I sold everything in the family that could be sold, and I A house left to me by my father.You sold your own house to buy another house Wang Weiyi felt a little unbelievable.That house doesn t have much appreciation potential.He was full of complaints about his troops inability to participate in the battle before.But now he has to thank General Miller for his wise decision.If not.Perhaps his troops had suffered heavy losses, and he could no longer bring himself to be face to face with His Excellency the Baron.Maybe I m even dead now I thank the merciful God for giving me such a chance Colonel Ackler, thank you for participating in the war.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care about the colonel s enthusiasm for himself From the information you have, how long can Robin Stell last Marshal, Robbins Tell couldn t hold on for even a day.Colonel Ackler, who had recovered from his excitement, said The organized resistance has been destroyed, and now in Robinstel, the German troops are fighting for themselves.The commander in chief ratio is shockingly high, and the top commander at Robin Stall is now Major Hewitt of 1st Battalion, Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.If we don t withdraw, we will all die here Takot retorted, pulling out a grenade from his waist.The encirclement is getting tighter withdraw now.We ll never have another chance No more You want to get out alive did you Tackett could barely hear him shouting from the machine gun What, he pulled the grenade and threw it at the cabin.I don t want to die in this ghost place you don t want to die in this ghost place either Simon pulled Tuckett back.shouted in his ear.At that moment, Takot saw fear deep in his eyes.Looking at him in surprise You want to escape Let s go together A burst of enthusiasm flashed across Simon s face, as if all hope was inside Let s get out right now The surroundings were still frantically firing sound, shouting sound.far away.The three men of Hansen on the left charged towards the pine forest.Nine 15 mg cbd gummy bears hundred and sixty eight.There have been subversive changes in Italy, father and son and enemy, and a new great dictator is emerging.At this time, the United States was prosperous and prosperous.The war stimulated the domestic economy of the United States to some extent.Especially in the securities market and real estate market, it has reached the point of madness.When Wang Weiyi came to New York, the world s financial center again, he found that all Americans had fallen into a frenzy.Often the collapse starts from the infinite fanaticism, which has happened more than once in history.Now, he decided to come and make something terrible happen with his own hands.His enemy is the United States, as well as his son William In the Morgan Building, Wang Weiyi once again met those allies of the New York League Gates, Lawrence and Eliot.He nearly emptied their stores of ammunition It seems that only one box was left.Hans took the collected machine gun bullets back into the cabin, only to find that Nuoqier and Bodila were scanning his whole body with strange eyes.He asked them back in surprise Did youtake it less They were already behind, and even many infantrymen were ahead of them.Although 098 could overtake them very quickly, something hindered the speed of 098 healix cbd gummies reviews the vast number of corpses of Russian soldiers they did not go around.Okay, although they felt the bumps of the car body, they had no choice but to do so.If they chose not to crush these corpses, the German army would have to go at least three times farther than it is now.Besides, Klaus and the two A Blaster has already run over these corpses The perfectly intact dead bodies have already turned into a bloody paste.

