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Wang Weiyi woke up from his contemplation and replied indiscriminately.The number of German soldiers gradually increased, and a few cannons were squatting there.A dozen German soldiers were smoking cigarettes beside the cannons.When they saw Hitler coming, they whistled Hey, Adolf, who did you bring Already It s the new company commander of the 3rd company, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm.With a swipe, the dozen or so German soldiers stood up together, threw away the cigarettes in their hands, and stood upright Lieutenant The German soldier was a role model wherever he went.You re welcome.Wang Weiyi waved his hand.Lieutenant, the battalion headquarters is here.Hitler brought Wang Weiyi to the gate of the battalion, reported outside, and then led Wang Weiyi inside.Major Deng Xiwei of the supplementary keoni cbd gummies for diabetes battalion was concentrating on looking at the map hanging on the wall.

I am with Germany Wang Weiyi replied loudly.In fact, do you have half a dime relationship with Germany When leaving the battalion headquarters, Wang Weiyi murmured in his heart.But there is no way, if you want to go home, you have to complete the damn task Seeing that there was no one around, Wang Weiyi looked at the communication between Qi and Xiaoling Have you found the information on Guo Yunfeng that I asked you to check If there is a household registration system at this time, I will definitely be able to find out.Xiaoling s voice sounded very dissatisfied Do you know 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies how many people there are in China in this era Do you know how many people are in the Chinese Labor Brigade Where am I going Check the identity of a worker But according to the analysis, he does not pose any threat to you.

It s not that everything is going wrong, at least one thing is very beneficial to Wang Weiyi now, the Welsh Regiment is not an elite British armed force in a strict sense.With the just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies continuation of the First World War, the casualties continued to increase, and the British encountered the problem of insufficient military resources.At this time, Lord Kitchener of the United Kingdom proposed the One Hundred Thousand Army plan that is, to recruit a large number of volunteers to join the army And put it into the battlefield immediately after a short training.In the face of the army of volunteers assembled at Lord Kitchener s call, the British zh ngf could not provide them with sufficient uniforms and arms, and the authorities resorted to measures such as purchasing civilian clothing and boots from traveling shops, with the result that in volunteering Various versions of dark blue jackets and trousers appeared in the player team, i got high off of cbd gummies this is because dark blue cloth is more readily available than khaki cloth.

The handsome Lieutenant Manfred von Richthofen has been waiting for this moment for far too long After receiving this order from the general, Lieutenant Richthofen was the first to act.He boarded his albatross biplane, with a stern face, but he couldn t hide his excitement and enthusiasm In the name of Ernst Brehm attack The albatross flew into the blue sky In an instant, the German artillery fire also let out an earth just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies shattering roar Countless shells smashed fiercely towards the opposite side like meteors, and the battlefield was instantly enveloped by crazy artillery fire.For the coming of the big counter offensive, all the Germans were ready In the name of Ernst Brahm The artillery fire continued to fall, and the entire battlefield was completely immersed in explosions and flames.This is the revenge of the Germans, this is the revenge of Germany All for Ernst Obviously, the British did not expect the revenge to come so suddenly and violently The Germans are ready W rttemberg mountain camp.

Beautiful mustache, slightly dark face Everything is the same as what the superior described when he explained himself.Tell Major Best that the Germans also have tanks, and they i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy are more powerful than us, but the specific data is the top secret of the Germans, and I will try my best to get it.Wang Weiyi, who has read the false information, said in a low voice The Germans are attacking.We must protect this information and safely deliver it to Major Best.Nine out of ten of the false information is true, such as Wang Weiyi s identity, etc., but in the end One tenth of the key, that is, the tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield were completely virtual.A false information that is mostly true will be proven to be reliable to can dogs eat cbd gummys the greatest extent.Please take care.Sergeant Lev suppressed the excitement in his heart I will protect it with my life.

He stood up from his hiding place I am Lieutenant Ernst Brehm of the 3rd Company of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion The German soldiers who were cautiously searching forward stopped at once and were cbd gummies legal in indiana stunned., Then there was a huge cheer Lieutenant Ernst Brahm the creator of miracles i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy When Lieutenant Ernst Brahm walked towards them slowly, all the cheers stopped at once, and there was infinite admiration and worship in the eyes of every soldier.Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, I am Staff Sergeant Dwyer of the 3rd Company of the W rttemberg Mountain Battalion.Your honor is known to all of us.Now, please allow me the honor to cover you Get out of here A sergeant came over and shouted loudly.In his eyes, being by Lieutenant Ernst s side was the greatest honor for him.Wang Weiyi nodded, called Guo Yunfeng out, and said to the sergeant named Dwyer, Thank you, sergeant.

Just when everyone was a little disappointed, but turned around again, Felix immediately announced the pardon of Lieutenant Colonel Rosen and his companions in the name of His Majesty the German Emperor, and they could leave Germany at any time.It was a happy ending.8 Electric book i got high off of cbd gummies www.TX 8 . While Lieutenant Colonel Rosen and his companions were pardoned, what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms Wang Weiyi received another favor In view of Ernst s outstanding performance in the healthy cbd gummies war and his unparalleled outstanding performance in rescuing His Royal Highness Crown Prince William, Ernst was promoted to Baron Alexon von Brahm as major.From a lieutenant officer to a field officer, this is a qualitative breakthrough Not only that, but due to their excellent performance in battle before and their daring and bravery when they joined hands to rescue August, Skeleton i got high off of cbd gummies Baron Ernst von Brahm and Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen was also awarded the German Order of Merit the Blue Marx Medal.

After listening to the report from his subordinates, he smiled.Report to General Raffarin.The enemy has kidnapped Kilok, and the Phantom operation is half successful Bimonai s finger was on i got high off of cbd gummies the trigger.Bimengai, are you really going to kill me Elena asked suddenly.Yes, you make me sad, sad, you know Bi Mengai yelled loudly.With a ferocious face What I can t get must be destroyed Elena s eyes fell on the book in Bimonai s hand What book are you reading Bimonai was stunned Take a look Dickens A Tale of Two Cities It was the best of times, and it was also the worst of times Elena sighed softly Beimon, Occasionally, I will think of you Bi Mengai saw that three of his subordinates had walked in, and he was even more relieved Elena, I will think of you what would gummy bears with cbd oil do for you too, you know He didn t finish his sentence.

He is not a machine, he is just a normal human being.After staying in one place for a long time, there will always be feelings, such as himself and Germany.When he appeared in this era, he just regarded himself as a passer by, went to the battlefield mechanically, 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies and mechanically completed the tasks assigned to him by the base.However, as time went by and as the number of friends around him increased, he found himself on the battlefield.Unknowingly, I have regarded myself as one of them.This is emotion, the most normal emotion of human beings.The present Adolf Hitler is not the future head of state Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian did not sweep the battlefield The three famous generals, they are just their own friends When I will leave one day, will I let it go Wang Weiyi can i got high off of cbd gummies t give himself the answer What I want to remind you is, Don t meddle in things within the Hohenzollern family, such as Crown Prince William and Prince Joachim.

It s absurd for me to stand with you.You are a perfectly assembled body.A war machine, but my greatest ideal is to save people A perfectly assembled war machine This is the first time Wang Weiyi has heard someone call him that.Lieutenant Colonel Stino said self consciously When a person who saves lives encounters a killing machine, failure on the battlefield is naturally inevitable, but I think one day you may ask me to save lives as a doctor.The thing is so strange, what do you think, colonel Wisłoujście Festival i got high off of cbd gummies Wang Weiyi was taken aback by this remark.Yes, maybe one day I really need this doctor s help, who knows what will happen in the future Not only Lieutenant Colonel Stino, maybe those enemies in the past will need their help sooner or later.For example, the former British Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, without Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, he 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies would not have been able to get out of court so easily.

So far, the encirclement and annihilation battle how to shop cbd gummies lasted only four hours, the British 9th Infantry Division was completely annihilated, and Major General Trunway himself became a prisoner Ernst Brehm s plan was a huge success His war history has been written with a heavy stroke, and the war history of the German army has also been written with a heavy stroke General Von Bello quickly mobilized a German division and moved rapidly towards Udine to support Baron Alexson there in launching a counterattack against the British 92nd Infantry Division.The Germans, now become real hunters On the night of February 0, 1997, the German army division on the march arrived in Udine.And the commander of the division brought an order personally issued by General Von Bello All German troops in Udine will be commanded by Colonel Ernst Brehm This is another out of the ordinary decision.

