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But what is strange is that the award for Wang Weiyi has never been issued.Has the miracle performed by Lieutenant Ernst Brahm been forgotten in such a short time Even if the praise of the Germans is not very important, it is not always a pleasant thing to be forgotten.The small scale attack launched by the British before the position was repelled again, and the peaceful life made people feel bored.When Wang Weiyi was looking ahead, Xiaoling s voice rang in his ears Wanderer, I just showed here that the task of sticking to position B is completed.Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, the task of sticking to position B was completed Ah, yes, it is true cbd gummies liverpool ny that the B position was lost, but it was quickly recaptured.Perhaps the mission given to him by the base is to keep the B position firmly in his hands before the deadline, instead cbd gummies liverpool ny of caring about the method used Xiaoling s words are not over yet The completion rate of self reform and upgrade of the base is 2 The first phase of the Soaring can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny Man Mission is completed, and you will get new reinforcementsbut what are the reinforcements , I don t seem to be showing up here Wang Weiyi s mentality was very calm at this time.

Sanjiang is gone, please go to the starting point Sanjiang page, and then get the Sanjiang ticket and vote for the military base of Infinity.Well, well, if you can get to Sanjiang No.1 before the end of this week, the spider will come Second big outbreak, thank you everyone Ninety Four.What qualifications do you have I have never betrayed my country Wang Weiyi replied calmly and calmly.Nicholas sneered Okay, then let s ask the first question first.Please tell me what happened in the Prince of Soberk s camp and the Welsh Regiment, Baron Alexon, don organixx cbd gummies price t you Do you really think that you and your Chinese friends can kill hundreds of enemies Because you have never participated in a real battle, so you ask such a stupid question.Wang Weiyi s answer made Luo Er The colonel couldn t help showing a smile, but Nicholas face was filled with embarrassment.

There are already several people waiting in the office.And these people should not have appeared in a general s office Pease, a low level spy, Watts, the boss of the Lance gang, and General von Kierock Let s get straight to the point, General.Here, it seems that Major De Sade has become the protagonist How is everything going It went very well.General Raffarin said The Germans are completely fooled Now, that lieutenant named Moyol is very sure that what he saw was the target this time, General von Kierock.De Sade glanced at Von Kierock , and Kerlock looked The original arrogant look disappeared immediately, replaced by a face full of flattery.Mr.Simond, where are you Major, Moyol took me for a fool.He actually thought that I really believed that there was a lot of gold in Reims. Watts said quickly He asked I m creating chaos in Lance, and I can take advantage of it Major De Sade listened carefully Have you figured out how many of them there are Unfortunately, I haven t figured it out yet.

Mistanov.I ll have to think about it.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Well, you will come back in two hours.I will give you an answer.Thank you, sir.As soon as Mistanov left, Wang Weiyi gave Richthofen a fierce look, but the Red Baron looked indifferent Everyone soon came to Wang Weiyi s In the room, after talking about the general situation, Wang Weiyi asked What do you think Thirty thousand Spanish gold coins, that s a big number. Stark whistled.There are fifteen of us, for God s sake.Each person can get two thousand But we are not familiar with the situation of Fandis at all.Manstein is a very cautious person Elena, you have stayed in the Military Intelligence Bureau, do you know the situation there Elena thought for a while there I don t know much about it.I only know that Fandis is controlled by the Russians.

Adjutant As for you, I think tying you up is the best choice.These daring Germans swaggered in here, and now they swaggered away under the protection of Major Kiriyenko here.I saw Major Kiriyenko come out with the people who had just carried the body.Those Russian officials didn t dare to ask the major what he was doing at this time At the corner of the street, Okus truck was already waiting there, and Wang Weiyi asked Major Kiriyenko to After getting into the cab, he held the gun against the major s waist Major, we just want to leave More than two hours have passed, but there is still no trace of the Germans.Where did they go This made Vasilevsky puzzled.If it was yourself, what would you do Where will you hide yourself so that you won t be found There must be some negligence on his part Have you seen any strangers Vasilevsky heard a soldier asking not far away.

Almost everyone s eyes revealed a smirkexcept Elenaeveryone was guessing Has the countess looked at Baron Alexon This powerful countess can do anything she wants to do.Of course, this is not a good thing for Elena Aside from being younger than the countess and full cbd gummies liverpool ny of youthful vigor, Elena doesn t seem to have the upper hand Wang Weiyi also has some headaches.Since the trial, he has stayed away from Berlin.Those are German politics He really doesn t want to get involved in any right and wrong.But refusing the countess invitation may cause trouble for the future Wang Weiyi came to Berlin alone with Depusey.Until he entered Berlin.He was still thinking about Elena s eyes full of distrust towards him Conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, the owner of the Alexandria Manor.The unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews winner of the Blue Marx Medal, the pride of Germany, Ernst Alexson von.

If these two substances are fused together, and then loaded into some kind of machine with a special instrument, it will have the possibility of allowing the machine to travel through time and space Wang Weiyi s whole body They all stayed there What do you mean Could it be that Xiaoling was talking about the y element Walker, let me show you the core part of the Ziguang military base Xiao Ling opened a door.Wang Weiyi saw the y element for the first time.A dazzlingly beautiful gemstone is in a transparent body made of no one knows what it is made of.The shockingly beautiful light The special energy of cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies the Ziguang Military Base traveling through time and space comes from this gem The door was slowly closed again, and cbd gummies liverpool ny Wang Weiyi hadn t woken up from the shock Could it be that we used this gemstone Is the block y element the one of Count Yevgeny impossible Xiao Ling s answer was very positive This y element has nothing to do with Russia.

If cbd gummies liverpool ny you find any news about Moyol , come here immediately and report to me.Thank you, thank you, Major.Loban happily took the francs, nodded and left here.Second Lieutenant Simao was a little strange Major.Why are you so interested cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies in that Moyol Major De Sade s eyes narrowed into a line Simao, when I was in Reims, I also met a man named Moyol, who gave me the greatest humiliation.Even your predecessor died at his hands because of this Simao had vaguely heard about this matter, but it was the last thing can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny Major De Sade wanted to talk about, so he never knew What happened in the real world.If I m not mistaken, this Moyol is the same Moyol from Lanceor, we can call him Skeleton Baron Major De Sade almost gritted his teeth, and Simao was taken aback.Baron Skeleton Ernst Brahm God, no one does not know his name, no one does not know the Baron Skeleton The magic.

In his imagination, Tolmezzo had an entire division.Even if the enemy attacked, General Cross, no matter how incompetent, could hold out for a week.But what he never imagined was that Tormezzo Mezzo was lost in less than two days and the German striker, the Skeleton Commando, is about to arrive in Udine now I m afraid General Cadorna will not agree.Just after Lieutenant Colonel Stino finished speaking, a staff officer hurried in and handed a piece of information to the Lieutenant Colonel.The lieutenant colonel just took a look, and his face changed drastically Colonel, a group of Germans have crossed the Tagliamento River and are marching in the direction of Udine What Colonel Diago shouted Frightened, he grabbed the information and read it again and again, and said in disbelief Did Tolmezzo really lose it Impossible, impossible Cross has a whole division, and there are so many cannons, Mortars and machine guns But the Germans have indeed arrived.

Ouyang Yu s eyes were red with anxiety, but he couldn t do anything.At the most critical moment, Zhu Yaohua personally led the guards to the front line, and barely stabilized the situation.But Zhu Yaohua knew very well that if he continued like this, he could last for at most thirty minutes.Hold it, hold it, don t back down.Zhu Yaohua s words froze in his mouth, his body shook, and he fell to the ground.Master seat The captain of the guard rushed over.He saw the commander s right chest was bleeding, and Zhu Yaohua grabbed him Don t spread the news of my injury.Hold on, let the brothers hold on, reinforcements are coming soon Zhu cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies Yaohua closed his eyes, and a tear fell from his eyes.There are no reinforcements, no reinforcements, but he must bring hope to his brothers.Quickly, lift the teacher s seat down Tell the brothers, the reinforcements are coming soon The people on the ground Fewer and fewer, the attack of the Neikou Infantry Brigade became more ferocious.

One minute Brothers should all retreat to a safe place, right Wang Weiyi swept out a shuttle of bullets Get ready to retreat The last grenade was thrown out, and the three of Wang Weiyi quickly left the healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny battlefield amidst the sound of booming explosions And the Japanese army also obviously noticed these few people who were the only ones left on the battlefield.The casualties these days made the Japanese army extremely angry, and they began to rush to the position at a faster speed.Suddenly, two violent explosions were heard, accompanied by the screams of the Japanese army and corpses all over the place Ouyang Yu, Long Yin, Li Lu, Mengzi, all those who were evacuating suddenly stopped their steps.That was the Captain from the direction of Sanhuqiao.Ouyang Yu stared blankly at the place of the explosion, his eyes If she hadn t been forced to control it, the Captain Li Lu would burst out of her eyes soon.