Increase taxes, do everything possible The unhappy expression on Gregory s face became more and more obvious Gentlemen, this is a moment of life and death.Once Moscow falls into the hands of those people, all of us will die without a place to die We ll be hanged by those Germans Gentlemen.Today s difficulty is temporary, when we get through it safely.Each of you has contributed to me, and I promise I will never forget it.The tax is already very heavy Andreas said cautiously If it continues to increase, it will cause extreme dissatisfaction among those people Don t worry about what those mean guys think Gregory interrupted his finance minister, and then turned his attention to Duyoshenko My lord commander, if the mob revolts, are you sure you can calm them down immediately Duyoshenko replied respectfully I am willing to serve you, Your Excellency the Grand Duke The Grand Duke felt very satisfied.This is his same attitude towards all his subordinates.As long as If this person died at the hands of the rebel party, then there is no problem.He also asked Andreas before, and according to the Minister of Finance, Lilipolski may have been killed by Du Yoshin In the past, Gregory would have punished Duyoshenko mercilessly, and even thrown him into prison, but the defeat on the battlefield now makes him dare not act rashly.After all, Now is the time when manpower is most needed.Especially cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit Duyoshenko s loyalty to natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit himself just now, and he also decided to let him make this matter smaller.It is nothing more than jealousy are smilz cbd gummies legit between men and men.Duyoshenko But he didn t know the true thoughts of the Grand Duke.When he heard the Grand Duke talk about this matter, the fat on his face couldn t help but tremble rapidly.They know that the United States does not have the ability to use force against Russia.So cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit they can do something unscrupulous I will assist you to develop real oil fields.Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled Of course, not the so called Armenian oil fields.Mr.Fritoyav, to be honest, we have mastered a large number of oil field storage locations in Russia, as well as an astonishingly rich natural gas reserve, which will allow you to solve a large number of employment problems and ease economic pressure and contradictions in Russia , able to get your government on its feet are smilz cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit quickly Of course, this has to be jointly developed by Germany and Russia Russia will become one of Germany s largest and most feared supply bases.Fritoyaf is a very smart person A huge country can continuously provide you with supplies including crude oil, which will ensure that you and your Germany win the final victory of the war Wang Weiyi smiled, and then stillwater cbd gummies nodded slowly to admithe did so many things in Russia for this purpose.At this time, earth shattering infantry came from behind the tank group.running sound.Romeo, kill the enemy tanks quickly They want to use the tanks as shields for the infantry to cover the infantry s charge Destroy the tank Steinman shouted, looking at the infantry behind the tank with a telescope.It turned out that the US tanks in the first wave of attack were to use their own shields to cover the group charge of their own infantry, so that their own infantry could break into the British army s position and start a massacre style knife formation.And often the American infantry breaking into the position means that the position is lost.The anti tank team attacks the tanks Quick Romeo commanded the British anti tank team to attack the tanks.Although the American tanks were getting closer and closer to the cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit position, due to the dense rocket rain and anti tank artillery fire from the British anti tank team, The U.Desk, later, when you see that there are six continuous flames at the fork, open fire on the area Okay Try to stay away from the killing range Steinman took out the rangefinder The front 53 Mi, are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies 13 tanks, Russ, 6 rocket launchers Fire Boom boom boom 6 rockets hit the tank s weakest back armor, directly penetrated and caused an explosion, and six flames rose.Flame direction Fire Desk shouted and pressed the firing button.Boom The three assault guns fired at the same time, and in less than three seconds, the shells hit the intersection.Excessive power wiped out all the tanks and infantry within the killing range, and some nearby tanks and infantry were directly swept out by the powerful flames and gale, while some tanks were directly overturned by the gale, and the infantry were destroyed by shock waves and shrapnel.He quickly stood on his feet and ran towards Cole desperately.At this time Suddenly, two tanks appeared in front of him.The tanks immediately swept Steinman with machine guns all the way.The bullets kept hitting Steinman not far from his heels, splashing pieces of dust sunmed cbd gummies 25mg and rubble.None of them hit Steinman Captain We ll cover you The rabbi and others who arrived late came to support, and a German soldier unloaded a rocket launcher from his back and fired three rounds without aiming at it.The first two shots missed and passed over the tank, and the third shot hit the front armor of the tank body at once, turning it into a ball of fire, and the other reversed and left quickly.Steinman rushed to the side of Cole lying on the ground, put Cole s right hand on his left shoulder, and wanted to help Cole back.The experience accumulated by the German army in performing tasks in previous years played an extremely important role at this moment.The crossfire of the three machine guns of Rabi and the other three quickly blocked the infantry on both sides of the tank with a dense rain of bullets, and the machine guns arranged by the German army in the central window of the building also suppressed the American infantry with fierce firepower.The bullet hit the wreckage of the tank and ricocheted, cutting some American infantrymen in half, cbd gummy vitamin does cbd gummies give you dry mouth and some American infantrymen who tried to enter the house were also knocked down by the Germans in time.The direction of the intersection Karl saw the American infantry reinforcements in the direction of the intersection.He quickly put down the bazooka, picked up the machine gun and fired at the direction of the intersection as a warning.

