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The loss of position G, as well as quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies the loss of the entire battle process, was a heavy blow to the proud British.You can t imagine the feeling when a fully armed company and a heavily guarded position are lost by the opponent when only one person is killed.The British s revenge was not long in coming.And for Wang Weiyi, a major challenge has arrived.Twenty eight people, it is really difficult to stick to this place, but it seems that Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for weight gain doesn t seem to be too worried.The British artillery fire began to cover the G position, and the German artillery fire also responded immediately, which gave Wang Weiyi support to a certain extent.Anti shooting artillery fire is too common on the battlefield.The German quit smoking cbd gummy bears soldiers stayed in the trenches calmly, letting the artillery fire roar on the side.Although not much, it shows the determination of the German army to defend the Somme Wang Weiyi s third cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd company performed very well in this battle.They not only restored the two positions B and G one after another, but also assisted the neighboring troops to restore a position.Adolf Hitler killed three enemies cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd in this counter offensive, which is a remarkable achievement.However, the 3rd Company didn t think much of these feats.When they heard that Lieutenant Ernst Brahm was still alive and had created so many miracles, the ecstasy of the entire company was beyond words.expressive.Especially after Lieutenant Ernst Brahm returned to the company, the whole company almost went crazy.Cheers of Hey, Ernst resounded throughout the company, and Adolf Hitler was even moved to tears.Look, what did I say Lieutenant Ernst Brahm will definitely not die.When he heard the news, he donated his life savings, one hundred Spanish skins, without hesitation.Stoll coins, anonymously of course Leonie s eyes lit up completely.There were indeed financial problems in the first year of the Leipzig Conservatory of Music, but a mysterious person donated a hundred Pistor gold coins to make the Conservatory go smoothly.After this crisis, it was named Leipzig Royal Academy of Music after Japan.This is a secret of the Leipzig Academy of Music, because the donor asked the Academy to keep it secret when donating, and not to disclose any information about him.So very quit smoking cbd gummy bears few people know about this matter.But now Wang Weiyi said it in one mouthful, the time and the amount are not bad at all, which makes Leoni sure.Maybe know Your grandfather was nothing short of a benefactor of the German music scene.He couldn t believe that the German soldiers, who had always been known for their discipline, would do such a thing The authority of the officer has been completely trampled upon What motivates them to do this The strict discipline and obedience of German soldiers have always been the pride of the German army But since Ernst came, the whole Third Company seems to have changed Perhaps the only person they are willing to obey is one person Ernst Brahm The flank of the British army had been broken through by the enemy, and at this time the German army also rushed out from the front, which made the scene suddenly chaotic.When the two sides engaged in hand to hand combat, the advantage in weapons was minimized at once.These German soldiers who rushed up were brave and fearless.They roared and stabbed the enemy fiercely with the bayonet in their hands, venting their anger of passive defense in the past few days.If the rescue fails, we have one last task to never let His Highness the Crown Prince cost of green cbd gummies fall into the hands of the enemy.The team was silent for a moment.Who can make cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video such a move After a while, fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears Boncrele said bitterly If it really comes to that time, maybe only your Chinese friends can make such a move, right Yes, these words may not be unreasonable.I am afraid that the only one who can really do it is Guo Yunfeng.If it is really out of control, once Guo Yunfeng makes a move, then Wang Weiyi can only send him to flee immediately, far away from the land controlled by the GermansEven only by returning to China can we avoid future fate.But Crown Prince William, where are you now Eighty four.His Royal Highness Crown Prince s doubts Where is this I don t know, Your Highness.Crown Prince William looked around in confusion, not knowing where he was.He is not an idiot, on the contrary, he is also very smart, there are not many people who can catch the enemy s movements from some clues, but the only regret is he is always one step slower than his own enemy This step may be fatal Major.Our three tanks were hijacked by the enemy.This report exploded a thunderbolt above Major De Sade s head.It s over Ernst did it again He even hijacked three tanks He s leaving, he s leaving Major De Sade murmured.Major, we still have time to stop him. Yeah Major De Sade smiled wryly.Then he couldn t catch Ernst even when he had the advantage.Now that he has three tanks in his hand, is there any force that can stop him from leaving The Somme s The shadow not only exists in the hearts of the British, but also in the hearts of the French.That day, Ernst Brahm was rampaging with three tanks.Elena forced a smile, she didn t matter cbd gummies want Ernst to see anything.Elena, I don t want you to misunderstand anything.Wang Weiyi looked somewhat serious The only thing I did during the few days in Berlin was to enjoy the scenery of Berlin with the Countess.I don t want to lie to you about Elena s face looked better.The Liski family s influence in Berlin is far stronger than that of Baron Lexon.What did Ernst do in Berlin Elena had already Got it.An honest man can always attract others goodwill Listen, Elena, I don t want to lie to you.Wang Weiyi said very seriously There is an insurmountable gap between me and the countess, and I always feel that the countess is very mysteriousdo you know that she even arranged someone by my side Elena s expression suddenly became tense You said she arranged someone by your side Did you find out who it was Not yet, but I have a suspect.The information was sold to Japan.Give the German intelligence to the UK, and then disclose the British intelligence to Germany.If they know the truth about you and your real identity, what do you think they will do to you Ah, I heard that the Russians were very annoyed at the fact that their intelligence was leaked during the Russo Japanese War, and they never gave up on the pursuit.If they knew that Badmiyev s love would be the one who betrayed them, you said you could How long to live This is what Sidney Reilly is most proud of and also most afraid of.A super spy, if his identity is exposed, he will become worthless, and his enemies will soon track him down , Even the ends of the earth can t hide.Kugla smiled wryly Okay, I admit, I m Sidney Reilly, but what I don t understand is, how do you know my identity I have my way, Mr Sidney.In the extreme way.Didn t they know this would force the US into the war early Even though it will be a matter of time before the United States joins the war But even if the United States can join the war one month later, it will be good after all.But there is no other way now, Wang Weiyi cannot change the decision made by the highest power class in Germany.How should Wang Weiyi face the coming passive situation One hundred and eighty four.What Wang Weiyi of the Wittgenstein family has to do now is to do his own thing well.He has no ability to change the policies formulated by those countries.Beginning in January 1917, this was a relatively comfortable period of time, the battlefield was silent, and the main task of the Skeleton Commando was training.In mid January, Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm was invited fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears by His Majesty the Emperor of Germany to Berlin to attend the 58th birthday banquet of Wilhelm II on January 27.This is the highest honor.From the moment William II put on the badge , The Skeleton Commando has been promoted to an elite force bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor.William II will be with the Skeleton Commando Wang Weiyi did not expect William II to make such a move.At this moment, for William II Deliberately raised the skeleton commando to a high position.He is still grateful The banquet has entered a new climax Wilhelm II came to Marshal Hindenburg and Ludendorff He asked them about the situation on the battlefield.For the upcoming Reims Soissons battle, William II was more confident than anyone else.This is a somewhat paranoid The emperor, he never thought that Germany could lose the war, and in his mind, the whole of Europe would tremble at his cbd oil gummy recipe feet No one can persuade him to make a decision Well, my marshal, generals.Wang Weiyi smiled In short, when he established the empire, he encountered many difficulties and setbacks, and was almost killed several times, but he was never discouraged.One difficulty after another At the same time, there are many capable people around him helping him, I think this is also a prerequisite for his success Lieutenant Colonel, There s something wrong with the position here.At this time, the words from Stark interrupted their conversation.Wang Weiyi stood up Adolf, I will tell you this story later Hitler nodded and watched the lieutenant colonel leave.He cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video opened his diary again Just now, the lieutenant colonel told me a shocking story about a commoner.How to build a huge