Report, Sun Qinghao, commander of the transportation company Following this voice, a lieutenant in his thirties stood in front of him.Company Commander Sun, this is Battalion Commander Wang of the Guard Battalion.Hello Battalion Commander Wang, I have long admired your name.Battalion Commander Wang fought at Sanhuqiao, and all the brothers admired him.Okay, okay, you will have a chance to talk to Battalion Commander Wang about these flattering words in the future.Qian Dexing interrupted him impatiently From now on, you will be temporarily under the command of Battalion Commander Wang, and you will do whatever he asks you to do. yes But Director Qian, I still have a truck with medicines on cbd gummies liverpool ny it, what should I do Medicines Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up Stay there cbd gummies liverpool ny and follow me. yes Okay, let s go.

As a result, cheers erupted from the position of the security team.Down, down Really killed the little devil then.The gunfire on the battlefield became more and more cheerful Without mentioning the coming style of play, the commander of the Japanese army decisively issued an order to retreat.It was cbd gummies liverpool ny not because of fear, but because the commander of the Japanese army was keenly aware that the opponents on the opposite side were definitely not regular troops, because they must not be dealt with in the same way as regular troops.The security team is crazy The devil was beaten away by himself The devil was beaten away by himself Killed two devils, and not a single one was killed here Celebrations were celebrated on the battlefield as if it were New Year s Eve, and some soldiers put cbd gummies liverpool ny their guns up in the air and bang bang randomly.

Xie Laolan picked up the gun, fired a shot at the roof, then turned around and ran away.When the Orientals who heard the gunshots shot at here, Xie Laolan had already jumped out of the window He squatted under the window, covering his ears with his hands Boom Boom Two explosions came.Then, there was no movement in the room Xie Laoji stood up unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews cautiously, looked inside, and there were three Japanese corpses lying there Xie Laoji turned into the room again, When he came to the corpse, he touched the corpse carefully to make sure that they were all dead, then he pulled out the bayonet and cut off each of their little fingers.Those brats know what a fart In the future, you need something to prove pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews your military exploits.Is it enough to just talk in plain English Compared with Lao Tzu s experience on the battlefield, you are still a little younger Come on, come on Li Lu ran over panting, waving her hands again and again.

Lowello said another word of welcome to Mr.Gustav.Just as the guests were impatiently waiting for the music to start again, a voice suddenly sounded Staff of the Fifth Brigade of the Third Division of the Great Japanese Empire Kobayakawa Koi Osamu is here Following this voice, Kobayakawa Hongyi, who was wearing a dress, walked in Rambler.You are in trouble.Elena s voice sounded.Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t care at all.The music sounded again Gustav seemed to have something else to do and didn t stay at the ball, while Lowello He welcomed his Japanese friend Kobayakawa Hongyi.It seemed that the two of them had a very pleasant conversation.Mr.Dazuo, let me introduce you to a beautiful lady.At this time, Luo Weiluo saw Tang Weihong not far away.He said to Kobayakawa Hongyi as if flattering him.

The Baron Rose , the title of the book was written on the cover.It was the most famous journalist in America Written by Seeley.This so called most authoritative book on the life of the Baron Skeleton , many of which are true, but some Mrs.Lorisa thinks it is wrong.The Baron Skeleton is not only resolute and brave, he is also very romantic , Passionate.And, the most important point of Beasley is not written The Baron is a man who keeps his promises He once promised a woman to do three things for her, and he has completed one.There are two more, It s not that the baron is unwilling to fulfill it, but that he has no chance.When the baron sees this woman again, will he still remember this promise Mrs.Lorisa believes that he will.Ah, there is another mistake in the book, the baron s beloved Women, but Elena is not the only one.

I said we would meet again, didn t you Wang Weiyi smiled.Yes.Yes.I knew you were a trustworthy person.Tang Weihong kept nodding her head.Brigade Commander Wang is really haunted.Tang Nai an praised Although there are Japanese people everywhere in Shanghai, for Brigadier Wang, he can come cbd oil gummies products and go whenever he wants.I am very impressed.I have a brigade Wang.With such a talent, defeating Japan is just around the corner It s still early.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I m coming to Shanghai this time.In order to do something, I stopped by to visit Mr.Tang.Excuse me.Where, where.Brigadier Wang, please take a seat.Tang Naian cbd gummies liverpool ny greeted warmly.Wang Weiyi sat down and looked around Where are my uncle and miss Ah, they have gone to Ningbo.Tang Naian smiled and said Although Li Zufa is a little arrogant and doesn t think much of others, but his His heart is still good, and he also wanted to fight against Japan.

Wang Weiyi said repeatedly.Of course, but what do you want these things for I spent a lot of money buying opium, so I can t just lose money like this.Wang Weiyi smiled very strangely If I do something that loses money, it will damage my fortune.Fame I don t care about you.Xiao Ling said pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews cbd gummies for joint pain lazily.At this time, William ran over excitedly Colonel, Colonel, good news, good news, the Minnesota Rose has arrived in Nanjing, I just cbd gummies liverpool ny received a telegram , it was escorted by Michner himself.Hey, he is a good friend of mine just like Elliott.Right now, Michner is organizing transportation and hiring people to bring the weapons here.Hey, this can be It s a little strange, why would Michner be so considerate to know why weapons are needed Wang Weiyi smiled, did he tell him that he only told Hermione before leaving the United States, and once the weapons were shipped to China, all of them would be sent To Changshu I don t understand what you Americans think.

And beside them, there are countless grenadiers with round arms Don t care about grenades, don t care about keoni cbd gummy cubes 750mg bullets, use them as fast as you can Who said that can only build the Great Wall of Steel with its own flesh and blood in front of the Japanese army Soldiers can also kill the enemy with terrifying firepower Seeing that the Japanese army had entered the firing range, Zhang Lingfu finally issued his first combat order on the battlefield of the Anti Japanese War All units are free to miyam bialik cbd gummies attack In an instant, the Jiangjia Village position was fully fired The violent bullets and unrestrained grenades were thrown densely at the attacking Japanese army can cbd gummies give you diarrhea Don t care about your fucking tactical team, don t care about your individual quality, I use such a seamless fire to block the front of the position, what can you do to me I don t care how many people I can kill you, just hold you back and block you, what can you do to me Damn it, you suffered from eating dogs in Shanghai with your superior firepower, now it s time for you to taste it The snipers who hid in the excellent positions they had chosen long ago were obviously nervous and uncomfortable because they were on the battlefield for the first time and fighting in this way for the first time.

Of course, he will not stop there.After the fall of Shanghai.The Japanese Army Staff Headquarters sent Section Chief Torashiro Kawabe to contact Matsui.Matsui swore to him Don t worry, I ve made up my mind, I ll take down Nanjing and show you It was necessary to attack Nanjing.After the second time, various Japanese armies pursued the retreating squadrons and arrived at the strategic limit line of the base camp one after another.The 10th Army troops were the first to break through the limit line.Pursue westward.Not only did Matsui Iwane not stop it, but he once again proposed to the base camp that it would be beneficial to cbd gummies liverpool ny pursue Nanjing.Under his strong suggestion, the base camp lifted the original restriction line, and at the same time issued a new restriction line from Wuxi to Huzhou to the cbd gummies liverpool ny Central China Front Army.

Commander Matsui felt anxious.I see, thank you, Yamaguchi.Wang Weiyi smiled can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny slightly and said, Remember, you did a lot cbd gummies near here for me, and I gave you a lot of money, even though I I m gone, so don t betray me, do more things for the country, and when the war is over and Japan loses, I will try my best to say more good things for you, can you understand what I mean I understand.Hiroshi Yamaguchi sighed Mr.Wang, your self confidence is not comparable to that of ordinary people.If the empire wins the war, I will try my best to protect you.Wang Weiyi smiled haha Okay then ,take care.He hung up the phone with Hiroshi Yamaguchi, took out a pen and paper, and wrote several letters.When he was about to stand up, he suddenly thought of something again, and took another piece of letter paper, which was addressed to Tang Weihong.