The two of them walked through most of the base to the temporary position of Company D.Walking into the temporary position, they found the position of row A and unloaded their weapons and equipment.Sergeant Orison came over New here Sally Bird hadn t spoken yet, but Aklit stood up, straightened his back, and saluted the most standard military salute with all his strength Private Class Aklit.Rockier came to report Arklit s roar alarmed the others on the ground.They stopped what they were doing.They looked at Aklit in silence, and then burst out laughing.Ha The military police are here to check You fought crazy, boy Don t be so serious.Boy, said Orison, laughing, it s not a war.In addition, you must never salute soldiers with higher ranks than you in the future.yes Olison shook his head, walked away with i feel a body buzz from 150mg cbd gummies a smile.The excitement in his heart is completely difficult to express in words.God, can you imagine what kind of situation this is Can you imagine who saved you How should I express my excitement Yetiri s mouth was trembling.Maybe a speech can Wang Weiyi said suddenly.Yetiri was stunned, he didn t understand what Baron Alexon meant.But he soon felt relieved, he believed that the difficult sentence would tell him what to do sooner or later.certainly.Until now he still thinks he is in a dream.Baron Alexon actually returned to France again For the French opposition, or more accurately, the French pro German faction.Baron Alexon was their idol, their banner, and the spiritual source they used to inspire the French people.But except for Lantes, who had seen the baron when he was young, no one knew what the baron looked like But now I have seen it with my own eyes Yetieri thinks God didn t abandon himself, and God didn t abandon France either When he returned to the secret stronghold, every Frenchman here burst into cheersto tell the truth Well, none of them believed that Yetiri could be rescued, even if Baron Alexon did it himself.Berkeley smiled Some people have been rumoring that , the Wittgenstein family is inextricably linked with the German hero, Baron Alexon, and some even say that Baron Alexon is the real master of the Wittgenstein family, but the Wittgenstein family has cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit never I have admitted this.I think this should not be some legend made out of nothing Another point is that many people are also discussing a terrible group, the New York Union, which is said to be formed by the Wittgenstein family, A group jointly formed by the Morgan family and the Rockefeller family.The wealth in their hands is enough to buy the next country.The natural only cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit power they have in their hands makes even the mighty President of the United States feel afraid This makes me Think of a fund that is also composed of these three families The Lions Fund Sinager couldn t wait to call out Do you think the New York League really exists I m not sure if it really exists.When Major Schmidt finished playing.The whole hall was silent.Then there was a burst of prolonged and warm applause.The American general asked Major are smilz cbd gummies legit Schmidt, which conservatory did you graduate from The major gave the general a surprised look and said that I had never been to a conservatory.I am a regular German military officer from the Military Academy in Upper Silesia Frau Decker was completely immersed in the storyeven until Herr Moyol finished telling the story It took him a long time to realize the story Gentlemen, most of the German military officers are of noble origin.They have practiced equestrianism, played the piano, drawn sketches and oil paintings since they were young, and read a lot of books.Because of their good education and high average are smilz cbd gummies legit quality, the officer corps survived the defeat of the First World War in the form of various clubs.General Vincent shrugged.Her Majesty s friend Perhaps the man was bragging there.How could an intelligence officer be a friend of Her Majesty the Queen But no matter what, as long as he can complete the task well, it is enough One thousand sixty five.The birthday party of Ambassador Lake of the Monrington family was the most lively and beautiful event in London in recent times.In the middle of the ball, even President Fenton and Prime Minister Wilkins of the so called British government showed up at the same time.When the two men appeared at the ball, the scene quickly burst into warm applause.Ambassador Lake warmly invited them to speak for today s guests.After a little modesty, Fenton still came to the microphone Dear Mr.Ambassador, dear gentlemen and ladies.Of course, I don t want such a title to cause Please be jealous, gentlemen.Gentlemen.The enemy is planning a large scale military operation to attack the British mainland.I have received the task of ensuring the safety of the British mainland at all costs, so I appear here as a furniture dealer.We already know about Tel Avivsky s defection, and I will ensure that Tel Avivsky s intelligence can be kept safe Sent to LondonMr.Pirocco, Mrs.Pirocco, do you really