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12.Damn cousins please recommend Erwin Rommel Wang Weiyi never imagined that one day he would be able to stand face to face with this world famous general.Lieutenant Ernst, I have clearly seen the excellent performance of you and your third company in the face of the enemy s new weapons just now.Rommel said with a serious face It is really surprising.New weapons were used in the attack, and our position was breached in several places, but only here, it is remarkable that you and your soldiers have shown such calm.Thank you for the compliment, Erwin Lieutenant.Wang Weiyi said politely This is what a German military officer should do.If you don t mind, I think we can go there and where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies have a good chat.Rommel nodded and followed Wang Weiyi to the corner of the field.The enemy s attack stopped temporarily.The soldier staggered forward, barely trying to make himself stand still, but he couldn t do anything, and then rolled down to the ground, and soon became motionless.Now, Lieutenant Conker is left alone A huge chill emerged from Lieutenant Conk s heart.Eleven people, all eleven people, all of them hill cbd gummies died here.And they didn t even see what the hunter looked like Who is that person in the dark Lieutenant Conker soon knew the answer A figure came out of the hiding place and appeared in Lieutenant Conker s sight.Lieutenant Conker clenched the revolver in his hand in fear.He could see who was standing opposite him It was a German police officer.The German official uniform on his body was already dirty and tattered, but he didn t take it seriously.What surprised Lieutenant Conk the most was the Enfield rifle in the opponent s hand It was this rifle made by the British that took the lives of eleven British soldiers Demon Hunter Wang Weiyi Lieutenant Ernst Brahm Conk s body trembled involuntarily.Xiaoling told Wang Weiyi some etiquette that should be paid attention to, but Wang Weiyi didn t listen to anything.I can t remember so many cumbersome etiquettes.Seeing William II, what should I do or what, what can I think about Guo Yunfeng remained silent as usual, but Hitler kept asking this and that excitedly, and kept asking Wang Weiyi what kind of person His Majesty the Holy Emperor was, as if Wang Weiyi and Wilhelm II were old acquaintances Finally entered Berlin, when you came to the Brandenburg Gate, you will see the famous kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies four bronze horse statues of the goddess.This statue, which was completed more than a hundred years ago, still looks so shocking.Lived in the hotel, now waiting for someone to call.Prince Joachim s twenty sixth birthday was a great event in Berlin.Coupled with the victory of the counteroffensive on the Somme, the whole of Berlin looked beaming.If you choose Russia as the enemy, you must concentrate all the forces that can be concentrated, completely defeat them with a thunderous and lightning like offensive, and do not give them any chance to breathe.This will be the only chance for Germany to win The last few words were imagined by Hitler himself based on the words of Lieutenant Ernst.He thought Lieutenant Ernst would say so.Hitler had an almost blind admiration for Wang Weiyi, and he firmly believed what Wang Weiyi said.Every word, even if he had to earth fare cbd gummies choose between Lieutenant Ernst and Field Marshal Hindenburg, he would rather trust Lieutenant Ernst.Hitler thought that a small person like himself should worry about the relationship between countries.The big fact is too ridiculous, but God knows if one day this diary will come in handy.Leoni admired heartily Even if I don t know who reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies the mysterious donor is, what I never imagined is that his descendants are sitting in front of me.Ah, we have a toast to your grandfather.Leonie s view of Wang Weiyi has completely changed.Before Wang Weiyi was canonized as a baron, he was just a commoner, but he didn t expect him to be cbd gummy side effects on kidneys so interested in music and Mendelssohn, just like the Countess.And what is even more unexpected is that his grandfather has made such a great contribution to the German music industry.Even a real nobleman is completely inferior to Baron Alexson s family Baron Alexon, you let me cbd cbn cbg gummies In awe.Leonie said seriously Maybe people don t know about it, but I have heard countless people say that if it weren t for the generous donation from the mysterious person back then, maybe there would be no Leipzig Conservatory of Music today.Sometimes, he can use some privileges General von Rauch , I am Ernst kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies from the Supplementary Battalion of the 16th the best cbd gummies dog Infantry Regiment.Ah, Baron Alexon, I have just received a letter from Fritz, and this nephew of mine is very appreciative of you.Do you want to come to me directly Yes, General, I am going to retake position D9. D9 position you wait a minute.There was no sound on the other end of the phone.Wang Weiyi knew that the general was there to let his subordinates check cbd sour rainbow ribbons gummies justcbd smokiez gummies cbd the information.After waiting patiently for a while, the voice of General von Rauch came again Ernst, are you really going to do this The enemies out there are stronger than you.Yes, General, I am prepared to do so, and my troops have entered the attack mode.Then you contact me directly, do you need any help from me Yes, general, after earth fare cbd gummies six hours, I need ten minutes of artillery coverage.Are you sure I am sure Adolf Hitler replied so affirmatively I even begged Hall, who Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies was still a sergeant at the time, to let me pick up Captain Ernst, but Hall flatly rejected my earth fare cbd gummies plea.Everyone present in the entire third company can Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies attest to this.I respect Lieutenant Hall, but earth fare cbd gummies in this case, he is a shameless deserter Schlaf s gaze turned to Hall Second Lieutenant Hall, is Mr.Adolf Hitler s words made up Hall was silent for a long time, and shook his green rooster 1 10 peach mango cbd gummies head with difficulty.Traitor coward deserter Loud cursing has been heard from the auditorium.Whether Ernst Brahm is guilty or innocent is hard to say for the time being, but Hall s despicable things have completely angered the Germans who were observing.Especially those aristocrats who had status, most of them had maintained sympathy for Baron Alexon, but now Hitler s words aroused their anger towards Hall even more.He could feel Elena s body trembling, but where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies there was no resistance.Wars will kill people, but wars will end one day.At that time, all of us can go home.Wang Weiyi comforted in a low voice Forget about this now, and sleep well in earth fare cbd gummies my arms.You will forget all the unpleasant things when you wake up tomorrow.Elena closed her eyes meekly.The stars in the sky became brighter and hundred and seventeen.Code name Rage All in one is move in ready The cannon opened where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies its bloody mouth wide open, staring at the front covetously.In Reims, the Germans and the French have been fighting for a long time, and no one can make a further breakthrough, earth fare cbd gummies and a stalemate has formed.The daily shelling and attacks on both sides have almost become routine.But today is different.The artillery and soldiers of the six regiments gathered by the German army all entered the designated positions.As soon as he entered the tank, Rommel briefly asked the tank soldier how where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies to start the tank, and then smiled and said, Thank you, sir.I Before the tank soldier could speak, he had already suffered a blow to his head.With a heavy blow, he fainted on the ground Fritz, help me throw him out.Rommel greeted Manstein who entered the tank, and started the tank The tanks of Wang earth fare cbd gummies Weiyi and Orcus started at the same time Just as Guderian was about to jump into the tank, a French captain rushed over Hey, who are you He was answered by a gunshot, and the captain fell to the ground in pain, clutching his abdomen We are Germans.Gudelina muttered, and then quickly entered the tank.The riding environment inside the tank is not so pleasant.Dirty and messy, the air is turbid, so some people say that you must not fart in the tank, otherwise all the people in the tank will surrender without the enemy s action The strange situation here finally aroused the French Watch out, a lot of soldiers are starting to come here.