From Sanhuqiao to Li s homeowner s position, the two troops fought bloody battles, holding back the advance of the Japanese army.Time and time again, even the Japanese army forgot how many times they had launched attacks, but the opposite position was like a fortress of iron and steel.The casualties of the squadron were huge, but it was worth it for the entire battlefield.When the enemy s attack was repelled again, the soldiers looked very tired.They lay quietly in the position and seized the short time to take a good rest.After a while, perhaps a more brutal battle will break out.It is now 3 o clock in the afternoon on October 27th.The time stipulated by the base is getting closer and closer, and Wang Weiyi is fully confident to i got high off of cbd gummies stick to that time.This is the first task that Wanderer has accepted in this era, and it seems that it has made a good start.

every second.Every step forward, the Japanese army will suffer the heaviest casualties.Here, the Chinese not only have machine guns, submachine guns, but also tanks They have long been prepared to use street fighting in Xiguan to what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms kill and injure a large number of Japanese troops.Once those tanks enter the battle, after annihilating the target.will leave quickly.The Japanese army is completely unfamiliar with this place, so they have no idea where they are hiding The same is true for those national soldiers A few times, a truck full of Chinese soldiers suddenly appeared.Once they reached the battlefield, the Chinese soldiers on the truck would quickly jump off and shoot desperately with all kinds of weapons in their hands.Then before the Japanese reinforcements arrive, they will leave in trucks as quickly as possible.

When I heard Major Guo s question, I immediately said I was ordered to come to meet you.Of course, this is also my own request.Major, I really hope to see how you fight those Japanese monkeys.Okay, Captain Werner, please take us to Jiangyin Fortress as soon as possible My biggest motivation.299.Son of Bon Crayley 1530 Monthly Ticket Plus Update Nan Shaodu, November 15, 1937.History here s where it turns a corner.Wang Weiyi, who does not belong to this super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies era, appeared here, and many historical trajectories are quietly deviating from the original track.In Songjiang, Wang Weiyi s Guard Battalion and Wu Keren s 67th Army persisted there for far more than the three days in history, but persisted until the 15th.This bought the maximum time for the team to deploy their defenses.When the Chinese soldiers who retreated from Shanghai entered the strong defense fortifications such as the Wufu Line, Xicheng Line, Zhajia Line, and Haijia Line, they found that the concrete could be crushed by hand, and the machine gun ports were as big as doors and windows.

It s great, I ll deliver it myself.Ah, it would be even more perfect to have the opportunity to meet that mysterious Mrs.Luo Lisa.I think about it, what price should I offer them.You know, they might become our long term customers Just as Mr.Sloan was very excited, the door of the antique furniture store was pushed open, and a well dressed gentleman with a high hat and a walking stick came in.As soon as he came in, he turned his back to Mr.Sloan and Tommy and studied the style of a wardrobe with interest.Look, luck can t stop you, Sloan said in a low voice to Tommy.Look at him being so well dressed, with his tall hat and walking stick, I reckon he must be an Englishman, I I m sure I can still make a deal today.He pulled his clothes, sent little Tommy away to do other things, and then came behind this gentleman It s from the German palace, it s a real royal thing.

He raised his head and saw a very well dressed young gentleman.The young gentleman sat down in front of Director Frank I m Moyol, Mrs.Hermione must have called you, right Ah, Mr.Moyol, it s an honor to meet you.Finally the wait came The person who was waiting, Chief Frank held out his hand.Mr.Moyol shook hands with him briefly I know your time is very precious.Let s get straight to the point.I have a relative and I want to do something in New York.Of course, these things must be done without the help of the police Help.Frank immediately understood that this was to join gangsters in New York, and whether a gangster can succeed depends on the relationship with the police department.And how much money the gang can spend is also a very important factor.A very embarrassed expression appeared on Frank s face Mr.

In the afternoon, as he judged, the Japanese army launched the most ferocious general attack.The Japanese themselves are human beings.Although they have very high tactical literacy, their rationality is weakening in the face of repeated failures.Gradually losing the offensive formation was no liberty cbd gummy longer so complete and orderly, and the commanding officer became impatient, and this impatience soon affected the soldiers.But the question is whether the country can seize such aThose grenadiers yelled Aoao and threw the grenades one after another, and Aoao yelled there to try to see who threw more.The unlucky ones are those Japanese.If the Japanese army has an absolute advantage in aircraft and artillery, now the Japanese army has an absolute advantage in grenades Booming 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies explosions sounded overwhelmingly, and after each burst of explosions, several Japanese corpses were brought along.

Qingkou Wusan doesn t know how long he will persist.The only thing he knows is if the reinforcements don t appear again, then he will face the order of destruction.Of course, there are two lines of defense outside the 65th wing that have been breached, and the last remaining line of defense is already in jeopardy.What s even more frightening is that now he has no way out.Akasaka Yoshika had repeatedly suggested that he immediately remove Jiangjia Village, but Kiyoguchi Gozo categorically rejected this suggestion.In his opinion, this would be a shame that he would never be able to wash away in his life Now, with his back against Xiaozhu Mountain, he can t do anything.At this time, the squadron has already received the final order end the battle before 1 00 All the firepower was used.Although the tanks could not drive directly up, they were trying to support the infantry with their own artillery fire.

Wang Weiyi said just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies solemnly The German army is preparing for a new offensive, and we will surely succeed.The location of our attack is Kharkov Gregory and Ilya cheered up, and they I listened intently to Wang Weiyi s words We will launch an offensive in Kharkov, then seize this place, and then control the entire Ukraine.At that time, we need an influential person to help us govern Ukraine and ensure that The law and order there.And this person chooses me, I think no one can afford it except the Marquis Bierstoka Gregory understood perfectly.Baron Alexon wants to fully cooperate with Germany himself, and use the influence of the Marquis Bierstoka s family in Ukraine to gradually let the Ukrainians there also join in the cooperation with Germany.But this is not easy to do.Gregory was silent for a while Your Excellency, I am happy to do this.

Wang Weiyi said lightly Assassination is just a despicable method with countless methods.It may achieve some i got high off of cbd gummies kind of purpose, but it cannot win the final victory of the war.But what you said made me think of some headaches.He didn t say what he thought of.However, there have been countless assassinations of the head of state Adolf Hitler in history, and now the Baron Skeleton is back, and his reputation is higher than that of Hitler.It can even be said that the fate of the entire Germany is in the hands of Marshal Ernst.inside.So will the spearhead of these assassinations be aimed directly at oneself Wang Weiyi really couldn t think of an answer.You have to know that the enemies on the battlefield are tangible, but those are hard to guard against at this moment.God knows when they will show up.

He jumped on a tank and shouted the slogan Fight for the Soviets loudly, but his slogan was drowned out by the loud explosions.Then, he himself was submerged in the explosion.On March 2, 942, the German what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms army launched a counterattack in Kharkov under the personal command of Marshal i got high off of cbd gummies Ernst Brehm At 7 o clock in the morning, the 2nd Armored Division of the Soviet Army was bombed by the Germans, and the losses were unimaginable.The densely packed t34s became the target of the Germans, and about three fifths of the tanks were destroyed.The 2nd Armored Division could be removed from the Soviet order of battle.What made the Soviet army sigh even more was that in this terrible disaster, their general Romok also died in the artillery attack.This is the first senior general the Russians lost after the outbreak of the Battle of Kharkov.

It can be seen from here that the Soviet army could not stop the powerful German assault force at all.Some Russians held explosive packs in their hands, or were strapped with grenades, and rushed directly towards the German tanks.But they were immediately killed by dense bullets.You can t help but say that the enemy is not brave, but now the battle can no longer be won only by bravery The efforts of the Soviet army were not in vain.A German Tiger was blown up.The German tank soldiers inside jumped out of the tank desperately.Fortunately, they were covered by infantry, otherwise they would all be beaten into a sieve.Reduce losses, Ludwig.Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars I don t want to lose all my tank troops at this time.Yes, Marshal.The high spirited Ludwig said loudly.On the afternoon of the 27th, the headquarters of the 5th Army of the Soviet Army was broken through by the group of the SS Skeleton Division Vandeweeny, and its commander and chief of staff were all killed.

The shrewd American businessman also made a fortune from Baron Rose.A guy named Manny Joe Cole made a fortune just by making Baron Rose dolls.Of course, there is no doubt that Joe Cole, who was not very interested in Baron Rose, has now become an admirer of Marshal Ernst.On this day, there is a huge crowd, and movie fans dressed up as Baron Alexon or Miss Elena come in a single file.When the male and female protagonists in the movie, Clark Gable and Eliza Reiman, appeared, there was a burst of screaming that was higher than a burst of madness.Too popular, they are too popular everywhere and these fans may never know, the real Baron Rose Ernst Brahm is now among them.Who would have thought that Baron Alexon would be so bold to come to the United States Miss Reman saw Mr.But already firmly remembered him.