empire, God, if it is not from the mouth of the lieutenant colonel, it is really unbelievable If a beggar can build such a great feat, I think many people can too Now I suddenly remembered that Lieutenant Colonel Ernst was also born as a commoner, but with his incomparable feats, he was promoted to the ranks of nobles.The vast majority of us can t.Wang Weiyi slowed down his tone a little The Japanese army s charge was scattered in groups of five or six people, with light machine guns as the center of action, so that it would not become a heavy machine gun.A target for intensive shooting Japanese officers seldom wield their swords and call out to attack, and then the Japanese themselves swarm up.This kind of crowd tactics was no longer used after Japan suffered a lot in the Russo Japanese War The Japanese army charged silently, without blowing horns or shouting, but with gestures, in order to best hemp cbd gummies for pain make the opponent not know where to fight.Can we do it All fell silent.Ouyang quit smoking cbd gummy bears Yu and the other officers looked at each other, and the meaning in their eyes couldn t be more obvious.After all, they were taught by the central government to come out of the corps.Machine guns are fine.Shameless When the two tank machine gunners with submachine guns were driven out of the tank, they spat fiercely.A small group of Japanese troops appearedand they came in this direction A lot Ouyang Yu found his saliva dripping out, wiped it quickly, and held the machine gun again The Japanese soldiers in this team, no matter what, would never expect to be here A tank was ambushing Moreover, two machine guns and two submachine guns were aimed at them When will I take you to the quit smoking cbd gummy bears dance hall Ouyang Yu suddenly lost his head He said this sentence without thinking.What Li Lu didn t understand.There are many dance halls in Shanghai, do you know that Ouyang Yu s machine gun aimed at those devils The women in there are all showing their white thighs and jumping there for the men to see.spread again in Germany.Following in the footsteps of Berlin, Ernst.Statue of General Brahm.The Aleksen Manor on the outskirts of Berlin has also become a holy place for young Germans.They came from all over and stood outside the manor silently watching with the most reverence.It seemed that General Ernst was also watching them from the estate.The butler Vidlio faithfully quit smoking cbd gummy bears guarded the manor for the Baron.Everyone could not believe it, but there were two people who firmly believed that quit smoking cbd gummy bears General Ernst would definitely come back one was Adolf Hitler, and the other was Vidlio.I remember when the baron left that year, he left a sum of money.It was enough to maintain the manor for many years.With this money, Videlio did his job diligently, directing the servants to clean every corner meticulously and polish every set of silver tableware.Wang Weiyi threw down the cigarette butt, took one last look at the Xiguan position, and then slowly left The defense of Xiguan was over.Here, the 36th Brigade of quit smoking cbd gummy bears the Japanese Army suffered the heaviest casualties of the entire brigade since its establishment.Even after the team left, they still dared not attack.Instead, they continued to bombard wildly for a long time before approaching the position in fear.Hundreds of Japanese soldiers finally set foot on this position.They didn t see Japanese soldiers A wooden sign was erected high, with a few white characters written on the front The quit smoking cbd gummy bears place of burial R himself did not understand what this meant.Ziguang military base.November 13, 1937 at 6 30 am.The Japanese army entered the positionweapons are readythe Rambler is authorized, the weapons are completeddetonate after thirty secondsthe countdown begins 6 31.He is sitting in this position just to avenge the Baron Revenge Wang Weiyi was startled.Maybe Werner felt that he fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears had said something that shouldn t be said, so he hurriedly covered it up and said, Ah, this is my random guess.I can t believe it.How could the head of state say such a thing Wang Weiyi laughed, now he knows Adolf.Hitler s attitude towards himself When the car drove into Nanjing, some military police stopped them, but they were all a little surprised, why did the major of this country sit with the Germans This major is really capable.There is no need to show any documents, anyway, Werner will help him block it.Where do you think it would be better for us to meet Wang Weiyi asked after stopping the car.Werner thought for a while You go to a hotel, I oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears will bring Claire and Hannah to see you.Song Zi got closer and wrote many love letters, but the fathers of sisters Tang Ying and Tang Weihong didn t like politicians, so it was rare for Song Zi to be close to the water.And Yang Xingfo s love is even more bitter, and he is haggard because of Yixiao.Can t even see Song Zi Wang Weiyi was curious.Yes, but there is a reason for this.Lu Mingzhai lowered his voice The brother of the Tang family, Tang Yulu, is handsome and intelligent.He is Song Zi s most trusted secretary.On July 23, 20th, Song Zi was assassinated at Shanghai North Railway Station.The Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears assassin judged a person by his appearance, recognized the wrong person, and shot and killed Tang Yulu beside Song Zi by mistake.Tang Naian lost his beloved son and regarded Song Zi as a disaster.How could he betroth his beloved daughter to such a man Disaster Song Zi was lucky enough to get his life back, and he felt both guilty and grateful for the Tang family, generous gifts and special care are indispensable, and his pursuit of the Tang family sisters has since come to a halt.Although Wang Weiyi is only the head of the guard regiment, he actually already has the strength of two regiments in his hands the Huben Guard regiment and the 3rd regiment.The elite will all be gathered in the guard regiment, and the 3rd regiment will play an auxiliary and support role when the battle breaks out.Automobiles, tanks, and chariots where to buy vegan cbd gummies were organized into chariot battalions and transport companies for use as mobile forces.This mobile force will play a very critical role in the battle.German weapons delivered from Nanjing.It has been fully equipped to the army, but it seems that it is still not enough for the forces that are expanding day by day.Now we can only count on Gustav, Qiao Zhi and them to deliver the weapons to Japan as early as possible.Not only did he stop the ground attack, but the frequency of planes appearing in the sky is also less, the officers and soldiers are a little strange.This American boy really has some talent.The two sides competed for three rounds.Although William lost 1 2, who is Guo Yunfeng Bavarian light infantry sixth level meritorious marksman In the European battlefield , the shadow hunter with perfect shots, the assistant of the death striker It is already a very remarkable thing to be able to win a round in his hands.I was about to praise a few words, but I didn t expect William to look a little frustrated.Obviously He was a little sullen about losing a game.A competitive person, Wang Weiyi patted him on the shoulder with a smile cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video add cbd oil to gummies William, well done, I wanted to keep you by my side, but seeing your marksmanship is so good Well, join the sniper team.The person who competed with you just now will be your commander in the future.Yes, Mr.Lieutenant Colonel. real Anna s eyes showed excitement.She didn t know why, but she always felt that as long as the officer said it, it must be true.Really Wang Weiyi smiled and encouraged her Trust meah, by the way, just wait for me to play.As he left in a hurry, Anna was a little puzzled, not knowing what the officer wanted to do After more than ten minutes, Wang Weiyi came back, and he stuffed two gold bars into Anna s hand Now, you Just go back to the Soviet Union, sell these gold bars, and then bribe those Gulag guards, which will make your husband s life easier.No, sir Take it Wang Weiyi s tone is unquestionable.Anna gratefully accepted the gold bar, and tears rolled in her eyes again Suddenly, Anna seemed to think of something, and sighed softly Unfortunately, I can no longer gain the trust of my comrades. Well, I shall now exercise my rights, may I, Monsieur Baronet At your service, countess. Please dance with me It is my greatest honour.The melody of A Midsummer Night s Dream began to sound again in the Wittgenstein Manor , the mysterious man wearing a white German imperial military parade dress is dancing with the noble and beautiful Mrs.Rorisa.This scene surprised many guests to the extreme.It seems that Mrs.Rorisa is extremely attached to this masked guest.After all What s going on I m afraid that apart from the person involved, only Hermione will know She knows that when this mysterious person appears, all the sufferings of Mrs.Lorisa will end And at this moment, Luo Lisa nestled in the chest of this man, and her footsteps danced slowly with the music.At this moment, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world Countless years of waiting, in the This moment already has meaning Countless nights of longing are insignificant compared to this moment When the music ended, Mrs.He raised his head and saw a very well dressed young gentleman.The young gentleman sat down in front of Director Frank I m Moyol, Mrs.Hermione must have called you, right Ah, Mr.Moyol, it s an honor to meet you.Finally the wait came The person who was waiting, Chief Frank held out his hand.Mr.Moyol shook hands with him briefly I know your time is very precious.Let s get straight to the point.I have a