Richthofen Is a very smart man.He fully understands the meaning of breaking money and eliminating disasters.Let him go.Wang Weiyi waved his hand Baron Albrecht, we are not forcing you.I did it voluntarily, it is simply my honor.Richthofen said seriously.This crisis is over Richthofen forgot in a blink of an eye, hooked Rommel s neck and asked with a smirk Erwin, is your fianc e beautiful Hey, Don t get me wrong, I just want to know if there are any pretty girls in Danzig.Let s go, Manfred.Wang Weiyi threw his coat to the Red Baron.Richthofen put on his clothes Sandra, goodbye.Goodbye, Ernst.As soon as Sandra said this, Richthofen shivered, damn it, he should be well Why are you saying goodbye to this woman Wang Weiyi remembered immediately, seeing Richthofen trying to escape, he took a step forward, hooked his shoulder and walked out Manfred, we have to talk in privateI hear you have a nice horse Hey Ernst, I just borrowed your name I think my name is tarnished, A horse seems to make up for my wounded heart Ernst, you are too shameless The villagers stared dumbfounded at the group of smiling German soldiers leaving.Xiao Ling said very seriously After Riley spent a period of debauchery in St.Petersburg, he returned to London and reconnected with the British intelligence agency.According to the regulations of the British intelligence agency, rogues like Riley who are not led, not easily restrained, and do not have strict organizational discipline cannot become its members.However, the British intelligence agency is more tolerant of Riley and continues to reuse him.Because he can get information that ordinary spies can t get Wang Weiyi thought of something faintly, but he didn t say it.Xiao Ling solemnly said He also did very successfully in Germany.On the eve of the outbreak of World War I, the British Intelligence Agency sent Riley to Germany to collect intelligence.After arriving in Germany, Riley was ordered to steal information on the Krupp arsenal.Officer, no Wang Weiyi shoved the gold coins into Anna s hands without any excuse These will explode soon, as soon as possible Let s go.Mr.Officer, will we meet again Anna, who was full of affection for the German military officer, asked reluctantly.I don t know, maybe it will.Maybe it won t.Wang Weiyi didn t want to deceive her Anna, many things will happen in Russia in the future, remember my words, follow the people who hold power, and you can protect yourself Anna didn t know why Mr.Moral Officer said that, she nodded with half understanding It wasn t until she left Kasmidov that Anna remembered that she hadn t There was time to ask Mr.Officer s name.She only knew that the man was called Mr.German Inspector Everyone was ready, and Colonel Sergei came over.Respectfully said Major Ernst, we can set off.Kelly told her new Chinese friend honestly Qingdao is occupied by the Japanese, and those Japanese are very bad and fierceChina is at war everywhere, today you hit me, tomorrow I will Hit youa man named Yuan Shikai became the president and later became the emperor, but not long after the Battle of Verdun in Europe, Emperor Yuan abdicated and died later, everyone I wanted to be the president, but I elected a man named Li Yuanhong to sit in that position, but many people still refused to accept him Kelly carefully told Guo Yunfeng what she knew before leaving China.In the past, Guo Yunfeng didn t earth fare cbd gummies want to pay attention to these things at all.What does this have to do with ordinary people like himself But now, every word Kelly said makes him listen with gusto.It s news from his own country What about you How did you become the second lieutenant of the Germans After talking about what she knew, Kelly asked strangely.I was a laborer, and then I met Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Guo Yunfeng also roughly said what he knew.Kelly I was very surprised and unbelievable to hear that a laborer from China has now become an officer of the Germans.Do you want to stay in Germany forever Kelly asked suddenly.No, I want to go home, I think about going home every day Guo Yunfeng said in a daze But I can t go now, the war is not over yet, I have to fight with you.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst together The Lieutenant Colonel promised me that as soon as the war was over, he would personally send me home The Lieutenant Colonel said he would do it After finishing speaking, he stood up Kelly, come with me.Without further ado, he brought Kelly to Rommel, regardless of earth fare cbd gummies whether he could understand or not Captain, you have to release nurse Kelly.Quickly occupy the earth fare cbd gummies market.What we have gained is far beyond what the lost money can compare to Elena suddenly realized, and Wang Weiyi couldn t help but sigh in his heart, as Xiao Ling said, Will Tinland was the one who brought Montagut to life.A business genius who turned a brand produced in an obscure family workshop into an international brand.From then earth fare cbd gummies on, under his leadership, Montagut will rise in an unstoppable way On this point, I can say He is not as good as him at all, he can be invincible on the battlefield, but in business, he is not at the same level as him All this is entirely based on the support of a large amount earth fare cbd gummies cbd only gummies of money, And all of this was brought to me by you, Major.I wouldn t be able to do this without the money you gave us in Lance, said Will, with infinite gratitude.By the way, your investment is not paying you back right now No hurry, I m not in a hurry to get a return so soon.A series of words made Wang Weiyi a little overwhelmed Her name is Elena, Heinrich G.Elena, is she from the Livinsky family Now that he has left the battlefield, Mr.Reporter, she and I forcibly crossed the Marne River.All of Beasley s curiosity was tuned up.God, a girl actually forcibly crossed the Marne River with the Skeleton Baron She is a A beautiful girl, but also a German soldier.Wang Weiyi seemed to see Elena anxiously waiting for her return on the other side of the Marne River I knew her when we were in the Somme.Wang Weiyi fell into In the memory, he recalled the acquaintance between himself and Elena, from mutual hostility to mutual trust, and then to mutual love, the romantic rose chariot in Reims, and the passionate journey in Paris.Wang Weiyi earth fare cbd gummies did not hide at all.This is enough to write a romance novel, Love on the Battlefield Beasley also indulged in the story of the Skeleton Baron If there is a chance, I really want to meet Elena Yes, maybe there will be a chance.Ma Li strode out of the team General Ernst Brehm, we will sincerely thank you for your life saving grace, and we will sincerely thank you for everything you have done for us.We assure you that no matter how hard it gets, Skull Commandos will survive The Skeleton Baron Lives Forever We assure you that no matter how many years pass, one day Skull Commando will shock the world again in the name of St.Ernst We assure you, whether in victory or defeat, we are the most staunch defenders of Germany Long live, Saint Ernst Long live, Saint Ernst Long live, Saint Ernst Long live, Saint Ernst Wang Weiyi s expression has earth fare cbd gummies never been so dignified My dear players, I assure you, I will leave alive I promise you, I will be back one day I assure you, I will definitely lead you to fight again Now, I order you leave This group of commandos, who had persisted here for more than 30 days and were exhausted, slowly left Montfaucon under the leadership of the officers.

A soldier suddenly squatted down, covered his face and cried out Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo They won, but so many brothers fell Woolen cloth He once saw his brother with his own eyes rushing towards the devil with a grenade in hand.Then, amidst the boom explosion, Ouyang Yu also had the urge to cry when he died with the little devil.He restrained earth fare cbd gummies himself and came to the captain Sir, I am Ouyang Yu, a sergeant of the 18th division.Hello, sergeant.The captain nodded I am Wang Weiyi, captain and commander of the spy company of the first battalion of the first regiment of the zh ngy ng teaching corps Wang Weiyi This is the first time after Wang Weiyi boarded the base, he announced his name loudly in front of so many soldiers.It s a good idea to keep one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter planes earth fare cbd gummies cbd only gummies have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended againPounced, the bullets spewed out, all hitting the fuselage of the Japanese machine.The Japanese machine that was hit was emitting black smoke, and fell towards the ground at an uncontrollable speed Another round of cheers came from the infantry brothers.Now, the air situation has become 2 1, and the Chinese Air Force has the upper hand The attack of the two warhawks was no longer something that the Japanese aircraft could stop.Been together for three years, you know, I m also slightly gifted with languages, so I learned Germanah, he also taught me some fighting skills, and how to command a fight.Matter of fact , starting from Sanheqiao, all the combat skills I commanded were all taught to me by him X z ng, he is at x z ng Kroller couldn t wait any longer.He was indeed having sex when I left.Wang Weiyi is still so unhurried But I was only ten years old at that time, and now so many years have passed, I can t guarantee whether he is still there.I still remember when he left, he gave me this badge as a souvenir.Whether he is here or not, the Germans have now at least confirmed one thing the skeleton baron is still alive God, the skeleton baron is really still alive If the head of state knows this news, he will definitely go crazy Keller s test He asked Mr.A soldier holding an anti aircraft machine gun was startled, and suddenly pointed at the sky and shouted excitedly Look, look, look, I killed a Japanese plane He jumped and shouted, I really thought that this enemy plane earth fare cbd gummies was killed by myself and his companions also gave out bursts of cheers Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Xiao Ling, thank you, you now It s easier to talk.I m happy This is Xiaoling s only answer.Elena, what happened to Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi was a little curious.I don t know.Elena s helpless voice came over.Wang Weiyi didn t have time to figure out these things now, so he called Guo Yunfeng to his side Sidao, the first company has been promoted to the first battalion, and you are in charge.You are the sergeant, right Damn, you can t control so much Now, you are the captain now.You set off immediately with the first company on the truck, and you must arrive at Kuncheng Lake in the shortest possible time.Hitler gradually calmed down at this time, Yes, I was a little impulsive We have to find out if that person is Ernst now.Rommel thought for a while We have many advisers in the country.Go check it out.Guderian seemed a little worried Shanghai has been controlled by the Japanese, will the general be in danger there only hope Go and tell those Japanese monkeys to temporarily suspend their attack Hitler no longer hesitated where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies Tell them that Germany is very dissatisfied with what happened in the Far East, yes, it is very dissatisfied that Germany considers mediating the war between the two countries, on this basis In fact, Japan must stop its offensive for three months.Three months should be enough.Manstein exhaled According to the telegram sent back by Steck, several national defense fortifications in China are very well constructed.Lorisa couldn t help laughing.In all fairness, Roosevelt was a funny man.Okay.Roosevelt spread his hands I can t lie in front of beautiful ladies.Yes, I made a special trip to thank the two ladies.If it weren t for your generosity, maybe my re election road would not be so easy.We just helped the United States choose the best president.Luo Lisa said with a smile.Look, who said that only men can tell wisecracks, such a charming lady can be so funny.Roosevelt s interest was even higher.Hermione smiled from the sidelines.We just helped the United States choose the best president.This Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies sentence was just right, and it cbd gummies mangi flattered Roosevelt without being offensive.And this is just a trivial matter for Mrs.Luolisa, even an emperor and queen will be impressed by her We just talked about Germany.When several people sat down, Mrs.Not yet, not yet.Wang Weiyi said lightly I haven t decided yet when I will return to Germany, but I will go sooner or later.You have to keep my affairs secret for me for the time being.I still have some things to do in China.Several people nodded.Now that the skeleton baron has appeared, there is nothing difficult to do.I came to you this time, hoping to get your help.Wang Weiyi stated his purpose China is fighting a war of resistance, and I am helping them fight the war now.I need a lot of assistance Leonie and Hermione looked at each other and smiled I have already transported them for you.A large amount of weapons, ammunition and medicines were transported by the Minnesota Rose.Ah, there is no problem with the loyalty of Meekner who is responsible for the delivery.I can tell you how to contact him.It was not until October that the recruits finally completed their training and were transported to the front line.Colonel Zhang Lingfu, the commander of the Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies regiment, officially started his career in the war of resistance.Recruits were added to the army one after another, and the recruits moved to the front line one after another.It made senior commanders like Xue Yue both happy and headache.His main concern is to let these recruits gain combat effectiveness as yum yum cbd gummies review soon as possible.But Wang Weiyi was moved in his heart Report Commander, I am on the front line in Changshu, especially on the front line of Kuncheng Lake., the strength is still weak, so Wang Weiyi, when will you stop using these little brains Xue Yue didn t wait for him to finish, and had already glared at his beloved general.Wang Weiyi wanted to get Zhang Lingfu and his 3o5 regiment to him.