think that I just met are smilz cbd gummies legit you by chance The Germans and the Queen s spies want to get rid of Tel Avivs at all costs Kei, I will be responsible for ensuring your safety, but in Lopez s manor, we still have negligence.And this negligence is almost fatal The Pirocos nodded silently If it weren t for Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, maybe Travivsky would have turned into a corpse by now Fortunately, we successfully sent the information back to London.A joke, Nash didn t know what to say other than sneering.I serve this country loyally and selflessly dedicate everything to myself.I will definitely not be like Yes.In the past few days, I haven t seen Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, who is the biggest hero in cracking this case.At this time, Turner already trusts Lieutenant Colonel Moyol very much, and he is willing to share this good news with him.but.He knew that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was helping him with a personal matter, which was to persuade his wife Alinda, hoping that she would change her mind.From this point of view, he had to thank Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.He guessed right.When Nash interrogated Yess day and night, Wang Weiyi saw Alinda and her daughter Bella for the first time.The sudden visit of Mr.Moyol.It caught Alinda by surprise, but she quickly developed a good impression of this well mannered young man.

The explosion occurred at night and blew up the gate of the London Public Affairs Bureau.No one was injured or injured, but it aroused the high vigilance of the Fenton government.Nash even Be there in person.It was a time bomb that exploded at 10 o clock at night.But Nash did not look at this issue so simply.In his opinion.The bomb planners must have gotten the time wrong, mistaking 10 00 pm for 10 00 am.You know, that time point is the time when the London Public Affairs Bureau has the most traffic Once the destructive power caused by the explosion at that time made Nash unable to continue to imagine Yes People from the Resistance did it.Nash made what he thought was the most accurate judgment at the first time However, such an incident has only just begun When Nash was actively solving this case, one of his A subordinate was attacked again are smilz cbd gummies legit best way to store cbd gummies and was injured and sent to the hospital After Nash rushed to the hospital, the injured agent told him that he was just going to buy some things, but when he came out, he was suddenly confronted by two masked agents.I will shift my focus to what you said in the near future.After all, this will play a decisive role in the future.Help , but during this period of time, I hope you can take over my job.This is something Wang Weiyi never thought of Originally, according to his plan, he just wanted to continue to attract the Americans and the British.And the infighting between Jed and Mills, but he never imagined that Jed would let himself take over his job.This is probably what it feels like to have a pie in the sky Perhaps Fenton was the one who was most horrified by Nash s death.You know, Nash was one of the people he relied on most, especially after the fall of Treasury Secretary Yess.Now that Nash has died, intelligence work in the entire UK has completely and completely come to a standstill.Who will continue to collect intelligence for themselves Who can deal with those pervasive underground resistance organizations Fenton had no idea what to do.All his activities revolve around the army.After this incident happened, he didn t know who to go to.The military, who had helped him many times, was afraid to avoid it this time.This was not a small case of theft.It was a sensation that caused a sensation in the entire United States Murder case Especially are there cbd gummies involving the very sensitive black issue in American society.After the Little Rock incident, the American black issue has received serious attention from the whole society.In September 1957, white people used force to stop black people in Little Rock, Arkansas.Enrollment incident.Caused strong protests from blacks.The District Court of Little Rock announced smilz cbd gummies mayim b that the city s secondary schools would accept blacks and mixed schools in the fall.On September 2, Arkansas Governor Ofer In the name of riot control, Forbes sent 200 armed National Guardsmen around the middle school.Captain Angus came to the cockpit with Captain Eduardo.Then he pressed the intercom, and the captain heard the voice of Captain Angus.The hatch was opened very quickly.Hey, Captain, can we change the route now Of course, Captain Angus.Captain Eduardo smiled wryly.Even the captain is theirs.In any case, I would never have expected such a fate Galaxy quickly began to turn, but not long after, the voice of the ground personnel came Galaxy , you have deviated from the course, Repeat again, Galaxy , you have deviated from the course, please answer immediately, please answer immediately.Look, Captain Eduardo, I think it s time for you to behave.Captain Angus smiled and took out a page The paper was handed over to Captain Eduardo