Some people just climbed out, and I will hit them accurately.In fact, That s what I do, beat them mercilessly, don t show mercy, indeed.Some Russians are hysterically looking here and there trying to find me.I can see them trying to pull back their dead comrades, and then Whoever comes out, I will kill whoever, in fact it is that simple.The ground is trembling, and the battle is still going on.Behind the German army, Type 4 tanks and hunters are actively killing the enemy s T34 with shells, The t34 degree is a nightmare for Type 4 tanks, but now this situation has been reversed.The Soviet army has a large number of t34s and soldiers who don t know what death is, but now these are completely useless on this battlefield.No matter how many tanks, no matter how many soldiers, there will always be a time when they will be exhausted The wreckage of 7 T34s was left unattended on the position, and the corpses of a large number of Soviet soldiers lay creating better days cbd gummies reviews down on the position.

between.Lieutenant Brankke s 3rd Anti Tank Destroyer Battalion of the Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS SS Level 2 Commando is famous in the history of German warfare Lieutenant Blank, you and your commando have completed the mission, and you can leave with honor and pride When General Ernst Brahm said these words, Blank seemed to be impressed.As if insulting No, the last German unit immediately on the Demyansk battlefield must be the Skeleton Division The last person to leave the Skeleton Division must be my commando The last healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny person to leave the Commando must be me Wang Weiyi deeply He took a deep breath, what regrets do he have with such a soldier Lieutenant Blank, you will receive a supply of 100 people, and you will be awarded a medal after the war Wang Weiyi said in a loud voice Everyone in the Skeleton Master will receive a medal Long live Germany Long live Germany The voice resounded through the sky On February 23, 942, when the Soviet army resumed its offensive, the entire Skeleton Division was engaged in a arduous defense battle.

Especially those French women, I have to say that they are the most fashionable in the world.Those sunglasses with white s frames are just becoming popular, and almost every French woman wears a pair.This kind of kangaroo cbd how much cbd in each gummy white frame sunglasses, which have been popular for decades and have never been eliminated, is an invention of the French.When Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm entered Paris.Cheers came from the mouths of these Frenchmen.They don t seem to realize that the man standing in the convertible is the enemy s marshal The officers and soldiers of the SS immediately raised their right arms high and shouted like thunder Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst The brand new marshal s uniform was worn on Marshal Ernst Brehm s body, and with his young and heroic face, it caused the French woman to scream like crazy.

The gains and losses of this place did not seem so important to Marshal Timoshenko and were lost.You can also take it back But Sling categorically rejected Marshal Timoshenko s suggestion, and severely reprimanded Timoshenko for his cowardice behavior in the telegram.Turn Kharkov into a second Moscow, this is the irresistible order of Slim In the battle of Demyansk, the Soviet army suffered a great humiliation, and Sling himself also suffered a great humiliation.Now he desperately needs a victory to boost morale.In order to ensure the victory of the Battle of Kharkov, in addition to the 6th and 3rd armies that were already preparing to face the battle, healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny Slin also mobilized the 6th, 9th, and 57th armies cbd gummies liverpool ny to converge on Kharkov.There is only one purpose to stop the Germans in Kharkov and look for opportunities to complete new encirclement operations Slim made a wishful thinking, but healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny when Marshal Timoshenko saw the telegram from the Supreme Commander, he smiled wryly and said something to his subordinates In Kharkov, we will be attacked by new troops.

What is even more desperate is that Moscow seems to have given up its plan to rescue the besieged troops in Kharkov.Because at this time, the German army commanded by General Manstein and General Guderian also launched a fierce offensive against the Soviet army on various battlefields at the same time The Soviet army was exhausted, and it would take a long time for the reinforcements to arrive at Kharkov.Perhaps by the time they finally arrived, the Soviet army in Kharkov had been wiped out from Moscow.Taking a silent attitude towards Kharkov, Timoshenko knew They abandoned Life and death have nothing to do with Moscow anymore.Four hundred and fifty thousand soldiers A total of 450,000 soldiers So abandoned by Moscow Even the aircraft support has disappeared or Comrade Stalin is unwilling to lose even a single aircraft in Kharkov.

Wang Weiyi posed the question to the nurse who was taking care can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny of the wounded.I don t know, Marshal, God bless him Wang Weiyi looked at the soldier blankly, and suddenly he saw a harmonica next to Sergeant Isk s pillow Sergeant Isk, can I ask you to borrow it .Of course, Marshal.Wang Weiyi took the harmonica and sat down beside the unconscious soldier.Then he put the harmonica to his mouth, and the melody that all German soldiers were very familiar with sounded.Sergeant Esk and some wounded couldn t help but sang to the sound of Marshal Ernst s harmonica On the reefs of the Southwest eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus review Pacific Islands, mermaids played their beautiful and sad bagpipes, and can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny ancient Melanesia People call them Adara their home is in the depths of the sun, they follow the rainbow to waters infested by humans, and usually hide in sea tornadoes.

I brought you here today not to listen to this set of speeches, but to tell you that military victory must be accompanied by political agitation.Among a hundred Russians, If there are twenty people supporting us, then more Russians will be brought in.Gradually, more and more people will support us.This is what I have said many times, bread is sometimes better than bayonets It is more useful.Yes, we will do so, Marshal.At this time, a large number of prisoners of war had already started to sign up for the Z y u Army.Fight for your wife and pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews cbd gummies for joint pain your children General Kolkorok had struggled to build up the strength of a brigade, but now Biljanlowski can build up the strength of one or more divisions with just one speech.The pen do cbd gummies increase penis size can exert more terrible power than the knife and gun, and the speech can achieve the same effect.

The tragic fight that has not appeared in the New York stock market for a long time is about to begin.Ni Industrial as his main direction of attack, he is optimistic that this stock has always performed quite well and will rise sharply again.And he met the strongest opponent in his life Dan Zexi Fund This is a fund of a Jewish consortium with extremely strong financial strength.They also staged the myths of the stock market again and again.Uncertain inside information has been coming in for a long time, but Zexi Fund has acquired and borrowed a large amount of shares of Berlane Industries from brokers, and they are going to short Berlane Industries They were short, while Williams chose to be long.A Jinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company , which has just emerged, will face the Danzixi Fund with strong financial support Not many people are optimistic about Williams and the Kinrank Securities Investment Consulting Company he works for, except for a few people Williams, Garcia and then Mr.

You know, these three companies have related interests, and now life and death are in Claire s hands.Five hundred thousand Five hundred thousand shares Claire s voice also became a little hoarse I don t believe it, they can still eat it But the unbelievable thing became a fact.Five hundred thousand shares were digested lightly.Mr.Clare stood up, and a big trouble was in front of him.How much money did the other party have Can you eat the stocks you sell again and again Now 60, Berlane stock has reached a new pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews cbd gummies for joint pain price height after listing For this battle, Claire cbd gummies liverpool ny has hoarded a large amount of Berlane stock.Ask Athan Borrowing a large amount of Branny s stock with Yemirat, he can t afford to lose this war Once he loses, he has no choice but to jump off the building A million shares Claire loosened his tie, and his expression became more serious than ever before One million Almost.

His eye sockets and cheeks were bruised, and he looked very embarrassed Mr.Commander.Name Wang Weiyi felt very strange.Did this commander also participate in the hand to hand fight with the Turks Report to Marshal, Sergeant Roman.Sergeant, well done.Wang Weiyi nodded You were the first to discover the enemy s headquarters and bravely launched an attack on it.For this, you will get A medal Yes, Marshal.This will be my greatest honor Roman regained his spirit immediately.When Marshal Ernst was about to leave, he finally couldn t help asking Sergeant Roman, did the battle go on so fiercely Did all the tankers participate in the fight Ah, this Sergeant Roman really didn t know how to answer, did unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews he tell the marshal that he was beaten by guys like Klingenberg Wang Weiyi seemed to see something, and shook his head with a smile Klingenberg, come with me.

This will be a miracle that can never be replicated in the history of war But what if it fails Who can take this responsibility But the baron s decision has already been made, and it cannot be changed What Major Herbert can do is to mobilize all the forces in Ankara and do everything possible to protect the baron I would rather die by myself than let the baron make any mistakes In fact, for Wang Weiyi, there is another purpose for doing this.If the war is at its most critical juncture.How would it affect the Turkish, cbd gummies liverpool ny British, or Soviet armies if they suddenly knew that the enemy s supreme commander was dancing in their own hearts a baron.Enough to be worth a dozen divisions Now a good scene is staged in Ankara With the help of Herbert, Wang Weiyi and his commandos anxiety cbd gummies chose a place west of Ankara City.

Many times, people would rather not believe their eyes, cbd gummies liverpool ny but believe what their ears hear Then, several small parades broke out, the scale was not very large, and the largest one was still only a hundred or so.People, but the meaning of these parades is completely different in the eyes of Turks now.And in a parade, something even more terrifying happened gunshots pierced the parade Those who participated in the march ran around under the threat of gunfire, and ended up trampling one person to death and injuring two others.This soon became a Wisłoujście Festival cbd gummies liverpool ny new evidence of the Turkish government s .

where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies?

suppression of patriots More and more Turks began to be dissatisfied with the current government The German army, which was originally in dire straits, deliberately slowed down its advance speed Everything is planned Henry, the head of British intelligence in Ankara, was a little helpless Everything is going on in an orderly manner, and when and what happens are completely controlled.