The skeleton team likes to use German weapons.I have prepared them for them, and they are all the best Excellent German style weapons.Every time he saw William, Wang Weiyi always showed great patience Before Kroller and Hannah gave me a batch of German style weapons, and now the new ones have arrived, I let them change Come down and send it to you.Hey, this is really great.William cheered excitedly, and then became depressed again Colonel, what I don t quite understand is why Werner was chosen as the captain I think I am more suitable.William said what he thought of, without hiding anything.Wang Weiyi smiled First, he is a German, and the skeleton team is all Germans except you, so he is more suitable.Second, as he himself said, he is an officer and graduated from a serious military school.Hai.When Yamaguchi Hiroshi left, he always felt a little uneasy Are you serious Kobayakawa Koi frowned Are you sure you heard me right Yes, I m sure.Naomasa Sugawara said loudly I happened to be detained by Chinese I walked in and heard the Chinese man Wang Weiyi say very clearly, Mr.Yamaguchi, don t talk about it, be careful to leak such important military secrets He 12 mg cbd gummies saw me.But Captain Yamaguchi said, It doesn t matter, You and I are friends, let alone When he wanted to continue, he was firmly stopped by Wang Weiyi Friend, friend Kobayakawa Hongyi repeated After reading these two words, his eyes slowly narrowed.Also Naomasa Sugawara continued On the way back, Captain Yamaguchi revealed a necklace from his pocket, which looked very precious.He was already drunk at the time, and I asked him why he carried such a valuable thing with him.Mr.Fei Tian.Someone from the French Consulate is here.Oh.Fei Tian walked to the window and looked at it.A car with the sign of the French Consulate stopped at the gate of the post office.Then, a Chinese driver got out of the car and opened the door A couple of young people got out of the car, and the woman held the man s hand, looking very intimate.That woman is so beautiful, Hida thought in his heart Mr.Officer, hello.I am Counselor Lowellau of the French Consulate.As soon as the French man entered, he showed the usual 60 mg cbd gummies effects French pose I heard that my people were captured by you, so I came here to collect them.Your people have caused us a lot of trouble.Feitian said seriously, while keeping his eyes on Luo Weiluo The beautiful European girl next to me was spinning around.beautiful.These damn French people are so lucky I m sorry.The two of them actually wrestled together againand they couldn t persuade them no matter how hard they tried, they gradually fought towards the room on the left.That s pretty stupid, isn t it Lovello threw up his hands.He seemed very helpless They should all be shot.He was actually speaking Japanese this time, and reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies Feitian was taken aback.Immediately there was a sense of kindness, and the original thought of getting angry was lost So you can speak JapaneseYeah, they are too stupidLet s separate them together At this time, the two Chinese had already wrestled to the leftmost room, and Fei Tian hurriedly shouted Catch them.The four .

how long before you feel the effects of cbd gummies?

r themselves immediately separated the two Chinese, and then the two One grabbed them Damn, you stupid bastards Lovello looked very angry, and walked up with his fists pumped And at this moment, a There was a slight sound Fei Tian fell headlong to the ground Then, Luo Weiluo, his lover and his driver, three pistols appeared in their hands at the same time, and the muzzles jumped Then, only a very slight sound was made, and the four Japanese themselves fell into a pool of blood like Feitian Zhou Wenhao stretched his arms Traveler, what kind of pistol is this, why is there such a sound None I ll tell you later.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly They are human beings, not machines.I insist that people s memories cannot be completely erased.Especially when it comes to the unforgettable emotional part.For example, Guo Yunfeng and his family, for example, every time Elena hears the word dancing, there will always be different Response Maybe you re right.Little Ling was a little helpless, and then said, Wanderer.Now some strange problems have appeared.After the Battle of Jiangjia Village, the self reform of the base has risen to 65 , and even more strangely, when Guo Yunfeng s family members appeared, the self reform of the base inexplicably increased by 5 , and now it has reached 75 This caught Wang Weiyi s attention Why I m not very clear, this is beyond my understanding.But I guess the reason is that Guo Yunfeng actually belonged to the previous twenty years.Yu people.And the commander is also dead.They had earth fare cbd gummies lost all hope of getting out alive, but now they were saved.The soldiers of the assault group already know who saved them, it was the Skeleton Baron It s General Ernst Brahm When the wounded soldiers on the stretchers passed by, those who could move all raised their hands, and said loudly, or weakly, with the loudest voice they could make Hey Ernst They had to use this way to express their respect and gratitude A large number of wounded began to evacuate from the passage opened by the Skeleton Division, and at this time, there were two Tiger tanks And several trucks carrying a platoon of German soldiers are also rushing in the direction of the Skeleton Division two Only two tanks plus a platoon of soldiers This is a small unit of the Assault Gun Battalion of the Adolf Hitler SS J ng Guard Banner Armored Division LAH.No matter at any time, he could never forget what Nicholas did to the baron.So even though Nicholas repeatedly wanted to come back to work for the empire, he was repeatedly rejected by Adolf Hitler.Fortunately, his son Klore was not implicated.Richthofen brought a lot of good wine, which was an insult to Butler Vidlio.Is there no wine in the baron s cellar I haven t seen each other for more than 20 years.When the ecstasy and excitement of cbd gummies and propranolol meeting again gradually passed, the rest is carnival with fine wine.Adolf Hitler, the head of state who did not drink, actually poured himself a glass of wine, raised his glass high, and said loudly For the Baron For Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies the Baron Everyone raised their glasses high.The scene reached its climax in the first minute.Looking at those happy friends, Wang Weiyi let out a long breath.Mr.Marshal, some reporters are here, would you Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies mind answering some of their questions I d love to.Wang Weiyi smiled.More than a dozen journalists from both Germany and France were called in, and soon a French reporter asked bluntly Mr.Marshal, are you here as a conqueror The faces of the officials of Germany and France Yin sinks down.Wang Weiyi still kept smiling No, I came here as a friend.I came to France many years ago, I have been to Reims, and I have also been to Paris.Everything here has left a deep impression on me.My impression.I chose Paris as my first stop back, because I want to tell everyone that the friendship between Germany and France is inseparable, and I will do my best to express my support for the current French government. Wow , Germany and France The applause of the officials of the two countries broke out.