relative and I want to do quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies something in New York.Of course, these things must be done without the cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video help of the police Help.Frank immediately understood that this was to join gangsters in New York, and whether a gangster can succeed depends on the relationship with the police department.And how much money the gang can spend is also a very important factor.A very embarrassed expression appeared on Frank s face Mr.The fighting was very fierce, and the brothers rushed a few times but failed to rush up.At this time, Li Lu hurriedly said Besides, I have observed it , it seems to be the temporary artillery position of the Japanese Artillery positions Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Artillery positions Got rich Truck, oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears quit smoking cbd gummy bears truck Wang Weiyi called cbd uk gummies to stop a truck driving into the village, and was the first to jump on it Werner, William, how many people can come up, how many people can come up Twenty or so Germans from the Skeleton Team jumped into the car, and at the moment the car started, Wang Weiyi did not forget to shout Skeleton Team, the team is a unit, run forward The truck drove forward quickly, and soon faced the resistance of the Japanese army s crazy machine gun fire.On the truck, Werner also held a machine gun himself, and fought back with fierce firepower The truck stopped abruptly, Wang Weiyi, who was the first to jump into the car, was also the first to jump off the car, and the mp38 in his hand cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd spewed out a string of flames.Sounds in every city in China Everyone knew the news that made the people of the country very exciting the mighty Japanese army, an entire regiment was wiped out, and their regiment captain even became a prisoner What could be more exciting than this Wang Weiyi it s that Wang Weiyi again The murderer Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi in the Battle of Sanhuqiao Wang Weiyi in Xiguan, Songjiang He brought victories one by one to the people of the country, and he brought miracles to the people of the country one can cbd gummies be by one When the Battle of Shanghai ended and the squadron began to evacuate, the mood of the Chinese people was gloomy at that moment.Many of them even became confused for a while Can China win At this time, Wang Weiyi was born, and he used one miraculous victory after another to tell all the people in the country Yes Now, almost all of China is extolling this name God of War Wang Weiyi The victory in Jiangjia Village brought great confidence to the people of the country, and the enthusiasm for the War of Resistance was infinitely ignited, but this also completely angered the Japanese themselves.Middleman Roar The strongest roar of a country and a nation Attack, attack, attack The infantry covered the tanks, and the tanks quit smoking cbd gummy bears opened the way for the infantry, clearing all obstacles in front of them.Everything fits together so seamlessly.This offensive mode is really familiar to the officers and soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade Destroy destroy The positions of the Japanese army were destroyed one after another They can t stop the Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears torrent on the other side Especially those tanks, although they look like German No.1 A tanks on the outside, but the internal power of Xiaoling s transformation is beyond anyone s quit smoking cbd gummy bears imagination They have the power to destroy all resistance The difference in weapons is very important, but the difference in confidence and morale is decisive.In the continuous battle with the Japanese army, all the soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade have accumulated full confidence in the continuous victories.On August 23, 1939, the Soviet Union and Germany quit smoking cbd gummy bears signed a secret agreement in Moscow Soviet Union German Nonaggression Pact.The obstacles to war have been swept away Now, let the war come On August 24, 1939, the day after the signing of the non aggression pact with the Soviet Union, Adolf G.Hitler declared We, will wash away the shame of 1918 We will fight for Germany We will fight to restore one s honor Poland the first goal, will choose Poland In July 1938, the strength of the German army was unprecedentedly strong, and Germany established a powerful navy and air force almost from scratch.Its army has reached 51 divisions, including 9 armored divisions.There was also a motorized army that was not available in any country in the world at that time.In German vocabulary, it was called modern cavalry.He is fanatically regarded by the Germans as the greatest hero in German history, and by the enemy as the most terrifying devil.He was summoned by His Majesty the Emperor of Germany and was canonized Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears as a baron.William had heard these stories a long time ago, and knew that the person his mother was talking about was the Baron Skeleton.I would rather be called Baroness Leonie Alexon von Brahm From his mother s words, William began to guess what Leo Ni went on to tell William the part of the story that he didn t know.The baron recognized the countess.Of course, he was wary of the countess at first, and the countess was just using the baron.But as time went by, the relationship between the two people changed.Then, in the final year of the war, the Baron stayed on the Montfaucon position for all his brothers in the Skeleton Commando.Soldiers and snipers using g34 machine guns are the group.And some Type 4 tanks and hunters are quietly waiting for the ambush to start The Soviet tanks didn t notice the coming danger at all, and they still moved forward swaying.There are several Soviet observation posts Guo Yunfeng raised his gun and quietly asked the sniper beside him What s your name Leandro, Mr.Officer.How is your marksmanship Mr.Officer, I know you once He is a Bavarian sixth level marksman.But I think my marksmanship is not bad.Guo Yunfeng smiled Okay, observation post, the one on the left is yours, and the one on the cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd right is mine.Yes, Mr.Officer Guo Yunfeng and Leandro raised their guns at the same time and got closer closer Then, two gunshots rang out simultaneously.The Soviet soldiers in the left and right observation posts fell to the ground The Soviet army took the bait, and all the tanks rushed here They are menacing.Moyol Yes, this person is the one who took Williams from Mr.Moyol, rescued from poverty, who gave him all this Roben.Williams, I didn t want to take you so well for this industry.Mr.Moyol s smile looked so kind Congratulations, Robben.Oh no Williams said hastily Without you, none of this would belong to me.You are my benefactor.Mr.Moyol smiled green hornet cbd gummy and shook his head Sure, I gave you such a chance, but you can get all of this by relying on your incredible talent.To be honest, when I let you in here, I just wanted to repay your kindness for saving my life, but now I have to thank God that my Kim Ranke discovered such an outstanding and talented stockbroker.No matter how humble Williams wanted to be, he couldn t hide the pride and complacency on his face.Look at these beautiful statistics.Mr.Moyol glanced at some data sheets on his desk You did all of this.This is undoubtedly the safest radio station in this Sidney.In his first briefing, Reilly reported some unusual developments in Moscow.Marshal Timoshenko, who suffered a disastrous defeat in Kharkov, received a hero s welcome in Moscow and was appointed a high official by Staly, but he lost command of the front troops.Moreover, his residence has been secretly monitored.When seeing this report, Wang Weiyi smiled.What better news than this He believed that great changes would take place in Moscow soon He immediately ordered Xiao Ling to send a telegram to Sidney Riley, asking him to continue lurking in Moscow, collecting information, and waiting for his new instructions.At the same time, he also told Riley that a huge sum of money had been deposited into his account in the United States.They didn t know which people Marshal Ernst brought back for them this time, which deserved such a grand ceremony.You know, the ones staying here are the marshals of the empire and the invincible German generals on the battlefield After a while, two trucks drove into the base.There were about thirty or forty people in the car, and they didn t look like generals who would be all powerful.The sentries at the base saluted, watched the truck pass by them, and then stuck out their condor cbd gummies penis enlargement tongues, God, who are these people It turned out that Marshal Ernst himself acted fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears as their driver.Adolf Hitler and his generals were also shocked.What qualifications do these people in the car have for the baron to drive for them Wang Weiyi got out of the car first, and then those people in the car got out of the car one after another.For the dignity of Turkish soldiers All power every soldier is thrown into battle, and he must use all his abilities.Come and stop the German breakthrough on Qukasia and Bolu Even if you die, you must die on your own battlefield Geinick was the first to fight.The Turkish troops of the two brigades launched an uninterrupted attack on Goynik.Marshal Greluman has issued a death order even if there is only the last soldier left in the battle, Geinik quit smoking cbd gummy bears must be taken back.Re open the connection between Qukassia and Bolu cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd Without the threat of enemy heavy artillery and tanks.The Turkish army