Where did these elements come from In our own era, only I found the only piece in the whole world, I am sure our scientific researchers will not make a mistake, but with the beginning of our space time travel, we can find a piece in every time and space, why From the Troy era to the Qianlong era, cbd gummies liverpool ny Count Yevgeny s era, and then our own era Different cbd gummies liverpool ny eras have appeared one after another, can it be absolute hemp cbd gummies concluded that these four y elements are actually the same one, we are in these time and space , but they are discovering the same y element Is it possible Xiao Ling seems to agree with the idea of Wanderer , otherwise it is impossible to explain why every time and space, a piece can always be found y element.Moreover, there is one thing that Xiao Ling did not tell can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny Wang Weiyi.With the appearance of each y element, the Walker s control over the Ziguang military base was strengthened, and she was even a little worried that soon the Walker would completely control the base.

Also, why did you cut off the presidential palace and the 2nd and 3rd brigades of the guards connection For the safety of Ankara.Kistafa still answered like this Inonu was silent for a while General Kistafa, I have absolute trust in you, never There was never any doubt.Many times.I think I miss the days when we fought with President Kemal, have you forgotten You, me, Goris and Greluman Gorris surrendered, and Greruman died in battleMr.President, I miss it tooBut the war is really cruel, and I am very worried about the future of Turkey Inonu sighed Judging from the fact that he and Kistafa have known each other for so many years, Kistafa is really ready to betray his country Don t forget Turkey, General Kistafa.Don t forget the responsibility that Turkey has entrusted to you, to lead Turkey to prosperity.

Moyol s office.Now, a war that is absolutely his own is about to begin His back is so confident that Elliott, the Mr.Garcia who came in from another room, can t help but shrug his shoulders If you just look at his self confidence, I think he will win this of the war.Ah, yes.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly He has everything now, doesn t he Money, mansion, beautiful women of course, he is still chasing status, as far as I know, the elite class in New York does not accept this nouveau richeif he can win this war , he is bound to become a frequent visitor to New York s elite societyUnfortunately, Mr.Williams can no longer fulfill his wish No one knows better than Wang Weiyi and Elliott that the victory is in whose hands.Wang Weiyi flipped through the documents on the table How much cash can Kim Ranke mobilize now Most of his funds are in gold order natures only cbd gummies stocks.

I can help you pay off all your debts, and I can also make you a rich woman.Wang Weiyi said lightly Everyone will look at you with envy, even your own brother will bow to you , because his life is also not easy, and he was also involved in the crashing stock market.Miss Ruiman s face glowed brightly.Wang Weiyi smiled vida cbd sour patch gummies coldly, and then tapped his desk Ruiman, there is a contract over there, sign it, and your nightmare will healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny be free.Ruiman picked up the contract curiously.Within ten years, Miss Reman will be owned by Mr.Moyol alone, and she will join the film company that Mr.Moyol is about to set up, and sign a lifetime contract to shoot movies for the film company.She will live in the mansion provided by Mr.Moyol, but without Mr.Moyol s order, she is not allowed to do anything she wants.That is to say, as long as Miss Reman signs this contract, she Will become Mr.

Marshal Ernst Brahm really went to Berlin and successfully brought Colonel Fels back.Colonel Fels is a super spy who is known to exist by many senior German military officers, but does not know his true identity at all.His existence has extremely special significance for best cbd stress gummies Germany.The Afrika Korps commanded by Rommel was in full swing before, and the information provided by Colonel Fels played a big role in it.When Colonel Fels was captured, Rommel was completely blind , and even Rommel s Er commanded his army to reach the designated battlefield, but found absurd things that there was no enemy.Now, Colonel Fels is back However, only a very small number of senior German officers, including Rommel, cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies know this secret.The Italians were completely kept in the dark.Immediately generate electricity for the country, and use Enigma to send a message Wang Weiyi returned to the can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny headquarters, and immediately issued his order without any stop Tell the country that the African Army is in urgent need of fuel replenishment ,Lots of Rommel was taken aback.

When Wang Weiyi told the whole plan, Klingenberg agreed without any hesitation Fritz.Captain Klingenberg, do you understand the danger of the mission Wang Weiyi asked solemnly.I know, Marshal This time, Klingenberg no longer called Wang Weiyi a baron.The title Marshal can better reflect his respect as a German officer.Do you know that neither you nor your team members can come back alive I know, my team members and I have already made such preparations Do you know why we chose you I know, because we need an officer with weight but not too high a rank to confuse the enemy. Do you think you are such a person cbd gummies liverpool ny Yes.I am only a captain, but I have taken Belgrade, and I have had countless adventures in Turkey, and I have enough weight to be valued by our enemies.Marshal Ernst, I am ready to die No, Klingenberg.

Wang Weiyi replied very positively There may be a more concealed wayor they use pigeons to convey information Under such a severe situation, Marshal Ernst still made a joke This made Colonel Fels couldn t help laughing.He likes Marshal Ernst, a successful general, no matter what kind of critical situation he can always keep cbd gummies liverpool ny his calm, which is very important on the battlefield of Mayum.It was completely dark.Klingenberg and his team had arrived at the designated location, and after waiting do cbd gummies raise blood pressure there for half an hour, a black shadow appeared through the moonlight.Captain Klingenberg Yes, Siren Yes, Captain.The person who appeared in front of Captain Klingenberg.About forty years old, wearing a British military uniform.Kraken, we ve got you.Get out of here now.Captain, there s someone Klingenberg s voice hadn t finished yet, and the vigilant voices of the team members had already come.

Ambassador hadn t reminded him, he would have almost forgotten about the king.He looked at Roriman, the general counselor of the Egyptian king Rolling eyes Mr.Roliman, can you control King Farouk I I think it should be possible Roriman hesitated, This king has no other ambitions other than stealing and enjoying himself.Montgomery thought for a while Even so, you still can t take it lightly.You assign a regiment of soldiers to you to strengthen the guards in the palace.Once any situation happens, you have the right to make any choice you think is right at a special time Roliman understood the meaning of Meng Geli s words this At that time, the Egyptian royal palace was also in chaos.One of beezbee cbd gummies review the two most trusted ministers of Farouk I, Kanlemu, actually announced an uprising and betrayed the British.

Rommel did not have the joy of victory.This is not a victory.Montgomery successfully used the sacrifice of the Irish to delay the advance of the German army.However, when he saw Major General Alman, he showed enough respect for this stubborn opponent General Alman, for your arduous resistance and the spirit of sacrifice that successfully bought you time, I respect you.Congratulations to you.Thank you, Marshal Rommel.Major General Alman did not see any frustration on the face of the loser I don t expect my troops to defeat you, but I fern britton cbd gummies uk will I ve done my best.No one has done it better than you, no Rommel sighed Originally, we had already reached Kantara at this time and launched an attack on the enemy, but now we are still on the way to Kantara, and precious time has been lost.Major General Alman smiled faintly, with pride in his heart.

This assassination incident There are too many weird things in it, how did the assassins know your route and time to enter the city Those Italian soldiers who were supposed to protect you Where did they go when you were assassinated Theythat I got your order.The German side is responsible for my safety.Mussolini hesitated.No, I have never issued such an order.Wang Weiyi categorically denied I have repeatedly emphasized that the Italian army is mainly responsible for your safety, and we are only assisting.And .

can you pack cbd gummies on a plane?

the kevin costner cbd gummies confession of the Egyptians was handed over to him.Mussolini watched carefully, and the more he looked, the more surprised he was General Kinovo was instigated by the British in 1940 This is too surprisingGod, who did I see, Benis General Coe That is the general I trust the most Marshal Ernst, are you sure you are not mistaken General Motta also can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny participated in the rebellion Yes, this is all the efforts of my intelligence personnel Got it.

Everyone Wang Weiyi raised his voice slightly The U.S.Pacific Fleet is ready, and I also brought you all the deployment and fire coordination of the Pacific Fleet, including the names of their commanders The Japanese cbd gummies liverpool ny looked at each other in blank dismay.If this is the case, then this information is really precious.The sneak attack time will be set on December 25th Wang Weiyi emphasized his tone This time the code name is Papans Eagle , and in this plan, Japan s code name is Cherry , and I have All the passwords that people use to contact This is Colonel Shimizu finally said Your do well being cbd gummies work Excellency, everyone, we have indeed intercepted a large number of telegrams from the Hawaiian Fleet of the Pacific Fleet and the United States.The word cherry was mentioned, and we couldn t figure it out, but after hearing what cbd gummies liverpool ny Miyamoto kun said, I think we have the answer Bring all the telegrams immediately.