Before Marshal Ernst invented this tactic, positional warfare was always a headache for any party involved in the war, but with the emergence of the trench commando, this problem was immediately improved.Several submachine guns kept ringing, suppressing the enemy s firepower, and then earth fare cbd gummies rows of grenades were thrown out.With the sound of explosions, the flamethrower in cbd gummy recipes with no thc the flamethrower s hand injected snake like flames into the enemy s position.The screams came from the Soviet position.A few enemies who were on fire stood up and ran around desperately, but they were quickly shot by German bounce supplements cbd gummies submachine guns.Then, melee soldiers with engineering shovels rushed into the position, and after a burst of blood and flesh, all the Soviet troops in the position were wiped out.That s all, the trench commandos who didn where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies t leave a living amount, with the support of tanks, seized every enemy s position in a very familiar way.What is defending here is a wide line of defense composed of the German SS Skeleton Division and the 60th Motorized Rifle Division.Timoshenko made a wrong choice again he chose the most tenacious and heroic unit of the German army as a breakthrough, and what he didn t even expect was that the headquarters of the Kharkov Group of Germany was located here Here is where Baron Alexon is Two excellent commanders, two commanders of extraordinary courage Ernst.Marshal Bram and Marshal Timoshenko One of them set up their headquarters at the forefront, and the other personally came to the encirclement to command the troops to break through From this point of view, Wang Weiyi and Timoshenge are trusted by the sympathetic Timoshenko, and they are also the most tenacious fighting will in his troops.The 151st Infantry Division and the 114th Tank of the Soviet Army are almost composed of veterans.Wang Weiyi posed the question to the nurse who was taking care of the wounded.I don t know, Marshal, God bless him Wang Weiyi looked at the soldier blankly, and suddenly he saw a harmonica next to Sergeant Isk s pillow Sergeant Isk, can I ask you to borrow it .Of course, Marshal.Wang Weiyi took the harmonica and sat down beside the unconscious soldier.Then he put the harmonica to his mouth, and the melody that all German soldiers were very familiar with sounded.Sergeant Esk and some wounded couldn t help but sang to the sound of Marshal Ernst s harmonica On the reefs of the Southwest Pacific Islands, mermaids played their beautiful and sad bagpipes, and ancient Melanesia People call them Adara their home is in the depths of the sun, they follow the rainbow to waters infested by humans, and usually hide in sea tornadoes.He has nothing to do with the European war or whether the United States should participate in the war.The only thing that interests him is the war that took place in his own country, Russia, and of course this is not because it is a problem of his own country.Now Casanovich has regarded himself as a earth fare cbd gummies cbd only gummies real American.The reason why he is willing to know about the war in Russia is that the German army there was commanded by one man Ernst Alexson von.Baron Bram That was the greatest benefactor in my life.If there is no Baron Alexon, maybe he is still a punk now, maybe he has been shot to death on the streets of New York now.The bored Kasanovic looked at the guests one by one, not knowing what to do.Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and a graceful figure that he coveted for a long time appeared in his eyes.The Turkish army didn t even have a single plane to support them Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies The German soldiers easily strangled the enemies on the battlefield, but they also quickly felt the fearlessness of the Turks.When a small group of Turkish troops was besieged and had no way to escape, they actually launched a countercharge against the Germans with bayonet mounted rifles.Of course, their fate was already doomed.Under the fire of German machine guns and submachine guns, this small group of Turkish soldiers were all killed.The leader of the assault squadron commanding the German army looked at the corpses all over the ground, and shook his head helplessly A nation, a country, will always have a lot of heroes.The only difference is that the victors can sing praises to these heroes, while the losers, perhaps those who once fought bravely for the country and the nation, will never be remembered again , More than half of the Turkish troops of the two brigades were killed, and many surrendered.They even discovered two major generals Klingenberg was the first to faintly feel that they had discovered the big guy.From fighting the Turks to the present, he already knows a lot about the officers and soldiers of the Turkish Army.The people here must not be let go The two assaults of the earth fare cbd gummies commando were forced to retreat under the heavy firepower of the Turkish army.And the No.399 tank, now relying on its strength alone cannot solve the battle here We need more tanks, more assault guns Klingenberg shouted Go, call here any tanks and assault guns you can find Now, while they waited, it became the task of all commandos to prevent the enemy from breaking out.After finding out the strength of the enemy, the Turkish army also began to have the intention to break through.However, they were also hit hard by the German army The current war situation has become very strange.Looking back at Karami who was just rescued by himself, the deposed prince of the Ottoman Empire obviously has not yet adapted to a free life, sitting there at a loss.Especially when he knew that he could not leave Ankara temporarily, the panic appeared on his face without reservation Prince Karami, what do you want to drink Wang Weiyi didn t need him to answer, but fell down He drank two glasses of wine and handed one to Prince Karami.Ah, thank you, Your Excellency the Baron.Prince Karami took the wine glass in a panic.Don t worry, the enemy won t hit us.Wang Weiyi smiled and sat down opposite Prince Karami I can guarantee that you will be able to sit in the position of Sultan and restore the former glory of the Ottoman Empire.Then you and Germany will be the greatest benefactors of the Abdul family.A An ordinary, encrypted document, who would pay attention to the Germans On the contrary, the Germans would appreciate Colonel Inschick s rigorous attitudebut they would never think , it was this rigorous German colonel who used the Enigma to transmit a large amount of top secret information I deny your accusation, Marshal.Colonel Inschick was not afraid of this I serve Germany loyally and do what I should do for the African Legion loyally.I should not be charged with such crimes And this, how do you explain it Wang Weiyi waved the military uniform that Inschick had replaced Do you know why I asked you to take off the military uniform Because if I m right, the uniform contains the medicine you re going to use to kill yourself if your identity is revealed.After the gummies cbd finishing speaking, he tore open a secret pocket inside the military uniform, and took out a pill in it Colonel Inschick, it s really hard to find me.

The Germans don t even know what their combat effectiveness is And when the German army arrived in Konlavev, Montgomery knew that it was necessary to stop the German army at this place and win as many troops as possible for the perfect defense of Kantara.time.He then ordered Major General Alleman of the 8th Royal Irish Regiment to be the commander of the Konlavev area, ordering him to stop the ferocious advance of the Germans at all costs.It s just that the Konlawev area is a bit chaotic at this time.The Irish Corps who had just retreated here were mixed with the Indians, the fortifications had not been repaired at all, and some heavy weapons had not had time to be brought up at all.The entire battlefield presents a sense of disorganization.Major General Alman also wanted to buy as much time as possible.Colonel Firth said matter of factly But what I can guarantee is that the damage to Cairo will be minimized.Tamusta actually smiled at this time Thank you, Fell Colonel Fels, you are an honest man.Now let s get started, what do you need me to say A lot, a lot.Colonel Fels stood up We need you to do many things, just Same as your fellows are doing.Let s be honest, what you did for the Egyptians, your fellows will never know, but many of their lives were saved because of you, and you should do it for yourself Proud.Proud Tamusta smiled mockingly.He is not proud of himself, but just feels that, like General Canlemu, he has betrayed his once steadfast belief.It s just that Colonel Fels is right about one point.Justice is actually judged at the level of scoring.Everyone and every force is pursuing their own justice 602.But the reality is so depressing, the Italian army failed on the battlefield Mussolini was an arrogant and suspicious person, when this It would be terrible if the two personalities were concentrated on the leader of a country.He would rather believe that what Ernst Brahm said was true.The reason why the Italian army was repeatedly defeated and became the laughing stock of the enemy was not the army Incompetence, but those commanders betrayed themselves.Although there are still many doubts in this, this is the best excuse for Mussolini to excuse his failure Now in Italy, Even within the fascist party, Mussolini has encountered strong opposition due to the continuous failure of the Italian army.At this time, if some responsibilities for the failures can be found, or more precisely, some scapegoats can be found, it will undoubtedly serve the Reduce the pressure on yourself So in some respects Mussolini and Wang Weiyi are tacit Also, the remaining British troops in Africa are trying to be replaced by those rebellious Italian officers.Marshal Brahm arrived, and Himmler and Canaris gave a salute to Baron Alexson Long live Ernst God knows when, the Germans after Long live Hitler Added Long live Ernst Hitler seemed very excited General.Good news, good news, our agents successfully blew up the British de Havilland factory What Wang Weiyi Surprised The de Havilland factory The factory that specializes in the production of new bombers Yes.Hitler swung his arm vigorously Good job Wang Weiyi was surprised.In his memory, It seems Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies that the de Havilland factory never suffered any damage and produced a large number of Mosquito fighters for the UK.Why is it blown up now Marshal Ernst.It was done by our people.Canaris said respectfully The agent we sent out is Eddie Chapman, a talented spy who just graduated from the Wollaston Center Wait, wait.Hitler Quickly replied.So, that s it, I will start my trip to the UK.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I hope I can bring good news to Germany, and do cbd gummies help with ed you, I hope that when I come back, I can see that the preparations for the decisive battle are going on incomparably Good luck.You ll see, General Six hundred and twenty seven.At 4 o clock in the morning on December 12, 1942, the convoy full of commandos began to drive towards Lilbok.The commandos were about twenty miles from the border.The atmosphere was a little tense this time.In the previous skirmishes, the commandos were not expected to encounter resistance, if any it would be slight.But this time the attacking Lilpork Raiders received no such guarantees.Commandos sensed danger in the air.This feeling seemed confirmed as the commandos heard a swarm of planes rumbling through the dark night sky.Also lost 1 large submarine and 5 pocket submarines, 77 crew members were killed and 1 was captured.A total of 133 personnel were lost.The U.S.sunk four battleships Arizona , California , West Virginia and Oklahoma as well as a minelayer Oglala and a target ship Utah.One battleship, three cruisers, three destroyers were severely damaged, three battleships, three cruisers, and five auxiliary ships were slightly injured.260 aircraft were destroyed and 63 were injured.2,334 people were killed, 916 were missing, and 1,341 were injured.The California and West Virginia were later salvaged and returned to war.The U.S.military also inspected the sunken Arizona to see if it was possible to salvage it.Finally, seeing that earth fare cbd gummies there was no hope, they removed the hull exposed on the water, and the hull at the bottom of the water remained in the sunken mike tyson cbd gummy place.I don t have the skills of those spies.I can remember these materials so clearly, but I have the most powerful weapon Xiaoling Comrade General.I think you have misremembered, my superior is Comrade Demitesev Oh, yes, yes earth fare cbd gummies The war is so busy that I keep misremembering the names of people I don t know.Tasotsky seemed to suddenly realize It s Comrade Demitesev Ah, I forgot to tell you that I have asked Demitsev to send the files of you and your comrades, about It can be delivered when the attack is launched Wang Weiyi was shocked, but he still listened calmly to Tasotsky s words Please don t worry, Comrade Major Waderos, I am not Not to doubt you, but as a commander, I must be cautious about everything.Of course, as an intelligence officer, you should also know this Yes, Comrade General, I am willing to accept any review.Such a scene.It has been seen countless times since they set foot on the Russian battlefield, and now it is just another repeat.The only thing they don t understand is, from the beginning of the Barbarossa plan to the military in 1943, why the Russians have never improved their combat methods If the fight continues like this, even if Samilos is captured by them, what will the Russians gain Paul Hauser put down his binoculars Their officers will be killed and wounded because of this attack, and they cbd sleepytime gummies lack grass roots commanders.This army will be greatly damaged Ludwig sighed softly It s just those innocent people who died Oh Paul Hauser asked curiously He glanced at Ludwig Will the crazy Skeleton Master sigh the same as a woman No, that s not the case.Ludwig said quickly I won t fight for my enemy.