still showed a very strong combat effectiveness.They selflessly launched a wave of attacks against Geinick.Most of them have forgotten the threat of death and put the honor of the country above all else.I hope that the army will be completely defeated by their spirit of sacrificing their lives Unfortunately, what they encounter are German soldiers who have come out of countless wars The defensive cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video front is so perfect, and the firepower coordination is so perfect.Cope with the situation in front of you.Listen, sir, I promise we won t hurt you.Wang Weiyi said lightly But if you are still unwilling to put down your weapon when I count to three, then I will be very difficultone When the word came out of Wang Weiyi s mouth, the Turkish soldier obviously became hesitant.The muzzle of the gun in his hand was also slightly pressed down Bang At this moment, the gun The sound was heard, and the Turkish soldier fell headfirst to the ground Klingenberg looked back and found that Guo Yunfeng had put away a pistol He glanced at the corpse on the ground, Wang Weiyi shrugged regretfully, and he came to Prince Karami Your Highness, I am Ernst Brehm of Germany, and now I declare you free.Prince Karami stood up in a daze As the time passed by every minute and every second, Lafke and his companions had already died eight people Lafke Fuke was also badly wounded, but he smiled instead.Don t you remember at all Baron, please forgive me for my memory being completely destroyed when I was in custody.Prince Karami said awkwardly I remembered it quit smoking cbd gummy bears when you said that, there is such a treasure, but Unfortunately, as you said, all the treasures were transported back to Germany, which is also our regret Yes, what a pity.Wang Weiyi took a sip of wine and sighed He said Then what about the remaining treasures It is said that 80 or more of the treasures are actually left in Turkey, and only the immediate family members of the Abdul family know where it is, right 506.Mino King s Treasure No, no, there is absolutely no such thing, Prince Karami seemed a little flustered, cbd gummy bears for tinnitus denying the existence of such a situation As far as I know, all the gold treasures Mr.Liman was transported back to Germany, and the Ottoman Empire was very angry about this, but in view of the traditional friendship cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video with Germany, it was nothing in the end.Some things, some serious situations, these are a test for you, but also your best chance.I hope you are ready to meet these challenges William didn t know What is the crisis that father is talking about When he came to Leoni and Hermione, Wang Weiyi said slowly A new round of economic crisis who owns natures boost cbd gummies will come soon William, the terrible economic crisis sweeping the United States, if you are the president of the United States, how would you deal with such an economic crisis William thought for a while, and then slowly spit out two words from his mouth War Wang Weiyi and Hermione laughed at the same time.There is no doubt that under the current situation, this is the fastest and most correct way.War War can greatly stimulate domestic industrial demand, and war can bring countless unemployed people back to work.Who says the Italian army can t fight The Italian army will be invincible in the African battlefield under its own command.When he turned around excitedly and left, Wang Weiyi didn t cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video say anything, just smiled contemptuously.There s always something for these Italians to play , Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears and there s always.In order to win the upcoming decisive battle, the Italians should always pay some unexpected price.Five hundred and thirty eight.Montgomery s worry Sixth update Cairo, a world famous city, has a continuous history of 5,000 years, and it is also the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.The history of Islam in Cairo began in AD 642, ten years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, then known as Falstad, when a well disciplined Arab army entered the ancient African city and built the first mosque, the Amur mosque., turning a disadvantage into an advantage.In the previous war, this point has been fully proved.He became a general in the shortest time from a small lieutenant, relying entirely on one after another Let s put it in an unpleasant word about our victory, I doubt whether we can defeat him.Alexander shrugged.In his impression, Montgomery was an extremely determined general, and he could always deal with any setbacks calmly, but what he said now is a bit frustrating.Montgomery stood in front of the map, his eyes were fixed on the map, and after a long time, he said slowly Turkey, Turkey, our response in Turkey is really too slow.Now, this piece of strategic value is so important.The place is actually lost, but we can t judge where the German army will attack the Soviet Union first Or Iran Iran is more likely.Fuqua lacks gasoline, the plane cannot take off, and has to lie on the ground.However, on the other side of the front, the strength of the British Air Force is increasing day by day.Now the British Air Force can take off from the well equipped Egyptian airfield In this regard, Rommel s troops are in deep pain.As the troops approach Egypt day by day, the losses suffered by enemy planes at low altitudes are becoming quit smoking cbd gummy bears more and more serious.On June 30, due to the strong wind and sand, the German level Bombers and dive bombers were unable to fly from Fuca to the Alamein Fort.Rommel attempted to break through the Alamein Fortress in three days, but was finally forced to turn to the defense due to insufficient strength.Today, the overall situation has been decided.Rommel made eight A week later, the renewed offensive failed again.Two.He escorted the dive bombers over Halfa all morning.From 10 55 to 11 05 he killed eight more Curtiss.Then cbd green otter gummies from 17 00 Between 47 and 17 53, five more Curtiss were shot down south of Imaid.Seventeen enemy planes were shot down in one day, a miracle unheard of Five hundred and quit smoking cbd gummy bears fifty nine.October 1942 was destined to be a major turning point on the African battlefield.On October 23, the British army took the lead in attacking.The Allied 882 guns shelled continuously for five and a half hours, kicking off the Second Battle of Alamein.Each gun had fired about 600 rounds after the bombardment ended.The German army was under the enemy s shelling, and they were waiting silently.When the artillery stopped, the German counterattack came suddenly Luftwaffe Attack Goal the British painstaking Pertram operation Those real Allied ammunition depots, oil tanks and granaries The Ju87 aircraft was escorted by Messerschmitt fighter jets from the 1st Battalion of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment.In the Egyptian mutiny, the Egyptian officer corps quit smoking cbd gummy bears played a big role, but when the mutiny ended, the officer corps did not disband immediately.The great uprising broke out dinner lady cbd gummies in Egypt, except that General Canlemu became the object of worship of all Egyptians.Even the prestige of the Egyptian officer corps has been greatly improved.Especially Colonel Tamusta, who was even described as Little General Canlemu.In Egypt, where politics has been reshuffled.Tamusta s promotion to major general and appointment as Egypt s deputy chief of staff added to his personal prestige.However, he doesn t quite trust the Germans It s not good, and it s bad.On many occasions, Tamusta publicly commented that the Germans are not much different from the British, and they are also full of ambitions for Egypt, trying to colonize this country with a long history and splendid civilization.The dinner dishes are very rich, but Wang Weiyi has no appetite at all.Even when he barely swallowed the food, he vomited it out in one mouthful.Qing Shuidong smiled, he knew the time was up Wilder Miyamoto, you have worked hard these few days.A strange smile appeared on Qing Shuidong s face So I will help you fight An injection to relieve fatigue A doctor walked in, rolled up Wang Weiyi s sleeve with a blank expression, and took out a cbd x gummies syringe.Wang Weiyi, who was extremely exhausted, tensed up But what made him even more painful was that he couldn t resist at all Relax, relax.The doctor s words kept ringing in Wang Weiyi s ears, like hypnosis Normally, Wang Weiyi s eyelids gradually closed.But this time, the Japanese did not wake him up Walker, can t sleep Xiaoling s sudden voice kept Wang Weiyi awake for the last time.There were many things that Mo Guangzhi couldn t think of, and so did Yoshimura Hidezo.He never expected that he would quit smoking cbd gummy bears be reprimanded early in the morning.As the vice captain of the military police of the Empire of Japan, he actually asked a Chinese pig to assist in the detection.If this news gets out, what is the dignity of our Imperial Japanese Army Cang suppressed the anger in his heart, and argued This Mo Guangzhi still has some skills.He solved the Soviet Russia office incident a few days ago.Masaichi Shimamoto snorted heavily, There are blind cats.When encountering a dead mouse, anyone with a little brain can understand that matter.This time, I will not go into it for your sake, and you can take him back later.Looking at Yoshimura Hideo As soon as he stopped talking, Shimamoto knew that he was dissatisfied, so he slowed down his tone with a sinister smile and said I have already released those Chinese who sold bootleg alcohol in the northern suburbs, but after you apply for release In the past, three people died in the simulation exercise of the fourth team.Just when he was about to