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The German soldiers smiled and shook their heads, not knowing whether they were agreeing with the words cowardly Adolf or sympathizing with Hitler.Give it back to me After hearing the words Cowardly Adolf , Hitler felt that he had been greatly insulted.Give it back to him, Steven.It was Wang Weiyi who said this.Seeing that the company commander had spoken, Steven threw the diary back to Hitler, and then said with a smile Hey, Adolf, don t mind, I was just joking with you.Go back to your post.Wang Weiyi said majestically.Steven quickly returned to his combat post.Hitler carefully put away the diary, and then muttered angrily This damn Jew His words were drowned out by the sound of gunfire, but Wang Weiyi was beside him, and he heard half of the sentence unclearly What did you say Ah, Lieutenant.Yes, it seems that there is something going on on the right wing in the UK.That s that s Bon Crayley isn t quite sure However, how to eat cbd gummies Boncrele and all the officers and soldiers of the third company soon saw a huge German flag suddenly appeared on the right wing of the British army Countless German soldiers appeared on the battlefield under the guidance of this national flag Reinforcements That s the arrival of reinforcements Huge cheers erupted from the third company s position The British army, which suffered heavy casualties on the frontal battlefield, was suddenly attacked from the flanks, and the blow they suffered was undoubtedly huge.It was difficult to adjust the formation to meet the how to eat cbd gummies challenge, and those Germans rushed too fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had already rushed in front of the British Second lieutenant, reinforcements, reinforcements Steck yelled loudly Rush out No Hall flatly rejected the proposal We don t know where the troops come from, and our mission Stay here The stubborn Hall had just finished speaking, when suddenly a person shouted For Germany, attack It was Bon Crayley He was the first to shout such a slogan, and the first to rush out For Germany, attack It was Steck who dropped Hall and rushed out following the pace of Bon Crayley For Germany, attack The whole third company rushed out Hall stared at all this dumbfounded.No, he s a traitor Bach yelled crazily, and then something unexpected happened He drew out a sharp knife and stabbed Wang Weiyi ninety seven.weak A knife stabbed towards Wang Weiyi viciously.Bach was a little whimsical.If he really thought that his knife could kill a real soldier who had gone through life and death on the battlefield, it would be the most ridiculous thing.Before the crowd s exclamation sounded, Wang Weiyi best cbd isolate gummies had already grabbed the hand he was holding, and then slashed his wrist with his right hand, and the sharp knife had already fallen into his hand.Then the knife was aimed how to eat cbd gummies at Bach.Bach s face was ashen.He was a radical Social Democratic Party who hated all nobles and firmly believed that Germany must obtain the privileges of all nobles.He would not hesitate to resort to green rose cbd gummies extreme violence when necessary.I recognize you, what s your name Wang Weiyi asked solemnly.Report to the lieutenant, Yunal, the first company of the bicycle brigade.Corporal Yunal, stop your car and come over to support mine.Manstein didn t know what Major Ernst wanted to do, but he still Parked his car according to his instructions, and helped Major Ernst hold his bicycle.Freed, saved Wang Weiyi happily left his car and rode on Manstein s bicycle Sergeant, push the bicycle and follow me.Remember, this is Colonel Gustav.Be sure to pay attention to his safety Manstein Tan was dumbfounded.The French colonel on the back of the bicycle looked so fat, about two hundred pounds.God, so fat Ernst put himself in charge of carrying him Colonel Gustav didn t care who would carry him, as long as he didn t let his injured leg touch the Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies ground.Lieutenant, a very good bottle of wine. Watts said something authentic.It s a good bottle of wine.80 Electronic Book Www.tXT zero. But you didn t buy .

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it, did you Watts said coldly As I said, there are only three bottles in the whole Lance, and all three bottles are mine.Unfortunately, just this afternoon, one of my subordinates stole one of the bottles.Of course, he was not lucky.When he tried to sell it for a high price, the bottle was snatched away.oh.what a pity.Wang Weiyi said indifferently.Watts stared at Wang Weiyi Do you really know nothing, lieutenant One hundred twenty four.Gold No, I don t know, Mr.Simond.Wang Weiyi s answer could not satisfy Watts at all Lieutenant Moyol, maybe you have stayed at the front line for too long, and it is not clear who is here It s up to me.It s me, Simone Jean Vac Anyone who steals from me will be punished with the most severe punishment What does that have to do with me, Mr.At the beginning After knowing that Ernst had been promoted to major, cbd gummies with pure hemp Rommel still felt a little puzzled.How did Ernst get promoted so quickly Now he began to understand.He was always carrying out these adventures, meeting one after another Challenge.Many seemingly impossible tasks on the surface, but he can always think of incredible ways.While Rommel was thinking about Ernst, Wang Weiyi called Will in Will Ting Mr.Rand, are you a good tailor Yes, sir, I am.Will Tinland showed his confidence in this matter I am a complete layman in war, and I hate war, but when it comes to tailoring skills, no one can match me. Well, you come with me to General Raffarin s place.Wang Weiyi said with satisfaction I need you to where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator measure the general s body Will, after this task is completed, I have an idea, how to eat cbd gummies a very strange idea, and I want to invest in you.It s close here.We re surrounded.Rommel observed the surrounding situation There are two platoons of enemies, maybe more.Ernst.Do you have any good ideas No.Even at this time, Wang Weiyi still acted so calmly.He pulled the bolt of the submachine gun and said with a smile Erwin, maybe we will all die here, and you will never see you again fiancee.You will be cursed.Rommel checked his guns It may be where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator my honor to fight side by side with you Wang Weiyi has heard this sentence countless times, and every time he hears it, his heart is always inexplicably moved The French stopped and surrounded the place with only two entrances very tightly.There was no possibility of breaking through.A French second lieutenant walked towards us waving a white flag.Don t shoot, I am Second Lieutenant Jeremy.The second lieutenant walked up to him Major De Sade asked me to ask you, are you Major Ernst Brahm Wang Weiyi smiled Ernst Alexson von Brahm, please call me Baron Skeleton.He calmed down and looked forward, and a large number of Russia appeared in his sight.He said lightly Stike, give them a shell to taste first.Sean, your heavy machine gun must be ready.Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Major Brahm will wave his skull battle standard again in front of the Russians.153.Letters Wang Weiyi took one last breath how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale of his cigarette, and then popped out the cigarette butt.The cigarette butt flew out, drawing an arc in the air The moment the cigarette butt fell to the ground, the shells how to eat cbd gummies of the thunderbolt also let out a sharp whistling, twisting its flirtatious figure in the air, and then let out a The explosion rose with thick smoke and screams.The heavy machine gun in Sean s hand also fired.The first real how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale battle since the establishment of the Skeleton Commando Xiao En deftly rained bullets on the enemy, and the rifles and pistols beside him also made cheerful sounds on the battlefield.