Lykov has a passion for tanks.After the Russian Revolution.Liaokov s life changed drastically overnight.Grandfather was shot, and father, mother and the whole family were exiled to Siberia.Liaokov was not reconciled to his miserable fate from then on.He tried his best to express himself in the reform through labor and tried his best to please the officers who guarded them.Finally, he got the favor of a colonel.With the help of the colonel, he finally became a member of the Soviet Red Army.In the army, he also repeated the same thing.No matter what kind of torture and humiliation, he can t stop his belief in restoring the glory of the family.During the big purge.He actively testified against his companions, and he did whatever his superiors asked him to do and all his actions finally gave him a second chance.But for now.He didn t want to tell his subordinates where he was going to use these atomic bombs Not only the atomic bombs, but the first aircraft carrier of the German Navy also completed the earth fare cbd gummies launching test.And the German negotiators are secretly discussing some agreements with the US government.I will leave this era soon.And before that.He has to get something done.He represents Germany, but also represents another country China He has done many things for Germany, now it is time to do something for China.Yes, Adolf Hitler was the head of state of Germany, but he was the one who really held all the power in Germany Ernst Brehm He can give any order in Germany as he pleases, and do whatever he wants to do as he pleases.No one can stop him German soldiers.They didn t know that their Marshal Ernst had already started planning military operations after the Battle of Moscow, and there were still some enemies in front of them that they needed to eliminate.Until nineteen soldiers of the Twenty Legion were placed in front of Gaius, In the where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies eyes of the soldiers, the man who is as terrifying as Hades, the king of the underworld, broke the silence I said that we can capture this stronghold tomorrow.In order earth fare cbd gummies to fulfill this promise, I need some brave people earth fare cbd gummies who are good at climbing mountains Gaius looked around at the Roman soldiers below The first to climb to the top of the mountain will get 10,000 sesterces, the second will get 9,500 sesterces, the third will get 9,000 sesterces, and the first 20 sesterces will be reduced in order.Anyone can win an award Seven hundred and twenty nine.The Roman soldiers who were desperately climbing to the bottom were in earth fare cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies at walmart a commotion.They immediately forgot the bloody scene just now.Ten thousand sesterces are equivalent to twenty years salary of an ordinary Roman soldier.The baroness herself didn t know why, but from the first time she saw Nelia, she felt a little uncomfortable with her, or more precisely, it was a kind of distrust.Hello, Nelia.Leoni said lightly.Can I talk to you Nelia was very humble.Leonie thought for a moment and nodded.The two women came to an empty place, and Nelia said, Ma am, you don t seem to like me, do you Not every beautiful woman will be liked by everyone.Leonie smiled slightly After a while Of course, you can think that my jealousy is at work.Ah, no, I think your beauty is far more beautiful than mine.Nelia said hastily Especially the beauty that you show around you.Some fascinating things are things that I will never learn.Her compliments did not make Leonie lose any vigilance at all Nelia, are you here to say these things to me No, please forgive me if I have said something wrong.He struggled desperately with fate for a while.But in the end he couldn t escape the sanction of death.he died.Su Keers, the chief centurion in charge of the attack of the Roman Legion, died just like that.All this fell into the eyes of all the soldiers who were fighting, and the Germanians aroused a fanatical fighting spirit 100mg thc 100mg cbd gummies because of the brave performance of the consul.But reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies this has a completely different meaning to the Romans The chief centurion is dead, and the chief centurion has no ability to resist in front of this skull mask man.This is too serious a blow to the psychology of the Romans.The severe disadvantage of the terrain made it impossible for them to display their superior forces.The death of the chief centurion also seriously shaken their determination springfield mall gummy bears cbd to win.Now, the balance of victory is tilting towards the Germanians The Romans are even getting used to it, and this is the most terrible thing.If you want me to tell the truth.I don t want them to appear Wang Weiyi replied very calmly I hope my judgment is wrong But if Richthofen hesitated for a while What if the Romans really appeared Wang Weiyi smiled coldly Then the Romans will suffer from my revenge, and Nelia will also be punished.To my revenge He had no reason to doubt Nelia.Everything comes from Leoni s intuition.He can doubt everything, but he trusts Leonie.He knew that Leoni would not suspect a woman for no reasonBecause Leoni is not a jealous woman at heart A group of Roman soldiers came, about It looks like five hundred people.Guo Yunfeng walked back quietly at this time.Disappointment appeared on Wang Weiyi s face.After all, Nelia betrayed her own people, she had already betrayed Germania Gathering his mind, Wang Weiyi sneered In this case, let these Romans die here The murderous intention has been moved, and nothing can stop the skeleton baron a large number of Romans Appeared the surrounding woods well concealed the attackers.This is naked killing The Romans were completely exposed to the slaughter of bows and javelins.In the shortest time, more than a hundred Roman soldiers have died in this terrible wood.Attacked, attacked It was not until this time that Abis made can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies such a panicked cry.But it was too late A large number of Germanian warriors appeared They quickly stabbed and killed many Roman soldiers, and then quickly hid in the terrible woods.It is completely like a ghost, so that the Romans have no reaction time at all Circle formation, circle formation Ibis yelled at the top of his voice.The Romans held daggers in panic and stood back to backbut they couldn t tell where the attack came from.Then, a large number of bows and arrows flew out, and those Roman soldiers who had just formed a circle fell down in an instant.Attack.All the troops that can be mobilized, the Roman legion and the auxiliary legion, were all sent to the battlefield by him However, the problem that has always plagued us is that the barbarians have chosen a very good battlefield Brave Roman warriors can only pass one by one, or even one by one.And such a scattered formation can only make us encounter more terrible things.I saw with my own eyes countless honorable Roman citizens lose their lives, that moment.My heart is filled with anger and shame Later today, I made a decision that if I want to win, I must remove all obstacles deliberately arranged by those barbarians.Otherwise, our advantages will not be brought into play at all.We ll never be able to subdue those barbarians either.Although this will consume a lot of our time, and we will continue to lose a large number of our soldiers under the attack of the barbarians, but I think He Shengli compares it with this price, which I can bear I have always They were all thinking, why did the vulnerable barbarians suddenly burst out with such a powerful fighting power during the first conquest Is it really just because of the appearance of Ernst Brahm No, I think maybe I m wrong I thought carefully about the first conquest and found something that worried me a lot.