answer, he suddenly remembered that his father had fought with What he said Everything should be considered from several aspects, and bad things may not be able to turn into good things He suddenly understood something Silent for a while.William Then he opened his mouth and said, Mr.President, or there are other ways Oh Tell me then, Mr.William Wittgenstein.Roosevelt s words were full of encouragement.William thought about it carefully Right now.The economic crisis is spreading throughout the United States, the unemployment rate in the country remains high, prices are soaring, and your approval rating has dropped to an all time low.I remember last time we discussed that only war can divert all this, but it is a pity that we do not have such an opportunity But now, I think we should thank Japan The corner of Roosevelt s mouth With a smile William.The situation on the road was already in chaos.Military vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, and hundreds of taxis transporting officers and soldiers to combat posts filled the 10 kilometer long road, and the sound of horns rang through the sky.The performance of the female drivers in the car brigade was particularly outstanding.The wounded officers and soldiers were rushed to the Triple Army Hospital, and the hospital urgently called doctors from Honolulu to join cbd gummies 500 mg mashable shop in the rescue.It happened that 50 doctors were listening to John in New York.Dr.Moorhead explained the wartime surgery, and rushed to the hospital immediately to put in the rescue work.Dr.Moorhead has just demonstrated a new medical device that can quickly detect metals in the human body.The instrument proved to be of great value that morning, saving many precious hours of waiting for the x rays to be developed., are considered commonplace.He even enjoys such an adventure.Under Wang Weiyi s order, he formed a commando team of 200 people.Of course, Benz and Aurum, two subordinates who had followed him from North Africa, were needed.Heisenberg and Edim, the two Brandenburg commando guys, also joined the commando.And some other players.For example, that guy named Fratz Sipple, it is said that one of his good friends died in the hands of the Russians, and since then this guy has been quit smoking cbd gummy bears a little crazy, especially on the battlefield.He simply regards the Russians as his father killing enemies.ah.Such a person Klingenberg likes As for the kid named Stella Dom Klingenberg sees him as just a kid Originally He didn t allow Dom to just cbd gummies 500 join, but Dom repeatedly begged the major to give him a chance.Dom didn t want to come to his hometown without any medals quit smoking cbd gummy bears on his chest after the war this idea Major Klingenberg was impressed, and he approved Dom to join the team Major Fritz Klingenberg, have you finished your preparations When Ernst Brahm When fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears the Marshal appeared, Klingenberg and his team members straightened themselves up Yes, Marshal, we are ready.The defense here is the troops of the 1st Battalion of the Stalingrad Workers 1st Army.They really only had one submachine gun and one light machine gun.You know, in previous battles.The Soviet army lost too many weapons and ammunition, and under the crazy blockade of the Luftwaffe, the supplies could not be effectively delivered to Stalingrad.Therefore, under such circumstances, these civilian troops can only get very few weapons.The German army outflanked from the two wings, and the workers battalion fell into a passive state at once, under the attack of the German army s intensive firepower.They soon suffered heavy casualties.But these civilians don t seem to have any intention of surrendering at all They seem to have a lot of grenades.Under the fierce attack of the German army, the workers holding the grenade stood up and tried to throw the grenade out, but they stood up without protection, but were shot and killed by the German army immediately.But think about it carefully.Is there any magical thing that cannot happen to the baron Manstein murmured Timoshenko The request is that a negotiator does condor cbd gummies help with ed with a large weight and capable of representing the German government must be sent to Moscow cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video to hold secret talks with him.I think such a person may not be easy to find for a while Speaking of this, He suddenly seemed to think of something, looked at Wang Weiyi, and saw a half smile expression on Wang Weiyi s face.He immediately came to his senses, and hurriedly said No.No, never Ernst, don t even think about it, I will never let you take such an adventure again Guderian and all the German generals also woke up immediately.But before they raised objections like Manstein, Wang Weiyi said with a smile My generals, is there anyone more suitable than me Candidates I fully meet the conditions proposed by Timoshenko, and I will go there cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video in person, which will fully let Timoshenko feel our sincerity.Xiao Ling quickly changed the subject Now we are going to discuss the wealth concentrated in Moscow.I don t know exactly how much property was transferred here by Stalin s order, but I am very clear about one thing.A huge amount of gold and treasure will be transferred out of Moscow tomorrow and transported to another hidden location how many Wang Weiyi asked.From my monitoring, the total amount of gold and gold products exceeds 370 tons.At the same time, there are a large number of precious cbd 9 gummies cultural relics, as well as a large amount of dollars and pounds Wang Weiyi was a little out of breath.The 370 tons of gold, and the rest, are not worth mentioning in front of these gold.God, once this wealth falls into his pocket, the harvest will be huge and terrible.But there is a prerequisite.When capturing Kolchak s gold, he used his own skeleton commando, so who can he use this time The gold will be transferred out of Moscow by train just like Kolchak s gold.The sound of Xiaoling s voice gave Wang Weiyi the best chance to get rid of this topic Xiaoling.Tell me about the Soviet Union s 27.The mysterious disappearance of a 5 trillion fortune.This is actually the most terrifying financial war.Xiao Ling said slowly If you have never heard of the name Leo Vantaa, please don t feel ashamed, because you should be ashamed of those Western news media that claim to be the most free in the world.This is an ongoing story.It has already stirred up international financial and diplomatic circles from Singapore to Paris, but the mainstream Western media has remained incredibly silent.This is not an ordinary financial event.If the problem gets out of control, the financial system of the whole world will face a credit collapse It s not an insignificant amount either, it does cbd gummies help with smoking involves a whopping 27. Then, one tank after another drove out of Ziguang military base.The Soviet army waiting here to meet the train probably would never have thought of it anyway.In a place they thought was absolutely safe, so many enemies unexpectedly appeared.Most of these Russians don t know what they are here to respond to this time, and they don t even know the importance of this mission.So when a large number of fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears German tanks appeared and attacked them immediately, the Soviet transport battalion was completely in chaos.They didn t carry tanks, they only drove a large number of cars, and as transport soldiers, they also lacked the necessary means to protect themselves.When the brutal massacre ended, a large number of Russians fell here.They died inexplicably. Wang Weiyi did not go after the escaped Russians, this is not their mission this time.A round of gunfire represents that countless people have left this world.High pitched shouts and shrill screams.Constantly flooding the battlefield.Everyone here has become an ordinary fighter.The soldiers are busy, the supply soldiers are busy, and the medical soldiers are also busy The story of Sergeant Matthew Mann and Nurse Linda that happened not long ago inspired all doctors And the medics, who know that even doctors can be heroes.They are also doing their best for Germany Sophie is one of them.Now almost everyone knows that this beautiful and sexy French female nurse is the woman of Marshal Ernst Brahm, but even so, Sophie is still serving the German army like an ordinary her hands.It also saved the lives of a large number of German soldiers, and even the German soldiers gave Sophie a nickname Battlefield Rose A very apt name.The once mighty Kwantung Army perished.In this battle.190,000 of the Japanese Kwantung Army died in battle, and 620,000 were captured and surrendered.Japan, which was already in jeopardy, suffered the heaviest blow again However, the anger from Marshal Ernst Brahm obviously did not end here In July 1944, after countless bloody battles, the Allied forces took control battlefield situation.At the end of July, after a fierce quit smoking cbd gummy bears battle, the U.S.military captured Okinawa at the cost of 50,000 casualties, and the Japanese mainland was directly bombed by the Allied Air Force.In the same month, two new German aircraft carriers Adolf Hitler and Rommel arrived on the battlefield at the same time.And following the arrival of the two aircraft carriers, there is also the legend of Germany, the pride of Germany Ernst Alexson von Brahm the Baron of the Skeleton Some things must be done by him personally, and must be witnessed .