He asked casually, Did someone from us leak our how to eat cbd gummies actions In his mind, it must be like this.Unpredictable spies appear in every city in every country, and any covert action will always reveal some clues.From Lance to Vandice, everything is like this No.Riley s answer was unexpected According to my information, it was a cavalry corporal who judged from the sudden attack of the German army that you had infiltrated Russia.And he was very bold to meet General Kashanov, and what is surprising is that General Kashanov trusted him completely Cavalry corporal What s his name Hey , Baron Alexon, I am not omnipotent.Do you want me to know the names of everyone in the Russian army This information alone, I have spent a lot of effort.At least five places You went to one place, Haschenbach near how to eat cbd gummies Omjet Wang Weiyi interrupted him lightly.It seemed that he recognized Lieutenant Colonel Shevaski, and he ran towards here in surprise.Come down, Corporal.General Boris was there, he was wounded.It was the damn air raid.My truck was almost blown up too.The corporal kept cursing, and quickly called his companions to come how to eat cbd gummies down.When the Russian soldiers approached, Shevaski suddenly shouted They are the enemy Then, he rushed towards Wang Weiyi Shevaski knew that this must not go on, otherwise the honor of the soldier would be completely lost, and he and General Boris would not be able to escape so easily.He also It can be seen that this Ernst.Bram is the one who matters, and once he s subdued, his companions can t do anything Then, the general can also be rescued However, just as he threw himself out, the submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand had already fired ahead of time Shevaski s body fell to the ground, his eyes wide open.Everyone in the German army knows this.At the same time, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Brahm and his team members are defending a very important position, once the enemy breaks through.Then the deployment of the entire German army may be disrupted.Therefore, the contest between the German and French armies has been fully demonstrated in the artillery fire Under such bombardment, whoever s will will collapse first will lose the contest.Fortunately for Wang Weiyi.One s companions are trustworthy, and the artillery support of the German army is also trustworthy.In the day s shelling, the French artillery did not take advantage of it.When the darkness of dawn on April 16 was dispelled, Ben Weihao s attack finally kicked off It was how to eat cbd gummies the same 79th Infantry Brigade that had been defeated again and again, but this time the combat style was completely different from the past All the officers above the major have been replaced by General Ben Weihao.Some of them were dumbfounded, some shouted and ran, and some were indifferent, but no one thought of rushing to defend.This includes Major General Cross.The major general couldn t believe that the Germans had really come.What the hell is Soqualia doing Why did he let the Germans run in Man, the Germans really got to Bonosa Major General Cross was in a daze, and he couldn t say a word for five minutes.It was not until his adjutant Sironia repeatedly reminded him that Major General Cross asked What should we do now, Major Sironia Hieronia was a little dumbfounded, shouldn t she answer this question by herself At this time, the Skeleton Commando was ready to attack Two mortars were 250 cbd gummies set up, and their muzzles were aimed at the Italians.To be honest, no one expects two mortars to do anything.The Italians surrender, remember, they only have one hour Yes, Colonel.Prime Minister, the national government of the Republic of China asked us to send another German military officer advisory group, and ordered a batch of weapons from us again.Allow them, all of them.Hitler waved his hand All of China s demands are agreed.Rommel and how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale his companions suddenly discovered that Hitler s waving movement was very similar to Ernst.Our air force and armored forces are being formed Okay, very good.Hitler nodded with satisfaction Those damned countries can t stop us from rising again Manfred von Richtho Finn, you will recommand the Luftwaffe Heinz Wilhelm.Guderian, no one is more suitable than commanding tanks.This is what General Ernst specifically said.As for you, my dear friends, let us work hard for the strength of Germany.All for Ernst All for Ernst In March 1936, Adolf Hitler sent troops to the Rhineland in disregard of the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Convention.They decided to restore their damaged dignity on the battlefield It was under such circumstances that Werner Heisen appeared on the battlefield As soon as he arrived, it was the time when the artillery fire from the Japanese army was at its heaviest.Werner Heisen yelled and ordered all the soldiers to mount their bayonets, preparing to launch a counter charge against the Japanese army The German advisor had a very high status in the Communist Party, but his orders were incompatible with those of Captain Wang Weiyi, and the soldiers were at a loss for a while.Attack Attack Werner Heisen roared, as if he wanted to vent his anger completely.His speech was so fast that even the translator cbd gummy dosage calculator couldn t keep up.Advisor, our captain ordered us to stand firm.Ouyang Yu, who was in charge of the battle here, how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale said loudly.A soldier holding an anti aircraft machine gun was startled, and suddenly pointed at the sky and shouted excitedly Look, look, look, I killed a Japanese plane He jumped and shouted, I really thought that this enemy plane was killed by myself and his companions also gave out bursts of cheers Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Xiao Ling, thank you, you now It s easier to talk.I m happy This is Xiaoling s only answer.Elena, what happened to Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi was a little curious.I don t know.Elena s helpless voice came over.Wang Weiyi didn t have time to figure out these things now, so he called Guo Yunfeng to his side Sidao, the first company has been promoted to the first battalion, and you are in charge.You are the sergeant, right Damn, you can t control so much Now, you are the captain now.You set off immediately with the first company on the truck, and you must arrive at Kuncheng Lake cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección in the shortest possible time.

I don t want to see This matter affects the friendship between the two families, and even the friendship between the two countries Aha, Commander, I understand what you mean.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Do you want me to lobby This is of course no problem.I will let those old men in the House of cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección Lords know that nobles have traditions.Nobles like Baron Skeleton cannot be compared with pure blooded nobles like Baron Andrew Kenkichi Ueda felt relieved.Although this Baron Andrew is arrogant, rude, and annoying, as long as he can complete the tasks assigned to him by the zh ngf , everything is tolerable.It s not just him lobbying there , Many Japanese people are acting and lobbying in their own ways, trying to make the British government change their position But it is obvious that they have already done it one step ahead Ken Ueda, who is in a happy mood Ji looked at the time Ah, Your Majesty the Baron, His Majesty Aixinjueluo Puyi, the Emperor of Manchuria, I heard that you are coming, and I specially prepared a welcome ceremony in the palace.The faces of the two gangsters changed because they saw Mr.Po watts who was talking to a guest with two submachine guns pushed open.Angry, just about to get angry, suddenly he and the guests held their breath.Two of Po Watz s men stepped back with their hands raised, and the next three came in with two submachine guns in their hands.You know this is Bo Watts decided not to lose face in front of the guests, he wanted to use his name to frighten them.But when his words came out, he was completely stunned.He saw Elena first, then Guo Yunfeng, and finally, he saw Ernst Brehm All three of them are a bit old , but Bo Watts will never forget these three people in his life.In Lance, it was they who made themselves suffer a lot of humiliation.At that time in Reims, it was Elena who pointed the gun at them, so Bo Watts was even more afraid of Elena than Ernst Brahm, Mr.Wang Weiyi said with a smile You just got knocked out, now you need to calm down.And you think, you must not be able to beat me, I can kill you in three seconds.Yamaguchi Hiroshi Gradually calmed down The person sitting there is the killer who killed countless outstanding soldiers of the empire That s right.Wang Weiyi nodded with great satisfaction Zhou Wenhao.Go and watch outside the door.Captain Yamaguchi and I are old friends.We need to have a good chat Ah, Captain Yamaguchi Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies Please sit down.Hiroshi Yamaguchi sat down angrily Yamaguchi.Farewell to Changshu, I miss you so much, I miss you so much, so I came to Shanghai to see you again Yes.Wang Weiyi said very seriously Being friends can do what I do, shouldn t it be considered good Hiroshi Yamaguchi didn t know whether to be furious or what should be He barely held back his anger and said Wang Weiyi, you have made me suffer.He should fight for the soldiers, but why can t he do it Is it because of the fear of the general s order, or because of the satisfaction brought by the so called victory Qingkou Wusan couldn t answer himself at all, Report to the brigade seat, Zhang Lingfu has returned after completing the mission In the secret temporary brigade headquarters, Zhang Lingfu said aloud.Wang Weiyi, who was looking at the map with his subordinates, raised his head and said with a smile Zhang Lingfu, you did a great job.You not only sniped the Japanese army for three days in Jiangjia Village, but also completely vented their anger Come and see He called Zhang Lingfu to the front of the map Information just came that the Japanese army has entered Jiangjia Village and will spend the night there tonight, and the opportunity to annihilate this regiment has come Hearing the word annihilate , Zhang Lingfu how to eat cbd gummies s eyes lit up Traveler, I request to be the striker No Wang Weiyi shook his head unexpectedly.At first they thought the officer was just talking.Wang Weiyi He took out a few gold bars and stuffed them into their hands These.It was all given to you by Guo Yunfeng, and he bought it with his own life.He also has a bank account, which is also the money he bought with his life.When you arrive in the United States, someone will tell you how to withdraw the money Lu Daxiong and Yunxia looked at each other.Husband and wife The two suddenly knelt down to Wang Weiyi Sir Get up, never kneel down except to your own relatives Wang infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies Weiyi helped them up Lu Daxiong, your best friend, Yunxia, your elder infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies brother Guo Yunfeng, he is a hero who stands above heaven and earth.Remember no matter where you go, don t embarrass him Yes, we know, cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección sir Let s go.Wang Weiyi waved to them See you in America William stared at Wang Weiyi in a daze.Gradually, they stopped attacking.The air cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección was filled with the bloody smell that made people want to vomit, and the German soldiers sat tiredly on the ground, and spent another day that was terrible and full of death threats.These are not dead yet.No doubt some lucky ones.But what about tomorrow What will happen tomorrow No one can know that Ludwig looked at the battlefield irritably, and today he resisted the Russian attack, but what about the breakout requested by his superiors How the hell should we break out A large number of bonfires were lit, which would make the Germans the target of Soviet snipers, but the cold weather has made the German soldiers ignore it.The sentries how to eat cbd gummies did not forget to perform their duties.They watched their surroundings vigilantly.Suddenly, a sergeant seemed to have discovered something.Hoffen Air Force Commander has mobilized more than 500 aircraft for reinforcements at any time, and the troops of General Manstein and General Guderian are also ready to respond.But General Ernst s call back was only one sentence Here I am, I leave with the last German soldier I leave with the last German soldier This sentence ignited the most fighting enthusiasm of the German soldiers for the general, attack What followed was a frenzied fighting zeal.Every German soldier is ready use his life to defend General Ernst Everyone can die here, except General Ernst He is a symbol of Germany, he is the pride of Germany With cbd gummies and citalopram him, even if the last German soldier is dead, Germany can still win the war This kind of fanatical belief is unimaginable for soldiers of any country.General, more than 10,000 German soldiers are approaching here At the same time, more than 30,000 German soldiers have also received news of retreating to the Radev area Colonel Capulo hurried over.