Wang Weiyi nodded I have been to the farthest eastern country, and the wealth there is not inferior to that of Rome.If you are willing to risk the danger and the hardships of the road.I believe that any one of the Romans would have gotten richer than ever.This is the best compensation for the industrious and brave Roman citizens Pompey s words contained some yearning If possible, I really want to go to the eastern countries you mentioned.Unfortunately, I am old.You are not earth fare cbd gummies old at all, my lord the sole consul.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly You can still gallop on the battlefield.Pompeo smiled lightly Thank you for your flattery, it will make me feel much more comfortable.So now you can tell me your review of Caesar again.Wang Weiyi was taken aback, and Pompey immediately said, Gnaeus, have you forgotten Have you forgotten what you said to Gnaeus Wang Weiyi gasped.Madame Singoloa, as the wife of a proconsul, a free man, an upright and respectable Roman citizen, should be insulted by you, I think if the Senate knew all this, it would not Leave it alone.Natis was a little annoyed.Although there are clear legal provisions, the Senate is not very good at intervening in debt disputes.However, if someone like earth fare cbd gummies Spulius came forward, the situation would be completely different.He You can use your relationship with Pompey to make trouble for them in the earth fare cbd gummies name of the law.If people like Spulius can not be offended, it is better not to offend them as much as possible.Natis suppressed the anger in his heart Dear Mr.Spulius, since you have said such a thing, I think I can only follow Roman law.But when the sixtieth natural day comes, I will The creditor s powers will have to be enforced, unless on that day Mrs.Gnapoli nodded I will send it to you at noon tomorrow.This is the last warning to you, Baron Platt, if you are not careful, you will Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies also become a captive of the Americans.Wang Weiyi still smiled lightly I m always thinking.No life is complete without a few exciting adventures.Are you also taking risks Mr.Gnapoli Burr Gnapoli sighed softly, yes, he is also going on an adventure When the enemy approached Dessau, he received an order from his superiors to lurk down and spy on the enemy s intelligence, as a member of the Burr family.In order to achieve this goal, he took on too many grievances.The enemy does not trust oneself, and one s own countrymen also do not trust oneself.Every night, I am only accompanied by fear and loneliness Look, Mr.Gnapoli, although I just came to Dessau, I found that I have fallen in love with it.Then I imagined the things they did on the big bed.Once such thoughts appear, it is difficult to effectively control them Annette tried her best to dispel these images in her mind, but no matter how hard she tried, she found it was futile the more Avoid thinking about it, the clearer these images and the two bodies will appear in her mind Such thoughts drive her crazy, she needs a man s comfort.Also wanted to scream as loud as the Baroness.But she can t.Annette couldn t control herself anymore, her hand quietly stretched out to her chest.At first, it was lightly kneaded, then the movements became bigger, and then, the hands moved down naturally She had to bite the quilt tightly with her teeth.Only in this way can I prevent myself from moaning from my mouth When I woke up in the morning and went downstairs.When we are transported to the destination, they will kill us.We must be killed here.They Richthofen grabbed the gun.No, I think they have a very important task besides killing people along the way, which is to protect us from arriving safely.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Why not make good use of them Richthofen immediately understood His intention The convoy drove forward without any haste, and there were guard posts set up by the Russians along the way, but the pass signed by Colonel Papasolovsky made the convoy unimpeded all the way.Things were different when we left Polish territory, where American posts were everywhere and Colonel Papasorowski s pass was of little use.I am from the 78th Division of earth fare cbd gummies the French Army.We were ordered to escort a batch of supplies to Frankfurt.After being stopped by the American sentry, Wang Weiyi poked his head out of the earth fare cbd gummies car and said.It was also a successful raid and ended up being a prisoner himself.But this captive, Major Mario is willing to be.At least this fulfilled one of my childhood dreams, to fight with the Skeleton Commando Soldiers, are you all ready Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Even a real dentist is not as prepared as we are This time it was Wang Weiyi s turn to smile The enemy is probably sleeping right now.Soldiers, teach them a lesson With that, he picked up a submachine gun Tell the Canadians, we re coming Tell the Canadians we re coming The enemy s flares are constantly rising in the sky, and there is almost no difference between can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies night and where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies day, but this has no effect on these German soldiers who are going out.They left the position they had held on for so long, and the Leopard 7 tanks and self propelled artillery also began reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies to chase the infantry and moved slowly towards the unknown journey The battle of glory has begun a new battle of glory Although the flares continued to rise into the sky, the enemy never expected it., heard the sound of pistol shooting, and saw the whole process of the man s body slowly collapsing and falling heavily on the ground.He lay there motionless, blood slowly flowing from his chest, and finally dyed There was a pool of blood.Avril took her sister s hand and hurriedly pulled her to her side kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies to continue on her way, but Blue Love kept shaking from head to toe.Don t think about it, sister, forget what you saw , think about those happy things.She said in a earth fare cbd gummies low voice.They walked along the road, gradually moving away from the place where they witnessed the terrible incident just now.Avril began to sing, and after a while, Blue Love also tried to forget the terrible scene he saw just now, and followed Avril They sang together.On the way, they passed a place that was a battlefield a few minutes ago.And at this time, the godlike skeleton baron is back To be honest, James is not very willing to fight the Skeleton Baron.Like many people, he was an admirer and follower of the Skeleton Baron when he was a child.But what reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies can I do Who made himself a soldier Do soldiers have any choice but to obey Another U.S.attack was repulsed.But this didn t affect James at all earth fare cbd gummies Concentrate the artillery fire and continue the bombing, and reorganize the team to attack James has made up his mind and must seize the opposite position.No matter what the price.Shelling offensive, shelling again offensive again, reviews of people taking cbd gummies this cycle appeared over and over again on the positions of the National Army, and the fierceness of the battle was beyond anyone s imagination.The same goes for Major Mario.He voluntarily asked to stay here.

This is a fantasy army that is enough to make the whole world tremble.It is commanded by Marshal Ernst Brahm himself, and the world famous generals such as Rommel, Guderian, Manstein, and Riedel act as him.helper.This legion will sweep away all forces that stand in their way.And more importantly, behind them, there is a more powerful and terrifying force Ziguang military base Before those German soldiers learn to really master those new weapons, the base will be fully fired under the operation of Xiaoling.The Allied forces are about to face their worst nightmare since entering Germany Of course, there is still a very important piece of the puzzle missing.Wang Weiyi knew what it was Adolf Hitler In World War II, Marshal Ernst Brahm fought in various battlefields, and he never had to be distracted by anything other than the military.Then they stared at the bread.They said that this way they would not be so hungry.Saving food.The door to the basement was pushed open.Captain Bondarev came in Everyone There is good news When the soldiers heard this, they cheered up Can we leave here Captain That s right The soldiers cheered, and Captain Bondarev went on to say We are going to leave here, and another company will come to replace us.And we are in charge earth fare cbd gummies of taking back the Post Office Great, we can finally change the air But how do we get there It s raining so much outside, and get eagle hemp cbd gummies the Americans are everywhere, I m afraid such a small force is not enough Kinot kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies said.This is the crux of the problemthe sewer here is not connected to the post office.Is it next to the building We go down the sewer.The reason why everyone was dispatched in this ghostly weather was because of the heavy rain.An old voice stood up from Heisenberg s side 129 soulsoh, baby, look at youyou have indeed become a more powerful weapon I knowI knew you could do it The legendary old sniper Bolorsky stroked his rifle intoxicatedly, and rubbed his exaggerated beard lovingly against the wood grain on the gun.An armored soldier ran back from the river and shouted The pilot s face Shattered by bullets, the cabin glass was Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies smeared with blood.Only one bullet Rutherford opened his mouth wide, unable to believe what he heard.Everyone s eyes were on the bearded sniper.The seasoned Bolorsky calmly brushed his mustache, happy He laughed happily Grandpa is home children The appearance of Major Bolorski successfully resolved the conflict between the infantry and the armored soldiers.The old sniper is a highly respected soldier.Please ask Ernst.Marshal Bram salutes who The three soldiers almost doubted whether their hearing was damaged by shells.Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Generalissimo of the Army, Navy and Air Force of the German Empire.With a boom , the heads of the three German soldiers were about to explode.They couldn t imagine that the person who saved them was Marshal Ernst.God, is there anything more miraculous than this The three soldiers hurriedly stood up straight, and then raised their right arms straight Hey Ernst All right, soldiers.Wang Weiyi said lightly Tell me.Are there any other survivors like you around here Where is your commander, Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt, now Marshal.There were probably scattered soldiers still fighting nearby.Rocco hurriedly replied As for Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt, we met him yesterday evening, and the Lieutenant Colonel s mental state seemed very violent to us.The contradiction between rich and poor looks very sharp here.In the Imperial earth fare cbd gummies Hotel in the city center, Wang Weiyi booked a luxury suite under the name Peter Goff.When the waiter helped him carry the luggage into the room, Wang Weiyi gave the waiter a nice tip.It also put a smile on the wait staff s face.They always like generous guests.Evening.Is there any entertainment Wang Weiyi asked casually.Ah, sir, I think you are asking the right person.The waiter said hastily I grew up here, and no one knows Moscow better than I do.If you don t want to spend a lot of money, it s not far away The Sand Eagle Club far away is a good choice.Of course, with your status, the 21st floor of the Imperial Hotel seems to be more suitable for you.Is this what you mean Ah, yes, sir.The entire hotel They all belong to the Carters Group.200 million US dollars What kind of concept is this Even though Migrosky has been so successful in Russia and monopolized a large number of industries, his property has not reached such a sum.The Petergoff family Either he was extremely lucky, or he was bragging.But judging from his actions, he doesn t look like a liar.Now, those oil fields and industries can bring me tens of millions of dollars in profits every year Wang Weiyi still said in that faint tone.I really envy you for having such luck.Migroski regained his composure It s not that I have any doubts about your words, but it s just a coincidence that I also know the Wittgenstein family, and I also know Mr.Elliott, I don t think you If you object, I can have Ivan get in touch with Mr.Elliott to confirm your identity.Ah, please don t misunderstand my purpose, I just want to treat you as a friend better.Mr.Petergoff, I kept you waiting for a long time.Migroski said apologetically, and then said to Solkina How is your luck today, Grand Duchess Grand Duchess Wang Weiyi s heart moved.Could this be Gregory s wife If it is true, then the age difference between the two is too big.Ah, thanks to Mr.Petergoff, otherwise You will lose as before, not even a ruble left.Solkina said happily.It doesn t matter, the door of the club is always open to you, Grand Duchess.Migroski said respectfully.Solkina drank the last sip of wine in the glass I think you must have something to talk about, so I will take cbd gummies koi my leave first.Hope to see you again soon, Mr.Petergoff.She is the wife of Prince Bierstoka In the office, Migroski confirmed Wang Weiyi s are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin conjecture Before marrying the Grand Duke, she was the most famous beauty in Moscow.S.combat team began to show, and the German positions were broken one by one, and the entire army collapsed.The contact between Kyritz and Captain Meier has also been cut off.It is estimated that he was either killed or captured.Klaus escaped to his tank with only his own life, and Kiritz dragged the pale faced second company commander into the tank.It is very dangerous for the Destroyer 3 tank to stay in it, and sooner or later it will be destroyed by the American infantry.blow up.Kyritz had to order the tanks to withdraw from the position and retreat to the reserve position Nine hundred and forty.When the wonderful coffee was fighting fiercely in Berlin, the geological survey team wanted by Wang Weiyi also came to Moscow.This is a geological survey team led by the famous American geologist Lyman Rodney.