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by him in person.Anyway, after so many battles with the Romans, it really Has never fought a woman.Then who are you guys from where Where are you going Although the leading soldier eliminated some hostility, he still asked unrelentingly.Wewe are from Berlin Wang Weiyi said bravely.Berlin Where One is not very far from here, but it oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears is very mysterious.Where normal people can t find Wang Weiyi made up a lie casually, anyway, sooner or later, the title of Berlin will appear As for me, I am Baron Alexson conferred by His Majesty the Emperor of the German Empire.Baron Ernst Alexson von about you.and cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd who are oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears you The Baron German Empire The warrior chief had never heard these names I am Anluges the warrior chief of the Germanians.baron What exactly is a Baron You haven t told me what you re here for The baron is roughly equivalent to the magistrate.Nelia nodded In the prison camp.I ran away six times, but none of them succeeded.But I am not reconciled, I am looking for an opportunity to avenge my father, mother and sister, and I believe that such an opportunity will definitely come Wang Weiyi was a little surprised that this woman still wanted to Wanting to avenge her family.But in this era, it is incredible for a woman to do such a thing.Finally.Let me wait for the opportunity A frantic flame flashed in Nelia s eyes When I was 16 years old, I officially started the work that a slave should do, once.Caesar met me at the banquet, and he was immediately attracted by my beauty, and then I became his wife as a matter of courseI tried my best to please Caesar and gain his favor.I did it tooCaesar freed me quit smoking cbd gummy bears from slavery.Also granted me Roman citizenship.The Roman soldiers couldn t stop them at all The Three Demon Messengers Kaleini was stunned, and even forgot to run away The three demon messengers and their companions have rushed over.The Roman soldiers guarding Carleni fell under their weapons one after another.Kaleini s life is in jeopardy Master Kaleini, let s go At this most critical moment, Sulpiki appeared with his soldiers.Sulpiki Kaleini had just said this, and the red eyed Sulpiki had already led his men to face the barbarians Lord Kaleini, Lord Caesar is over there Waiting for you Kaleini didn t dare to stop any longer, so he quickly pulled his horse and ran away Sulpiki heaved a sigh of relief, at least he did one thing that Caesar asked him to do.Now, what I have to do is to stop the barbarians from chasing Lord Kaleini here Those barbarians were so fierce that Sulpiki s men couldn t stop them at all.Only those who still wanted to see Pompey and Jaculius up close gathered at the gate of the Senate.In the senate, Augustus took Jaculius to each senator one by one.Say hello to them and strike Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears up a friendly conversation.As long as the Romans with a sensitive sense of smell understand what Augustus actions today mean, let alone those whose interests are deeply involved in it. Come on, Yakulius, let me introduce a friend to you.After introducing the elders to Yakulius.Pompey led him to a team of Wang Weiyi who was standing silently in a corner Spurius, a generous friend.Yakulius was a little surprised, it seemed that this man named Spurius didn t have to He was a few years older, but Pompey seemed to attach great importance to him.This was very difficult to see in Pompeo in the past.Spulius, I think you recognized my adopted son Jaculius just now Pompey smiled and said, How is it Do you think this young man can succeed Of course, the only consul.Caesar did not dare to take the risk of entrusting his safety to the Gaul cavalry, so he decided on the safest solution he took out all the horses of the Gaul cavalry and let the soldiers of the Tenth Legion ride them, cloud 7 smoke shop cbd gummies so that in case of accidents.He can have a most trusted guard.While this was being arranged, the soldiers of the Tenth Legion joked.What Caesar is doing now has far exceeded his promise.He had only promised the Tenth Legion to be the guard, but now he made them knights.From then on, the Tenth Legion was called the Knight Legion by the Romans.When this arrogant and glorious army passed in front of the reviewing stand erected in the square, the whole legion casper cbd gummies review suddenly shouted in unison Pharsalus Caesar Then they looked at the stage defiantly Pompey stared at the team from the stage without blinking.In this way, he kept swaying, rushing to the left, now to the right he resolved to go to the woods where the air was fresh and cool, and the fresh air and walks would revive him from the drunkenness induced by heavy drinking.So, the birds on this forest path saw a man who was staggering and staggering, while drawing messy patterns on the ground with his limp feet Ya Yian left When I entered the woods, quit smoking cbd gummy bears I gasped as hard as I could.After inhaling the fresh air that filled his chest with the fragrance of leaves, he then walked deep into the woods, looking for a quiet and cool corner that he desperately needed now He relied on his brain only With a little sanity left, I ran around on several trails.Suddenly, Ya Yian tripped over a tree root that was covered by weeds, and his weak legs could no longer support his body, so he rolled out in a daze Roll After a while, he found himself lying on a piece of soft grass at the foot of a steep slope.The phalanx of the first battalion became airtight again.Every soldier stands still as if rooted in the ground.These twelve hundred became a fortress of granite, as the whole army had hoped arrows, knives, and spears had no effect on them.It didn t budge an inch, it stood still.The Parthian cavalry on the two wings fled first, followed by the assault cavalry in the middle.At the same time, the Roman soldiers in the front row had already faintly seen the flashes on the gunpoints of the soldiers of the Apollinas Legion Patti The Asians were defeated like a mountain A group of vultures hovered over the battlefield, and the corpses lying in a pool of blood attracted their greedy eyes.The horses and camels that fell to the ground were bloody and bloody.They raised their heads, stretched their necks and cbd gummies nicotine blocking struggled to stand up.The attack of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had to be slowed down.The entire supply convoy, plus the twenty four American soldiers stationed in Schrottenburg, just disappeared.How many Germans came How on earth did they do it Lieutenant Colonel Karls, I will give you an infantry battalion quit smoking cbd gummy bears do cbd gummies go bad and a motorized battalion.We must find these Germans in the shortest possible time.It doesn t matter whether they live or die, but they must not be allowed to escape Kerrett said.The general issued such an order viciously At the same quit smoking cbd gummy bears fab cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears time, I will order the plane to conduct aerial reconnaissance and capture the figures of the Germans as soon as possible.Yes, general, I don t think the Germans will escape.Kars is confident He completely gave his general an answer.He didn t think the Germans had anywhere to run, and the whole of Schrothenburg was under the Allied blockade as long quit smoking cbd gummy bears as they remained in the encirclement.What American soldiers I don t quite understand you.Meaning.Colonel Kevic smiled, and suddenly punched Korkaf hard in the face.A strand of blood oozed from the corner of Kong Erkafu s mouth, get nice cbd gummy rings but Kong Erkafu quickly continued to stand upright.Immediate armed forces You don t know what American soldiers are Colonel Kevic waved his hand, and ordered two militants to be led past them.He looked at them and suddenly pulled out his pistol.Two bang bang shots were fired Afterwards, the two Kong Erkafu s men soon fell cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video in a pool of blood.The corner of Kongerkafu s mouth twitched This little expression did not hide Colonel Kevic Tell me the truth.You guys are armed with guns from time to time.I need everything I want to know, otherwise, I will One of the men who will shoot you every minute, until you are the only one left.Colonel Chelus staggered to his feet.His face was covered with burns, and blisters had appeared rapidly in some places.He endured the terrible pain, put the chair where he had fallen, and then sat back down again I want to emphasize to you again that I have no information of any importance, neither have I, nor do I have any now.Oliver lit a cigarette for himself, took a puff slowly, and then made a gesture.Two of his men quickly came over and held Colonel Cherus firmly.The cigarette butt in Oliver s hand came up Colonel Chelus s quit smoking cbd gummy bears face Are you really not thinking about it anymore Colonel Colonel Chelus knew what the other party wanted to do, but he quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies smiled miserably General, in fact, I suddenly thought of it now.If I say it, you will kill me soon, because you get what you want.If you want, I am of no use to you.Where s your Death Squad Wang Weiyi restrained his emotions and asked.Ah, they are all dead.Riley sighed.After the Second World War, we continued to be active in various countries.Alive.However, in these years, I have re organized a larger intelligence network.In these years, I have organized an even larger intelligence network.When he heard these words, Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up.This is what he needs most now.Due to Kroller, Germany s intelligence agencies suffered the most serious damage, and it was completely impossible to restore the normal work of the intelligence system in a short period of time by relying on Fels alone.The emergence of Riley is simply a timely rain, no one has more experience than him.He has fought in the heart of the enemy s army