Ah, it s Depsey, he s a pretty good housekeeper.Videlio was startled when he heard the name Depsey After a while, I came back to natural cbd gummies for sleep my senses I haven t heard Countess Leonie s name for many years, well, let me change my clothes and go see him, as the baron s housekeeper, I can t be ashamed in front of the count s housekeeper But when Butler Videlio changed his clothes and came to the manor, he was very angry.Butler Videlio was really angry.The countess butler, Depusey, was pointing fingers there, constantly picking on the problems in the manor.Why was that tree planted here It ruined the atmosphere of the whole manor, so I dug it up right away, who picked these flowers Only rural people who can t read would do that.What are you doing there Are you a cook God, is it possible that a cook can run around here with the baron how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale The buy cbd gummies online australia baron is a baron, and even his servants are so unruly.The person in Shanghai is me.There is my friend Sidao.I like the country of China, following the words of the hermit in that magical place.I have been looking for the secret of life, and then I arrived in Shanghai.At that time, Japan was fighting fiercely, Japan itself slaughtered the people of the country, and I.As an upright person, I can t stand by.So I appeared as a skeleton baron and helped the country, it s just that simple.Hitler sighed General, we heard about you at that time, and we all went crazy Not only Germany, but the whole of Europe and the whole world are looking for you .

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crazily, but we can t find you.Where did you go I continued to practice, Wang Weiyi said.While talking, he suddenly felt that this was a good excuse.Practice If there is something in the future that I need to leave temporarily, this may be a way to hide it.It seemed that General De Sade was unwilling to reveal scars Kill him De Sade no longer has any hesitation Why is this the best, maybe the only chance, as long as Ernst is dead, Germany will be in chaos, and our morale will be boosted like never before.Since he sent this opportunity to us, why hesitate General Nedaro hesitated But I m afraid this will cause Germany to retaliate on a large scale, and maybe the whole of Paris will be filled with dead bodies Even if the whole of France is ruined and Ernst is killed, France will still have a day of reconstruction De Sade has never been so terrible You don t know what Ernst means, I know.You don t know Ernst is important to Germany, I know I am not afraid of being accused and ridiculed, as long as I can kill Ernst, I will bear any price Nedaro shivered, it was the first time he saw The general is so hideous and terrifying.According to my suggestion, we must immediately evacuate Oleska and Churminsk.It is meaningless to continue to stick to these two places, but it will cause us to suffer heavy losses.But But your reasonable suggestion has been rejected by your Silin Comrade s objection.Wang Weiyi helped him out I also thought that you would retreat from Oleska and Churminsk, but what I never expected was that you gave the good opportunity to annihilate these two armies.In front of me, I can hardly believe it.So I still say that, the responsibility for this failure is not yours Kerkorok glanced gratefully at Marshal Ernst, at least the German The marshal knows himself better than his comrades.Come on, let s continue to sit down and talk.Wang Weiyi sat back again Seriously, I don t think you will have any future with the Bolsheviks.Sergeant, there are our people fighting in front The cries of his subordinates aroused the boundless enthusiasm of Sergeant Roman, and he roared impulsively Fire.Fire, throw the shells out The soldier s words cannot be violated, and the shells flew out of the gun barrel with a whistling sound Amidst the rumbling explosion.Two enemy positions were destroyed under the terrible attack of making cbd edibles out of gummy bears the tiger.Sergeant Roman triumphantly said, The next goal, move on Klingenberg crawled out of the rubble in a disheveled state.He didn t know what happened just now He caught an enemy s hiding place and quickly led his squadron to attack.But when they were about to launch an assault.A burst of shells came from behind.The enemy s position was destroyed.But Klingenberg and one of his subordinates who rushed to the mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies front were almost killed.A vigilant face appeared inside, but after seeing the strange but very mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies beautiful waiter, the expression on the face relaxed a little Is there something wrong Sir, today is a routine cleaning Time.Elena said with a smile.Where s Erica Ah, she s on leave.Did you forget that she s getting married today Elena said with a smile.It was only then that the Turkish agent remembered that, indeed, it seemed that he had heard that Erica was getting married a few days ago.The door opened completely and Elena walked in He saw Mr.Kahn lying cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección on tribe revive cbd gummies the bed reading the newspaper, while another agent was sitting there playing an old Turkish chess class games.For the waitress, the Turkish agents are not so vigilant, including the two Turkish guards who were guarding the door before.Elena cleaned very carefully.When she came to Mr.Each of them had not been exposed to weapons for a long time, and even when the Germans handed them weapons, viralityx cbd gummies they took some trouble to teach them how to use these new weapons.But they don t care, in their opinion.As long as Prince Karami can be rescued, it is worthwhile for everyone here to die.Enemy reinforcements appeared.For the Ottomans.For the Sultan, fight Rafke was the first to utter such a roar, and then the weapons in the hands of the twelve Turks opened fire Turks beat Turks Intensive firepower spewed out, and all the reinforcements that had a full platoon fell to the ground at once.They received an order, and the enemy appeared in Chulejack and was launching an attack.Their how long for cbd gummies to help with anxiety task was to immediately reinforce Chulejack.But in any case, they never expected that the enemy would arrange an ambush here After the initial panic, these Turkish troops began to attack.

Directing these operations was Second Lieutenant Erne, a British adviser specially hired by the Turkish Intelligence Ministry.Second Lieutenant Erne regarded Kahn s escape as his lifelong shame, and he vowed to capture Kahn and those lawless Germans with his own hands in order to wash away such shame.He personally took some Turkish intelligence officials to sternly interrogate the suspects on the street, and Henry, the head of British intelligence in Ankara, also joined the ranks of assistance and Wang Weiyi As predicted, the living environment of German spies in Ankara suddenly became worse Fortunately, these German spies took contingency measures in advance under the command of Major Herbert Second Lieutenant Ernie was a little annoyed.Two full days passed, and there was still no news from Kahn.Marseio was out of the army for more than two months.However, just two weeks after he left.A major turning point has taken place in the war situation in Africa.On June 17, 1942, after conquering the British desert fortress Adem, the Italian Erit armored division and the entire German Afrika Korps crossed Tobruk and marched eastward to the Egyptian border.This is Rommel s new strategy.He believes that there is no need to rush to occupy Tobruk, and Gamble, which has the British air base, should be captured first.The second attack wave, composed of the first flight training regiment, began to attack.Ju 88s bombarded British artillery positions in front of German ground forces.After the bombing, the Me110 planes of the 3rd Battalion of the 26th Destroyer Aviation Regiment rushed to the enemy s machine gun positions and anti tank artillery positions, swooping and strafing.The British army has an absolute advantage.Every time a British is killed, the Egyptians have to pay three times or more.But at this point, the only option for the Egyptians is to continue to resist to the end.They know how to eat cbd gummies very well that once the mutiny fails, what kind of terrible ending will await them Perhaps there is only one hope left now to get the support of the high level Egyptian military headed by General Canlemu , but now it seems so out of reach As night fell, the British offensive suddenly intensified.Three tanks assaulted at the forefront, causing great distress to the mutiny soldiers.Mutiny soldiers tried to blow up the tank several times.However, the British army, which strengthened the protection of tanks, did not give them too many opportunities, but instead caused them to lose a large number of companions.And several German planes also desperately bombed and strafed the British positions Cairo became a huge battlefield The demon tank was rampant and fearless.If the British are not afraid of those mutiny soldiers at all, they are always full of fear of this demon tank flying the skull battle flag.They always have an idea in their hearts this tank is definitely not something that human power can stop Gradually, in the southwest, the British defensive position was shaken under the repeated impact of the rebel army.Wang Weiyi was keenly aware of this, and under his command, the Egyptians were assembled and launched a life threatening attack here.After all, Cairo is not a real battlefield.It is difficult for the British army to fully reflect their combat quality here, but Egypt s superiority in numbers has been brought into full play.God knows when these Italians will do something ridiculous on the battlefield The Lito Aio division, supported by artillery fire, once again organized a new round of attack against the enemy.One time they fared much better and actually broke through some enemy positions.God, this is a real breakthrough, and the Italians themselves can t believe it The Italians with high morale decided to continue to perform some good miracles on the battlefield, so they continued to maintain an assault posture.But they soon regretted their decision.The British counterattack is coming Montgomery quickly used the 42nd and 44th Royal Tank Regiments and the 1st Armored Brigade to completely encircle the Rito Aio Division and launch a fierce attack on it.As a result, the Italians were completely panickedtheir commander demanded that the Germans should immediately meet them to break through the encirclement After getting this situation, Rommel laughed., Now that they are all dead, what on earth does Wang Weiyi want to do Shankou, we have to discuss a person.Wang Weiyi actually poured wine for Hiroshi Yamaguchi himself this time Let s discuss your secret agent Xiong A look of horror flashed across Hiroshi Yamaguchi s face General Wang, I don t know what you are talking about.Look.Yamaguchi, I thought we were good friends Wang Weiyi said very relaxedly Friends should not hide from each other All right.Since you don t want to say it, let me tell you the identity of this bear.He was sent to the United States by your Japanese intelligence agency .