They rushed to the enemy s tanks with explosive packs countless times.Under the combined fire of German machine guns and submachine guns, these Turks used the corpses of their companions as cover.He continued to fight back with the poor firepower in his hands.This is also a very important reason why they were able to defeat the Greek army before will and spirit However, in such a war, it is impossible to win only by relying on will and spirit In the era of cold weapons, exchanging human life for victory now seems so humble in front of the powerful fire dangers of cbd gummie net.Besides.Turkey is not like the Soviet Union, there are so many i got high off of cbd gummies legions that can fight a brutal war of attrition.From the beginning of the battle of Istanbul, they lost too many people.Dead bodies can be seen everywhere, and the roads of Istanbul are so shockingly washed with blood Casualties are mounting.

It is necessary to rely on the support of external forces, and Inonu has strengthened his idea.The raid launched by Germany was so sudden that Turkey was not given any time to prepare.Inonu, who was in a hurry, made a hasty decision to declare war on Germany.Turkey s retreat was completely blocked, and they could only focus on fighting to the end In his presidential office, Inonu urgently received the British ambassador to Turkey, Swelling Leer, and the Soviet ambassador to Turkey.Turkey s ambassador Shin Morkowski.During the talks, President Inonu told the ambassador about the failure of the Turkish army in Istanbul, and asked Britain and the Soviet Union to immediately provide Turkey with necessary and urgent military reinforcements.At this time, the British and Soviet ambassadors were actually very contradictory.

Putting the note in the newspaper, he saw a few words written in German on the note You should take a bath at eight o clock, which will help you develop good hygiene habits.Eight o clock bath What s the meaning Kahn was at a losshe quietly put the note into his mouth, and then swallowed it A beautiful hole has been dug, and Wang Weiyi is full of admiration.Xiaoling s craftsmanship should really be a construction worker.We will be put on the unwelcome list by the Turkish hotel.Elena returned to the room and said with a smile Look, we made such a big hole in their room.Aha, anyway, we I won t come here for the second time.Wang Weiyi shrugged Has Mr.Kahn received the information Should have. Well, all we have to do now is to wait here for the arrival of eight o clock It s At eight o clock, Mr.

, so at the beginning of the defense of Ankara, the president thought of him first.But General Kistafa s heart is not i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy so broad minded.He thinks he has been insulted by the president But that doesn t constitute a reason for him to betray his country.Wang Weiyi did not choose to believe it easily.But it would be different if he could find his son from the prisoner of war camp This made Wang Weiyi s eyes narrow into just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies a line Speak carefully.In the previous battle, Kistafa s most beloved youngest son was in the army, and secretly participated in the battle under another name.Except for Marshal Greluman, no one knew about the son of General Kistafa.Also on the front lines.But with Marshal Gleluman s defeat and death, General Kistafa s youngest son is also missing, and we suspect that he has been captured Damn it, why didn t anyone discover such important news Wang Weiyi frowned even tighter What s his name Motta, I can provide you with his alias and physical characteristics.

A brave man.Mr.Kahn sighed.Yes, a brave man.Wang Weiyi also sighed It s a pity that his indecision ruined all his efforts.Inonu was charged with as many as 19 crimes, but the determined former president refused.He did not admit any of his charges, and fought resolutely with those judges in court.He didn cbd gummies from cannibis t have a lawyer, and he was defending himself completely by himself, and his defense was so wonderful that Wang Weiyi even wanted to stand up and applaud him several times.It s a pity that Wang Weiyi knew that no matter how wonderful Inonu s debate was, he would not be able to get away with itbecause his fate was already doomed The prosecutors and judges of the temporary court were rendered speechless by Inonu alone.If this was a fair court, Inonu had already won.Unfortunately not.After repeatedly interrupting Inonu, the judge forcibly stopped the trial.

Are you mentally prepared for this Although she didn t have much affection for Miss Ruiman in her heart.It s just admiring her body, but in the end Ruiman has become his own woman, just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies Wang Weiyi still reminded Ruiman in a very concealed way.Oh, I know.Of course I know Ruiman didn t seem to care at all But this is a gold mine stock.It is a stock that will make everyone rich.Moyol, help me Well, one thousand shares, I only want one thousand shares Wang Weiyi smiled lightly The current stock price is 68 US dollars per share, and I can ask Mr.Joe Cole to give you 60 US dollars per share You, as some gifts from me, but 1,000 shares is 60,000 U.S.dollarsMiss Ruiman, this is a huge sum of money Ah.I sold my own All the stocks Ruiman seems to have already planned what to do I also mortgaged cbd organic gummy bears my house and car, and asked my brother to borrow a large sum of money.

All not a single dollar left The only thing he got was the glass of rum that Mr.Garcia gave him Williams, who slipped out of the back door, knew that it was absolutely impossible for things to end so soon, when the sun rose tomorrow , he will be completely finished.All his properties were mortgaged in the bank, that is to say, not only did he become a poor man again, but he also owed a large sum of money to the bank It was not until late at night that he dared to go back to the bank quietly.own home.The mansion that he was once proud of soon no longer belonged to him He looked around 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies quietly, after making sure that there was no one there.Then he dared to sneak into his home.After closing the door firmly, Williams was relieved.After leaning against the door in a daze for a while, he turned on the light.

What a failure, what a shameful failure An unacceptable failure Never before the war broke out did the British conceive of such a terrible defeat.But this kind of thing happened in the most real way.When Alexander and Montgomery finally gave the order to retreat.They knew that the tide of battle in North Africa had once again been turned.Now, the great situation they have worked so hard to create has been completely lost in a single war.And it all comes from one person The Skeleton Baron On the night of the 25th.The British High Command received a telegram from the Gladiator organization, which read General Montgomery, General Alexander, I am personally grateful best cbd gummies green roads to your Gladiator organization.Without this organization, perhaps we would not be able to Such a quick victory.Of course, we know that after this war is over.

And his proposal was also agreed by General Montgomery.In the eyes of these two British generals, this was not an accident, but sudden, i got high off of cbd gummies organized and premeditated, and the possibility of German intervention was not even ruled out.No, it must not be suppressed General Canlemu, the chief who owns lucent valley cbd gummies of staff of the Egyptian army who hastily i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy felt the British army headquarters, said loudly After my soldiers waited hard for two months, they received a pile of waste paper.Can you Can you imagine their feelings They are just venting, venting General Alexander, General Montgomery, I demand that a joint investigation team be set up immediately to thoroughly investigate this incident, to find out what went wrong and how the wages were exchanged Yes General Canlemo, we respect you, but I hope you can respect us as well General Montgomery said with a gloomy face, The British Empire will never use counterfeit money to pay salaries.

When the French invaded Egypt, your ancestors rose up to resist.When the British invaded Egypt, General Arabi rose up to resist.And now, when Egypt needs a rebel leader, you just hide in the comfort of your home and let your men fight in blood.Of course you can hand me over to the British, but you re just tarnishing the name of your ancestors, yes Egypt is just a shameless traitor These words made General Canlemu s face flushed, and he felt that his reputation had been greatly insulted.He can die, but his reputation must never be tarnished However, every word Elena said pierced his heart like a needle Let s discuss the current situation.Elena s tone was a little calmer The mutiny soldiers are very Difficult to succeed, but never fail so fast, because they already have the support of the Germans.

Throwing him behind a few cargo boxes, Hiroshi Yamaguchi was a little uneasy Is it safe We will be in trouble if someone finds the body.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry.Someone will clean it up soon Okay, my people are waiting outside, get out of here quickly, or they will get suspicious.When Wang Weiyi left, he glanced at the corpse behind the cargo box again.Wilder and his father Xiong both died in his hands.Bear was exposed in the Second World After the end of the war, the real identity of this Japanese super spy was obtained from a document accidentally discovered.For more than 20 years, he has passed on countless US military documents to Japan, including the US military s attack on Pearl Harbor.The situation of the garrison.In the Pearl Harbor Attack incident that has not happened until now, the information of Bear played a vital role.