countless times, and has done incredible work countless times.This is a critical pass.Once who controls this place, whoever can hold the opponent s throat.American before.They are guarding here firmly, so that Marshal Model s overall plan cannot be implemented.But it still made 20:1 cbd gummies Wang Weiyi feel a little strange that Model seemed to be increasing his troops to Aswan bit by bit.At first there was an assault squadron attached to an assault group commanded by Major Ludman.With the elimination of the peripheral US troops, another assault squadron was reinforced.After the official attack on Aswan, another German assault squadron is about to arrive.Model seems to be telling the Allies in this way that the Germans are determined to win here.The Allied forces also received the message from Model that a regiment of Italian reinforcements was on their way.And according to Xiao Ling s investigation, there are still some US troops preparing to send reinforcements here.was called out to surround the king and the safety of his American guests.I was sent by Marshal Canlemu.Wang Weiyi said when he found Lieutenant Colonel Butler.You have 20 minutes.Sir.Lieutenant Colonel Butler said blankly, I hope you won t cause us too much trouble.I will.Wang Weiyi walked in.When he appeared in front of Farida again, Farida, like all the people who saw the Baron again, couldn oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears t believe what happened before her eyes.The current Farida is completely different from the queen Wang Weiyi knew before.He remembered that Farida used to be as fond of gambling as her husband, Farouk I.Willful, even willing to kill to get back what belongs to her.But what about the woman standing in front risks with cbd gummies of him But with a touch of sadness Thank God for hearing my plea.Farida threw herself into Wang Weiyi s arms, sobbing softly, as if a child who had been wronged outside finally found a backer she could rely on No one will know the suffering I have quit smoking cbd gummy bears suffered. . . . . . . . just cbd 250 mg gummies . . cia quit smoking cbd gummy bears . cia . cia quit smoking cbd gummy bears cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd . . . .

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cia cia quit smoking cbd gummy bears oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears quit smoking cbd gummy bears quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies quit smoking cbd gummy bears quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies 1966 2 7 Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd quit smoking cbd gummy bears quit smoking cbd gummy bears ss6 ss6 4 20 ss6 40 2 .When the battle was over, we found a Russian general dead bodyhis body was so badly smashed that it was impossible to recognize his original formFortunately, we found his papers, as well as those of the Russian officers who surrendered After careful identification, we determined that this corpse belonged to Lieutenant General Taborsky of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Third Army.Poor Lieutenant General, he completed his last mission on the battlefield Card Lunbu did not gloat at all.He always respected the generals who died on the battlefield.He ordered his subordinates to bury Lieutenant General Taborski Ironically, the remains of the Russian general Had to be buried by the enemy The entire 13th Armored Division has completely collapsed, and the entire Russian army of Robinstel is about to collapse General Kalumbu is well aware of the changes on the battlefield, and he is fortunate to be able to complete this mission by himself.He was afraid of facing the baron, and even afraid of hearing cbd gummies near me cbd gummies family video the news that the baron had returned Migroski didn t quite understand The meaning in the words of the Grand Duke.At this time Gregory sighed Migrowski, we have to imagine if the war fails.What should we do Maybe the United States is a good choice for us, but in the United States, without money, you can t even take a step.Can t move.The oil field can turn a penniless poor boy into a rich man in an instant, we must find ways to maximize our interests, do you understand now Migroski fully understood, what the Grand Duke wanted Make the oil field his own.But the Grand Duke didn t even think about it, would the three major families allow such a thing to happen But he didn t dare to argue with the Grand Duke Yes, I will try my best, Mr.All hope has been lost Kreit saw a large number of troops in disintegration, and also saw a large number of corpses.He has no sadness and anger, the only thing he wants to do now.Just completely yourself in the final mission on the battlefield.Maybe the Germans can help him finish The fighting on the night of the 22nd has never stopped, and gunshots and explosions sounded from every corner of the battlefield throughout the night.Fights happen every second.Some American soldiers surrendered.Some people quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies think it is a great shame for soldiers to surrender, but many people don t think so.In their view, being alive is more important than anything else The battle reports are constantly collected in Wang Weiyi s hands, and the war situation is already very optimistic for the German side.The Italian Akmote Armored Division has never taken any action, which is the most Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears satisfying.They followed suit, and they gradually merged together and slowly approached DeGro.This shouldn t be some conspiracy.DeGro thought to himself, and then he ordered a soldier beside him to check the stronghold to see if there were any Russians, don t be a trap.In fact, the surrender this time was because Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears the chief of the stronghold had died during the melee, and some veterans who had experienced resistance were also killed.Most of those who surrendered were recruits who had no combat experience at all.After witnessing their companions fall to the ground covered miracle leaf cbd gummies in blood one by one, it was a great shock to their psychology.They didn t if im sober can i take cbd gummies know how many Germans were on the opposite side, they could only hear gunshots one after another.This is like a sledgehammer, quit smoking cbd gummy bears constantly hitting their hearts until they are terrified, they are afraid, yes, fear, making them feel insecure, as if there are German troops quit smoking cbd gummy bears everywhere, and there is nowhere to run No, they didn t want to die, so they had to choose to surrender., also said that the United States will pay attention to this serious incident Tell me, what should I do now No one could tell him anything.Kim Walker and Chancellor Andreas looked at each other, and neither of them knew what to say in such a situation This matter is a bit big, and realistically Said, His Excellency the Grand Duke is indeed a little too calm He actually came up with such a stupid way to assassinate Seeing that his subordinates were silent, Gregory became even more angry You all don t want to speak up, and you don t quit smoking cbd gummy bears delta 8 vs cbd gummies want to take responsibility, do you Well, let me say it, Kim Walker, you must take all the blame and tell the Americans that this matter is yours.And I don 25mg cbd gummy t know the inside story at all Jin Walker was terrified, the Grand 2022 cbd gummies Duke actually came up with such an idea Once he agrees, he will become everyone s public enemy He hurriedly said Your Excellency the Grand Duke.De Boer s The bayonet stabbed deeply into the enemy s stomach, but at this moment, the enemy s bayonet also stabbed into his stomach Both of them held their guns tightly Ken let go.They just stabbed the bayonet in the enemy s body, and then stood face to face before De Boer lost his life.He still remembers a wound on the enemy s face Scars Finally, De Boer and his enemy let out a heavy sigh from their throats, and then let go of their guns together and fell limply on the cursed battlefield Derby Carl cbd gummies family video fun drops gummies cbd Sloan saw his best friend die with his own eyes, he roared angrily, and angrily fought with the enemy in front of him.They lost their weapons, and they rolled and wrestled on the ground like two wild beasts.At this moment they forgot their fear, and at this moment their hearts were filled with anger.Flotz smiled wryly at Pozik.boom A blinding flash struck the tank like lightning, and Pozik and the medic threw themselves on Medelsen.The scorching fireball hugged the tank again, and all kinds of debris rained down on the ground.Crash, the backs of Pozik and the medic were covered with debris.When Pozik lifted his body, he found that Medsen s cold hand was still holding his hand tightly, but at this time Medsen was out of breath.The lieutenant looked back at the tank next to him that had been bombed twice, and was stunned.He saw that the place where Flotz was lying on his stomach turned into a pool of blood.Flotz quit smoking cbd gummy bears s body was spread out on a pool of blood, blasted into two pieces of bloody organic matter, like a piece of smashed strawberry cake.The sticky viscera flowed out, and all kinds of incredible muscle blood vessels and nerves were exposed to the air, painting the air with a bloody smell.Can anyone tell me why The police always seem to know where my people are going.Can anyone tell me why Mr.Orange, you seem to be accusing us.There are traitors inside Langtes looked at him dissatisfied.No.I didn t say such a thing Orange tried to control his anger However, what happened these days makes me have to doubt.The Great Revolution is about to begin.Once there is a If there are hidden dangers, then it will be a very terrible thing.And what makes me even more strange is