This is his contact person when he was ordered to sneak into Harbin.However, now he has to interrogate his comrades face to face Zheng Xiaolong seemed to be a little moved by what he said You come here Mo Guangzhi joined Going uphe heard Zheng cbd gummies liverpool ny Xiaolong quickly say a few words in his ear No.20, Dagazi Road Just a few words, and then Mo Guangzhi screamed Zheng Xiaolong bit Mo Guangzhi s ear His ear hurt, but Mo Guangzhi s heart hurt even more He knew that Zheng Xiaolong was protecting himself.Several policemen rushed up, and finally separated the two people.Mo Guangzhi s face was covered with blood, and Zheng Xiaolong spit out a small cbd oil gummies kids piece of flesh from his mouth.He smiled contemptuously Traitor, I and neither of us will tell you The whip that was soaked in water was swished again, blood and flesh flying everywhere.

A telegram was sent to the mothership that the attack was successful, but was sunk by the U.S.military.The Iraqi 24 pocket submarine was discovered by a US ship at the entrance of the port.After being attacked, it escaped with injuries.Due to the serious injury, it lost control of the control, which caused it to hit the rocks twice.The crew had to abandon the boat.The other two pocket submarines were sunk by the U.S.Army at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.Among the ten crew members of this special attack team, only the captain of the I 24 boat, Shumaki, and the male second lieutenant survived, becoming the first Japanese army captured by the cbd gummies liverpool ny US military in cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies the Pacific War.The Japanese army deployed a total of 20 submarines around Pearl Harbor.Firstly, they were used for reconnaissance and surveillance, and secondly, they were prepared to ambush the American ships that attempted to leave the port to avoid or chase the Japanese fleet during the air strikes.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of handy tools in the Viscount s castle, and the Germans did not notice their conspiracy.a monthAnother month passed, and the big bird took the shape of an airplane.They build it in a room next to the garage where no one can see it.With the exception of Marcelle, the viscount s servants were reduced to three one was the cook who had cheapest cbd gummies online been with the family for twenty years the old servant of the mismanaged estate the third, the young handyman, whom the Viscount took in more out of pity than usefulness.Although all these men were loyal, it was not at cbd gummies 125 mg all impossible that a careless word would reach German ears.This was one of the reasons why the Viscount kept Marcelle by his side.This way he could enter cbd gummies liverpool ny and leave the room as if nothing had happened, and said he was camino cbd gummies review trying to install a gas furnace on the car.

When the war is over and the government begins to negotiate and share the fruits of victory, will anyone think of those soldiers who died in battle and their families Will anyone shed a tear for them This is the tragedy of the soldiers.Bury Comrade Rocklaugh well.Malinovsky put away his sadness Tell our commanders and soldiers to use the most violent attack to attack the enemy and use the most violent attack to destroy the enemy.The defense can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny Victory will eventually belong to us Malinowski has decided to fight the Germans again Double the last day to ask for a monthly pass.There is still one day left for the double monthly pass, and the spider still needs the support of the brothers.Spider has been working hard to write.During the National Day in October, there is no day off.It is very hard, but with the support of brothers, Spider thinks it is worth it.

Lykov has a passion for tanks.After the Russian Revolution.Liaokov s life changed drastically overnight.Grandfather was shot, and father, mother and the whole family were exiled to Siberia.Liaokov was not reconciled to his miserable fate from then on.He tried his best to express himself in the reform through labor and tried his best to please the officers who guarded them.Finally, he got the favor of a colonel.With the help of the colonel, he finally became a member of the Soviet Red Army.In the army, he also repeated the same thing.No matter what kind of torture and humiliation, he can t stop his belief in restoring the glory of the family.During the big purge.He actively testified against his companions, and he did whatever his superiors asked him to do and all his actions finally gave him a second chance.

All the Soviet soldiers heard that Liao Ke When the Soviet soldiers heard the death of the regiment leader, they became a little confused.Liaokov raised his voice Comrades, from now on I will temporarily take over the duties of the regiment commander, and I will lead you to break through The Soviet soldiers seemed to have found their backbone at once Now, it s time for Liaokov to perform At this time, under the strong German assault, the 56th Army was in a bitter battle, and The 81st Panzer Army was completely in chaos.There were German troops everywhere, and the offensive and defensive sides were completely reversed Liaokov led his troops and kept retreating westward.When they encountered the Germans At the last obstacle, all the Soviet soldiers in this regiment heard that Liao Ke When the Soviet soldiers heard the death of the regiment leader, they became a little confused.

After I learned, I came out of the hospital cbd gummies liverpool ny and found I killed my old superior and begged him to keep you no matter what.In the end, you were taken to the 450mg cbd gummies Soviet Youth Corps, and I, after being disabled, could no longer stay in the regular army, so I asked to be transferred to the Youth Corps, at least here I can take good care of you When he said this, he fixed his eyes on Somrov, and said word by word Your mother was never a traitor, never was She is loyal to her husband, to her family, and also to her country Somroff s tears flowed again.He used to feel ashamed of his mother, but now, he knows that mother is actually the greatest.Children, war does not belong to you.Wang Weiyi said at this time can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny Go home, go home.I promise you, when the war is over, I will try to find your mother, if she is still alive, of course.

Wang Weiyi laughed out loud, yes, he was locked up only once, in the Germans own lockup room, and that It was Richthofen who accompanied me for the first time Manfred von Richthofen Ernst von.Bram In this angry cry, General Galwitz walked over with healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny a livid face.General Wang Weiyi and Richthofen quickly pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews cbd gummies for joint pain stood at attention.You two bastards asshole General Galwitz roared there I want to put you in confinement, yes, put you in cbd gummies liverpool ny confinement You took off into the sky without permission, and you were confined for seven days General, I am the pilot, responsible for this reconnaissance mission, he is not Just now, Richthofen, who had regarded Ernst as his savior and the best brother in his life, immediately betrayed his best friend without hesitation when he cbd gummies liverpool ny heard the word confinement Ens Colonel Te is not the Air Force, he is the one who launched into the air without authorization, and he is the one who should be put in confinement Wang Weiyi was so angry that his nose was crooked.

His family members seemed to be familiar with all this, and calmly packed up some things.Simple luggage.On the contrary, the captain who guarded them sighed in his heart.Although from the first day he was in charge of the guard, he knew that this situation would happen sooner or later, but even a marshal like Timoshenko couldn t handle it.If he escapes bad luck, who else in Moscow will be safe At this time, Timoshenko has another idea in his heart He knows who Dimilenko is, the deputy of the State Security are full spectrum cbd gummies legal in ohio Service Director, a loyal follower of Stalin.When he appears, it means that Stalin is ready to attack himself and his family.Is the skeleton baron still actively preparing to rescue himself Unfortunately, he has no chance Comrade Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko, are you all right There was some impatience in Dimilenko s words.

At this time someone knocked on the door, and Stalin put away the photo Come in.It .

can taken 2 25mg of thc and cbd gummies?

was Marshal Zhukov who came in.Stalin found that the look on Zhukov s face was not good Did Malinovsky fail Zhukov nodded with difficulty.After confirming his own judgment, Stalin did not appear very angry Is our loss large Very large, Comrade Stalin.Zhukov said in a low tone Especially the 15 guerrilla brigades, 10 of which were annihilated., the loss of the regular army was also heavy.Malinovs blamed himself very much and asked you to give him severe punishment. Punishment will not change the situation.Stalin today seems to be uncharacteristically lenient Let Malinovs Comrade Ki put down the burden and go back to work.Tell him, don t be afraid of anything, don t have any ideological burdens, what Moscow needs now is their loyalty.

No one wants to fail.Everyone wants to get that coveted victory 5 On the 20th, a fierce battle broke out between the Skeleton Division and the elite 20th Army of the Soviet Army.Both sides, led by tanks, rushed to the enemy desperately.Both sides have cbd gummies liverpool ny used all the power that can be used, and they are interacting uninterruptedly for a moment.The cannonball came out of the barrel viciously, and then smashed viciously at the opponent.The sound of Boom boom was deafening.The earth is shaking. Those soldiers who have not participated in the battle for the time being watched the battlefield almost holding their breath, watching the tanks being ruthlessly destroyed in the flames of war.Such a scene is something they will never forget for the rest of their lives.In the past, the Soviet army maintained the balance on the battlefield with sea of people tactics and sea of tanks tactics, but now all this no longer belongs to them.