Here s how von Groening introduced Chapman He said he had trained a sabotage agent, a former robber who could break into almost any house, and he bet that Chapman could even take a A loud bomb was dropped in that locomotive factory.Colonel Mayer endorsed his statement.A few days later, Chapman and Leo sneaked into the factory through the barbed wire, evading dozing guards, and dropped a package next to Mayer s office.Von Groening was overjoyed.He also organized a party for Fritz with the betting money.Chapman returned to the gardener s cottage where he lived.The successful raid on the locomotive factory was fun, but stuck in the center of Wollaston for almost five months.Chapman began to feel bored and frustrated by the forced abstinence.Apart from the prostitutes in Nantes, he saw almost no women.

Wang Weiyi answered very affirmatively.Sir Monlington smiled half smile So, will the war between Germany and Britain continue for another two years His eyes revealed the light of an old fox, and Wang Weiyi remained calm I think the war between Germany and Britain is almost over now.I told Prime Minister Churchill, and I might as well tell you again now, This time I came with a desire for peace.I am willing to seek a complete peace with the UK, and even willing to make concessions for peace.Sir Monrington was not surprised at all, as if he knew that the other party would say Look, I am old and don t know many things.It turns out that Germany and England are negotiating.Ah, I suppose this must be a secret negotiation So, who is the two year battle you said aimed at Baron, can you cbd cure gummies tell me about this old man Russia Six hundred thirty five.

Sure enough, he got his wish, and the Elterra obtained by the decipherers of Bletchley Manor, the super secret, has made great achievements for the United Kingdom.This also gave him a firm i got high off of cbd gummies foothold in MI6.But even so, there are can you take cbd gummies with adderall still some traditional forces who are not optimistic about Stuart i got high off of cbd gummies Menzies, who was born as i got high off of cbd gummies a commoner, and think that his talent is not enough to control such an important department.Because of this, from the official succession until now.Colonel Menzies has been wrestling with all kinds of forces Now, perhaps by this opportunity.It s time to change your destiny.Colonel Menzies stood up Major, would you like to visit Ernst Brahm with me I would like to, Colonel, he saved my life twice.Major Rogermin said this When he spoke, his voice was full of gratitude.Even, he felt that he had almost become an admirer of Baron Alexon Colonel Menzies had met Baron Alexon before, of course, after the baron made public appearances.

This made Naris himself exposed.Colonel Menzies listened to all his explanations calmly Lieutenant Colonel, I noticed that you just mentioned the words new boss, then you can tell me who this new boss is. Naris was silent for a long time.Then he said slowly General de Gaulle Who Menzies was shocked.He knew that this so called new boss must have a higher status than De Sade, but he didn t expect to be so high General de Gaulle The leader of the Free French Movement.Chairman of the French National Liberation Committee, Charles de Gaulle.Naris s words confirmed that he was right When General de Gaulle and his organization came to London, I received a direct order from De Sade, and I will accept the direct leadership of General de Gaulle Menzies took a breath Lieutenant Colonel.I have to make sure of the truth of what you say.

The fleet is handed over to the Germans and will one day be able to persuade and lead North Africa to take up arms against the Germans.De Gaulle had long wanted to recover the two islands, but this had to be agreed by the United States and Canada.When de Gaulle presented to the British Foreign Secretary Antony Aiden explained the above issues to him when he informed him of his intention to do so in the autumn of 11941.Getting Canada s permission was easy, but getting the US s was a whole other story.Since the outbreak of the war, de Gaulle had always had great faith in the United States.Like Churchill, he was convinced that the United States would eventually enter the war and that its involvement would be decisive.Unlike Churchill, he hoped to use America as a counterweight to British influence in France.

The sky was once again obscured by gunpowder smoke, and the earth was once again shaken by shells The victory in the Battle of Samilos not only inspired Marovsky s confidence, but also inspired the confidence of all Soviet soldiers.With fanatical faith, these Russians launched wave after wave of attacks on Erklin, which never stopped.However, the overall defense strength of Erklin and the reasonable configuration of the position completely exceeded the imagination of the Soviet commander.It seems that for Erkeling, the German army will never allow any mistakes.The powerful defense did not arouse Marovsky s vigilance, but it seemed that he smelled blood like a hungry wolf.Victory as long as he can capture Elklin, he will definitely enter the ranks of famous generals But it is obviously not easy to achieve this goal Just like the initial attack on Samilos, the Russians encountered strong resistance, and the death rate was so high that it was appalling.

The Russians are attacking.The Germans are defending but in other battlefields, the Germans are attacking and the Russians are defending Both sides are strangled together, and it is difficult to tell which is the attacking side and which is the defending side The Russians obviously understood one thing.Before the encirclement of the natures boost cbd gummies price German army was completed, they had to make a breakthrough in Erklin desperately, otherwise what awaited them would be a terrible disasterbut.Now that Field Marshal Ernst is here, the baron will not allow the Russians to succeed He from hell Ernst Alexson von Bram Same as Raker said.The Russians had to make a major breakthrough at Erklin if they were to avoid a terrible catastrophe.However, Wang Weiyi will never let the Russians calculation succeed.Now, with nothing left to hide, the full strength of Elklin was before the Russians.

Yes, yes.It s very possible.But I i got high off of cbd gummies just feel that something is wrong.I don t know where the problem is, but I still think it s better to investigate.If Wang Weiyi underestimated the power of faith this time.Underestimating Lindelof s courage to sacrifice for his country, he made a serious error in judgment, but he still has one last thing.But it is also the most powerful weapon Ziguang Military Base This is a truly god like, omnipotent weapon Lindelof had planned everything, but Ernst Brahm threatened him that if he refused to cooperate, he would announce that Lindelof had surrendered.And a large number of so called confessions will be published.In Moscow, whether the news was true or not, his daughter and sister in law would be doomed.Lindelof was ready to sacrifice, but he also didn t want his relatives to be involved, so he designed a trap and told his relatives and his organization in the most special way.

Ksenia was taken away by the cooperation of Tenkovsky and the enemy Beria nodded, he was full of gratitude to Dimilenko But what should we do here Comrade Stalin is awaiting our report.Tell Comrade Stalin that we are hunting the enemy all over the city, and we need some scapegoats now Six hundred and sixty five.Deputy Director Timilenko The bombing of the Moscow Third Military Factory has become a major event in Moscow recently.Failures on the battlefield can be concealed, but they are directly seen by countless Muscovites.The matter could not be covered up at all.Soon, major newspapers in Moscow published similar news, because a certain worker did not operate properly, resulting in an explosion in the third military factory, but with the efforts of the comrades of the workers, The loss was reduced to a minimum.

When the news of the failure of the 56th Army and the 81st Armored Army came, Vasilevsky quickly He understands the mystery.But he has no good solution.He has a solution to any unexpected situation on the battlefield, but this is the only thing he can t do.Even after he heard that Voroshilov began to use After the attack of large scale group crowd tactics, he can only let Voroshilov do what he wants to do.For the current Soviet army, Vasilevsky has already done his own thing.He succeeded The skeleton baron was brought into the encirclement.And the honor of the final victory must be left to Comrade Stalin s trusted Marshal Voroshilov Khrushchev also understood the reasons.From the emotional and practical point of view, he was more inclined to Marshal Vasilevsky to personally blitz d8 cbd gummies reviews command the battle, but intellectually, he was unable to do so.

After seeing the manuscript of what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms this book, Lenin gave a high evaluation and wrote a preface for this book.He was one of the main leaders of the Comintern.Before the establishment of the Communist International, he was entrusted by Comrade Lenin to participate in the preparatory work.At the First Congress of the Communist International, he was appointed as the reporter of the Program of Action of the are cbd gummies legal in virginia Communist International.At the end of the Congress he was appointed member of the Executive Committee of the Comintern and one of the leaders of the Executive Board.At the Second Congress of the Communist International, he was elected Vice Chairman of the Communist International, and was elected as a member of the Executive Committee, a member of the Presidium and Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist International in several subsequent congresses.

afternoon.Marshal Ernst Brahm ordered to shrink the troops and concentrate on several main positions on the second line for tenacious the same time.The continuous offensive of the Terek River Army of the Soviet Army finally achieved results, and the Viking Division also retreated to the second line position.Voroshilov finally saw the hope of victory When Varennikov was about to report to him the results of the battle and the number of casualties, he was interrupted coldly by Voroshilov Caught Ernst.Bram no Seeing that his chief of staff shook his head, Voroshilov continued to say coldly Then, don t tell me the results i got high off of cbd gummies of the battle, and don t tell me the number of casualties Yes, Comrade Marshal.Valennikov immediately said Just received the news that Dawamirsky was shot, and he didn t even get to see Marshal Vasilevsky Hearing his enemy Finally got rid of, Voroshilov s face did not have any joy Comrade Chief of Staff, now we are sent to a big furnace Moscow has met all our requirements, If we i got high off of cbd gummies can t win again, then you and I will be the next Davamirsky Varennikov couldn t help shivering Moscow has everything we need Request, if we fail to win again, then you and I will be the next Davamirski Yes, Comrade Marshal s words are not wrong, everyone knows the consequences of not being able to win Voroshilov stood there for a while, then continued i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy in his nonchalant tone Have our new reinforcements arrived on the battlefield Here we are, Comrade Marshal.