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a long time ago.He is the most successful spy.He has been lurking in the United States for about 20 years, and he has taken root in the United States.He also married an American woman as his wife and had a child.A telegram was sent to the mothership that the attack was successful, but was sunk by the U.S.military.The Iraqi 24 pocket submarine was discovered by a US ship at the entrance of the port.After being attacked, it escaped with injuries.Due to the serious injury, it lost control of the control, which caused it to hit the rocks twice.The crew had to abandon the boat.The other two pocket submarines were sunk by the U.S.Army at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.Among the ten crew members of this special attack team, only the captain of the I 24 boat, Shumaki, and the male second lieutenant survived, becoming the first Japanese army captured by the US military in the Pacific War.The Japanese army deployed a total of 20 submarines around Pearl Harbor.Firstly, they were used for reconnaissance and surveillance, and secondly, they were prepared to ambush Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies the American ships that attempted to leave the port to avoid or chase the Japanese fleet during the air strikes.

of.So again I advise you to give up on them But what about them They are also our comrades.Tasotsky asked, frowning.I will take a platoon to protect them Otzkoman put forward his idea without hesitation All of us plus Together, they are not worth as much as cbd gummies hashtags how to eat cbd gummies you, general Tasotsky smiled wryly when he heard the word value.The battle has already been fought like this, so what s the value Can it be said No, I will not give up on them and escape alone, this is not what a general should do.Tasotsky said decisively Comrade Captain Otzkoman, I have lost this war, and I must be responsible for the lives of all comrades Even if I die because of this, I will not What a pity But Tasotsky interrupted before Otzkoman could say anything, Nothing but, everyone in the civil service Weapons are allocated, and women are also allocated weapons.Now, what they were waiting for was the arrival of reinforcements from Weidmann s tanks.Once the tank army arrives, the end of the Russians will come.And on the opposite side of them.When the Germans were spotted, Otzkoman realized that they had lost any chance of breaking out.Now that you are desperate, let everyone where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator die here He continued to command the troops to fight bravely.They continued to send out small troops to see if there was any possibility of protecting General Tasotsky from breaking out.But the ending was disappointing.Under such circumstances, Tasotsky did not panic too much, anyway, it started with the general German offensive.After the failure of the Soviet breakout.He has already made up his mind to die.He thinks he is a sinner, and a sinner is not qualified to live in this world General Lindelof s telegram was placed in front of him, and Tasotsky gave it to Linderov after a long consideration.Well then.Please prepare to go, and you, for the victory of the Soviets For the victory of where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator the Soviets Looking at the leaving figures, Vasilevsky showed a strange expression on his face instead.Comrade Commander in Chief.At this time, Khrushchev put away his deliberately disguised arrogant and rude face Do you really think that Straf can stop the Germans No, he can t Then why are you still Comrade Military Commissar, although the battle how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale has just begun.But the current situation is actually very unfavorable to us.Vasilevsky s complexion became extremely dignified Our series of deployments were completely disrupted by the German army, so.I have to do something for this battleI want to annihilate Ernst Brahm What did you say Khrushchev opened his eyes wide You said you want to eliminate Ernst Brahm Yes.Surrounding it is the turbulent green spectra cbd gummies and majestic sea, which may be submerged anytime and anywhere.And what Wang Weiyi has to do is to do his best to keep this isolated island safe until the moment when the Ernst Miracle happens Soldier.But it didn t cause any panic.They quickly invested in the construction of the position.They are on the offensive, and they are about to stage an excellent defensive battle here.Manstein, Guderian, and Rommel are the best offensive masters in the German army, and Model is the best defensive master.And what about Ernst Brahm He demonstrated his excellent defensive abilities at Montfaucon in World War I.Showed his excellent offensive ability in Demyansk or Kharkov.But it was the first time for Wang Weiyi to conduct such a large defensive operation on the Terek River.Comrade Stalin was also worried about the commander in chief.Khrushchev considered whether to Vasilevsky s remarks were reported to Stalin, but at such a time, he still mustered up his energy and said Comrade commander in chief, although you have just been promoted to marshal, in fact, in the army, many commanders think that With your qualifications and military achievements, you should have been a marshal where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator a long time agoI don t mean to flatter you, but just want to tell you that you are expected by everyone, and you are not inferior to Comrade Zhukov.It is expected that you will command the Battle of Stalingrad, and because of this, I firmly believe that under your command, we will be how to eat cbd gummies able to win the final victory Vasilevsky smiled wryly, who said that Khrushchev Is the husband just a reckless and rude countryman There is no one who can hide himself better than him Well, Comrade Military Commissar, I hope to achieve the final victory as you said.Xiao Ling quickly changed the subject Now we are going to discuss the wealth concentrated in Moscow.I don t know exactly how much property was transferred here by Stalin s order, but I am very clear about one thing.A huge amount of gold and treasure will be transferred out of Moscow tomorrow and transported to another hidden location how many Wang Weiyi asked.From my monitoring, the total amount of gold and gold products exceeds 370 tons.At the same time, there are cbd gummy for anxiety a large number of precious cultural relics, as well as a large amount of dollars and pounds Wang Weiyi was a little out of breath.The 370 tons of gold, and the rest, are not worth mentioning in front of these gold.God, once this wealth falls into his pocket, the harvest will be huge and terrible.But there is a prerequisite.When capturing Kolchak s gold, he used his own skeleton commando, so who can he use this time The gold will be transferred out of Moscow by train just like Kolchak s gold.God, what did Xiao Ling think, to design such a well fitting armor for Elena Although the whole body was covered, such a fit made Elena reveal her sexy infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies everywhere.Elena was about to turn around, but her arms were tightly grasped by Wang Weiyi.Elina was startled, struggled for a while but didn t struggle, but at this moment, she heard a voice in her ear.Wang Weiyi s smirk Of course I have something to do.Under such circumstances, what do sour watermelon gummy platinum x cbd you think will happen Leoni, who was lying on her side, covered her mouth and smiled, and in Elena s ear, Wang Weiyi how to eat cbd gummies almost The words that were spoken close to her ear almost made Elena s whole body go limp.Just when Elena tried to protest with the last of her cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección wits, Wang Weiyi picked her up and put her next to Leoni.No, this is ridiculous Elena struggled to get up, but Leoni held her hands, and Wang Weiyi s lips pressed against hers In an instant, Elena completely collapsed.