According to the reading are smilz cbd gummies legit on it, I think I must remind you not to read it wrong, if you still consider the safety of yourself and those passengers.Maybe you won t understand his love for you until many years later He picked up his hat, and said one last word to William Goodbye, William.Goodbye, Elliott They spoke in such a polite tone as if they were two friends who hadn when should i eat cbd gummies before bed t known each other for long.When this goodbye was said, all the former friendships had been completely and deeply buried.These two former friends will really take two completely different paths from now on Now, the whole of America has been plunged into chaos.What seemed like a simple incident at first caused so many things one after another, which no one expected before.New York has become as much a battlefield as Oakland, which was unimaginable before.The financial center of the world is now flooded with protests, strikes, and confrontation between black and white.In Auckland, Mayor Duira has already been prosecuted for eight crimes, but what happened to Mayor Duira did not show any signs of calming down the turmoil in Auckland.How about we make a deal After you finished the phone call just now and told us about the Ash Project.I Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit don t think you can go back.You are a spy.After a spy exposes his identity, besides going to prison, he actually has another choice, which cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin are smilz cbd gummies legit is to serve the original enemy Olawiecki immediately understood that the other party wanted him to be a double agent.Although this was more dangerous, at least Mr.Brahm was right, and he had no way to turn back.Don t rush to answer me, let me put forward my conditions.Wang Weiyi said calmly No one but us will know about your arrest tonight, and as a reward for your service to us, I will pay you 100,000 U.S.dollars every year.After five years of service, you will be free again.During this period, you will get a corresponding reward for every piece of information you provide us, or complete a certain task according to our ordersOf course, we will also try our best to make you become a leader in front of your superiors.The explosion in the arsenal Lieutenant Colonel Moyol miraculously disappeared under the surveillance of so many policemen There is no place to hide in the entire office, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol How did the colonel get out of here I m afraid no one will be able to give Brigadier General Luke the answer.The amazing Lieutenant Colonel Moyol When the news that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a spy spread in a small area After the word spread, he got such a nickname.In London, in the whole of the UK, he could call the wind and rain, and he made the impossible possible under heavy siege.In fact, until now Brigadier General Luke Didn t figure out a thing, many people are serving this Fantastic Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Captain Pattinson, Captain Roger, even General Gendra.If he wants, he can do it Everything he wants to do.

Break Conspiracy, destroy the traitor party.Sweep away the chaotic alliance let us look up together.God save Wisłoujście Festival are smilz cbd gummies legit the queen Suddenly, the singing of God save the queen was sung first from the mouth of a soldier, and then more and more soldiers sang joined the chorus.In the midst of the powerful attacks of the Axis troops and the sporadic artillery fire of the enemy s counterattack, the singing sounded so loud and tidy.God bless the queen God bless England When approaching the coast, the hatch are smilz cbd gummies legit of the landing craft clocked in, and countless soldiers rushed out in unison.At this time, the singing had been replaced by the majestic charge.God bless the queen God bless England Her Majesty s army successfully landed without encountering any strong resistance, and then a large amount of supplies were brought up.Obviously, the Allied Forces were never willing to give up the city so easily.Here already the last bastion of the Allied forces in Europe.General Gundra and Fenton s government agreed that no matter how far the battle went, they would make a last stand in London.Although the pace of the enemy s advance is becoming more and more visible, it is not without chance for the Allied forces.At least, those reinforcements who rushed from Plymouth or other places still have a chance to reach the battlefield after the decisive battle in London broke out.Headache guerrillas.What General Gendra can rely on is London s relatively large army and strong offensive, as well as a relatively sufficient air force base.The two U.S.divisions newly arrived in London also gave him such confidence.However, just as General Gandella was actively preparing for the war, a piece of bad news came an appeal to US President William The impeachment of Wittgenstein has been accepted by the ad hoc research group of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, which means that the impeachment of President William has officially begun.