But for now.He didn t want to tell his subordinates where he was going to use these atomic bombs Not only the atomic bombs, but the first aircraft carrier of the German Navy also completed the launching test.And the German negotiators are secretly discussing some agreements with the US government.I will leave this era soon.And before that.He has to get something done.He represents Germany, but also represents another country China He has done many things for Germany, now it is time to do something for China.Yes, Adolf Hitler was the head of state of Germany, but he was the one who really held all the power in Germany Ernst Brehm He can give any order in Germany as he pleases, and do whatever he wants to do as he pleases.No one can stop him German soldiers.They didn t know that their Marshal Ernst had already started planning military operations after the Battle of Moscow, and there were still some enemies in front of them that they needed to eliminate.

commend.After letting Tibius leave, Daikius hurried in and said that two strange people cbd gummies panama city beach fl had been caught.Or to be more precise, they didn t catch them, but they sent them to their door on their own initiative.These two people spoke pure, the most popular language in the city of Rome, spoke freely, and seemed to be of noble birth, but they did not have any documents from the local consul to prove their identities.This made Gaius a little curious, he thought about it for a while, and ordered Daikius to bring the man in.What Gaius saw were two young men, one called himself Ernst Alexson von Brahm, and the other called himself Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen.What a cbd living hemp oil gummies strange name, Gaius thought to himself, probably from Egypt or somewhere farther away We are from the province of Dalmatia.The young man in Bream was very respectful It s a great honor to meet you, Gaius Consul.

In his opinion, this is what a commander must have.Keith couldn t help asking If the Roman legion and the Han army meet on the battlefield, who do you think will win I don t cbd gummies liverpool ny know.I can t make a judgment on such a difficult thing to happen.Wang Weiyi said frankly But if I have to analyze it, I think I can say this.Rome s metallurgy is inferior to that of the Han Empire, but the individual combat capabilities of the Roman troops are slightly higher than that of the Han Dynasty.some smiles.But Wang Weiyi immediately said The weapons of the Roman army are known for being heavy, which shows that the physical strength of the Roman soldiers is better than that of the peasants and soldiers of the Han Dynasty.The power of Rome also lies in field battles.The Roman legion is based on infantry The main weapon of Rome is the sword, and the long range weapons are mainly javelins and darts.

But he ended He started his career as the highest consul.It changed a littleand when he met Nelia, he became elusive From his words, it seems that Caesar was very opinionated.Wang Weiyi didn t know much about the relationship between them, and he canyou buy cbd gummies delivery didn t dare to intervene rashly.Gaius said at this time Ernst.You are from the province of Dalmatia.What do the citizens there think of the governor A great conqueror.Satisfied with finding out the other party s true intentions, Wang Weiyi calmly said Just like worshiping all the highest consuls in Rome, all Roman citizens in the province of Dalmatia also worship Caesar My lord.Ah, is that so Gaius smiled faintly Yes, Caesar who has achieved countless just cbd gummie review successes.Caesar who never knew what it was like to fail.Anyone is so insignificant in front of him.

Wang Weiyi and those Germanic warriors played the ancient Germanic archery game.Baron Alexon, who existed like a god on the battlefield, kept losing to those Germanic warriors when playing archery games.As a cbd gummies liverpool ny result, this also caused everyone, including Richthofen, to burst into laughter.There is no sign of the progress of the war here At the same time, in the Roman barracks, Caesar held a reception to entertain the generals who were about to go to the battlefield.At the reception, Caesar never mentioned anything related to the war.Instead, he told them some interesting stories in Rome, which also aroused laughter from the Roman generals.Wang Weiyi and Caesar have done everything they could do before the outbreak of the war.The only thing they can do now is to put down the burden of their subordinates to the greatest extent and go to the battlefield in the best condition.

Caesar and Servius are two People who are extremely proud are together.What kind of flames will collide, and Pompey may even wipe out his two enemies in one healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny fell swoop Of course, such thoughts can only be hidden in the heart Dear senators, respected congressmen, can this proposal of mine be passed Pompey can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny raised his voice I don t have any selfishness.Everything I do is for the great Roman Republic to achieve greater victories The applause rang out, these fellows in the Senate did not want to offend Pompeo, nor did they want to offend Servius.Pompey s first bill was passed smoothly.And Servius, who was also eligible to participate in the meeting, finally His wish was fulfilled, and he was finally able to regain control of the Legion.Finally, he was able to return to the battlefield he was extremely familiar with Spurius fulfilled his promise, which made Servius feel grateful to him , can no longer be expressed in words At this time, Pompeo continued Dear members, have you forgotten Crassus failure He suddenly mentioned this question, making the atmosphere of the scene tense.

Okay, since you came from that Ernst man, I think you should have brought his answer to our proposal.Heilman said smitz cbd gummies in a low voice.Yes, I have brought the words of the Consul Then please tell me, you saw we are waiting for this answer.Well, the Consul let me tell you, his proposal to you The answer is that he can t accept it The air in the room seemed to freeze, Hellman remained calm, Uyr laughed, Kailuman hit his fist hard on his leg, and Edler gasped angrily.He answered with just one sentence Hellmann cut off the messenger s observations, forcing him to focus on himself.Of course not, my lord, he also said Don t call me the leader I m Heilman Germanic Hermann Heilman stood up, his eyes shot a cold light, and he stared at the Marcomani.The Marcomani s Adam s apple twitched Yes, respected Heilman Our consul said that according to your plan, it is absolutely impossible to succeed Edler couldn t contain his anger, and grabbed the messenger s chest I tell you, your consul is shit We are determined to help you in your most difficult time, regardless of possible cbd gummies square genocide, and your consuls have thrown us aside after being satisfied with their own victory The envoy showed no fear.

It s the right unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews thing too Richthofen looked at the burning battlefield , sighed softly You have achieved the greatest victory with the least cost.You have maintained the greatest strength for the Germans.If we confront each other head on, we will still be able to win.But we will definitely pay a lot The cost, and what you are doing now is exactly what you have said countless times Get the greatest victory with the least cost This is what Wang Weiyi keeps saying.Now, he was just repeating such things The battlefield was completely engulfed in fire A burst of scorching smell filled the entire valley.Even those Germanic people felt extremely shocked They looked at Consul Ernst with awe, and they couldn t imagine why the Consul would cbd gummy code think of this method.It is the greatest honor of the Germans to be able to fight under the leadership of the consul.

But now this hope is completely shattered.The Romans did not know how Centumalus had failed, but various rumors from the front spread throughout Rome.The Romans were talking about the leader of the barbarians, a guy who always wore a skull mask.It is said that this person has been favored by demons, and he possesses endless power He also has two healix cbd gummies cbd gummies liverpool ny most terrifying aids, one is the blood devil who can instantly take away the life cbd gummies liverpool ny of the enemy, cbd gummies liverpool ny and the other is the one who can summon Vulcan The Vulcan Mask Man that Loki helped The Romans still say that the devil gave his three messengers a mission to destroy Rome completelyIn times like these, gossip is often the scariest thing, especially when the common man simply has no access to effective intelligence.They couldn t imagine how the entire legion had failed, and they could only retell the miraculous stories they had just heard from other people s mouths vividly and vividly.

Xiaoling told himself that he had changed too much history.The time and space disaster predicted by Dr.Qin may appear anytime and anywhere, and no one can grasp the future history.Could it be that he brought this Everything Maybe all of this is caused by you Xiao Ling expressed his thoughts Germany should not have won the Second World War, but because of your existence, all Everything in the world has changed, and the track of history has entered an era that no one can grasp.Or I can put it more clearly, Germany won because of you.Also failed because of you.This is the cbd gummies liverpool ny terrible change brought about by forcibly changing history.You must take responsibility for all this This is the terrible change brought about by forcibly changing history.You must take responsibility for this time Xiao Ling s words kept hitting Wang Weiyi s eardrum like a heavy hammer.

S.Army Intelligence and the CIA that you can t even see him I said it.I ll figure it out.The voice on the other end of the phone was so firm, General Olitz couldn t figure out where this Major Moyol came from with such a strong self confidence.He had never even met Colonel Cherus.Olitz The general adjusted his breathing Do you need any assistance from us Our intelligence and police forces in Dessau have been completely destroyed, however, I still have some personal connections there He lowered his voice and how many cbd gummies should i eat to quit smoking told Major Moyol about his relationship in Dessau in a low voice Do you remember everything, Major Moyol For the third time I tell you that this is mission impossible and you have no chance of success.I know, General Olitz, but I ll do my best.When the other party finished speaking, the phone was hung up.