Guo Yunfeng, how many Romans have you killed Eleven Anlugostibi Us, how many Romans did you kill I killed seven, and Thibius killed eight Then why are you still unhappy Wang Weiyi s voice sounded so Confidence Each of us has killed an enemy far more than our own.Look, the corpses here, the enemy s far more than ours.I know that the Romans have more soldiers, but so what Even if we how to eat cbd gummies all fall, the Romans will definitely pay a heavier price than usWe does cbd gummies help with high blood pressure may not be able to wait for reinforcements, and each of us may die here.But we let the Romans know, As long as there is a Germanic man alive, they will never conquer us.As long as there is a Germanic man alive.The land here will always be ours.The Romans, we will be driven from here, our land and freedom , no one can take it from us There was silence, and then all the Germanians suddenly broke out in such a loud and orderly voice Germanic Germanic Germanic The cry shook everything, and was heard even by the retreating Romans.Led by Bibulus and Cato Jr.They call themselves good people or noble people.Society was strained by partisan struggles between the patricians and the emerging populists, and these struggles were also channeled through domestic rage.Violence and brutal civic struggle have become increasingly apparent.Members of the Nobility faction include Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Cnaius Pompey.On the contrary, Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Cinna and Julius Caesar were all populists.The backgrounds of nobles and commoners doomed them to be unable to coexist peacefully But now Caesar openly questioned the Senate, which is still very surprising.Caesar just vented his dissatisfaction with the Senate slightly, and then turned his attention to the retreating soldiers Calini, do you know how to treat those soldiers who are weak in combat Nodding silently.In fact, if we say that the most eager to usher in the war, infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies it is the two of them When the day finally came, Wang Weiyi and Kaiser did the exact same thing again they both Woke up very late.usually.They must be the first to get up to inspect their troops.But this time they were uncharacteristically.When the consul appeared, Anluges came up Dear Consul, we are ready.Oh Wang Weiyi only answered this word lightly.Is there anything else you want to order Anluges was a little surprised by the consul s attitude.Is there anything else to order Wang Weiyi s expression seemed equally surprised Do I still think you can t win No.I don t have to worry about anything.I know you will be able to drive all those Romans out today.Let s go.Anluges and the leaders of the barbarian tribes all showed excitement on their faces.This huge wealth included this mansion that belonged to the famous nobleman Catiline.People vaguely guessed that Reason yulee cbd gummies The only reason he was removed from office was because Caesar was jealous of his military exploits.The guests wore table gowns of the thinnest white linen, and crowns of ivy, laurel, or acacia on mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies their heads.These guests tonight are famous men of letters, and powerful nobles in Rome.Like most Roman nobles, Servius was also immersed in the love of various arts, especially in the discussion and debate of philosophical issues.Men of letters and artists in Rome knew that if they needed help, the doors of the mansion of Servius were open to them, even in the dead of night.Now these guests are enthusiastically discussing Ovid s new work The Lamentations A hostile wild place, the chilly snow from the beginning to the end of the year does not seem to have completely melted.The battle ax in 300mg cbd gummy bottle Sevia s hand was hanging down feebly, and it seemed that she was about to collapse.Finally, cbd orange colored gummies she threw away the weapon and fell to her knees on the floor, crying.If you can t fight anymore, then let how to eat cbd gummies me kill you.Otherwise, if I give you the right to continue living, you will die mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies in the next gladiatorial fight.Let the stronger among us get out of here alive.Maybe in the future she will have a chance to be free and return to our beautiful hometown.You haven t forgotten our Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies dream, have you Tieria looked at her sister full of love, and two lines of tears silently flowed from her jade like face It slid up and down until it reached the pale lips, which shone in the bright candlelight of the dining room.Sylvia raised her head tremblingly, her big and charming eyes were blurred by tears, so that her long eyelashes seemed to be soaked in water.Look, am I persona non grata said Tenardus, laughing, otherwise why do you stop talking when I come The Saxons laughed, and to tell the truth, Heilmann still liked cbd gummies fridge the Greek.This Greek has been very kind since the first day he came here, without the aloof attitude of those Romans.When the uprising started, he how to eat cbd gummies really couldn t bear to kill the Greek.Maybe I still need such a person, Hellman thought so in his heart He can bring more knowledge to the Saxons, he can tell himself many stories about Greece how to eat cbd gummies and civilization, and make the Saxons more Get stronger.He can even appoint Turnardus as one of his officials to work for him.It s a pretty good idea Another beautiful love story.Herman found that he liked Tenadusli more.There seemed to be endless stories in the stomach of this Greek Tenadus, when you no longer serve Caesar, the Saxons will always welcome you.Before the uprising, Hellman never thought that he would really encounter such a how many mg of cbd in max strength gummies situation.The people of several tribes and the Saxons were willing to throw away their armor and armor, and many how to eat cbd gummies people were injured.Kailuman told Hellman that they were besieged by the Romans at the beginning of the uprising.But the only fortunate thing is that the Romans put their main strength on Hellman and the Saxons, the main leaders of the uprising, so their breakthrough was not particularly difficult.Not only that, the Lombards how to eat cbd gummies also desperately rescued a large number of Dunketer.Seeing his clansmen appear, Uyr finally feels relieved But what should we do in the future The uprising has failed, and they are surrounded by Romans Not good Hellman suddenly cried out The Romans let you escape on purpose.Tenadus is familiar with everything about us and knows that we will gather here.

The Germanic League finally formed blush wellness cbd gummies reviews a complete whole on this day Now, Wang Weiyi already has the capital to cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección challenge the Romans The newcomers were properly arranged, and according to the news from the front, after quelling the Germanic uprising, Caesar retreated to the other side of the Rhine and demolished the bridge again.Caesar was a very smart man, he knew that at this time he could not complete the mission of conquering the barbarians, he also had to endure until his strength was strong enough.Caesar was thinking very well indeed, but he still ignored his opponent Ernst.Bram Caesar used the hands of the barbarians to get rid of Centumalus, who was a threat to his rule, but Wang Weiyi had already arranged for him a new opponent Servius No matter in which aspect, Servius is far better than Centumarus and more difficult than Centumarus.Wherever we go, they will chase us.We taught the French and the Italians a lesson.Now, it is the turn of the Americans. Guo Yunfeng couldn t help laughing too.Now, it s the turn of those arrogant Americans Seven hundred and ninety four.Mission Impossible There is another update today. watermelon cbd gummies 500mg Karls looked at Major Bertinano in front of him and those Italians who looked even a little happy.Man, I m so angry that I really don t know what to say.Longenberg was lost, and a whole battalion of Italians, under the blow of some thirty Germans, actually surrendered Longenberg, which was full of gasoline, to the enemy.And these Italians don t seem to be ashamed at all, but they are happy that they finally met their ally.There are many enemies, about the strength of a division.Bertinano didn t notice the anger of the Americans at all, and he said in a bragging manner We carried out the most intense resistance and inflicted a lot of damage on the enemy.The baroness came in with great pomp.In the beginning, two well dressed butlers walked in, completely ignoring the surprised American officials, carefully inspecting the environment here, and then slowly said Dill infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies Seymond van P Baron Liet Chells Morrow and Baroness are here.Jonson and Davyn looked at mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies each other, they had heard that the ancient nobles in Europe never forgot their ostentation wherever they went, and now it seems that this sentence is not true at all.correct.As soon as the young baroness couple entered, their brilliance made people feel shocked.General, you shouldn t have asked me to wear this.Agent Davien looked at his worn out suit I should dress more decently to meet such nobles.Ah, isn t it the same for me Is it Brigadier General Johnson said and took two steps forward Baron Platt, Baroness Platt, welcome to Dessau, I am Brigadier General Wise Johnson, the supreme commander here.Johnson The Commodore swore he had how to eat cbd gummies struggled to remember the names of the baroness couple.He would never want how to eat cbd gummies to repeat it all over again.There was a burst of applause among the guests.A German quietly said to his companions A baron from the Netherlands When did the Dutch become so proud in Germany Now we are defeated.Our former enemies are laughing at us wantonly.His The companion replied with a gloomy expression.The voice of Baron Prieter sounded, and it was nothing more than a welcome to everyone.The guests listened listlessly, only Gnapoli.Burr applauded from time to time, which also aroused more disdainful eyes around him.The words of Baron Preet were finally finished, and when it came to the main topic the banquet, the guests quickly discovered a major characteristic of the Dutch stinginess The Dutch are well known throughout Europe for their stinginess.This is my certificate.The one in charge here The American sergeant took the major s ID, checked it carefully, and then gave it back mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies to him Major, where are you going at this late hour too unsafe Wang Weiyi pointed to the convoy I have already reported to Colonel Kevic, and got the colonel s consent, you can call to check, Sergeant.Oh, no, the colonel is very busy now.The sergeant had someone remove the obstacle Major, let your convoy pass.The sergeant s trust in his allies, or more precisely his carelessness, saved him and his companions.Because when he was talking to the French where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator major, countless guns in the car had already pulled their safetyOnce there was an exchange of fire, none of the American soldiers on this sentry post would survive.The convoy passed by the sentry post slowly, and the Americans watched casually there.In the past few days of combat effectiveness, American soldiers have gradually become familiar with the German combat methods.They knew that they would face heavy fire from the Germans in a short while.Sure enough, when they advanced to a certain distance, terrible gunshots rang out from the enemy s position again When he heard the first gunshot, Lieutenant Colonel Kars shook his head helplessly.What he has been unable to understand is why the Germans still maintain such a strong fighting spirit until now They also died a lot of people.But it didn t affect them at all.What the hell are their nerves made of He saw through the binoculars that two American soldiers were killed, and then all the American soldiers fell to the ground.After the sound of machine guns passed, they stepped up cautiously, and then as soon as the enemy s gunshots sounded again, they would quickly lie down on the ground again.Prior to this, Major Abraham s only task was to ensure that the enemy would not flee.Major Abraham confidently assured the brigadier general that he would not disappoint the brigadier general s trust The German army retreated under the strong firepower of the how to eat cbd gummies US military, but Wang Weiyi was relieved Laughed It s almost the same time, the US military has completely entered its trap, now, it s time to tell these Americans what a real war is Order Manfred, attack in full force biolyte cbd gummies When Wang Weiyi issued this order, the sad day for Major Abraham and his rapid assault battalion has begun The sound of the guns was torn apart Major Abraham s self confidence.Major, enemy, there are a large number of enemies in our rear The exclamation yelled that Major Abraham was taken aback, and he hurriedly looked to the rear.