Not only is this the most important supply location, but if the Germans gain a firm foothold here, they can continue to launch raids on the remaining small ports.In such a situation, all the supplies of the entire Stalingrad will be completely and completely cut off.That s not what they want to see.Under the strictest order of Marshal Vasilevsky, the Soviet army launched an almost crazy offensive They once again charged without hesitation in their lives, and attacked without hesitation in casualties.A large number of officers also directly invested in the attack.In the ranks of the charge, what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms do not consider the enemy s artillery fire, do not consider the enemy s bullets.They are not fighting for any belief at this time, but are fighting for direct survival.The battle that took place here on the 22nd.

On the battlefield where he appeared, there was nothing he could not accomplish.He saved Germany again just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies and again, and continued to lead Germany forward until they reached the place they dreamed of.When the moment of victory really comes, no one will be surprised, it seems that all this is a matter of course.Only he can do it Adolf F hrer.Hitler sent an impassioned telegram, in which he praised Baron Alexon and the heroic German army for the victory brought to Germany at length, and he looked forward to seeing Moscow with his own eyes soon.He even said.With Baron Alexon, all he has to do in the head of state s office every day is to wait for the victory news.The Great Berliner Zeitung also published a front page smile cbd gummies reviews with a photo of the battlefield.on the photo.A German marshal is standing on a tank, with his arms raised straight to the front, commanding the German soldiers to move forward bravely.

It is incomparable to the Republic He carefully introduced the Han i got high off of cbd gummies Empire to Caesar.This also made Caesar listen very carefully.and Nelia.Like all Romans, they all believed that the Republic was the most powerful country, but what they didn t expect was that in this Ernst.In Bram s mouth, there is actually an empire that far surpasses the Republic.Caesar pondered and asked What about their army Their army is amazing.Wang Weiyi made no secret Their metallurgy is ashamed.There are also many types of weapons, from siege to The division from the category to field warfare is extremely detailed.With the disappearance of Wisłoujście Festival i got high off of cbd gummies chariot warfare, weapons suitable for horse warfare have prospered, ranging from cavalry spears to infantry crossbows.All of them were produced for horse warfare.And there have been weapons for delaying the enemy.

Although Guo Yunfeng is also tall, he is still half a head behind Marris, and he is definitely not as burly and huge as Marris.But on Guo Yunfeng s face, you can t see any fear at all.Standing there with his two swords in hand, he was so peaceful that no matter how noisy the surroundings were, it would never affect him.The two stood facing each other, and for a moment, everything around them became so quiet. Maurice sized up the opponent standing in front of him, dismissing it at all.In his opinion, it would not take much time.This person will fall under his giant sword like all his previous opponents.He suddenly let out a terrifying roar, i got high off of cbd gummies then raised his huge sword and rushed towards Guo Yunfeng viciously.He rushed so hard that even the ground seemed to shake a little. just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies Anyone, perhaps from now on, will be shocked by Maurice s aura.

But where is Dadarit i got high off of cbd gummies now Dear Centurion, our leader is attacking the leader of the mob, Ernst Charles Man said respectfully, and then pointed to a certain place on the battlefield Honorable Centurion, it s right there, come and see.Selms walked over unknowingly, i got high off of cbd gummies followed his finger Looking in the direction But at this Wisłoujście Festival i got high off of cbd gummies moment, something that made all the Romans unbelievable happened the dagger in i got high off of cbd gummies Charlemagne s hand pierced deeply into the body of Senlms You Selms clutched his bleeding stomach in pain, and staggered a few steps.Angrily pointed at Charlemagne.For German Charlemagne uttered such a loud call For German All the Hessian warriors broke out in such a cry that the Romans were terrified.The unsuspecting attack happened Those Hessians picked up their weapons and stabbed fiercely at the Romans around them, the Roman soldiers just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies who had already let down their vigilance.

He gritted his teeth Retreat, retreat to the woods The Saxons began to retreat, but this aroused the cheers of the Romans.They didn t want to give up such a great opportunity at all.To the massacre of Roman soldiers.Gaius looked at the battlefield with satisfaction, and Tenadus said flatteringly, My lord consul.Congratulations to your unit for another great victory.It s nothing.Gaius i got high off of cbd gummies concealed Self satisfied We haven t killed all these barbarians.We haven t really won yet.But they have nowhere to escape.Tenadus said with a smile I am in the territory of barbarians.After staying for a long super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies time, I already know everything about can you legally buy cbd gummies in fl them.No matter where they go, I have a way to find them, my respected consul.Gaius nodded, Caesar had arranged for a long i got high off of cbd gummies time among the barbarians This pawn is finally going to super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies play a huge role The sun is shining in the woods, but for the Saxons, the sun is full of blood.

Come to do it for himself, in fact, the original idea was just to save some face of his defeat in front of the barbarians, but what he didn t expect was that.The leader of the barbarians actually came Of course I will come, Caesar Wang Weiyi told his enemy loudly When you sent me an invitation, I decided that I would definitely come.There is nothing more interesting than seeing Caesar go out.I am not worried that you will hurt Me.If Caesar is such a person, then he is not worthy to be king Caesar laughed out loud Should I call you Ernst, or should I call you an illegal barbarian consul I He is the consul of the legitimate Germanic Union Wang Weiyi i got high off of cbd gummies told Caesar firmly Although this is called the province of Germania by you, it will always be the land of the Germans.Do they have the right to choose their own consul I have the right to do whatever I want.

They safely handed over the convoy to the Americans.It s just that they probably don t even dream of it in their dreams, disaster is coming to them Schrottenburg has fallen asleep, and a few dim lights are dancing in the dark night.Occasionally, a few night birds fluttered and flew up, but they couldn t disturb the tranquility of the night.At this time, more than thirty ghosts appeared.Wang Weiyi feels that he is lucky for the first battle in the true sense of this era, now.The entire team has been completely controlled in his hands.The trucks have been assembled, and the explosives have been placed one by one Once there is an explosion, it must be earth shattering.Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side and nodded to him.Wang Weiyi smiled and jumped into a truck first, and Guo Yunfeng quickly sat in the co pilot seat.

Finished.He put the muzzle of a gun on Peter s throat.Then he pulled the trigger.Peter died.When he died, his face was full of surprise, shock, and disbelief.When a legendary figure suddenly appeared In front of him, anyone would have such an expression.Wang Weiyi put down Peter s body and stood up.Guo Yunfeng walked over There are twelve people in total, and none of them survived.I said, 12 more American soldiers will die.Wang Weiyi looked at the tank.It was an m60 tank.There were four members.This is probably a coincidence.There were exactly four people here.Those corpses were hastily disposed of.Until now, Carl.Colonel Chelus has not yet recovered from .

can you bring cbd gummies to peru?

the shock.The three guys in front of him, led by Major Moyol, are simply three killing machines.Their movements are fast, neat, simple and practical, and they don t even need a commander before shooting.

He walked into the Fuhrer s office again, and on the walls here were also huge portraits of Ernst Brahm and Adolf Hitler.It s just that the previous owner here has already escaped.Kroller, Wolfe and others have already escaped, and I am doing my best to organize the arrest.Fels, who followed Wang Weiyi back to the Empire State Building, said There are several secret escape channels in the Empire State Building, and we still i got high off of cbd gummies have to I m looking for it.I can tell you where those secret passages are.Wang Weiyi said lightly When designing the Empire State Building, the designers had made some worst possible assumptions.So they designed These emergency escape routes, but I didn t expect that they would be used by Keluer.As he spoke, his expression changed The whole city arrests Keluer and his accomplices.

Claire said gratefully.Combat is almost imminent.Here, William was able to command only a hundred or so men.But the other party has far stronger troops and firepower than them.In order to buy as much time as possible for Kroll, i got high off of cbd gummies William was almost desperate there He desperately commanded his soldiers to shoot, and even shot a subordinate who tried to escape because of this.For him, his own life is the least important thing.He chose to stand firmly on Kellor s side.Regardless of whether such a choice is right or wrong, at least he is still a respectable officer.But the firepower of the pursuers was extremely fierce, and there were fewer and fewer soldiers around William who could continue to fight, and even William himself was injured.But William heaved a long sigh of relief.He persisted here for nearly ten minutes.