Angette s face Some red Do you have a husband, Agent Annette Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Ah.No, I m not married yet Just cbd gummies liverpool ny like a child who was found stealing candy by an adult.Annette replied in a panic.At this time, the two of them had arrived at the highest point of the castle, looking from here , all the sights can be seen at a glance.Wang Weiyi stared at the front in a daze What a beautiful city.Annette didn t understand the meaning of the words, but subconsciously said Yes , Yes, it s a beautiful city, but it has changed a little after our bombing.Wang Weiyi s complexion changed, but he soon returned to normal I just said that it is very tragic for a beautiful woman to have no man to take care of her.So what about you, Agent Annette, .

what cbd gummy is best for sleep?

with your beauty, why do you lack the love of men There was obviously some provocative meaning in these words, and Annette became more and more flustered Ah, probably because of my work, I don t allow any contact with other strange men except my colleagues, and now I am in such a dangerous place.

Make your enemies tremble before you I still don t know.Wang Weiyi said lightly Maybe everyone has already forgotten.But at least one sentence I have not forgotten.When danger befalls Germany, I will come back This is his promise.When he left, he made a promise to all Germans.He once led Germany on the path of incomparably glorious glory, but it was also he who caused Germany s current disaster, so he must You have to make it up with your own hands.No matter how difficult and painful the road ahead is.No matter whether everyone has forgotten him.This is his promise, and this is his unshirkable responsibility Since you have decided to do cbd gummies liverpool ny cbd gummies at cvs this Yes, all we can do is to assist you as much as possible Xiao cbd gummies liverpool ny Ling s voice sounded again But I still have a worry.What nuclear weapons convention, in fact, is a piece of waste paper to put it bluntly.

Do you know what I saw there, and what secrets are hidden there He said word by word Faith Neither Heisen nor Karenbu fully understand what kind of belief is hidden in the secret core part of a base cold storage that makes this old marshal so firm 12 truckloads of important materials were safely sent back, which made Captain Scherer s respect for Major Moyol extremely high.It wasn t the arduousness of the task, nor the importance of the supplies, but that Major Moyol had successfully completed the task with cbd gummies liverpool ny such a unique method.Probably the Americans have not fully figured out the whole process of what happened until now.Captain, you can take these trucks back to Berlin.In the sky, an Allied air formation flew over, and then there was a rumbling explosion on the German positions outside Berlin.

General Garden, the frontline commander appointed by Westmoreland himself.He was satisfied with the extent of his artillery coverage.Especially those b 52 bombers simply caused a fatal attack on the German army.I believe that the German resistance has been weakened to the minimum in the battle starting tomorrow However, General Kerrett is not as confident as him.He is the commander who has participated in the attack on Berlin for the longest time.During this time, he fully experienced the tenacity of German soldiers.He had to tell General Garden in a matter of fact manner that the artillery fire of the Allied forces before was no weaker than this time.However, under the attack of powerful artillery fire, the German army still firmly held on to its position.However, General Garden seemed to have some contempt in his eyes.

Do you know who is being imprisoned Luther Major Man shook his head in confusion.General Arthur said coldly He is Baron Alexon.In an instant, Colonel Roman and Major Ludman were completely petrified there.Major Ludman was stupid, he was completely stupid.God, gummies de cbd what absurd thing did I do, God, forgive my sins.Himself, actually arrested Baron Alexon Hey, Martin, do you have a cigarette Wang Weiyi, who was being detained, poked his head out and asked.Martin, who was standing guard at the door, hesitated, took out a cigarette Wisłoujście Festival cbd gummies liverpool ny from his pocket and handed it to him through the window.Thank you, Martin, I ll give you three marks for cigarettes.Wang Weiyi took the cigarette, returned to the place where he originally lived, and then passed it to the side Colonel Stam, do you smoke Ah, Thank you.Colonel Stam accepted a cigarette.

Towards the Russian positions.They recklessly formed various attack formations in the air.Recklessly dropped bombs on the Russian positions.And the German tanks were like prehistoric monsters.Breaking through indomitably.The catastrophic day of the Great Russian Division has come.They are facing the most elite can i buy cbd gummies at cvs cbd gummies liverpool ny armed forces in all of Germany.The Great Russian Division tried its best to stop this torrent of steel.One after another, SS6 appeared on the battlefield, and what they had to face was the German Leopard 9 and Destroyer.This is not a fair contest.The Bolsheviks were overthrown during the Second World War, but the new Russian government that replaced them followed the usual Russian thinking unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews Quantity can replace quality.One point, whether it is in the infantry or armored forces of the Russian army, it is very prominent.

Moreover, even in Russia, the Wittgenstein family also owns If a powerful force can get close to them, it will be of great benefit to the Custer Group.Ivan said cautiously Mr.Elliott said that Mr.Petergoff is a member of the Wittgenstein family.and.Everything he did in Russia was on behalf of himself, on behalf of the entire Wittgenstein family When these words were spoken, Migroski s eyes on Wang Weiyi changed completelyrespect, envy, and even a trace of imperceptible fear.Mr.Petergoff Wittgenstein The family s spokesperson in Russia Who would have thought that Ivan didn t finish his words And, Mr.Elliott also said it.Mr.Petergoff can not only represent the Wittgenstein family, but he can also represent the Morgan family and the Rockefeller family at the same time The wine glass in Migroski s hand almost fell to the ground Spokesperson for the Wittgensteins, Morgans and Rockefellers God.

In the absence of anti tank weapons and tanks, this was the last hope of the German army.At the same time, notify the third company s first row to immediately reinforce the first company s defense line Nine hundred and thirty eight.Grand Duchess Look, sir, what have I found When the battle was at its height, a soldier handed Kiritz a briefcase This is what we found on the body of an American judge.Yes, I think it might be of some use to you.Give this to General Olitz, Kiritz said without looking at it.At this time, Kiritz would never have imagined how important this briefcase is to Germany, which is fighting, and how important it is to Baron cbd gummies liverpool ny Alexson in Moscow.He couldn t imagine the value of this briefcase at all.This is Berlin under fire in March 1966 Moscow.News always travels fast, and a piece of news is circulating in Moscow s high society a Russian from the United States, young, handsome, and above all rich.

Wang Weiyi smiled coldly Remember that the Count of Monte Cristo will always appear wherever he is needed in every era 943.The cold battlefield on the German Russian border, March 1966.After the outbreak of the Ukrainian uprising, the German army responded quickly, and the previously captured Robinstall was recklessly advancing towards the Russian territory, in order to Cooperate with the cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies Ukrainian uprising.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the German side will never let it go easily, even if it snows again in damn Russia in March.No matter Wisłoujście Festival cbd gummies liverpool ny what, no matter what the bad weather or The cold can t stop the advance of the German army.No one will miss the possibility of turning the tide of the war.And this must rely on the tenacious and brave spirit of the German soldiers Are you sure it s here Sure Simon looked at Zorn cautiously.

Kiritz laughed, and this joke produced such helpless and surprised expressions on the faces of many people.The children also came to the door with cigarettes in their mouths, according to the usual practice.Huo At this time, Fuman should pretend to be obedient and ask his question.Dad How did you let your mother give birth to me I mean how did Mommy get me Hoffman asked pretending to be obedient, and squeezed one hand into a hole, and inserted the middle finger of the other hand into the hole.The scout and Nash couldn t breathe from laughing.Mel laughed like an asthma The cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.Kiritz held back his laughter, About your question about how your mother and I were born Kiritz walked to the assault hall pretending cbd gummies liverpool ny to be deep.Then, while holding the cigarette between his hands, he stuck his straddle on the steel This is where I come from your mother has a hole here, and you are all born from this hole Scout Paulus had a sense of humor beyond their expectations.

It was Asia The miracle brought by Baron Rickson Nothing is impossible in this world, as long as your heart is always full of hope Congratulations, Baron, you can always Bring us everything we need when we need you most.In the Empire State Building, Adolf.Hitler also couldn t hide his excitement For God s sake, tell me, have we really won Yes, Fuhrer, we have really won.Rommel said so.No, we are still far away from victory.Wang Weiyi said The enemy is still in Berlin, where we can see it.Although we successfully defended Berlin for the second time and inflicted heavy damage on the enemy, But our own strength has also suffered a great loss.Hitler shrugged Maybe, but who cares We have Baron Alexson, but the enemy does not.Smiles appeared on their faces, even Wang Weiyi was no exception Okay, let s put away the joy of victory.

What did you say Vittorio s complexion changed.Bertrul was not afraid at all I unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews refuse to resign, and I refuse to take any responsibility for today s situation.Of course, you can simply vesl cbd gummies depose me, leader.I don t want to be the enemy of all Italians Vittorio s face was completely distorted He never thought that his prime minister would reject him directly You can even shoot me.Bertrul tidied up his clothes And I, go home now, and wait for the arrival of the secret police at my home Have a nice day, leader After finishing speaking, he left the leader s office without looking back On April 2, 1966, Italian President Vittorio Mussolini announced that Prime Minister Bei Trull must be responsible for the chaotic situation in Italy, and at the same time ordered the dismissal of Bertelur from all positions.