is the fastest progress.When they rushed to the west of the city, they were suddenly resisted by the enemy s intensive firepower.Several machine guns were erected there, and the bullets in the muzzles spewed out frantically, interrupting the commando s way forward.Lieutenant Celtic, it s your turn.As soon as Wang Weiyi s order was issued, Lieutenant Celtic hurriedly began to shout loudly with the horn, but what how to eat cbd gummies he didn t expect was.He, too, was hit by machine gun bullets.Wang Weiyi frowned.The enemy s resistance was a bit fierce, probably because they had captured some headquarters.Then a how to eat cbd gummies flare went up.Wang Weiyi handed the telescope to Lieutenant Celtic.The lieutenant looked at it, and how to eat cbd gummies immediately said Lieutenant Colonel, the commander on the opposite side is Lieutenant Colonel Johnson.If I guess correctly, Colonel Gay cbd gummy pack and his temporary headquarters are probably hiding in the room.The siege of Ibor was successfully resolved with the arrival of the Skeleton Master.The cheers on the battlefield lasted for a long time, and then suddenly fell silent.All the officers and soldiers of the Nordland combat regiment spontaneously lined up in several rows, giving way to a wide road in the middle.They already knew who led them to attack Ibor, and they also knew who personally led the reinforcements to rescue the siege of Ibor.All of them never dreamed that one day they would be able to fight side by side with this person.This is a glory that they will never forget in their lifetime, and it is a moment that makes them extremely proud The soldiers of the Skeleton Division appeared, and they quickly stopped, giving way to the middle road.Then, an old Panther tank appeared Above that, fluttered a huge skeleton battle flag.Wang Weiyi comforted his old friend From what we know so far, Werner is not involved too much.I want to punish him, and finally The most serious thing is probably to let him leave the army.This is more painful than killing him Ban Kelei sighed.However, this is already the best ending Werner can get.They came before the cold storage.There are only two of them.If the Constant base is a restricted area for Germany, then Cold storage is a restricted area in the restricted area.In the whole of Germany, only a few people can enter this place.Many people think that cold storage is just a code name.How many people know that this is actually a cold storage Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Bon Claire smiled Yeah, they thought there were some new weapons hidden in itI watched Sean walk in and Rommel walk in with my own eyes.Abandon this road.Captain Tupman and his company finally left the road and returned to the camp they had occupied for impromptu reinforcements.According to Major Ludman, as long as they hold on for an hour, the second and third batches of reinforcements will arrive, and then according to Shangfeng s instructions, they will launch a counterattack and restore the initiative.Because the U.S.military s roads were scrapped, their reinforcements would not be able to come for a while, but they still did not give up their last hope to regain the camp before the second and third batches of reinforcements from the German army arrived.U.S.fighter jets strafed back and forth over the camp.The medical soldiers of the German army also suffered heavy casualties.As a result, the current number of doctors is very limited, and all of them have been concentrated in one infirmary.This is not the most important thing because only the veins were cut.The most important thing is that half of his leg flew to nowhere.The shells came from behind the US military.cannon.Sergeant Dali rushed over and pressed the blood vessels in his neck with his hands.Although it is not an artery, there is a lot of blood flowing out.Dali is not a doctor, he treats the artery Damn it, I ll carry you to the infirmary Jason wanted to stop him but couldn t speak.Sergeant Dali immediately carried Jason on his back, and rushed back to the infirmary staggeringly.Chao Chao shouted behind him Martin.Tom, come and help me.Tom rushed over, and he helped Sergeant Dali hold down the blood vessel.Martin covered himself with a submachine gun.The four rushed to the infirmary while beating.The bullets hit them and stirred up sand pillars.From your two ambushes, it can be seen that the first artillery and infantry ambushes, if you say that they are just waiting for work Happened.Then the second cavalry raid was a bit too coincidental.Dollinger said thoughtfully, Because our other troops cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección have been raided twice by the enemy s mechanical troops, and each time they appeared when we were just preparing to rest.Uhsomeone sabotaged it internally Slat doesn t know how his speculation will change the battlefield situation in the future Anyway, it s good that we know about this Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies matter now, and don t spread it out, or we will be messed up before the time.The crime can be serious.Of course, this matter is of great importance.Harvey, I will go to Jax and tell him about the situation.You should rest well.In two days, the recruits in your army will be replenished and will go to the front line.A smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face In this way, we have a chance At this time, Boschek cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección said Your Excellency, Marshal, I have told you all the information my son knows.He must now return to the headquarters of the Army Group.If necessary, he can pass on the information at any time..A combat staff officer of the group army was able to come in and out freely under such a tense battle situation, which shows how lax the Russians defenses are.Thank you for everything you have done for us, Major Tassowski.Wang Weiyi said lightly I noticed that you are only a major, which is unfair to you.When we have achieved this victory, I will appoint you as a general, a general younger than Travert Happiness appeared on the faces of Tassowski and Boschek at buy hillstone cbd gummies the same time.If someone else said such a thing, they would not believe it at all.

Marshal Waltuksky is simply a coward who doesn t care about his subordinates Yes, cowards, this one is an out and out coward Since even the commander has escaped, what s the point of them staying here What to continue to fight, what to continue to persevere, it is simply nonsense.All the staff officers and remaining officers dispersed, just like the Russian army that was disintegrating.Among these people, Major Tassowski was probably the one who mixed berry cbd gummies felt the most frustrated.He regretted not being able to tell the Germans the news of Marshal Huatuksky s escape in time, otherwise, it would be a miracle.However, there is another way When the officers began to collapse, he found more than a dozen officers who were usually very good, and told them Why are we running away We have more to do than to run away.200 million US dollars What kind of concept is this Even though Migrosky has been so successful in Russia and how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale monopolized a large number of industries, his property has not reached such a sum.The Petergoff family Either he was extremely lucky, or he was bragging.But judging from his actions, he doesn t look like a liar.Now, those oil fields and industries can bring me tens of safest cbd gummies for pain millions of dollars in profits every year Wang Weiyi still said in that faint tone.I really envy you for having such luck.Migroski regained kore organic cbd gummies his composure It s not that I have any doubts about your words, but it s just a coincidence that I also know the Wittgenstein family, and I also know Mr.Elliott, I don t think you If you object, I can have Ivan get in touch with Mr.Elliott to confirm your identity.Ah, please don t misunderstand my purpose, I just want to treat you as a friend better.Tatyana didn t seem to notice it at all Please don t worry, Mr.Petergoff, There is a good show to watch.The door of the car was opened, and then a corpse was thrown down, and then the car sped away again.It was a fat corpse, and the most striking thing was that one of the corpse s hands had been completely smashed And his fatal injury came from the head.Many terrified pedestrians gradually boldly surrounded him, pointing at the corpse and whispering constantly.No one can offend the Migroski family.said Tatiana flatly.Ah, yes, no one.Wang Weiyi nodded.Mr.Peter Goff, now we can eat with confidence.Tatiana was so careless Anyway, Moscow is quite beautiful.I hope you can stay here for a long time, and I will guide you to visit every beautiful place here.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I think there is only one most beautiful scenery in Moscow, and that is you, the beautiful Miss Tatyana.He died.Where is our tank A Leopard 9 is stationed near the Empire, and another Destroyer 3 is waiting behind Kiritz patted off the dust on his body and turned back to Mel, who had been silent and unhappy, and said, Come with me, let s go check out the enemy s situation together.You are still 3000 mg cbd gummies the battalion commander of the garrison battalion.The original observation point has been destroyed by artillery fire.Kiritz and Captain Meier boarded a commanding height nearby a ruin that has been dilapidated with only one wall left.They used binoculars to observe the movement ahead.Most of the positions were razed to the ground.A billowing dust rose not far away, and a large group of tanks was unfolding.There should be about 100 tanks, and there may be about a division of infantry.Kiritz could not help but take a breath It s just crazy Why am I here The Americans apparently believed that their artillery had destroyed everything.The United States and Russia joined forces to suppress the Ukrainian rebellion, how to eat cbd gummies but Gregory immediately rejected it.At least one thing he is very clear about is that the United States must not be allowed to intervene too deeply in Russian affairs, otherwise, even if the Ukrainian rebellion can be successfully put down, another bigger wolf will appear in Russia.At this point, Gregory s mind is still very clear The Grand Duke of Bierstoka handed over the oil field exploration to Migroski and his son Ilya, and asked them to how to eat cbd gummies go to Armenia.Inseparable from the geological survey team.And he himself decided to visit the frontline counter insurgency command in person, urging him to start the attack on Ukraine.Before he left, he made an unexpected decision he appointed Marquis Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereias, as Moscow s new police chief, and Marquis of Andjak, Milosevic, as Moscow s deputy security minister.Marshal Donnaski said helplessly We have no way to change the battlefield, we have failed.No, we have not failed yet, we still have the 15th Army, and Other troops Gregory roared loudly I still have a decisive battle with the enemy A waste who doesn t understand anything, Marshal Donarski s heart is full of infinite contempt for the Grand Duke.In such a situation, green lobster cbd gummies to quit smoking the so called decisive battle is simply courting death there.What he really couldn natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews 2022 t figure out was how a person who knew nothing about the military dared to command so many troops to carry out a war that was crucial to Russia s influence He barely restrained his inner unhappiness There is no hope.If we force a decisive battle again, maybe we will all become prisoners, and even the 15th Army may where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator surrender.We will all become prisoners.Not enough.If you want to attract their attention, it is only possible if you make them suffer a huge loss.It is not difficult to kill one or two hundred of them, but how can you make them pay enough attention Following this After analyzing the line, I only came to this conclusion that is to blow up these two strongholds.After speaking, Troman patted the newly drawn stronghold with his palm, raising a cloud of dust.After listening, DeGro replied Yes, your analysis is very correct.Only in this way can the task be completed.What I m thinking of is explosions.Such a deterrent effect Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies is much greater than killing a few people.And these two strongholds have a lot of logistics supplies, of course there is no shortage of explosives and the like.We temporarily call these two strongholds A stronghold and Point b.