that after the police arrested our comrades, they shot them directly without any interrogation.Don t they need to use these people to further grasp our intelligence Is it There is only one possibility for such a situation, that is, the police and secret police no longer need to have more information, because a traitor who is very powerful and knows everything has appeared within us Orange Finally found something wrongWang Weiyi thought so in his heartLontes complexion darkened Mr.Although the negotiations with Avaco ended in a breakdown, in fact, both parties still left room for redemption.But when the gunshot rang out and Avako was shot and fell to the ground, he knew it was over.No, it s all about to begin The nightmare of Paris, the nightmare of all France, the door of disaster has been opened, and no one can close it.From now on, France will Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears sleep in a nightmare and never wake up.He didn t even know where the bullet came from Heisenberg put away the sniper rifle, and he was very satisfied with the bullet he fired.At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the most real battlefield.In order to choose this angle, he has wandered around here for a long time, and everything below can be monitored here.And it can retreat calmly and quickly after the shooting is completed.Full investigation.Nash couldn t believe whose name he heard Yes British finance minister One of President Fenton s most trusted quit smoking cbd gummy bears officials Do you really think that Yess will betray our country Nash asked suspiciously.As I said, these are some people who seem unlikely where do they sell cbd gummies near me to do these things.Wang Weiyi repeated his own words cbd living sour gummies review Mr.Nash, in the Elizabeth era.Yess was also a financial official, and he was very The trust of the British Prime Minister at that time.However, he was the first to betray the Queen.If a person betrayed the first time, I don t think they would care about the second betrayal.Not only that, I can also provide you with some other intelligence to confirm that my words are not wrong.Mr.Nash, cbd gummies 15mg max the key now is not whether you trust me, but whether you are loyal to this country Nash also knows that there is a big difference between the twoHe has his own responsibilities, he knows what he should do and what he should not do If Yes is really who you say, then I promise I will give him the punishment he deserves Nash said categorically I love my country deeply, and I will never allow anyone to destroy her.And what I have to do is to find the weakness of this person, and then accomplish my goal.And General Gandra s weakness has been found by him General, I don t think you should say that.Wang Weiyi said calmly I am not just for you.Such an excellent doctor , if he is in the United States, he can treat countless paralyzed patients.Isn t this the luck of the United States You have probably heard that our mission is not only military, but also a very important and very special mission.Look for people with special talents all over the world.And use all means to bring them to the United States General Gendra nodded silently If this is the case, at least he can cbd gummies sample uk make himself Maintain a full sense of honor I will help you deal with this cbd gummies ok for diabetics as soon as possible.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Maybe in a few days you will be able to get the Dr.Eisenhower called this a precedent for martial law caused by southern racial confrontation with the center since Reconstruction.The last elements of the Airborne Division did not leave Little Rock until November 27.The Little Rock incident was a symbol of the rise of the black movement after the war, and it heralded the vigorous development of the struggle against racial discrimination.If the Luci s death incident cannot be handled properly, under the influence of the current American climate, it may become a serious social chaos.General Gandra fully understood this truth, which was the source of his worry for his son, and now Lieutenant Colonel Moyol gave him a hope.I have many powerful friends in the United States.Wang Weiyi repeated his words again I believe in your intuition as a father.What s the use of sending your family back to London When the enemy enters the city, let them first Will I lose my freedom for the second time This is what Latorfort is most worried about The current situation of the war is already seriously unfavorable for Britain, and there are probably few officials who are optimistic about whether London can be held of Latorfort suddenly thought of something, and a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.Do you have any good ideas, Lieutenant Colonel Look, a bottle of champagne has gotten me into so many things.Wang Weiyi shrugged But who made me a nosy person Minister Torfort.I have some friends in Switzerland, and I think I can send your family there.It is a neutral country, and the Germans cannot extend there.Would you like to Latour Ford s heart began to tremble rapidly, but he couldn t make a statement right now Wang Weiyi knew exactly what the other party was worried about I will let your family members talk to you as soon as you are released.Additionally, several strategic ports cbd gummies family video are still occupied by the Royal Navy.Even so, Michael Collins, the republican leader who led the Irish negotiating team, persuaded that the treaty did not grant the most fundamental liberty that all peoples aspired to and pursued.It was the liberty to achieve liberty.Events later proved him right, and the Free State became an independent republic.but.In 1922 anti treaty fighters believed the treaty would never lead to full Irish independence.The war went on and on for more than eight months before it ended.The anti treaty republicans failed, but their armed struggle never ceased.As the new leader of the IRA, Adams wanted more than anyone to see his organization win, and more than anyone to erase the shame of the failure of the anti treaty Republicans in the Irish Civil War.General Rolando did not blame his adjutant, but nodded silently.Yes, people are selfish.When their lives are seriously threatened, no one can guess what choices they will make.It s the same as Colonel Reeves mutiny in the Air Force.Ah, and armored units about to mutiny.I think we should have made some correct choices General Rolando pondered and said, Just now, Baron Alexon called me and asked me to put down my weapon and stand over there.I am very contradictory.Although I am about to suffer defeat, I am still a general of the government army, and now such a general really wants to cooperate with the rebels quit smoking cbd gummy bears Soapy thought for a while General, how to choose It s up to you, but from my point of view, the war can no longer go on, knowing that we have lost so much strength that we won t be able to get past it even tomorrow.But I have to say that Robert didn t know where to start.The British intelligence system has been almost destroyed by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol long ago, and the information left to Robert is incomplete.Coupled with the panic among his subordinates, the whole work fell into a chaotic atmosphere.Just as Robert was having a headache, a mysterious phone call hit his office.When he picked up the phone, there was a voice on the other end of the phone Mr.Robert, hello, this is Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Robert gasped, God, this terrible Guys find themselves doing what this time Don t be afraid, I don t have any malice.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol on the other end Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears of the phone seemed to be comforting the national police chief We have dealt with each other before.And we have always gotten along well, I miss you You probably know quit smoking cbd gummy bears my real identity by now, yes.Even those soldiers who had some fear in their hearts at the beginning of the war had already forgotten some of their fear by this time.What they are thinking about now is no longer how to survive, but how to use their own life in exchange for an enemy s life as much as possible.War is always just a game for politicians, and these soldiers are just tools used by politicians to complete their own games.When the war is at its most intense, the governments of the two countries will sit down and negotiate patiently, letting their soldiers bleed and die on the battlefield.Then they would suddenly announce that the oros cbd gummies amazon quit smoking cbd gummy bears war was over.Those soldiers who survived by luck will probably be able to get a medal each.Then most of them will return to their hometowns with a small severance package.Decades later, the two countries that used to fight endlessly will become close friends because of each other s interests.I can do it myself.It s nothing more than trying your best to Wisłoujście Festival quit smoking cbd gummy bears make yourself do what you have done with a clear conscience.other The other Raden Roma generals didn t think about it at all.If a bullet passes through the chest in a minute, then it may be the greatest luck.He no longer has to think about anything, no longer has to think about how the war will end in the end.Sometimes, General Raden Roma himself felt that his ideas were a little ridiculous.This time, the offensive axis in Telrod showed a completely different side.They maintained a continuous attack from the first minute of the battle, and they never stopped.Seems like they want to settle the fight here on the first attack.The pressure on General Raden Romm and his army is self evident.In the continuous, uninterrupted attack of more than an hour, every inch of the British army s land was baptized with steel and blood.