Moyol actually compared them with Garibaldi, the greatest hero in Italian history, the spirits of the three cheered up.Wang Weiyi continued When unfair treatment occurs, the only thing people can do is There are two ways, one is to accept it, and the other is to stand up and resist.Stand up cbd gummies liverpool ny and resist Manusia became a little hesitant Mr.Moyol.I don t mean to contradict your words.But Italy has just completed the revolution.If there is another turmoil at this time, I am very worried about the future of Italy.Mr.Manusia, you are too kind Wang Weiyi said with something in his words Any revolution, any great change, will always be accompanied by bloody political struggles.I think the revolution in Italy was not successful at all, but reached its most critical moment.Although the great dictator Vittorio has stepped down, he still lives happily in his private mansion.

the Vittorio.Mussolini He must be kept in Rome, and he cannot be allowed to go to the country, otherwise, this will Wisłoujście Festival cbd gummies liverpool ny not allow him to receive a fair trial Manusia stood up and said loudly Please tell us what to do.We trust you, Mr.Moyol.We are willing to listen to you and let the executioner get the punishment he deserves.For this, we will not hesitate to pay our all Calm down, my friend, we still have a lot to do Nine hundred and sixty five.The temptation to eradicate the Second Revolution for political opponents is very tempting for Manusia and his companions.They believe that the fruits of victory created by themselves have been completely cbd gummies liverpool ny cv sciences cbd gummies deprived I feel that I have been shamelessly betrayed.If such contradictions have not been intensified, then with the appearance of Mr.Moyol , they have reached the point of irreconcilability.

Romeo forced his composure.When he was 200 meters away from the tank, he was already within Wisłoujście Festival cbd gummies liverpool ny the range of all weapons, but he hesitated again.He didn t know what kind of retaliation he would incur But the current situation does not allow him to hesitate at all.Get ready fire Romeo gave an order, and there were dozens of loud noises on the battlefield, and dozens of rockets flew cbd gummies liverpool ny towards the US tanks.Due to the short distance, most of the rockets were accurate and hit the leading US tank, while the hit tank army caught fire and exploded and lost its combat capability.But follow the tank.After smashing through the wreckage in front, the US tanks continued to rush towards the position.Nearly a hundred tanks continued to march and fired, constantly reorganized their formation, and rushed towards the position.

Medsen writhed in pain, kicking his legs.One of his hands was on his neck, and the other was firmly grasping Pozik s collar.His mouth and neck were covered with blood, and he couldn t last much longer.Finally a medic ran over and began to rescue Medsen.Pozik held Meidesen s blood stained hand and kept saying, Hold on, breathe fast, you will go back alive and start your small Austrian farm.The lieutenant turned his head and looked at it subconsciously.Look at the bombed tank next to it.Suddenly, he found a familiar figure appearing behind the tank, and he took a closer look, it was Sergeant Flotz Flotz lay on the back of the tank and shot at the enemy soldiers.After a while, Flotz finished all the bullets in the magazine.He drew back, slammed the bolt down, and removed the empty magazine.He raised his head inadvertently, and happened to spot Pozik too.

Then files rushed into the building.The sound of the rain immediately became quieter, and it made a dull patter on the roof of the building.At the same time, the soldiers bodies after being washed by the rain all of a sudden became warmer.Uncomfortable.Second class, be on guard outside shouted Lieutenant Pozik.Huh, Oscar Mike Class one enters right Come in, right Left The soldiers put the butts of their guns on their shoulders.They carefully checked every corner of the building.There kill him Bovich raised his rifle and killed an American soldier who was trying to escape.The target fell to the ground The room is safe Drop a bomb Taylor ran to the entrance of the corridor.With his back against the wall at the corner of the corridor, he pulled out a grenade and threw it upstairs along the stairs at the corner.

They demanded an immediate reorganization of the government and an immediate withdrawal from the war, but this was flatly rejected by the government, which they considered an outright act of corruption.However, in fact, the French government at this time was also in chaos.Domestic opposition waves one after another, a sluggish economy, and severe unemployment have plagued the Katri government all the time.And Justin, who was supposed to accept the promotion of marshal, was supposed to be infinitely glorious.Robito s mysterious disappearance is even more shocking.At least until now, no one has been able to know exactly how Robito disappeared and where his people are now.Almost all the police and secret police were mobilized, but for two full days, there was still no news about Robito.Fertim Berkeley was under heavy pressure for this, and he didn t know where to start the investigation.

Berkeley quickly said He is the silent man in the torrent of history.He deleted his figure so cleanly, and brought all the secrets into the coffin.He is the back of the moon, hiding in the dark and whispering during his lifetime.After death, he was buried underground in obscurity and will remain a mystery forever.This never covets the glory of the historical spotlight.People who regard the external signs of power as dung will inevitably be buried as time goes by.But there are always a few pairs of falcon eyes who are good at seeing the truth of the world and human nature through the superficial layer of events.They inspired one by one, from Balzac s exposition to Louis Madeleine s biography to Zweig s biographical novels, a mysterious figure hidden in the dust of history, its basic outline was outlined.

He manipulated the whole of Paris and the whole of France in the applause Among them.And those revolutionaries who are preparing for an uprising are nothing more than pawns that can be used The sad thing is that they themselves still don t know their current situation And, of course, those officers and officials who remained loyal to the where can i buy true bliss cbd gummies Khatri government, who would soon regret it.Even if they will not be punished by the baron, the wrath of the revolutionaries will completely overwhelm them.Berkeley, I am very satisfied with your performance.Wang Weiyi suddenly turned his attention to Berkeley Your outstanding unabis cbd gummies pure cbd gummies dr oz reviews performance has made the French government and Americans blind and deaf.What is going to happen in the whole of France, they are still immersed in their dreams.Once the flames of revolution burn in Paris, what kind of mentality do you think they will have They will still ask me anxiously why these things happened in Paris Yes.

, but it made Lieutenant Hiram suffer.He couldn t dodge left or right.Because the moment of lightning, no matter whether he went left or right, he would hit Oakes or Pound.He didn t choose another The time for an evasion route.As for the forward evasion, there is no consideration at all.The power generated by the missile explosion will definitely lift Lieutenant Hiram from the ground, and the single piece pushed by the air energy will be dismembered., and now he can only dodge backwards.There was no time for any extra thoughts, Lieutenant Hiram kicked his legs on the ground fiercely, the whole person completed a series of rolls backwards, and hugged his head tightly on the ground.Boom There was a loud noise.The missile bombarded precisely where the three of them were just now.Following an unbearable scorching heat, the fragments produced by the missile explosion screamed and slashed in all directions, making a whining sound of breaking wind.

Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice He said these words softly.Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice cbd gummies liverpool ny Every Englishman has uttered such words at gunpoint.Frank gave the order to shoot almost tremblingly The ominous feeling in his heart is rising sharply, the Allied forces can no longer control the city The enemy is starting to be confused, and they can only cover up their inner chaos in this way.Looking at the corpses of British people on the ground, Wang Weiyi said calmly From now on, Southampton will become a city of anger City of Rage Southampton An Nuo s whole body trembled with anger and sadness.These corpses on the ground are their own compatriots.They fought for freedom, but now, they have been brutally slaughtered.

Olaviecki did a great job.He successfully broke into the underground resistance organization.It was the information he sent back that allowed Brigadier General Luke to easily destroy cbd gummies liverpool ny several branches of the underground resistance organization However, Commodore Luke was not satisfied at all.He told Olaviecki repeatedly that what he needed was a big fish, a very big fish If you need big fish.I think I can accommodate your request After the red secret phone rang, Brigadier General Luke heard Olaviecki s voice I discovered the secret base of the underground resistance organization.And here I also see Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, whom you have been trying to capture.Brigadier General Luke s whole spirit was immediately adjusted.Now, there is nothing that can stimulate him more than Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

However, the phone did not ring, and Baron Alexon once again resorted to a method that baffled him.Perhaps, the baron has guessed what he was thinking.Or, we can make a phone call to them.Sherlock said after a moment of silence We can carefully discuss with their supreme commander how to surrender.I think they are not willing to surrender after victory has been controlled.I will not let my soldiers suffer more casualties when I am in my hands.General Gendra did not speak, and there was still a last sliver of fantasy in his heart.Yes, the phone will definitely ring next minute.The other party knows what to do, and they must not allow their own destiny to be completely controlled by the local government at this last moment.But time passed by every minute and every second, and the phone seemed to be completely broken, and there was no sound at all.