If it cannot be successfully exploited, it will be the most terrible disaster.After the Grand Duke finished explaining what he should have said, Milosevic hesitated Your Excellency, some small newspapers have been attacking and insinuating you recently.Gregory frowned Milo Mr.Shevic, you are the Undersecretary of Security, and you should take full responsibility after Lilipolski left us.Don t you know how to deal with those newspapers and journalists who insinuated and abused the government I Of course you know, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.Milosevic s expression seemed to be very difficult The problem is, that reporter Bordov is the editor in chief, he is a hard nut to crack, he doesn t know how much He was thrown into prison for the first time, and he was strangely protected by some special people Several times I was going to arrest him, but I was warned not to touch him by some prominent peopleEven, even the US ambassador to Moscow new age naturals cbd gummies met with me, saying that freedom of speech in Russia must be protected Hearing that the US ambassador was involved, Gregory frowned locked together.The sound became heavier and closer, and tens of seconds later, a group of tank soldiers in camouflage dresses appeared in the field of vision, and they were still 1,000 meters how to eat cbd gummies away from the position.Steinman, what should we do Bentonson looked at the group of American tanks rumbling in the distance, and his heart was in confusion.With so many tanks coming out of the valley, how strong is the enemy s strength in this first wave of attack powerful He felt that this first attack should be the most stressful attack.We will not open fire until the enemy infantry enters the field.Steinman knew in his heart that the key to blocking the first wave of attack lies in whether he can block super cbd gummie the huge and extremely powerful infantry charge, and his tank groups are often not enough However, the combat method that Steinman can implement how to eat cbd gummies now is to wait until the moment when the infantry appears before opening fire, but Steinman also thought of the worst situation at the same time.A tense look flashed across Captain Wheeler s face Accuse us of being American spies just by chewing gum Boy, you re going to make a big mistake.Major Lampden was a little undecided You know, he d rather Allen be wrongBut what if Allen is right Major.I can guarantee that I am not wrong.Allen was very stubborn at this time Major, please order them to take off their upper body clothes, I think I will find more favorable evidence Major Lampden hesitated Next, immediately said to Captain Wheeler Captain, look, this is a paranoid kid, well, take off your upper body clothes as he said.Prove him wrong.Don t worry, I will Give him the most severe punishment Major, I m afraid this is inappropriate Before Captain Wheeler could finish his sentence, Major Lampden s face darkened Captain, this is an order.Many soldiers even thought how to eat cbd gummies flying monkey cbd gummies of the massacre at Venus Airport that day.Everyone, don t worry We have enough space for you Each of you will be accommodated, and we hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews will ensure your safety until the end of this war A soldier on the street shouted with a loudspeaker.The further the convoy goes, the more crowded the crowd becomes.When the convoy drove up to a checkpoint, the convoy stopped moving.The streets and alleys are full of people, just like the vegetable market.A red card was hung on the checkpoint, and a car stopped at the checkpoint, completely blocking the queue behind.Three soldiers from the 70th Infantry Division were inspecting the car, and one of them, an Asian looking soldier, was negotiating with the owner of the car to give it up.The owner turned his head and looked at the Allied convoy behind, expressing that he did not want to give up his beloved car.The whole of Paris.His name is being proclaimed everywhere in the whole of France, and some people even look at him It has become a new European myth after Baron Alexon.Some people firmly believe that he is the hope of a strong French revival.How should such a person be recruited and replaced in the future What is the purpose of the Baron in doing this Lantes never figured it out, but one thing he was sure of was that no matter what arrangement the baron made, all he had to do was follow the baron faithfully.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied with Lantes attitude Lontes, silence is sometimes safer than being in the limelight, and I like you like this, listening instead of putting yourself under the gnashing of teeth of the enemy like Yetiri.Mr.Yetiri still doesn t seem to understand this point After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he turned on the radio, and Yetiri s new speech came from it rise up and overthrow our brutal government Let the light of liberty come to France againwe will do whatever we think possible.At this time, such a voice interrupted Longtes, and Longtes A little unhappy What is going on now is an important meeting of the party.What does a kid like Dodoan come in for Maybe Dodoan has something very important to tell us Supporting Lantes became Litem, the leader of the party, suddenly said, I suggest that we listen to what Dodoan has to tell us Langtes was still quite afraid of Litum.He nodded reluctantly.Dodoan appeared in the meeting room, and when Langtes saw the child s eyes, he suddenly felt a little scared for no reason.He found that Dodoan s eyes were full of hatred Tell us, Dodoan.Why did you barge into such an important meeting Leetum asked pleasantly.Because I know something Dodoan tried his best to control his emotions I discovered the real cause of death of Mr.Yetiri and Mr.Wang Weiyi finally said So I think this is a respectable country.Lieutenant Colonel Stam sighed Mr.Moyol.If you hadn t said all this frankly, I wouldn t have any doubts, otherwise I would really have informed the intelligence agency that you were arrested on how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale charges of espionage Isn t the United States a free speech country Wang Weiyi smiled No matter what we say, as long as such things are real.Then I think we can talk freely.Ignore the strengths of others.You will never be able to make yourself truly strong.Lieutenant Colonel Stam nodded involuntarily.In fact, at this time, he did not expect that when Mr.Moyol promoted these remarks here, he was actually sending a strong signal to the US military officials Germany definitely not what they imagined German military officers absolutely not what the U.