After the Blizzard operation started, he originally planned to attack the enemy s position for the first time and perform well in front of the allied forces, but what he didn t expect was that he was the first to 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies suffer failure.And then General Garden s phone call arrived.On the phone, General Garden sternly asked why Italy didn t wait for the general attack order to start before launching an attack.General Catavasso, on the other hand, justified himself, because he found that the enemy was preparing to flee, which was the best opportunity to strike in advance.Faced with Catavaso s plausible words, Garden hesitated instead So what s the current battle situation What is the current battle i got high off of cbd gummies situation The current battle situation is that under the attack of the German artillery, the Italian officers are fleeing in embarrassment, and the Italian soldiers are fleeing in embarrassment.

Research.In the United States, such work is carried out very smoothly.A large number of American spies are active all over the world, especially in Germany.Due to the existence of Kroller, Germany has become a paradise for American spies.When the German American all out war broke out In the end, Germany hardly had any secrets from the United States.Yes, old boy.General Fels replied very positively In fact, we have known the existence of this spy for a long time, but we don t know who he is and what kind of activities he uses.However, the current situation has improved.With the downfall of Kroller, some top secret information has fallen into our hands.We have conducted a rigorous analysis and gained some understanding of some of the behavior and habits of the old boy , and is intensely arresting It would be great if Riley was still alive, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought.

Hey, Ham, are you a soldier Hearing that the Baron recognized him immediately, Ham seemed a little excited Yes, Mr.Baron, I m a soldier.Ah, Monsieur Baron, I never thought you were a Baron.They were my companions, Jason cbd gummies in asheville nc and Omi, both of whom had come from Schrothenburg and joined the SS Youth Division together.Congratulations, loyal soldiers of the empire Wang Weiyi respectfully saluted them.Perhaps they did not expect the Baron to salute them.The three young men were a little at a loss, and hurriedly returned the salute Thank you, Mr.Baron.No, I should thank you.Wang Weiyi smiled and said In your presence At this age, you should be on the campus of the university instead of serving in the army.But now we are very short of manpower, and we have to set up a youth division again.But I can assure you that when the war is over, I will definitely let you go back From the school.

Ah, yes, indeed, the Field Marshal appeared in Aswan alone.No, no, I absolutely That s right.The Field Marshal appeared in Aswan by himself, without a single guard.What Miracle Ah, yes, I don t know what to say but a miracle.German Waffen SS Major Ludmann, commander of the SS Second Assault Brigade of the 9th Hohenstaufen Armored Division of the Army, December 1965.The fighting on the outskirts of Aswan ended with a German victory.Now, Ludman must set his sights on Aswan.The desert is really a wonderful place.It s so cold at night that it makes you miserable, but during the day, the temperature rises sharply again.This is great news for both defenders and attackers.Several German just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies fighter planes appeared in the sky, and then bombed Aswan desperately.This was hard to see before Berlin.Soon, several U.

Shedevso Shedevsov brought Zaitsov and a dozen of them to a house at the train station.Shedevsov kicked open the door and rushed in.The enemies inside were knocked down to the ground without any defense.They were just about to clear the house.A hiding The submachine gunner in the corner caught them off i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy guard.At this moment, a soldier stuck his gun in through a hole in the wall and shot the enemy away.Jelden came to the front of a room with the submachine gun in his hand and shot An American soldier who was about to rush out was killed.Zaitsev and Kinot had a gun battle with the American soldiers on the stairs.They were inseparable for a while, and in a hurry.Second Lieutenant Shedevsov took off his helmet and threw it up.Due to the darkness, Under the dim light, the U.S.military didn t see what it was.

There are always sharp contradictions Are you worried about whether they will work together Wang Weiyi immediately understood the meaning of Karenbu s words.Kalumbu nodded, and Wang Weiyi pondered for a while Since they can work together to capture Levto, I believe they can also guard there together.Kalumbu, is the contradiction between the SS and the Wehrmacht prominent Overall, it didn t happen a lot, but it did exist in some elite SS units, especially the units like the Brandenburg Commando that had repeatedly made military exploits in World War II.Lunbu said frankly In fact, such contradictions existed when the SS was formally established, and they have not been well resolved.But the victory of the year covered up these contradictions, and there were still so many problems in Germany at that time.

Prior to this, the heavy losses of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Army, which had been the main force, made their commander, Lieutenant General Taborski, cry several times.What was even more frightening was that the 26th Armored Brigade, which had not been used, was put into service.The battlefield turned out to be all dedicated to the Germans, which was simply unacceptable to Taborski.And now the attack of the Baron s Guard has arrived an attack as unstoppable as Thor s hammer.Those swaggering German tanks and assault guns quickly formed a terrifying barrage in the first place.Flames and explosions intertwined on the battlefield.The Russians of the 13th Armored Division in chaos had lost the confidence to continue fighting.A large number of Russian tanks were quickly destroyed.As for super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies the surviving tanks, some of the tank soldiers even gave up fighting and got out of the tanks and scattered.

With the support of Germany, he became the Minister of Defense.He is a staunch pro German faction and has very sharp contradictions with Bierstoka.At that time, because of the relationship between Germany, Bierstoka had nothing to do with him.But when the war broke out, Kerkrok was quickly relieved of his duties.Now he has become a general counsel of the Ministry of Defense with no power.Wang Weiyi asked coldly Didn t he stop Russia s war against Germany According to my information, it is very likely that Kerkorok was under house arrest before the war broke out.Xiao Ling quickly said But the specifics, you have to ask him in front of him.Rambler, the interior of the Russian Empire.There are many people who are your old friends.I think your trip to Moscow this time will have a good harvest Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Where is Migroski from the Castel Group What kind of person is he Migroski, full name Miglia Andronico Migroski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Castel Group.

If it is true what Mr.Peter Goff said, then his grandfather The luck is amazing Seeing that the other party fell into his own lies step by step, Wang Weiyi continued Although Mrs.Hermione is upright, she has never been married and only has one nephew, William Wittgenstein.The current President of the United States, I think you should also know this.certainly.She also had a faithful successor, the equally respectable Mr Elliott.After Mrs.Hermione unfortunately left us, Mr.Elliot took charge of the entire family.My grandfather and father were also rewarded for their loyalty to the family.Mr.Elliot generously bestowed on us according to Mrs.Hermione s last wish.A few fritters and a lot of wealth, I can t say the exact figure, my preliminary estimate is about 200 million US dollars or more Migroski, Ivan, and Tatiana gasped at the same time Take a breath.

Kiritz asked the first company to guard the first line of defense, and the second company to guard the second line of defense.The third company was on standby i got high off of cbd gummies in the air raid shelter as a reserve team.Twenty minutes later, when the American artillery fire When the extended shooting began, Kiritz ordered the company and the company to enter the position immediately.After leaving the air raid shelter, a burning smell came out, and the outside world was beyond recognition.Only a few trees were still burning in the lush forest.The bald wood, the Model assault gun hidden there has become a pile of scrap 30 cbd gummies iron.A second lieutenant ran over in a panic and reported to Kiritz Sir American tanks Boom a shell flew over.The deputy of the SS squad following Kieritz had half of his head cut off by shrapnel.

I think you should understand what I mean Like your son will suddenly Missing, like your sister will get sicker No, you can t do that.Nayekova and Djoswa cried out.As I said, I don t want to do this at all.Wang Weiyi said with a faint smile But it depends on you, not me.Do you really think Gregory can protect you You die, and he won t even shed a tear.I was thinking again, why do you want to do the dangerous job of bodyguard It is nothing more than to support the family.A son and a sister need your support.Ah, I think that should win you your allegiance to me.At his signal, two bags were placed in front of them.After opening, the bags were filled with dollars.The dollar is the most circulated currency in the world.Wang Weiyi picked up a stack of US dollars This is what I use to show you goodwill.

This is all the armor power in their hands, of course artillery is indispensable.On the periphery of the position, they spent the past few days digging 3 anti tank trenches, and laid minefields on all roads.They were ordered to stick to it for 5 days.But the U.S.military s order was not intercepted, and the translator learned that the German positions were conquered within 2 days.At noon, the U.S.military finally arrived.Numerous heavy artillery bombarded the German positions for as long as 3 hours.Due to the advance arrangements and the realization of intelligence obtained from local personnel, the German army was already in thick bunkers, and the casualties were not very large.Under such circumstances, the U.S.military lined up in a dense formation and advanced towards the German army.In front of the infantry, tanks and artillery moved slowly behind.