Remember when you joined the army.Simon s mother specifically called Tucket aside Zorn, promise me to take more care of your brother That s what she said, and kissed Tackett on the cheek God bless you.Tackett looked behind him at every familiar face, some of whom had fought by his side to this day.Zorn What do you see kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies Let s attack The faces said to Takot, conveying this clear message to Takot with their eyes.Simon s mother asked Tackett to take more care of his children, and the aunt may not know what this more care means on the battlefield Takot also has a mother.He also wanted to come home alive.Zorn Simon pulled Takoto out of his thoughts Assault, or the brothers will freeze to death here Takoto took one last look at the peaceful wooden house 200 meters away, the pine tree Forest.and frozen lake.And every time the Leopard 9 shakes its huge and strong body, the shells spit out from the muzzle will take away a layer of soil and the lives of several Russian soldiers from the Russian position Nocher was thinking, how would the Russians deal with such a nearly invincible super tank The Russians gave Nocher the answer A 45mm anti tank armor piercing projectile hit the front armor of the Leopard 9 abruptly, and then it was like a bouncy ball hitting glass.A burst of dazzling sparks shot out, and the 45 shells flew to the can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies side mound, and the large amount of dust that exploded in an instant only blocked the sight of the grenadiers who were attacking The front armor of the Leopard 9 was only recessed into a small area.Nuoqier looked at the expressions of the members of Nuoqier s crew.In addition to envy and jealousy, there was also a sense of incredibleness in it That s a nice tank Claus s Leopard 9 turned its muzzle and aimed at the Russian 45mm anti tank gun that tried to destroy it but was powerless They still have it Nocher thought the previous door was their last anti armor force The fire control system of the Leopard 9 does not seem to be generally excellent.I suggest that you call the Allied Command immediately and ask them to launch an attack on Berlin again Gregory nodded slowly Very well, I will follow your Do what you say.Marshal Donarski let out a long sigh in his heart, but retreating at this time is actually the most clear choice.But His Excellency the Grand Duke will never agree.Yes, he needs to win, even if such a victory seems so far away.Even, there is no way to achieve the so called victory at all And in the frontal battlefield at this moment.With the collapse of the Russian 12th Army, the initiative of the battle has been firmly controlled by Wang Weiyi.The Russians have no way to organize an offensive anymore, the only thing the German Ukrainian coalition forces have to do now.It s just how to fully grasp the victory as soon as possible.Captain, I am very can you drive after eating a cbd gummy satisfied.Just think about how I shot at the Russian who begged me for mercy.I will never forget his expression in my life.It is worth it.A soldier below proudly Said.That s right, the cowardly Russians are vulnerable to our great German army.We can capture a stronghold with no less than a hundred of us with more than 20 people.This is proof.Another soldier added.Captain, you don t need to say it.In fact, everyone of us now understands the current situation, but we are not afraid of death.Even if we die in battle, Germany will still exist That s right, even if we die in battle, Germany will still exist Exist This sentence immediately resonated with most people.Degro waved his right watermelon cbd gummies kanha hand proudly Well, even if we die in battle, Germany will still exist So now, let us offer our final loyalty to Germany and let our blood be spilled on the land of the motherland.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory captain cbd gummies for sale seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our compatriots, they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me too earth fare cbd gummies No, I never thought of betraying you.S.over whether to continue the war.President William rejected all opinions and firmly supported the war to continue, but How long can he last Westmoreland, the commander in chief of the Allied Forces in Germany, was ordered to achieve a large scale victory in a short period of time.To boost the morale of the United States and the Allies, however, this is not easy to do Arrived.Originally.Victory was within easy reach of the Allied forces Too many changes have taken place these days The Skeleton Division, the Great German Regiment, etc.The strength of the troops that participated in the battle of Berlin at the beginning has reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies been greatly supplemented Rommel continued The materials secretly transported by the United States and Europe have also been deployed to these troops.We expect Launch a major offensive kenai farms cbd gummies earth fare cbd gummies against the Allies before mid July Before he finished speaking, Guderian hurried in Ernst, Adolf.August 2, 1966.Wehrmacht Private Shepp was killed during a reconnaissance mission.two young people.The two youths who were originally full of vigor will sleep forever on the battlefield However, the war is still going on The war will not end because of death During the earth fare cbd gummies cbd only gummies whole day of fighting on July 1, the Allied forces suffered more than 2,000 deaths and injuries.Terrible and cruel hand to hand battles broke out on the battlefield many times, and a large number of wounded who could not receive timely treatment were still injured.Struggling painfully on the death line.Commodore Dolby felt sorry for the soldiers who died, but he was also proud of what he had achieved.Under such a fierce German attack, he successfully defended Hanover.Although all positions on the outside line have fallen into the hands of the Germans.Let s end the battle in Hannover Let s Come to end the starvation battle at Hanover when Field Marshal Ernst Brehm gave the order.The German soldiers finally showed their most ferocious minions without reservation This is the real attack the truest embodiment of the truest combat effectiveness of the German army Wang Weiyi unreservedly put in all the power he could put in, and issued his new order end best cbd cbg gummies all the fighting in Hannover before July 5th It sounds difficult, but when the German and British soldiers here heard that the powerful German army had landed in L beck, huge cheers came out of their mouths There is nothing more exciting than this They fought for their country, for the freedom and glory of Germany, but no one ever told them when the war would end.However, this day has appeared before their eyes the excitement and ecstasy, the great enthusiasm.