General Vincent shrugged.Her Majesty s friend Perhaps the man was bragging there.How infused gummies cbd how to eat cbd gummies could an intelligence officer be a friend of Her Majesty the Queen But no matter what, as long as he can complete the task well, it is enough One thousand sixty five.The birthday party of Ambassador Lake Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies of the Monrington family was the most lively and beautiful event in London in recent times.In the middle of the ball, even President Fenton and Prime Minister Wilkins of the so called British government showed up at the same time.When the two men appeared at the ball, the scene quickly burst into warm applause.Ambassador Lake warmly invited them to speak for today s guests.After a little modesty, Fenton still came to the microphone Dear Mr.Ambassador, dear gentlemen and ladies.Of course, I don t want such a title to cause Please be jealous, gentlemen.He told us that you always write a book every night.and it will be sent by diplomatic mail the next morning.Once, while cleaning el lay cbd gummies your room, Pendonna stumbled across a letter written by you, which surprised him by saying that you are betraying you country Lies, lies Jess jumped up This is simply a lie, Pendona is talking, yes, Pendona is telling shameless lies But you just now He also said that no one is more upright than him Nash shook his head You initially denied that you wrote the document that you personally admitted, and now you are denying what you just said.You asked me Which of your words should I believe Yess sat down again in a very depressed state I suggest you reconsider what you should say.Nash resumed his cold tone Said My patience is very limited, I won t waste too much time on you, I hope I can get what I want when I walk into this office next time.Congratulations Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you are the pride of our Americans.yes.I am the pride of America, but some people are a disgrace to America.But Wang Weiyi suddenly said Major, when I heard your name just now, I felt as if I had seen it somewhere.But I can t be sure.But now I suddenly remembered that I had seen your name in a document left by Mr.Nash.Major Barack s complexion suddenly changed, and he forced a smile Oh, Mr.Nash also mentioned a little person like me No, you re not a little guy.Wang Weiyi said lightly General Gendra s adjutant, the general entrusts you to do many things, and you also know a lot of top secret military intelligence of the Americans.I can fully understand these.But the only thing I can t understand is that an American police officer would actually sell the information to the British Major Barack s face turned extremely pale.Brown asks questions, for the sake of our children and families For the sake of our children and families this sentence made everyone completely quiet Brown was very aware of his responsibility.At this moment, he decided not to regard himself as a reporter completely.Bobby, please tell me honestly, are the hostages in Castri Academy safe Is anyone injured or even dying The hostages in Castri College are all very safe nowprovided that the police don t launch a new attack Bobby said quickly Except for someone who took some There are no problems with minor injuries and hostages.Of course, some people with relatively weak constitutions have some physical problems, but as I said just now, the problems are not very serious.Ladies and gentlemen, we are indeed some black people, and we are indeed engaged in a so called riot in your eyes, but we are not executioners, and we do not want to give back to the white people the suffering that the white people once imposed on us cv sciences cbd gummies reviews Although the person standing in front of me was a black man, his words reassured everyone Mr.Let me introduce myself, I am Mr.Moyol.Sinrag smiled wryly, he probably didn t expect that he would find the person Mr.Meeting this person in case of Listen to me, Mr.Ambassador.Wang Weiyi always had a cbd gummies erie pa smile on his face I personally don t want to cause any harm to you, but for the benefit of the whole, I have to do some things that I am very reluctant to doMr.Ambassador, do you have any wishes that have not been fulfilled Or do you have anything to explain Sinrag already knew the fate he was about to face, he thought for a moment and then shook his head slightly My child They are all grown up, and they no longer need the care of my father, if you must tell me what other wishes I have, then I hope you will not let me suffer too much pain and die.You promise I will do it.Wang Weiyi sighed Take Mr.Leeson did not deny this But the situation at the time was that Shukako was the most A man of suspicion.What I mean by that is to find the truth The truth is that you have wronged an innocent young man Randolph interrupted him As you can see, my client, Shukako, is just a young man.Yes, he is impulsive and has a bad record.He was caught by Officer Leeson many times, but Every time he cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección was released due to insufficient evidence, so Officer Leeson hated the young man.He always wanted to throw Shukako into prison, but he didn t find any good way.However, Lucy s death how to eat cbd gummies cbd gummies on sale provided him with the best opportunity, and the first thought in his mind was to involve Shukako No, I ve never done that before.thought about it Lisson almost roared I don t deny that I had the idea of taking Shukako to prison.What kind of person is sitting there Drugs, robbery, stealing, I caught him more than ten times, but each time I got a call from some special department asking me to release Shukako immediately, I m just a little cop, I can t fight those Big how to eat cbd gummies man, so although I am not reconciled, I can only watch Shukako swaggeringly disappear from my sight But I never want to involve him in the murder case, do The justice and conscience of the police will never allow me to do this Justice and conscience Randolph sneered The so called justice and conscience mean that you have indeed done something that a policeman should not do.William is a very ambitious person.He hopes that his achievements can surpass President Roosevelt, and he hopes that he can be re elected more than President Roosevelt.He almost The goal was achieved, in the name of war But when victory was within reach.So many things happened.The war made itself, and the war hit itself hard.I always remember our happy Childhood William suddenly and inexplicably recalled his childhood again At that time, we lived in the Wittgenstein Manor, you, me, my mother, and Aunt Hermione.And our stuffy but sweet Dempsey butler.We are always fantasizing about what we can do when we grow up, and we are always proud to be part of the Wittgenstein family We grow up and take two completely different paths road.I went to China, where I met my father for the first time, and at that time, I was still proud to be a member of the Wittgenstein family.

Tuna glanced at Captain Roger as a greeting.Then he quickly asked Have you made a plan Yes.We have made choice cbd gummies a plan.Colonel Jed nodded and replied Tonight, the resistance organization will conduct a secret operation in the urban area.Meeting, I will ask Captain Roger to lead people to surround it, and what you have to do is to rush in and successfully rescue the guys from the resistance organization Will there be a shootout Tuna asked these details very carefully.There will be a short gunfight.Colonel Jed explained the whole plan in detail, including how Tuna should rush into the venue, what identity should be used to appear in front of the members of the underground resistance organization, and what kind of method should be used The guys from the resistance organization went out of the venue smoothly.The German planes came to bomb again.Major Shuster hurriedly said Captain, you continue to check here, I have to check and direct our air defense.Of course, Major, I ll do my thing.Wang Weiyi watched Major Schuster leave, and then quickly exchanged glances with several German spies around him When they entered here, they did not expect that explosives had been placed here.Good news.Pross blew a whistle.At this time, those workers had already gotten used to air raids and were still working there in an orderly manner.Pross took out a piece of explosives from the bag he mayim bialik cbd gummies how to eat cbd gummies was carrying, adjusted the timer, and then Quickly installed at the bottom of the boiler.It only takes a few seconds to finish all this They inspected the workshops one by one.There was a large amount of munitions stored here, and the British had already completed the placement of explosives in three important workshops, which made the group of saboteurs less dangerous.Although the rebellion was suppressed, Irish nationalists were greatly radicalized by the execution of 15 of the uprising s leaders.The issue of independence came to a head in December 1918, when the separatist Sinn F in party won a majority of the Irish seats and formed the Irish Parliament in Dublin, seceding from the United Kingdom, although it was not recognized by the United Kingdom or other countries at the the same time.Fraternity volunteers, identifying themselves as the Army of the Republic of Ireland, began an armed attack on government forces how to eat cbd gummies the following January 1919, killing a man delivering Gerry Dynamite at Thoroughheidelberg, County Tipperary Two Catholic policemen.1920.During a guerrilla campaign cbd gummy dosage calculator cbd gummies para la erección by IRA volunteers against British government forces, the Irish Government Act divided the island of Ireland into two separate jurisdictions Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland.Appeared in London, calmly carried out so many sabotage plans, but all of us were kept in the dark.Even our people were willing to help him kill his enemies.There is nothing more exciting than this Do you feel ashamed The Galaxy has not been found yet.Once martha stewart cbd gummies review the war breaks out, what kind of reaction will those officials in the UKTurner, I feel very disturbed, very very Uneasy.I always feel that something terrible is about to happen.No, I have a hunch.The enemy s attack target is definitely not Plymouth Turner took a breath If this is the how to eat cbd gummies case, should you notify Gandra immediately General Do you think it s still too late William loosened his tie irritably Most of our strength is in Plymouth, how to eat cbd gummies and the war will break out in a few hours.More importantly, we will arrive Still don t know what the real goal of the Germans is No, we don t know anything until now Turner heard the great frustration in Mr.This ancient city will soon be flying the true flag of England.We don t need to wait any longer.What we need to do is to take up our weapons.All enemies who do not belong to this city and do not belong to this country All out of Southampton Nothing is more precious than being free, nothing is more heartening than England truly belonging to the people of England just a few hours ago, I Canonized by Her Majesty, who has ordered me to take charge of all the civilian forces in Southampton, how to eat cbd gummies to fight the invaders here most valiantly I ask you in my capacity as Commander of the Freedom Army of England , It s time to fight These damned guerrillas.Don Tanner snorted coldly with disdain Do they really think that they can win by occupying a TV station Rebellion like this is necessary Those who have been completely suppressed have no room for bargaining.Captain Pattinson smiled bitterly If you want, how to eat cbd gummies I can give you a ride.Captain Roger did not refuse, he boarded Captain Pattinson car.After the car started, Captain Pattinson said slowly, We probably won t be able to get rid of that person for the rest of our lives.Captain Roger, do you think this is a good thing cbd gummies for pain only or a bad thing for us Captain Roger was silent After a while I don t know, where can i get cbd gummy bears cbd gummy dosage calculator the only Wisłoujście Festival how to eat cbd gummies thing I know is that we can only do our best for this person, otherwise what we will encounter in the future, you can t control it, and I can t control it either.What about you, Pattinson Captain Captain Pattinson was also silent for a long time I have an account in Switzerland, and there is a money on it that I thought I would never be able to make in my life, ah, of course you can guess who gave it to Mine, and I think you have the same secret account.