However, out of contempt and distrust for the Italian army, Lieutenant General Corrett never used it after the battle broke out.troops.However, the current situation is completely unreasonable, and Lieutenant General Corrett had to activate the Italian Akmote Armored Division.When receiving the order, the Italian general Taziwona was a little complacent.These arrogant Yankees always think how great they are.Now, should they finally bow their heads to the Italians Show them what the Italians are really capable of General Taziwona s courage is commendable, but he overlooked a small problem the combat effectiveness and determination of the troops.When General Taziwona gave the battle order, the Italian officers and soldiers of the Akmote Armored Division were playing a game that is popular all over the world and is also the favorite game of Italians football This is a tradition of the division.

As for their officers, they are probably more proficient at balls than they are at commanding wars The war has just begun, and one after another just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies calls for help have reached General Nestasrov in the headquarters.All the calls, without exception, were telling General Nestasrov how fierce the German offensive was.The heavy casualties of the soldiers also made General Nestasrov very troubled.what can you do How can you solve the problem The combat quality of the Russians is obvious, and it cannot be solved immediately by you alone.The only order General Nestasrov can give is one stand there firmly.Let the Germans go no further It is very easy to give the order, but it is obviously extremely difficult to do it During the attack of the artillery shells, the tank began to take heavy steps, and accompanied by the infantry, it launched a terrible move forward.

Even at this time, Volyn Katzky was still trying to boost morale Soon, the enemy s new attack will come Come on, Ralph.A staff sergeant called Warren Katzky s alias here listlessly Why do we need to check We only have these broken weapons and not much ammunition.Anyway, the enemy will start attacking again in a while.We don t know what to do.How many people can survive.A great sadness rose in Volyn Katzky s heart Morale had fallen to the bottom Hey, hey, the enemy is coming up.Get ready to fight A second lieutenant who temporarily commanded the face yelled loudly.The company commander was killed in the morning.Warren Katzky quickly rushed to his machine gun money.At this time, he felt that he was relatively lucky, at least he what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms could continue to fight with the soldiers.No one knows his real identity, all people only i got high off of cbd gummies know that his name is Ralph , and he is a new machine gunner just sent by the superior.

Wang Weiyi didn t care much about Ukraine s victory.This was the victory he expected.Now, his only concern is the further development of the war situation.Your Excellency the Baron, I just received news from the front.Karenbu quickly appeared in front of Wang Weiyi, pointing to the map and said The Brandenburg Commando and Sweet Commando, as well as the Bulgarian 12th Army have already Launch an assault on Orbjok, if Orbjok falls into our hands, Kursk will face our blow directly Kursk, Kursk.Wang Weiyi muttered the name again During World War II, we launched a shocking tank battle in Kursk, starting from Kharkov.Yes, you personally led the Kharkov counterattack.Karenbu said respectfully.Then let s start again.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face Let the Ukrainian 1st Division move immediately and move towards Orbjok at full speed.

Without looking back, they didn t have to go i got high off of cbd gummies into that room anymore And inside, a knife was placed on Gregory s tentacle He also knows very well that at this time, it is best for him to pick up i got high off of cbd gummies this knife and end his life without hesitation He picked up the knife with trembling hands, and aimed it at His hearthis hands were trembling.His whole body was tremblingthe knife stayed on Gregory s heart for more than ten minutes, and then.He understood one thing, what Baron Alexon said was not wrong, he really didn t have the courage to commit suicide He threw away the knife in his hand in frustration, and then rummaged around the room frantically.He hoped to find one or two valuable things, but he was once again disappointed.The cleanliness here is more thorough than his pockets The Baron, nothing was left for him He thought of a very serious question, how can he survive in the future Wisłoujście Festival i got high off of cbd gummies Gregory will never be able to give himself an answer A few months later, an old man appeared on the streets of Moscow A beggar, he can i pass a drug test taking cbd gummies doesn t even have the skills to beg, and he always gets less than his companions every time, and sometimes he can t even get a little food.

Steinman had been observing the battle just now with a telescope in the bunker in the distance, with a calm expression, he slowly put down the telescope, turned and walked to a large table in the bunker, and picked up a cup full of coffee Romeo, you A masterpiece.Wei Weiyun took a sip and put it back on the table I haven t seen such a spectacular sight for many years.Your and my masterpiece, this kind of thing should be Xikong for you Germans Are you used to it Romeo said casually with his back to Steinman.Steinman sneered and threw a salt flake into his mouth Romeo, what are you going to do next Steinman understood Romeo s meaning, this ambush was planned by Steinman, and this kind of mass killing, People often have the impression that only the German army can do it, and this ambush and the tragedy of the outer positions made the German army impress Romeo with a poor impression of a slaughter machine.

He couldn t be sure whether the information was true.Only Ren and Reaper knew it.He had to avoid all accidents.After the three phone calls, he felt a little relieved.He casually asked Xiao Ling to do something for him There are still internal problems.So many things have happened in the past twenty years War can completely expose some things that would not have been exposed Max is back, and he found the i got high off of cbd gummies do five cbd gummies get you high The briefcase also brought back the arsenic that Wang Weiyi needed.Wang Weiyi returned to the room where Ren was imprisoned, put the arsenic in front of Ren, sat down, and opened the briefcase.There was a All the documents marked the location of the weapons and equipment of the Constance base, some of them are very accurate, but some have some major deviations.Wang Weiyi s heart is relieved At least it can be confirmed that the harvester It s not the core class of Germany, otherwise it would be too scary.

Listen, Arklet, we re going to help you retrieve the bullet later.And we won t use anesthesia.You have to hold back, because it will be very painful.Torres said while changing sanitary gloves.Taylor, come here and help us hold him down.Mahjong, help me open his wound later.Taylor came over, threw the rifle on his back, and then freed his hands to hold down Akrit tightly.Pozik took off his tactical gloves, removed the kneepad and leggings from Arkrit s right leg, and then tore open the hem of his right leg with a hiss.Bloody wounds were exposed.Get ready, I count to three.Arklit raised his head to look at his wound, his face was pale, panting heavily, waiting what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms for the great pain.Tyler immediately reached out and covered his eyes.Three Torres looked up at Pozik and winked at Pozik.In response, Pozik nodded.

They think that this strategy can always make the enemies who come to invade i got high off of cbd gummies after entering the defensive circle suffer from, using this strategy to fight the US military will not gain the slightest advantage.The U.S.military has firm goals and quite flexible tactics.They have a clear division of labor, they will not flinch, and they will not be messed up by some harassing cold shots.Creak creak The enemy armored vehicle moved its four ugly mechanical legs and slowly climbed up like a turtle.Chris stuffed an armor piercing round behind the butt of the rocket launcher, then raised the rocket launcher, carried it on his shoulder, leaned out from the corner under the cover of fire from his brothers, and knelt on one knee.Watch out for the tail flame I m going to fire He lightly squeezed the trigger.

He started Some are eager for quick success, wishing to overthrow the Khatri government in a bloody 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies way right now.This is very surprising.Have you noticed the change in Yetiri Wang Weiyi asked eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit with a smile.Found it.There was also a smile on the corner of Lantes mouth He put himself under the fire of where can you buy uly cbd gummies the enemy.Now, the French government is so desperate to catch Yetiri, and his reward has reached a very high level.Price, I m cbd gummies essential tremors thinking, if he was caught, he wouldn t even get a trial, but would have been shot straight away.So, who will take his place at that time Wang Weiyi s smile looked a little weird Is it someone who didn t have much reputation before, or was he a student and close friend of his Mr.Lantes, are you ready Lontes became excited at once The thing he had been waiting for might be about to happen He respectfully said to the baron Your Excellency, for what you have done I do these things, I do not know how to repay, I know, no matter what kind of repayment can not express my gratitude, you will what is cbd gummies hemp bombs not see it.

But what I can guarantee is that no matter what happens in the future, I will always follow by your side That s what I want.Wang Weiyi stopped his smile A loyal person will get what he deserves.I will push you to a position that you can t even believe in yourself.I will make you the focus of the whole of Europe, but all I need is your loyalty.Maybe it s too early for me to say these words, but I must ask you to make some serious promises to me He didn t say what kind of promise it was, but Lantes quickly understood, he stood up, and then said with an unusually serious attitude Your Excellency the Baron, I swear to you, Lantes, you are the best A loyal follower, a person who is grateful to super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies you, no matter where I go in super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies the future, I will not betray Germany, I will do my best to make all my contributions to Germany, France is my motherland , i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy and Germany is the object of my true allegiance five cbd thc gummies Wang Weiyi smiled again.