Boom There was an earth shattering explosion in the distance.A strong light illuminated the terrifying battlefield, and the whole earth trembled.It was like an earthquake.Almost all objects within the Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies bombing range were thrown into the sky, and then flung in all directions.After a while, the shelling ended.Bodies were strewn everywhere the shells struck.a mess.The already brutal battlefield has become even more unbearable.However, the firepower of the Haifen Stars has not been reduced at all, on the contrary, it has become more ferocious than before it seems that they are not ready to surrender.The earth fare cbd gummies artilleryman s voice came from Sergeant Hopper s microphone The shelling is over The artilleryman s voice had a thick Bavarian accent.Hopper patted Lieutenant Pozik in front and told him that the next round of shelling was at least thirty seconds away.Moreover, his influence exists not only in the United States, but also in any country in Europe, even including France Berkeley is a very competent policeman, and he knows Casanovich very well It is said that the French gang leader Biedler is also very good friends with him, and even Casanovic can order Biedler to do many things for him.My God, it s incredible that you got to know Casanovic.Knowing Casanovic is no big deal.But Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care I have helped him a lot in the past, so he never refused my words.Now, this mysterious Mr.Moyol has aroused the great interest of the Rotini family.At this time, Berkeley suddenly had a thought in his mind that he couldn t believe Moyol Mr.Joel, I have a favor I would like to ask you to do.Wang Weiyi stared at him Ah, then please feel free to speak out 132.That s great Johansen was delighted to have found another fighting company.The captain rushed with them Johansen pointed at the newly landed troops.Okay Up, up, up Johnson and others made another large scale charge.Johansen threw a few grenades and quickly changed a clip.Ah, damn it Five or six German soldiers were knocked to the ground by the machine gun bunker in front.Machine gun bunker the private first class shouted.Johnson quickly directed everyone to hide in one place.Sniper Where s the sniper Johansen yelled.Our company can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies s sniper has died.Sir the private first class shouted.It s really bad Johansen found that this was a group of machine gun bunkers.If there were no snipers to order the charge, there would be heavy losses.This was what Johansen didn t want to see.We have snipers here The captain patted Johansen on the shoulder.Only in this way can our larger plan be implemented smoothly.And the promise I can give you has not changed.Lantes, you will You will be the Prime Minister of the future French government.Sam, you will be the foreign minister of the future French government Langtes and Sam s noses were red with excitement This is their countless previous I had dreamed about it once, but it was just something that appeared in my dream But Baron Alexon is about to make this impossible thing become a reality What else Could it be more exciting than this Please go back and prepare.Wang Weiyi suddenly said in a calm tone Next Saturday, it will be the time to change everything Yes.Next anxiety cbd oil gummies Saturday, it will be the time to change everything Langtes and Sam said in unison.Watching their backs, Colonel Heisenberg lowered his voice and said, Your Excellency Marshal, do you really think these two people are trustworthy On the way to Paris after receiving the mission, we carefully read the documents you gave us.Speaking of this, he paused slightly And our revolution this time will be more thorough One thousand and forty five.The so called revolution, this revolution will be carried out more thoroughly When Baron Alexon said these words, all the unhappiness he had just seemed to disappear at once, replaced by an unspeakable excitement.Just like the French Revolution that year was so vigorous, just like the French Revolution that year, engrave your name on the monument of history Everyone here will be a hero for the victory of the revolution Orangie also made a decision at this time, temporarily abandoning the prejudice with Langtes, and fighting for the victory of the revolution in everything After the victory of the revolution, perhaps it will be the moment when he really competes with Lantes for power.Relying on the special agreement signed between the Lion Fund and the French government, a large number of German commandos entered Paris and major cities in France under the cover of the Lion Fund.Colonel Heisenberg became in charge of these matters.His mentality was completely different from those of Litham or Berkeley.He didn t have to think about how to court the Baron, or his own future.He only knew that he was a German, and that the Baron would never disappoint any German soldier.A total of 317 commandos have entered Paris now, and more commandos will enter in the next two days.Heisenberg quickly reported to the baron If Roberto can fulfill his promise, Then I think the plan will go very smoothly.Are the missions of the team members clear Wang Weiyi asked looking at the Paris map hanging on the wall.They all I carefully selected them Berkeley introduced with a proud tone They are fully capable of escorting us out of Paris President Katri looked at these people carefully Are all of you here No, Mr.President.The guy who took the lead said We have more than a hundred people outside the Elysee Palace.Mr.President, the time is very tight now, the 28th Armored Division and the National Guard are fighting fiercely with the rebels.Please leave immediately with us.President Khatri nodded Remember to bring my wife and children.Ah, what s your name Heisenberg.The man replied quickly.Ah, that s not quite a French name President Khatri muttered But it doesn t matter, you will be rewarded for your loyalty.The most senior government officials and their Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies families hurriedly left the Elysee Palace, which had become so terrifying in their eyes at this time They didn t even want to stay here for a minute earth fare cbd gummies longer time Berkeley and Heisenberg had already prepared high end bulletproof cars, and to the relief of the most senior officials of the French government, they actually saw two tanks., but it made Lieutenant Hiram suffer.He couldn t dodge left or right.Because the moment of lightning, no matter whether he went left or right, he would hit Oakes or Pound.He didn earth fare cbd gummies t choose another The time for an evasion route.As for the forward evasion, there is no consideration at all.The power generated by the missile explosion will definitely lift Lieutenant Hiram from the ground, and the single piece pushed by the air energy will be dismembered., and now he can only dodge backwards.There was no time for any extra thoughts, Lieutenant Hiram kicked his legs on the ground fiercely, the whole person completed a series of rolls backwards, and hugged his head tightly on the ground.Boom There was a loud noise.The missile bombarded Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies precisely where the three of them were just now.Following an unbearable earth fare cbd gummies scorching heat, the can you give a horse cbd gummy bears fragments produced by the missile explosion screamed and slashed in all directions, making a whining sound of breaking wind.

If you have any trouble, please call me at the number above.Thank you, Captain.Wang Weiyi put away his business card I think I should wish you good luck A day of scrutiny aboard the USS Arizona.Let these passengers become impatient.They protested against the poor efficiency earth fare cbd gummies of fba and cia, and demanded that they leave the Arizona immediately.Fortunately for them, there are actually two reporters on the Arizona You must know that these reporters are seriously interested in these news those FBI agents and the Central The agents of 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep the Intelligence Bureau did not get any valuable information.They also knew that if they continued to detain the passengers on the Arizona , it might bring them unnecessary trouble After consulting their superiors, these passengers who had been detained for a day were finally released Of course, this does not include the poor Lieutenant Colonel Stam This is the first time Wang Weiyi has set foot on the land of Plymouth.After the Kirk Fenton government came to power, the city seemed to lose its vitality overnight.Even in World War II, when the Luftwaffe bombed London indiscriminately, the British in London never gave up their faith.In the bombing of the Germans, they always remained calm, and they stood firmly with the city with their calmness and self confidence.Then, at last, they got what they wanted Ernst Alexis von.Baron Bram has replaced bombs with biscuits and war with peace.He brought peace to London, and he brought peace to all of Europe.But then everything changed.The respected Her Majesty the Queen was forced to go into exile abroad, and a so called more democratic Fenton government reviews of people taking cbd gummies cbd sugar free gummies emerged with the full support of the Americans.In fact, the British don t care whether the leader of the country is the king or the president.Ah , as you judged, it is the team led by Nash himself.Wang Weiyi nodded Kill them in the shortest time, remember, try to catch Nash alive.Thorpe left the house soon After a while, gunshots came from outside After five or .

is it illegal to give a minor cbd gummy bears?

six minutes passed, the where can i buy purekana cbd gummies reviews of people taking cbd gummies gunfire stopped Then after waiting for a while, the wounded British National Police Chief Nash He was brought in front of Wang Weiyi.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Nash cried out, but he quickly understood everything I can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies don t think you are really Moyol You can definitely call earth fare cbd gummies me Moyol.Wang Weiyi indifferently Smiling Look.I once promised you to let you meet your wife and daughter, and I have done it.Nash saw Alinda and Bella at a glance.He let out a long breath, at least his wife and daughter were not harmed.What he couldn t figure out was why Moyol was an enemy How did he get the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States, General Phillips, to personally testify for him What is his true identity No matter how smart Nash is, he still can t figure it out Nash, I think you should know that you can t get out of here alive Wang Weiyi stood up Even if I want to let you go , but my friends will never allow this.However, Elliott said this, but it still made him feel a faint disappointment William shrugged Ah, can cbd gummies help with constipation earth fare cbd gummies I just asked that.Elliott, you are an economic Do you have any good advice for me regarding the plight of the American economy No.Elliott replied very simply All possible methods have been used, Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies William, to be honest, I I can t think of a better solution.And I can tell you with certainty that this financial crisis is more severe than the one in 1942, and it will last longer.The U.S.economy will last for a long time Unrecoverable in time, whether it is you, or your successor, will need to face a terrible winter in American history William was silent.Whether it is you or your successor, you will need to face a terrible winter in American history These words of Eliot seemed to tell him that the great power of the United States The plutocrats are no longer optimistic that he can be re elected as the President of the United States.Will nodded solemnly Yes, I have already contacted the Baron before I arrived in Ireland.He will himself come to direct your armed struggle.Of course, before that we will launch an armed uprising in advance Adams perked up.Do you have a map here certainly.Adams asked someone to bring a map of Northern Ireland.Will pointed to the map and said Moyle, our uprising will start from Moyle first.It is close to Rathlin Island, so it can advance and retreat freely, and can get support from the sea.What we can assure you, Mr.Adams, is that there will be a steady stream of weapons in your hands.Adams watched the map carefully Yes, this is a good place for the uprising.Here we have a large number of sympathizers.I m sure we can get the support of the locals.I think the only thing we have to deal with there is the NKVD, and with the NKVD we are equally likely to win them over to our side. The New Sea Lion Project this is October 8, 1966 When German Head of State Adolf.When Hitler and Queen Elizabeth II of the British Empire walked in, there was a sudden silence in the headquarters.Mr.Yuan, please let this all begin.Queen swiss relief cbd gummies Elizabeth II was obviously also a little excited.It was not good to be betrayed, and it was not good to be in exile, but all this suffering will soon pass.What she is about to usher in will be a period of history that she will never forget in her life.Your Majesty, I think you should come.No, Mr.F hrer.Elizabeth II smiled and said, I am a queen in exile.I think that without the help of Germany, perhaps I would have become a And I don t think this is the time to be humble.Hitler didn t give in anymore, he came to the microphone, and after a moment of silence he said 50 years ago, I participated in the First World War, 25 Years ago I saw the Second World War.We were all fooled by the enemy, and we were all played by Baron Alexon in the applause.Turner nodded In this case, should we release them immediately and let them go back to work Release them William glanced at his subordinates Turner, sometimes we know that the other party has never done these things, but we can t change their fate.Too many things happened in London and in the UK Things, we need someone to take responsibility for these things.Turner fully understood that Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jade were the ones who had to take responsibility for this.In fact, they have no fault at all.If it must be said, then their only fault is that they sat in that seat.The kidnapping of the Yinhe and the leak of a series of information all require someone to take responsibility for this, or more precisely, a scapegoat is needed.However, the constant changes in the past few months have caused such loyalty to change rapidly.Especially during the release of the Yinhe hostages, countless officials felt that they had been deceived and betrayed by the Fenton government.Should they still swear allegiance to the Fenton government unconditionally Once people Wisłoujście Festival earth fare cbd gummies s hearts change, it will be a very terrible thingthe belief that they once collapsed makes them have to make necessary changes It s not that Fenton, Wilkins, and Capanong are unaware of this situation, but they are also powerless.At the moment of crisis, everyone s mood is completely different, and even they themselves are seriously pessimistic about the prospect of war.Only General Gandra reluctantly redeployed the combat adjustment, but he was not optimistic about how effective this adjustment would be.