Orange has left us forever.In the conference room.Langtes said in an extremely heavy tone The intelligence has been confirmed.Mr.Olangier was killed by the secret police.There was a complete silence in the conference room This is really a terrible thing, one after another such excellent comrades fell down like this.And even more worrying.Who will be next Is it yourself Or someone else No one can answer these questions for them.Although Mr.Orange has left us forever, someone must take over the business he left behind.Lantes cheered up his spirit I don t think I need to repeat the importance of the Operations Department he is in charge of.Repeatedly.The wave of the Great Revolution is just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies imminent, and now someone is urgently needed to take over the heavy responsibility of Mr.Orange.Mr.Leader, Dodoan requests to enter the conference room immediately.

savior.Of course, the French National Provisional Assembly seems to have become a villain indistinctly It is conceivable that the organization that General Robito has been loyally defending does not seem to play a very glorious role in this incident RoleParisians are singing the praises of General Robito as the only hope of Franceand the discontent with the Provisional National Assembly is running fast get thicker The suspects were dissatisfied one after another, and the truth was revealed step by step.And the dissatisfaction of the French began to make the members of the National Provisional Assembly feel a little panic These politicians who started their careers by revolution, they are extremely afraid of another uprising.No one knew better than they the horrors of the revolution Arrest them, arrest all those who spread rumors The newspapers headed by these are all rumors.

S.Army Intelligence Agency.The appearance of this dark horse was cbd gummies good vibes a bit surprising.To be honest, no one had even considered the name before.Everyone s focus is on Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed.After all, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s time in London was too short.Probably considering this person s doubts, President cbd pm gummies Fenton said slowly Yes.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has not been in London for a long time, and he does not have an office that really belongs to him in the UK.It is his disadvantage, but it is also his advantage in the current situation.He doesn t have to be distracted by other things.Just do his job well.More importantly, in yesterday s attack, he has already Fully demonstrated my ability.This sentence quickly made everyone think of the horrific attack that just happened yesterday Without Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I can t imagine How many of us will still be sitting here alive.

Singlag solemnly made his promise.A strange smile suddenly appeared on President William s face No.You can t catch him, nobody can catch him.Over the years, many people have wanted to accomplish this goal.But no one has ever been able to do it.Believe me, Singlag, cbd gummies oahu you can t do it any more.Sinrag was a little confused.Since he couldn t catch the Skeleton Baron, why did he have to i got high off of cbd gummies complete this task by himself Your purpose is just to let him know that we have found him.President William s expression became solemn He is a very smart man, his wisdom is beyond the imagination of all of us, once he finds himself in danger.He will quickly leave the source of danger, then our goal has been achieved.Don t expect to arrest or kill him if that s your first thought.Then you will see how ridiculous you are.

Then his only son may be executed, and everything about him will be completely shattered The only one who can save Shukako is me.Wang Weiyi said calmly I can hire the best lawyer.And convince those jurors that Shukka was wronged 25mg cbd gummy bears i got high off of cbd gummies and that he was just a victim as well, and then he will be acquitted, and I think you will be reunited after the war is over.And I m even more sure that after this lesson, your son will be able to grow up, and you won t have to worry about him anymore.The condition is that I fully cooperate with you, right General Gendra guessed the purpose of the other party Let me sell everything I have.Honor, soul, conscience You are wrong, General Gendra.Wang Weiyi said unexpectedly It s not as serious as you imagined.You re probably thinking that when the Germans land in England, I ll tell you to give up your resistance.

Lieutenant Colonel Jansen sighed softly, and then gave the order to evacuate.Dorchester The British city has become the first British city to return to Her Majesty s hands Once again, Her Majesty s banner is seen over the city.And at this moment, looking at the fluttering flag, Romeo suddenly felt like crying.So many days of hard work, so many days of hardship, is it not for this glorious moment He tried his best to calm down his emotions Report to the just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies headquarters that Dorchester is under our control, and we will launch an attack on Weymouth.God bless the queen, God bless England God bless the queen God bless England Cheers came from the mouths of every British soldier, and everyone was expressing all their emotions.Victory march towards new victories until all lands are recovered God bless i got high off of cbd gummies the queen God bless England No matter how much time has passed, all people will remember their exploits They are the guardians of this land super cbd gummies for hair loss i got high off of cbd gummies of England They are the eternal pride in England s history This is October 8, 1966.

Often the Canadians who worked so hard to occupy that building will find that they got nothing here.Frank and his men at this i got high off of cbd gummies time.Completely turned blind.They don t know where the main attack should be, and they don t know when the battle will end.They can t find anyone willing to show them the way, no locals willing to help them.And those damn guerrillas.But they can attack them anytime, anywhere.Frank was now beginning to feel that sending Canadians to suppress the guerrillas might have been a huge mistake.But to be honest, what else could Don Tanner do Bacchus troops were also under attack, and the i got high off of cbd gummies only troops that could be drawn were the Canadians.These i got high off of cbd gummies cbd md gummies troublesome guerrillas.Frank organized a huge force to launch a fierce attack cbd gummie from hemp bulk on Southampton TV station, an important stronghold.The guerrillas with sufficient ammunition actually held i got high off of cbd gummies on to the TV station for an entire hour before evacuating.

Revenge, revenge The anger of revenge filled An Nuo s whole body The camera in Michael s hand faithfully recorded all this.Although his anger was exactly the same as An Nuo s, he had to control himself to fulfill his responsibility as a reporter.He wants to tell all the British what just cbd gummy worms those brutal invaders what effect does cbd gummies have on the body just cbd gummy worms have done Annuo, keep your calm.Wang Weiyi s voice was still so calm This will make everyone completely cut off the last trace just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies of illusion, they will know that their choice is correct, and they will know that they must use Only the most resolute fighting can guarantee their own life and freedom.Even those British who are still serving the invaders will be shaken by this cruel massacre.Yes, Mr.Moyol , just as you said, Southampton, from now on, will become a city of anger An Nuo tried his best to control his emotions As long as there is one of us, the fighting will never stop Forever As long as there is one person alive, the battle will never joy organics cbd gummies 10 mg stop Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice An Nuo s words are beginning to be confirmed.

But there is one thing we will never lose, and that is our fighting spirit No matter what time comes.As long as there is one British person on this earth our country will always exist.Yes, I am more sure of this just cbd gummy worms cbd oil or gummies than anyone else.I praise the spirit of my subjects for fighting to the end, I praise our tenacious fighting spirit, and I also praise our staunchest ally Germany The war is burning all over the world Britain, our buildings have been ruthlessly destroyed, many people no longer have the homes they used to be familiar with, and many people are homeless.But there is one thing I i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy will always believe in.There are so many people in England, we There will be a day when the home can be rebuilt, a day when London can be restored as the economic and political center of the world.I promise, in the name of i got high off of cbd gummies the Queen of England, to each and every one of you The queen s words were met once Cheers again .

where to buy purekana cbd gummies?

and again, the Queen s speech was interrupted again and again.

She believed i got high off of cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies where to buy in the Baron, unconditionally.Maybe this honor of hers would be discussed by future generations, and there would be various objections, but she didn t care Do what you should do.That s all.Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Adolf Hitler and Erwin F.On Rommel s body, the three of them looked at each other and smiled slightly.The war is over though.But there are many, many things to do.Armistice negotiations and post war reconstruction are cbd gummies marijuana are all waiting for them.It s time for them to go back to Germany, where their brothers and their people are waiting for them Ernst.Go back to Germany No.I won t Go back.Then where are you going America.For William i got high off of cbd gummies Yes, no matter what, he is my son.No matter how big a mistake a son makes, his father will forgive him.Ernst, bring Wilhelm to Germany, we know you have the ability.

Wang Weiyi looked at this military base silently.It has accompanied him across countless times and places, and he has been to countless places, and this time will be its last journey.Can I come back in the future Xiao Ling looked reluctant.Of course, why not You can come back whenever you want.This is my military base, in fact, it also belongs to your military base.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Maybe one day we have a whim, and we can come again A time travel is the same as the first time, only you and I travel.Xiao Ling smiled, and she held Wang Weiyi s hand Wanderer, I think this is the last time I call you that.There used to be It is our home, and now we have a new home.It will always be hidden in a place that no one knows except you and me, until you open it again. Go, Leonie and the others still They are waiting for us, there will be a grand reception tonight.